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EXTRA : Once they finish giving speeches... (0:00:11.08)
EXTRA : Yeah, then voting and the results. (0:00:13.75)
EXTRA : Akiba's future will be decided today. (0:00:18.00)
EXTRA : "Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table" (0:00:35.79)
EXTRA : Here, I will read the letter entrusted
by His Majesty Utena Itsukinomiya Touri,
EXTRA : my lord and the head of the Saiguu Family (0:01:58.54)
EXTRA : who holds the highest authority in Yamato. (0:02:01.79)
EXTRA : --Who's that again?
--You should listen respectfully.
EXTRA : --Be quiet!
--You should listen respectfully.
EXTRA : "To the good and brave people (0:02:08.75)
EXTRA : who gathered in Akiba,
a famous Adventurers' town.
EXTRA : I hereby declare anew
that I place full confidence
EXTRA : in Eins, whom I bestowed a title of duke, (0:02:17.91)
EXTRA : as well as in the Akiba Government,
an organization he wishes to found,
EXTRA : and that I will spare no effort to support them. (0:02:24.66)
EXTRA : Eins sees the larger picture (0:02:29.95)
EXTRA : and places thoughtful consideration
to every corner of the town.
EXTRA : With his intelligence and kindness, (0:02:35.79)
EXTRA : I have no doubt that he
is suitable to lead this town."
EXTRA : He understands what election speeches are. (0:02:43.37)
Karashin : He praises Eins so much that it's too much. (0:02:46.91)
Shiroe : Well, I'm not sure if it's too much. (0:02:49.83)
EXTRA : Those words are my honest thoughts. (0:02:52.83)
EXTRA : I believe in you, Eins. (0:02:56.75)
Shiroe : "Blessings." (0:03:01.91)
EXTRA : "I imagine there are those who might fear that (0:03:06.25)
EXTRA : if the one I support wins,
this town may be affected by Westelande.
EXTRA : However, I solemnly swear that I will
never let them unreasonably intervene.
EXTRA : --How will this battle
we call 'election' be settled?
Eins : --I appreciate that pledge.
--How will this battle
we call 'election' be settled?
Eins : --More than anything, I need people to
believe Akiba's independence is guaranteed.
--How will this battle
we call 'election' be settled?
Eins : --More than anything, I need people to
believe Akiba's independence is guaranteed.
--There is no way of knowing it; however,
our opponent is a worthy adversary.
EXTRA : The one who stands in our way (0:03:32.33)
EXTRA : --is someone inscrutable and worthy
of being praised as the 'Geki in the East'."
Akatsuki : --"Geki in the East"? What is "Geki"?
--is someone inscrutable and worthy
of being praised as the 'Geki in the East'."
Naotsugu : It probably means an upper-ranked official. (0:03:42.20)
Naotsugu : I think he's talking about Shiro. (0:03:45.12)
Naotsugu : Shiro must be considered a super incredible guy. (0:03:47.25)
EXTRA : "This town is blessed with its people
and a geographical advantage.
EXTRA : I congratulate its future. (0:03:55.37)
EXTRA : I hope this town will be an even more
comfortable place to live for everyone.
EXTRA : With such prayers and blessings,
I finish my words."
EXTRA : Prayers and blessings... (0:04:13.70)
EXTRA : Right... That must be it. (0:04:16.41)
EXTRA : What this town needs right now is... (0:04:19.75)
Eins : I almost made a mistake. (0:04:24.37)
Eins : First, I was going to deny the raison d'etre
of the Round Table Conference.
Eins : Then, I was going to promise
to improve their living.
Eins : And then... And then... (0:04:33.04)
Eins : But what they seek now definitely
aren't detailed explanations like that.
Eins : More hope... (0:04:42.41)
Eins : Even if people call them empty words
and laugh at me, I should give them hope.
Eins : Ladies and gentlemen. Akiba will improve more. (0:04:50.08)
Eins : Looking back, this town was too shorthanded. (0:04:54.50)
Eins : Despite that, we Adventurers
believed only in our abilities
Eins : and knew too little about
the People of the Land.
Eins : On the other hand, I think the
People of the Land felt timid around us
Eins : and didn't ask for our help often enough. (0:05:12.37)
Eins : This is the point that'll improve. (0:05:16.66)
Eins : We'll get a little better at helping each other. (0:05:19.04)
Eins : Those who want help won't be servile
and will appreciate the support.
Eins : Those who give help won't be arrogant
and will be considerate to their neighbors.
Eins : Akiba will be a town like that. (0:05:33.08)
Karashin : It doesn't sound like him. He doesn't
have a shred of logic or specificity.
Isaac : That's a lot better than
his usual argumentative self.
Isaac : Pleasant-sounding words aren't too bad. (0:05:44.62)
Eins : There are loads of problems,
but they can be resolved.
Eins : There'll be plenty of things to do every day. (0:05:52.50)
Eins : I guarantee that everyone will be busy (0:05:55.87)
Eins : because helping each other
is quite difficult work.
Eins : However, that's exactly why we,
each candidate, are trying to create
Eins : the Akiba Government or
the New Round Table Conference
Eins : to help those who try to help each other. (0:06:14.25)
Shiroe : He's right. No matter who wins,
we will definitely...
EXTRA : We will definitely be able
to bring a bright future to Akiba.
Eins : The Akiba Government or the Round Table
Conference that will be reborn
Eins : will walk towards a new future. (0:06:35.25)
Eins : Akiba will improve.
It will definitely improve more!
Rundelhaus Code : It looks like Sir Saiguu's letter
and those words by Eins
Rundelhaus Code : captured many People of the Land's hearts. (0:06:54.91)
EXTRA : Is that...? (0:07:01.91)
EXTRA : It sounds familiar. (0:07:03.12)
EXTRA : That's the sound made
by the transport gate opening.
EXTRA : Could it be...?! (0:07:09.45)
EXTRA : He really is amazing! Well done, Shiroe! (0:07:16.91)
EXTRA : He really did it! (0:07:20.70)
EXTRA : He activated the gate... in order
to call in voters from outside Akiba.
EXTRA : I-Isn't this what you'd
call an election violation?!
Eins : "Everyone who comes
to the polls on election day
Eins : will be considered Akiba residents."
It's written that way.
Eins : But I hadn't the slightest idea
he would activate it.
EXTRA : Hmph. In Westelande,
we had it restored a while back.
EXTRA : There was even a time we
invaded Nakasu through the gate
EXTRA : and easily gained a great victory. (0:07:49.75)
EXTRA : Shiroe. I brought people who
want to participate from Susukino.
Shiroe : Thanks. I appreciate it. (0:07:59.79)
EXTRA : I'm happy to see you! It's been a while! (0:08:01.54)
EXTRA : So you're getting along with Adventurers, huh? (0:08:04.75)
EXTRA : We have different opinions on some things, (0:08:07.91)
EXTRA : but this town really is special, so... (0:08:10.04)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : That is right. This town is special. (0:08:14.79)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Adventurers built it, nurtured it,
and welcomed the People of the Land to it.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Even a naive, insignificant
Person of the Land like me.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : This town was shining that time.
Even if a shadow sneaks up on it,
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : it will be filled with an
even stronger radiance for sure.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : This town holds that power. (0:08:39.95)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : The only thing needed is a blessing. (0:08:44.12)
EXTRA : "Battle of the Guilds!
After Halloween
Field Day!!"
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : They are worried because
they do not have a blessing.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : If someone has to express it, then... (0:08:50.08)
Shiroe : Princess Rayneshia. (0:08:55.29)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : I will tell them there
are people who root for them.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : I will tell them everyone can root
for this town and everyone in this town.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : To those of you who have
never met me, nice to meet you.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : I am Rayneshia El Arte Cowen. (0:09:18.79)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : I am also a resident of Akiba, just like you. (0:09:22.33)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Akiba, an Adventurers' town,
is a very special place to Yamato.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : This world is full of monsters,
and yet, you are safe in this town.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : That alone shows how valuable this town is. (0:09:36.45)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Born into a noble family, I grew up
without being dragged into that danger.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : However, during my residency here,
I have become able to understand a little
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : of what convinced you to take a chance on Akiba. (0:09:49.91)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Yes. This town holds the power to make
the People of the Land's wishes come true.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : But on the other hand,
we outsiders are like travelers
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : who are borrowing the part
of the garden in this town
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : built up by Adventurers. (0:10:08.16)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : We were like that until now, at least. (0:10:11.16)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Those who stand behind me right now (0:10:15.41)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : and those Adventurers who
are listening to my words here...
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : They all willingly offered us
their power and wisdom.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : I had very fortunate encounters and support. (0:10:31.04)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : At first, well... (0:10:35.83)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : ...there were misunderstandings
and arrogant demands.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : But thanks to the Adventurers giving me
a helping hand, I am here right now.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : We were not just receiving their help, of course. (0:10:54.04)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : There were many things that we,
the People of the Land, could help with.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : It is just natural that we all feel Adventurers
and the People of the Land
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : are both now precious residents of Akiba. (0:11:08.12)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Because of that, we have concluded that (0:11:14.04)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : as the current Round Table Conference
is formed only by Adventurers,
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : its system needs to be reformed. (0:11:20.83)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : In order to equally and
adequately listen to the voices of
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Adventurers and the People of the Land, (0:11:27.25)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : the Round Table Conference must change! (0:11:31.45)
Shiroe : The Round Table Conference
will transition to a new system
Shiroe : and become the New Round Table Conference. (0:11:41.04)
Shiroe : It's been a year since we came to Theldesia. (0:11:43.87)
Shiroe : We, the members of the Round Table,
think the time has come
Shiroe : where we need a down-to-earth organization. (0:11:50.04)
Shiroe : As the chairperson,
in lieu of Mr. Krusty of D.D.D,
Shiroe : as you all know,
we'll welcome Princess Rayneshia.
Shiroe : Log Horizon,
Crescent Moon Alliance, Radio Market,
Shiroe : Brigade of the West Wind,
and the Silver Sword will remain with us.
Shiroe : The Marine Agency and
the Roderick Merchant Guild
Shiroe : will also continue to be in charge of crafting. (0:12:17.70)
Shiroe : Shopping Street 8 will change
its name to Commerce Network 8
Shiroe : and work on stabilizing Eastal's logistics. (0:12:24.79)
Shiroe : The Black Sword Knights will move
their headquarters, but remain as part of us.
Shiroe : Also, from the People of the Land side, (0:12:34.16)
Shiroe : we've invited Mr. Regan, Sage of Mirror Lake,
as our technical advisor.
EXTRA : I can't believe the
Sage of Mirror Lake is in front of us!
Akatsuki : So he really is a big shot. (0:12:45.25)
Shiroe : Furthermore, with the
purpose of managing the city,
Shiroe : we've invited Mr. Kinjo,
representing the Kunie Tribe.
Shiroe : We're also entrusting him with the
operation of the inter-city transport gate
Shiroe : using the magic power obtained
from the termination of the city barrier.
Shiroe : --Let me also note that Mr. Regan
and Mr. Roderick's great efforts
EXTRA : --This is amazing.
--Let me also note that Mr. Regan
and Mr. Roderick's great efforts
Shiroe : --made it possible to reactivate the gate. (0:13:12.29)
Rundelhaus Code : --Now it's getting hard to predict.
--made it possible to reactivate the gate.
Shiroe : Today is a very important day for Akiba, (0:13:17.20)
Shiroe : and it'll be even more important to Yamato. (0:13:21.41)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Please make your choice without hesitation. (0:13:26.20)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Please grab your dream
and fly high into the future!
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : No matter the results,
we will continue to root for you!
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : This will be an important election
that will decide Akiba's future
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : as well as predict east
Yamato's future at the same time.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : It might be difficult to choose,
but please do not be afraid.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Your feelings will decide your future! (0:13:50.04)
EXTRA : "Ballot Box" (0:13:52.08)
EXTRA : "Ballot Box" (0:13:54.20)
Naotsugu : He dropped out? When we haven't
even started counting the votes?
Marielle : Does it mean he gave up on founding
the Akiba Government? Why?
EXTRA : Screw that slit-eyed bastard!
After dragging us all into it...
Eins : It seems we turned the
entire town into an enemy.
EXTRA : I-I-I-I-I do not understand!
Why did we have to fly the white flag?!
EXTRA : You still do not get it, Malves? (0:14:31.95)
EXTRA : Now that the gate has been activated,
if I am to support this town,
EXTRA : you can guess what the Senate will think, right? (0:14:38.58)
EXTRA : That is... (0:14:43.87)
EXTRA : To the Senate, the gate is a double-edged sword. (0:14:45.66)
EXTRA : It is an unparalleled means
for their own invasion,
EXTRA : however, once their opponent gains it as well... (0:14:52.95)
EXTRA : That is bad. That is definitely bad. (0:14:57.37)
EXTRA : My power is still overshadowed by the Senate. (0:15:00.95)
EXTRA : The Senate connived my coming
to this town precisely on the pretext of
EXTRA : reducing Eastal's power
without using their own troops.
Eins : But now that the gate has been reactivated, (0:15:15.29)
Eins : the Senate doesn't want you
to further build up your power.
EXTRA : Right. The Senate and
those connected to it, that is.
EXTRA : I suppose I cannot stay here any longer. (0:15:29.75)
EXTRA : At any rate, is this also a scheme
by that sage in a white robe?
Eins : It probably isn't a coincidence. (0:15:38.04)
Eins : The key to activate the gate
is an enormous amount of mana.
Eins : Akiba lost the city barrier
and the Royal Guard system,
Eins : but because of that, a surplus
of mana output was generated.
EXTRA : So he used it to reactivate it, huh? (0:15:52.20)
EXTRA : He must have known that the
Senate is one of our weak points.
Eins : That's not all. He had a broader
perspective of the entire east Yamato
Eins : including the People of the Land from the start. (0:16:07.16)
Eins : That's probably why he could think of it... (0:16:11.37)
Eins : ...unlike me, who could only see Akiba. (0:16:15.33)
EXTRA : What a formidable man
despite his gentle appearance.
Eins : You called him "Geki in the East." (0:16:25.50)
EXTRA : Yes. I wanted him under my power
as your right-hand man, but...
EXTRA : Eins. (0:16:35.45)
EXTRA : I am sorry. I made you assume the blame. (0:16:39.58)
Eins : Please, this is beneath you.
It was my own choice, too.
EXTRA : I am going home to the Lake of Nio. (0:16:48.95)
EXTRA : Will you come along? (0:16:53.12)
Eins : Yes, Your Majesty. (0:16:56.16)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : Is something wrong? (0:17:01.50)
Shiroe : Well, you did not look like we won. (0:17:04.00)
Shiroe : Although we won, it was by a narrow margin. (0:17:07.83)
Shiroe : Actually, to tell you the truth,
I didn't care about it.
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : You didn't? (0:17:14.70)
Shiroe : I wanted us to not lead or lose by too much (0:17:16.33)
Shiroe : so that the result could satisfy everyone. (0:17:19.00)
Shiroe : I think we were mostly able to achieve it. (0:17:22.79)
Shiroe : But... (0:17:27.66)
Lenessia Erhart Cowen : You are concerned about Sir Eins? (0:17:29.41)
Shiroe : I heard he left Akiba. I'm thinking
about going to see him, so...
Isaac : You shouldn't. (0:17:36.87)
Isaac : You knew it was going
to turn out this way, right?
Shiroe : Yeah, I expected it. Or rather,
I might've been hoping for it.
Shiroe : If he goes there, for him it'll be... um... (0:17:49.79)
Isaac : Either way, if someone's going
to see him, it shouldn't be you.
Isaac : You weren't sure what
to say to him anyway, right?
EXTRA : "Near High Coast" (0:18:04.75)
EXTRA : Nio is a nice place. The booze is delicious,
and the girls smell good.
EXTRA : I will not let you smell them, though. (0:18:12.83)
EXTRA : Who's there?! (0:18:16.87)
Isaac : Don't be so alarmed. (0:18:20.12)
Isaac : Don't make that face.
I just came to see you off.
EXTRA : Wow... It is beautiful. (0:18:34.50)
Eins : Ahh... This might be the first time
since I came to this world
Eins : that I have been able to appreciate
the beauty of the blue sea.
Isaac : Hey, Eins. (0:18:53.12)
Isaac : A good-humored acquaintance of mine once said... (0:18:56.79)
Karashin : "If they try hard even a little,
they should be praised for their efforts.
Karashin : They need a place like that." (0:19:06.25)
Isaac : Yeah, he did. (0:19:10.45)
Isaac : I found it convincing.
It's true if there's a place like that,
Isaac : no one will feel depressed. (0:19:18.29)
Isaac : Making many places like that
is probably a leader's job.
Isaac : I think you're the winner of this fight (0:19:30.79)
Isaac : because Honesty members
helped the People of the Land
Isaac : and have now earned their gratitude, right? (0:19:40.50)
Isaac : They were useless Adventurers in obscurity. (0:19:44.91)
Isaac : No other guild was eccentric enough
to take them in besides yours.
Isaac : You're the only one who was able
to make the best use of them.
Isaac : So you're the winner, Eins. You guys won. (0:20:01.25)
Isaac : This fight was worth undertaking. So... (0:20:08.29)
Isaac : ...these are Shiroe's farewell gifts to you. (0:20:13.25)
Eins : This is...! (0:20:20.79)
Isaac : They're valuable in their own ways, right? (0:20:22.37)
Eins : Valuable, you ask? (0:20:25.00)
Eins : This is the paperwork
for the zone contract extrication.
Eins : In addition, this is the card
that allows you to use Kunie's gold.
Eins : There are only three of them
in this world. It truly is treasure.
Eins : I can't accept something with such value. (0:20:38.04)
Isaac : Even if you say you can't accept it,
I was just asked to give it to you, so...
Isaac : I think you should do as you please.
I'll do as I please as well.
Eins : Isaac! Please tell him that I have accepted it (0:20:55.91)
Eins : together with the possible
quest entrusted with me.
Isaac : No one lost. Everyone
will be happy from here on.
Isaac : So you're a guild master. See you again! (0:21:10.20)
Akatsuki : Was it okay to have that
muscle head gorilla go see Eins?
Shiroe : Well, he was suited for it. (0:21:24.58)
Shiroe : No matter what words I use,
if I said them now, I would hurt Eins' feelings.
Shiroe : So Isaac was the perfect person to go. (0:21:33.50)
Akatsuki : Is that so? (0:21:35.62)
Akatsuki : I don't quite understand what
Mr. Geki in the East is thinking.
Shiroe : Who're you imitating? And stop
calling me such an important-sounding name.
Akatsuki : So you must like being
called "my lord" after all, huh?
Shiroe : I don't have to discuss it now. (0:21:50.25)
Shiroe : By the way, what're you making? (0:21:53.08)
Akatsuki : Something for a play about the West. (0:21:56.16)
Shiroe : What? (0:21:57.87)
EXTRA : This feels so pleasant, does it not? (0:22:01.16)
EXTRA : Yes, Your Majesty. (0:22:04.08)
EXTRA : In this battle, I feel we
gained more than we lost.
EXTRA : More than anything,
I gained you, a sworn friend.
Eins : Sir Touri... (0:22:19.62)
EXTRA : I was able to see a lot of smiles
from the plebeians who live there.
EXTRA : And I was able to meet that man. (0:22:26.83)
EXTRA : Shiroe. A man worthy
of the name Geki in the East...
EXTRA : I will see you again someday. (0:22:36.50)
EXTRA : Our milord Krusty, who
suddenly disappeared on that day,
EXTRA : is on the Eured Continent,
a place far away from Yamato!
EXTRA : He tames a wolf, (0:24:19.79)
EXTRA : plays with spirits, meets a mysterious
pretty woman, and makes sweets.
EXTRA : Kanami's group shows up, (0:24:24.66)
EXTRA : and there's a violent,
fierce battle with an Ancient hero!
EXTRA : Next Time: "Immortal in Ethereal Utopia." (0:24:29.12)
EXTRA : When things go past the
breaking point, rules change.

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Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table

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