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EXTRA : In the beginning, God created
the heavens and the earth.
EXTRA : He followed them (0:00:07.66)
EXTRA : with light, waters, and the land. (0:00:11.89)
EXTRA : Then he created the many animals
that would inhabit it.
EXTRA : Or... that was the plan. (0:00:20.70)
EXTRA : It got too tedious, so he outsourced it. (0:00:23.67)
Ueda : This is Heaven's design team, (0:02:00.54)
Ueda : the department where animals are created. (0:02:03.28)
Ueda : Shimoda-kun, as the newly-hired angel, (0:02:06.04)
Ueda : you'll be responsible for communication
between the team and God.
Shimoda : Yes, I will do my best! (0:02:12.49)
Mizushima : Ueda-san, is that the new guy? (0:02:14.57)
Ueda : Yes, be nice to him. (0:02:17.64)
Shimoda : My name is Sh-Shimoda. It's nice to meet you! (0:02:19.63)
Mizushima : Yeah, yeah, welcome. (0:02:22.47)
Shimoda : So God doesn't create
every single animal himself?
Ueda : There are just too many, so he outsourced
their design and creation to us.
Ueda : We're an OEM, manufacturing
with the customer's branding.
Ueda : And God is our client. (0:02:38.33)
Shimoda : That's very illuminating! (0:02:40.91)
Ueda : It's time for the meeting.
I hope you're ready.
Shimoda : Yes! (0:02:46.14)
Tsuchiya : Starting today, a new angel,
Shimoda-kun, will be joining us.
Shimoda : I'm so excited to be here! (0:02:52.35)
Tsuchiya : Great. (0:02:53.84)
Tsuchiya : I'll jump right into the first agenda item. (0:02:55.25)
Tsuchiya : The order from the client
we'll discuss today is:
Tsuchiya : "An animal that can eat leaves
that are really high up."
Tsuchiya : There are three suggestions so far. (0:03:04.71)
Tsuchiya : We'll start with mine. (0:03:07.28)
Shimoda : Wow, a pegasus! (0:03:10.34)
Shimoda : Indeed, a flying animal
can reach leaves anywhere.
Mizushima : Chief Tsuchiya, a horse again? (0:03:17.21)
Tsuchiya : Is there a problem? (0:03:20.03)
Tsuchiya : The horse design can be
infinitely refactored.
Ueda : Chief Tsuchiya's best-known
work is the horse.
Shimoda : That's a masterpiece! (0:03:27.49)
Ueda : Yes, but because the horse
is such a masterpiece,
Ueda : he now bases all of his designs on it. (0:03:33.14)
Tsuchiya : Let's see the next
suggestion, Mizushima-kun.
Mizushima : Right. (0:03:38.31)
Mizushima : This is the Ping Pong Tree. (0:03:39.48)
Kimura : I-Is this an animal? (0:03:41.48)
Kimura : Rather than eating leaves that are high up, (0:03:43.73)
Kimura : it looks more like a
plant that gets eaten.
Mizushima : I am not afraid of being innovative,
and I endeavor to design
Mizushima : something that is not constrained
by established norms.
Kimura : Yeah, I think you went too far. (0:03:55.72)
Mizushima : It can grow and shrink in length at will. (0:03:58.62)
Mizushima : And it captures prey with these balls. (0:04:01.77)
Kanamori : Ew, gross! (0:04:05.94)
Kanamori : Why would you design
something like that?
Kanamori : It's not beautiful. (0:04:09.89)
Meido : Really? I like it. (0:04:11.21)
Unabara : Yeah, Meido-chan has come up
with carnivorous plants before.
Unabara : I can see why you like it. (0:04:17.95)
Shimoda : Carnivorous plants... (0:04:19.02)
Ueda : She's a designer, as well. Her
best-known work is the poisonous frog.
Tsuchiya : Now, on to the last suggestion. (0:04:25.28)
Tsuchiya : Unabara-kun came up with
this long-necked deer.
Unabara : Well, if it's an animal that can
eat leaves from the top of trees,
Unabara : I figured a long neck would help,
so I tried that.
Kimura : That's so simple. (0:04:40.53)
Kanamori : That's so simple. (0:04:40.53)
Meido : That's so simple. (0:04:40.53)
Tsuchiya : Such a simple idea, Unabara-kun. (0:04:42.30)
Unabara : It is, huh? (0:04:44.87)
Tsuchiya : Anyway, let's toss it to the
engineer to see if it could work
Tsuchiya : when we let it loose on Earth. (0:04:49.79)
Shimoda : Engineer? (0:04:51.66)
Ueda : Designs must pass a number of tests
so we're sure they'll survive on Earth,
Ueda : Hence this prototype lab. (0:04:58.94)
Ueda : You submit the design proposals
to the engineer here.
Tsuchiya : The engineer makes prototypes based on
our designs to see if they are viable.
Shimoda : So there's even a mechanical department! (0:05:10.20)
Shimoda : Oh, the door opened. (0:05:13.10)
Tsuchiya : That was rather quick. (0:05:15.38)
Higuchi : Tsuchiya-san... (0:05:19.16)
Higuchi : I recall telling you that
we cannot make a pegasus.
Tsuchiya : Higuchi-san, I was hoping
that you could do it anyway.
Tsuchiya : I mean, it's cool. It's a horse. (0:05:26.86)
Higuchi : An animal this big cannot fly! (0:05:28.86)
Higuchi : I've told you time and time again! (0:05:31.30)
Higuchi : Please accept it already! (0:05:33.44)
Ueda : That's Higuchi-san, our engineer. (0:05:35.27)
Higuchi : There's not enough muscle mass
to use those wings to fly.
Kanamori : That's right. Making an animal
fly is a real challenge.
Kanamori : Making it lighter wasn't easy,
so I had to make the bones
Kanamori : and the feather stems hollow, dial up
its excretion frequency, and so on.
Kanamori : The pursuit of beauty isn't trivial. (0:05:51.18)
Shimoda : So, basically, making a
pegasus reality means...
Shimoda : a mega-buff muscle horse that
rapid-fires dung all over?
Higuchi : That's why it's impossible. (0:06:04.07)
Tsuchiya : Oh, no. (0:06:05.87)
Higuchi : And Mizushima-san, your
Ping Pong Tree also won't work.
Higuchi : It couldn't handle gravity. (0:06:12.26)
Higuchi : Which leaves us with this long-necked deer.
It won't work like this, though.
Unabara : Really? It should be able to eat... (0:06:19.66)
Higuchi : I figured you'd say that, so I made
it according to your original design.
Higuchi : Cerebral anemia. (0:06:35.66)
Higuchi : If the neck is 10 meters long,
you need a 1.5 ton heart
Higuchi : to transport the blood to the head. (0:06:41.01)
Higuchi : That's why it immediately
collapses from lightheadedness.
Shimoda : The poor thing! (0:06:46.04)
Unabara : Then how about making the
legs longer instead?
Mizushima : How will it drink water? (0:06:50.14)
Mizushima : That won't work. (0:06:53.30)
Kanamori : Then how about something in between? (0:06:54.49)
Shimoda : Right. (0:06:56.30)
Shimoda : Then both leaves and
water will be reachable!
Mizushima : It also relieves pressure on the heart
and solves the lightheadedness.
Higuchi : All right, I'll take it back
and make another prototype.
Higuchi : But despite being this big,
this pup only eats leaves, right?
Higuchi : I wonder if it can sustain itself. (0:07:09.66)
Kimura : Then why not make it like the
cows I made a while back?
Kimura : They keep bacteria in their gut
that turns leaves into protein.
Kimura : With those, even a large
animal can be an herbivore.
Higuchi : Okay, I'll try that. (0:07:22.96)
Kimura : I'll come, too. I want to taste it. (0:07:25.19)
Mizushima : As soon as he makes an animal,
he does a taste test.
Shimoda : A real diversity of ideas here, huh? (0:07:30.95)
Higuchi : It's done. (0:07:35.60)
Unabara : It's so big that it bonks its head. (0:07:38.42)
Unabara : Should we add horns? (0:07:40.57)
Meido : That's not a deer anymore. (0:07:42.24)
Tsuchiya : How about adding some horse elements
to its face, something horsey?
Kimura : It already tastes good
without horseradish.
Meido : Stop horsing around. (0:07:49.73)
Kanamori : It's a bit sad without decoration. (0:07:51.25)
Kanamori : I'll come up with something! (0:07:53.12)
Ueda : Oh, Shimoda-kun, did you just... (0:07:56.10)
Shimoda : I got a message from God. (0:07:59.69)
Shimoda : God has spoken! (0:08:01.96)
God : Accepted! (0:08:07.21)
Shimoda : Wow, it's the birth of a new life form! (0:08:09.64)
Tsuchiya : Shimoda-kun, congratulations for
finishing your first assignment!
Higuchi : I told you it's not getting enough protein. (0:08:18.70)
Ueda : God has spoken again! (0:08:22.26)
God : Accepted! (0:08:24.77)
Mizushima : Seriously? (0:08:26.62)
Kenta : The Illustrated Guide to Creatures
That Really Exist!
Shimoda : They're up to five meters tall. (0:08:32.59)
Shimoda : In the wild, they even sleep standing up. (0:08:34.21)
Higuchi : They give birth standing up, as well. (0:08:37.11)
Higuchi : The distance of their butt from
the ground is about two meters.
Shimoda : Wait, what about the babies then? (0:08:42.29)
Higuchi : The moment they are born, they fall
two meters and smack the ground!
Shimoda : That's terrible! (0:08:47.07)
Higuchi : They have soft, tender bodies
so that they don't get hurt.
Higuchi : This is how they drink water. (0:08:52.69)
Shimoda : Wouldn't the blood rush to their heads? (0:08:55.00)
Higuchi : There's an organ near the brain that
stores excess blood, so they're fine.
Shimoda : They're really well tuned! (0:09:01.50)
Mizushima : Among the tens of thousands
of designs we create,
Mizushima : one will stand out and change everything. (0:09:14.71)
Mizushima : This is Tsuchiya-san's
masterpiece, the horse.
Mizushima : I wanted to add some
revolutionary ideas to it.
Mizushima : Front legs? Unnecessary. (0:09:25.41)
Mizushima : Hind legs? Unnecessary. (0:09:27.74)
Mizushima : There's no need to have a separate
hole for intercourse and excretion.
Mizushima : Thus, let me introduce this
revolutionary animal to you.
Mizushima : It's the snake. (0:09:43.52)
Kanamori : I hate this! (0:09:45.60)
Kanamori : Why did our client allow this one to pass?! (0:09:47.23)
Mizushima : Obviously, because the snake's
design is excellent.
Kanamori : I'm so pissed! (0:09:53.19)
Shimoda : I-Is something wrong? (0:09:54.22)
Mizushima : That was an unexpected turn of events. (0:09:55.93)
Kimura : Sometimes we are curious about how
the animals we designed are doing,
Kimura : so we take a peek at Earth. (0:10:02.10)
Mizushima : Indeed. The bird class that Kanamori
did is designed really well.
Mizushima : Especially their eggs. (0:10:08.67)
Kanamori : What kind of snake only eats
a certain bird's eggs?
Kanamori : A freaking gourmet?! (0:10:13.23)
Kimura : It's fine! It means they're just that delicious. (0:10:14.26)
Kanamori : It's not fine! (0:10:16.92)
Mizushima : Incidentally, with its simple body shape, (0:10:18.33)
Mizushima : the snake can move, climb, and capture prey. (0:10:20.93)
Kanamori : The more I hear, the more that
thing sounds like it's cheating!
Kanamori : I really want to see that snake suffer! (0:10:27.66)
Kanamori : But how to do it... (0:10:29.99)
Kimura : How about an egg that's hard to eat? (0:10:32.01)
Shimoda : Good idea. Mizushima-san,
you should help, too.
Mizushima : How about adding spikes to the egg, then? (0:10:37.16)
Shimoda : That would definitely hurt the
mother when she's laying them!
Mizushima : Then how about having the egg
stick to the parent's belly?
Mizushima : The egg could walk. (0:10:45.57)
Mizushima : Or the parent could wrap it
in a cloth and carry it.
Kanamori : Something serious, please? (0:10:50.39)
Mizushima : Then why not just make the shell so
tough the snake can't digest it?
Shimoda : That's good! Right? (0:10:56.97)
Kimura : Let's have Higuchi-san make it. (0:10:59.32)
Higuchi : Here you go. (0:11:02.17)
Kanamori : Soon the chick will be born. (0:11:03.54)
Shimoda : Oh no, it exhausted itself! (0:11:13.01)
Kimura : How about making it hatch faster
when it senses a snake approaching?
Higuchi : Here you go. (0:11:19.83)
Shimoda : It hatched! (0:11:24.87)
Shimoda : Of course. (0:11:26.96)
Kanamori : It's fine, it's just for the demo. (0:11:28.72)
Kanamori : Ask Higuchi-san to take it out. (0:11:31.56)
Shimoda : Okay. (0:11:33.97)
Kimura : That's too bad. It was able to
sense the snake's vibrations...
Kimura : How about making it jump
out of the nest to escape?
Mizushima : That's jumping from
the frying pan into the fire.
Kimura : Yeah, they wouldn't be able to fly yet. (0:11:46.35)
Shimoda : The poor thing! (0:11:48.35)
Kimura : I guess that won't work unless they can
fully move right after being born.
Kimura : Something like tadpoles. (0:11:53.78)
Shimoda : Oh, "new and fun frogs" are always welcome. (0:11:55.97)
Kimura : All right, then I'll try submitting that idea. (0:11:59.99)
Mizushima : Well, basically, the snake has no weaknesses. (0:12:02.40)
Mizushima : By the way, the snake can smell by tasting
particles in the air with its tongue.
Kanamori : Th-That smug face again! (0:12:12.45)
Kanamori : The snake and you both
piss me off so much!
Kanamori : Just you wait! The birds won't
be the helpless victims forever!
Shimoda : Kimura-san! (0:12:20.91)
Shimoda : Your idea from the other day for the frog
that can evade snakes got accepted!
Kimura : Really? (0:12:28.15)
Kimura : Oh, so it passed. (0:12:29.30)
Kanamori : What kind of tweaks did
you do? Please tell me!
Kimura : Well, as long as the snake
is just looking at them,
Kimura : the hatching won't begin. (0:12:37.63)
Kimura : But as soon as the snake strikes, (0:12:39.74)
Kimura : the tadpoles sense the vibrations
and escape into the water.
Kanamori : That's so clever! (0:12:45.67)
Kanamori : I'm jealous. My birdies
still can't do anything.
Shimoda : Kanamori-san... (0:12:52.85)
Kimura : Let's try thinking about it
from the beginning.
Kimura : So, the snake is approaching. (0:12:57.44)
Kimura : What happens next? (0:13:00.54)
Kanamori : It's hard. Even if they go higher,
the snake will just climb after them.
Kanamori : Freaking snakes... Freaking Mizushima! (0:13:06.71)
Kimura : Couldn't the parent run away with the nest? (0:13:10.85)
Kanamori : That's as ridiculous as the cloth
carrier idea that Mizushima had.
Kanamori : Oh, but wait. (0:13:16.90)
Kanamori : Wouldn't a nest like this
make it harder to eat the eggs?
Kanamori : If the nest is open on the bottom,
the birdies can fly in,
Kanamori : but the snakes would fall down, right? (0:13:24.49)
Kimura : I see! So let's come up with a
bird that makes hanging nests!
Kanamori : It can't be a new species! I want to
get revenge on that gourmet snake!
Kimura : So you'll do an update. (0:13:34.77)
Kanamori : Yes. (0:13:36.91)
Shimoda : An update? (0:13:37.91)
Kimura : Oh, Shimoda-kun, you don't know yet. (0:13:39.35)
Kanamori : It means adding new features
to existing creatures.
Kanamori : How about this design? (0:13:45.58)
God : Update! (0:13:48.62)
Kanamori : I'm so happy! (0:13:51.08)
Kimura : Now they won't be easy prey for the snakes. (0:13:52.76)
Shimoda : Good morning— (0:13:57.55)
Shimoda : Wh-What happened to Kanamori-san? (0:14:01.77)
Meido : No clue. She's been like that since
she looked down at Earth.
Kimura : Apparently, the situation with
the updated bird is escalating.
Tsuchiya : The birds enhance their nests.
The snakes redouble their attack intensity.
Tsuchiya : Rinse, repeat. (0:14:16.33)
Mizushima : Want to look? (0:14:17.99)
Shimoda : It looks like a dungeon. (0:14:22.17)
Kanamori : It's not beautiful! (0:14:25.11)
Kanamori : And even though they're trying so hard,
the snakes still keep coming.
Kanamori : The birdies really do take
after me! They're so brave.
Mizushima : You mean insane? (0:14:34.93)
Kanamori : That's why I thought of a new bird. (0:14:38.51)
Kanamori : Is it possible for me to present
something to the client?
Shimoda : Uh, sure. (0:14:44.52)
Shimoda : The bird class is also always welcome. (0:14:45.62)
Shimoda : God has spoken! (0:14:51.35)
God : Accepted! (0:14:53.17)
Kanamori : Yay! (0:14:55.09)
Mizushima : How?! (0:14:55.91)
Mizushima : This design has gone off the rails in regard
to both personal resentment and taste!
Mizushima : Why did the client give this one a pass? (0:15:00.85)
Kanamori : Probably because my bird
design is excellent.
Mizushima : No, my adorable snake! (0:15:10.67)
Kenta : The Illustrated Guide to Creatures
That Really Exist!
Meido : Its red eyes make it so cute!
Is it poisonous?
Kimura : Nope. (0:15:20.99)
Kimura : The purpose of these red eyes is to flash
them at the enemies to startle them.
Meido : And while the enemy is hesitating,
they make their escape.
Kimura : They are seriously amazing at running away. (0:15:29.30)
Kimura : I mean, they have the ability to escape
even when they're in the egg!
Kimura : Besides snakes, they can also
sense floods or droughts,
Kimura : and turn into tadpoles early
when they feel imminent danger.
Kimura : The red-eyed tree frog is a natural-born−
No, a pre-birth master of danger mitigation!
Meido : Kimura-san, do you like frogs? (0:15:47.89)
Kimura : I do! I mean, they're tasty! (0:15:49.78)
Kimura : I kinda want to eat something tasty. (0:15:56.37)
Shimoda : Should we have a coffee break? (0:15:59.25)
Kimura : I don't mean right now. (0:16:00.64)
Shimoda : Oh, then I'll make cream puffs
for the next time.
Unabara : Shimoda-kun, you can make pastries? (0:16:05.91)
Kimura : No, what I meant is that
I want to eat a tasty creature.
Kimura : All right! Let's make a tasty animal! (0:16:13.66)
Shimoda : H-He's talking like he's about to cook... (0:16:16.84)
Unabara : There goes Kimura-kun's bad habit. (0:16:19.03)
Kimura : Hey, Shimoda-kun and Unabara-san,
what are you designing?
Kimura : Can I do a taste test? (0:16:26.20)
Unabara : N-Nothing's really done yet! (0:16:28.04)
Kimura : Oh, don't be like that.
Let me see! I can help!
Shimoda : Does this always happen? (0:16:35.31)
Kimura : You know, you always treat me
like I'm some weird freak,
Kimura : but the Earth is built on the
principle of the food chain.
Kimura : Taste is very important! (0:16:44.21)
Kimura : Its face is so slim! (0:16:47.54)
Kimura : What kind of creature is this? (0:16:49.91)
Shimoda : Unabara-san is currently
working on an order from God.
Shimoda : It has to be an animal
that eats tiny amounts.
Unabara : But nothing's settled yet. It's a rough draft! (0:16:58.58)
Higuchi : Unabara-san, I finished
that prototype you wanted.
Higuchi : Want to go to Galapagos Island? (0:17:04.92)
Shimoda : Galapagos Island? (0:17:06.20)
Higuchi : It's an island for testing if prototypes
will survive the conditions present on Earth.
Higuchi : It's actually on Earth. (0:17:11.53)
Shimoda : I've never been to Earth! (0:17:12.57)
Shimoda : I would love to go! (0:17:14.69)
Kimura : All right, let's all go have a barbecue! (0:17:15.71)
Shimoda : It's... plain. (0:17:30.28)
Higuchi : This is its default state. (0:17:32.89)
Higuchi : We run tests by applying themes with
various conditions to the island.
Shimoda : Wow, even the temperature
and humidity changed.
Higuchi : And this is what Unabara-san
asked me to make.
Higuchi : It's an animal that eats ants one by one. (0:17:55.36)
Higuchi : As requested, I made the tongue long
so it can eat ants from ant hills.
Higuchi : If you have any other requests,
now's the time to ask.d
Shimoda : What is this pose?! (0:18:11.72)
Unabara : A threat! It's agonistic behavior! (0:18:13.47)
Kimura : I like it! (0:18:15.98)
Kimura : It eats ants, and it's not that fast. (0:18:17.19)
Kimura : I think this one's yummy! (0:18:20.31)
Shimoda : You can tell just from that? (0:18:22.23)
Kimura : In my experience, most animals that
eat plants or insects are tasty.
Kimura : The less muscle mass they have,
the tastier they are.
Kimura : Yes, I bet this one's delicious! (0:18:33.06)
Shimoda : I... I see. (0:18:36.64)
Kimura : That buff lion tasted super horrid. (0:18:39.39)
Higuchi : Most carnivores don't taste good. (0:18:42.42)
Kimura : They're more tender if
they have less muscle.
Higuchi : The slow animals tend to melt in your mouth. (0:18:47.15)
Higuchi : It's because they have more
unsaturated fatty acids.
Higuchi : Speaking of, you know how a chicken's
breast and thigh meat taste different?
Higuchi : That's because they're
different types of muscle.
Higuchi : The chest muscles have
explosive power and tire quickly,
Higuchi : while the thigh has endurance muscles
that don't tire so easily.
Higuchi : That means the breast meat
ends up being drier.
Kimura : In other words, a marathon runner tastes
better than a 100-meter sprinter.
Shimoda : That analogy scares me! (0:19:14.29)
Kimura : Oh, that's the animal I came up with,
the "lively sausage" (a working title).
Shimoda : It's literally a sausage, isn't it? (0:19:25.51)
Higuchi : I did make it according to your request, (0:19:27.99)
Higuchi : but it's got no eyes and no legs,
and doesn't run away.
Higuchi : If it's tasty, it's guaranteed to go extinct. (0:19:33.67)
Higuchi : Why not give it at least some mobility? (0:19:36.44)
Kimura : Sounds good! (0:19:38.66)
Unabara : Hang on! (0:19:39.34)
Unabara : The reason we from the design
team do taste tests is to add
Unabara : other abilities to make it easier
for the tasty animals to survive!
Unabara : And yet here you are, making animals
that are just easy to eat.
Kimura : Don't worry, Unabara-san. (0:19:53.19)
Kimura : This sausage (working title) contains an
alkaloid that many animals dislike.
Kimura : Yes, it's capsaicin! (0:20:02.84)
Unabara : That's... (0:20:05.09)
Shimoda : That's what makes chili peppers spicy. (0:20:06.62)
Shimoda : So it's just a spicy sausage! (0:20:08.59)
Higuchi : So good! (0:20:10.72)
Shimoda : When did you... (0:20:12.18)
Higuchi : These spicy sausages are the best! (0:20:13.34)
Unabara : Kimura-kun, capsaicin won't work on birds, (0:20:15.94)
Unabara : so you should probably
add some other poison.
Kimura : Oh, I guess. (0:20:22.84)
Higuchi : Well, let's think about it while we eat. (0:20:24.49)
Kimura : Agreed! (0:20:26.98)
Shimoda : The flavor is just being
recreated from data.
Shimoda : We should keep the food chain in mind, too. (0:20:32.72)
Unabara : Well, then Kimura-kun must
undeniably be at the top of it.
Kimura : It's really good! (0:20:39.25)
Unabara : This is no good! It needs
to have more defense...
Higuchi : Oh boy, you made major
changes to the design.
Higuchi : I'll have to remake it, then. (0:20:49.03)
Unabara : I'm sorry. (0:20:51.23)
Higuchi : But there's an animal that you
could take notes from. Wanna see?
Kimura : I do! I want to sample it! (0:20:57.37)
Higuchi : Hold on. (0:20:59.26)
Kimura : I wonder what it'll taste like. (0:21:02.21)
Shimoda : O-On Earth, I guess it's survival of the fittest... (0:21:04.98)
Higuchi : Hey, the glyptodont is here. (0:21:08.06)
Shimoda : Kimura-san! (0:21:22.23)
Shimoda : God has spoken! (0:21:24.29)
God : Accepted! (0:21:26.97)
Unabara : Wha? Right now? (0:21:28.81)
Kenta : The Illustrated Guide to Creatures
That Really Exist!
Kanamori : It's so cute. (0:21:36.06)
Unabara : But it's got long claws,
and it's not just cute.
Unabara : The anteater will go into its
threat pose, so take a look.
Unabara : So cute! (0:21:45.19)
Kanamori : So cute! (0:21:45.19)
Kanamori : So it is just cute. (0:21:47.30)
Kanamori : The armadillo! It's a relative
of the anteater, right?
Unabara : The ones with the armor are the armadillos, (0:21:52.40)
Unabara : and the ones without are the anteaters. (0:21:54.94)
Kanamori : It's in such a nice ball shape. (0:21:56.33)
Unabara : It's really strong this way!
It can even reflect bullets.
Kanamori : Amazing! And cute! (0:22:01.59)
Kimura : Oh, man... I saw Heaven. (0:22:12.03)

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