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Rugis F Camellia : This betrayal... This anger... (0:00:24.50)
Rugis F Camellia : Is this how you reward your loyal retainers?! (0:00:29.95)
EXTRA : "December 5th, 767, New Holy Era" (0:01:01.62)
EXTRA : "Kingdom of Hortensia, Royal Capital" (0:01:06.62)
EXTRA : What is this?! (0:01:10.58)
EXTRA : Camellia's forces were instructed
to stand ready outside the castle!
EXTRA : Warriors of Camellia!
Now is the time to rise up for Rugis!
EXTRA : We're charging the palace! (0:01:28.08)
EXTRA : There is no reason to fear Hortensia! (0:01:37.08)
EXTRA : Have a taste of the humiliation we have suffered! (0:01:39.75)
EXTRA : "Hortensian Knight Templar" "Fernando Albert" (0:01:48.58)
EXTRA : Silence! We are no longer brothers with Hortensia! (0:01:53.95)
Fernando Albert : You leave me no choice. (0:02:02.16)
Fernando Albert : Why is this happening? (0:02:08.79)
Qoo Morimoru : Fernando! This is terrible moru ! (0:02:10.45)
Fernando Albert : It's you... (0:02:13.87)
Qoo Morimoru : Mariel is in trouble moru ! (0:02:15.25)
Qoo Morimoru : --What?!
--The king has been attacked moru !
Fernando Albert : --What?!
--The king has been attacked moru !
Fernando Albert : That can't be! (0:02:19.70)
Qoo Morimoru : Just hurry and come with me moru ! (0:02:20.54)
EXTRA : "Hortensian Knight Templar Captain" "Maurice Baudelaire" (0:02:30.45)
EXTRA : "Hortensian Knight Templar" "Adelheid Olivier" (0:02:36.12)
Fernando Albert : Adelheid! Maurice! (0:02:41.29)
Maurice Baudelaire : Brother! (0:02:43.75)
Adelheid Olivier : Fernando, thank goodness you're safe. (0:02:44.54)
Maurice Baudelaire : Camellia is--
Duke Rugis is staging a rebellion!
Fernando Albert : Is that what this is? (0:02:51.37)
Fernando Albert : His Majesty and the princess are in danger. (0:02:53.50)
Fernando Albert : I'm going to need your help. (0:02:57.83)
Maurice Baudelaire : Right. (0:02:59.83)
Qoo Morimoru : Moru ? (0:03:02.29)
Fernando Albert : What's this now? (0:03:06.58)
Adelheid Olivier : That's a Cerberus! (0:03:08.50)
Fernando Albert : The monster of Magonian lore? (0:03:10.41)
Maurice Baudelaire : This isn't possible! (0:03:12.75)
Fernando Albert : What in the world is happening in this land? (0:03:15.87)
Adelheid Olivier : I'll deal with this. (0:03:21.95)
Adelheid Olivier : You two go save His Majesty! (0:03:23.87)
Qoo Morimoru : Fernando, let's hurry moru ! (0:03:26.41)
Fernando Albert : We will protect His Majesty at any cost! (0:03:28.70)
Maurice Baudelaire : We'll leave you to it, Adelheid. (0:03:30.70)
Adelheid Olivier : Please do. (0:03:33.33)
Fernando Albert : Majesty! (0:03:42.70)
Maurice Baudelaire : Princess Mariel! (0:03:43.58)
Marius Casterede : Father... (0:03:45.29)
Fernando Albert : We were too late. (0:03:47.33)
Qoo Morimoru : Mariel... (0:03:49.20)
Fernando Albert : Leon! (0:03:50.91)
Fernando Albert : What happened? (0:03:53.41)
Leon D Olivier : Run... Take the princess... (0:03:56.54)
Fernando Albert : We're not leaving you here. (0:03:59.87)
Leon D Olivier : Fernando... please... stop him for me... (0:04:02.33)
Marius Casterede : Leon...! No! (0:04:13.87)
Maurice Baudelaire : Princess, this way. (0:04:16.58)
Fernando Albert : Maurice, behind you! (0:04:18.75)
Marius Casterede : Maurice! (0:04:24.79)
Marius Casterede : Fernando! (0:04:33.00)
Fernando Albert : What's going on here?! (0:04:35.83)
Fernando Albert : What happened?! Answer me! (0:04:37.75)
Marius Casterede : No! Run away! (0:04:48.16)
Maurice Baudelaire : Brother...! (0:04:50.33)
Fernando Albert : We cannot allow the light
of Hortensia's hope to go out.
Fernando Albert : On my code of chivalry, (0:04:56.91)
Fernando Albert : I swear I will stop you! (0:04:59.45)
Fernando Albert : I will protect the princess! (0:05:01.62)
Marius Casterede : Fernando! (0:05:03.66)
Marius Casterede : No! (0:05:05.29)
Alfred Albert : Is that...? (0:05:22.91)
Nonnoria Foly : Who could be knocking this late at night? (0:05:29.87)
Alfred Albert : It's Dad! (0:05:32.66)
Nonnoria Foly : Huh? (0:05:33.58)
Alfred Albert : Dad has come back.
Nonnoria, go get a fire started.
Nonnoria Foly : Very well! (0:05:38.66)
Alfred Albert : Dad! (0:05:40.83)
Maurice Baudelaire : Sorry, but I'm not my brother. (0:05:43.50)
Alfred Albert : Uncle Maurice... (0:05:47.50)
Maurice Baudelaire : I'm away for a little while,
and look how much you've grown, Alfred.
Alfred Albert : Uncle, why do you have Dad's sword? (0:05:56.50)
Alfred Albert : Where is Dad? He's coming back here, right? (0:06:01.62)
Maurice Baudelaire : I'm sorry. (0:06:08.37)
Alfred Albert : Oh, no... (0:06:11.83)
Alfred Albert : It can't be... (0:06:15.95)
Alfred Albert : No, it can't be, Dad! (0:06:18.75)
Alfred Albert : It can't be! (0:06:23.04)
EXTRA : On the Iepetas Peninsula lay Hortensia,
a great kingdom more than 700 years old.
EXTRA : While Hortensia was continually
haunted by the threat of invasion
EXTRA : from surrounding nations
who desired its fertile soil,
EXTRA : its two principalities of Olivier and Camellia (0:08:17.25)
EXTRA : served as its sword and shield,
allowing it to remain unravaged by war.
EXTRA : And then came December 5th, 767, New Holy Era. (0:08:28.00)
EXTRA : Grand Duke Rugis F. Camellia,
of the principality of Camellia,
EXTRA : "Camellia Grand Duke" "Rugis F. Camellia" (0:08:37.29)
EXTRA : Although an overthrow
of the capital was prevented,
EXTRA : the king of Hortensia was slain,
and Princess Mariel had gone missing,
EXTRA : leaving her younger brother,
Prince Charlot, to assume the throne.
EXTRA : "Hortensia's new king"
"Charlot de Hortensia"
EXTRA : The rebellion came just as monsters
began appearing around Hortensia,
EXTRA : ushering in an age of turmoil... (0:09:00.20)
EXTRA : "December 23rd, 767, New Holy Era"
"Albert Feudal Manor"
Maurice Baudelaire : What we saw when we charged into the throne room (0:09:08.62)
Maurice Baudelaire : was a giant werewolf, straight out of legend. (0:09:12.54)
Maurice Baudelaire : Your old man didn't back down one step, (0:09:16.54)
Maurice Baudelaire : and fought to his last breath
to protect the princess.
Alfred Albert : Fighting for as long as he lived
in defense of the country--
Alfred Albert : that sounds like how Dad would meet his end. (0:09:28.91)
Maurice Baudelaire : Are you all right?
You don't have to do this all at once.
Alfred Albert : From here on, I'm going to have to govern Albert. (0:09:36.04)
Alfred Albert : I can't just sit around crying forever. (0:09:40.16)
Alfred Albert : Besides, I made Dad a promise-- (0:09:42.79)
Alfred Albert : that I would become a great knight, like he was. (0:09:46.16)
Maurice Baudelaire : Alfred... (0:09:49.91)
Alfred Albert : Uncle, would you mind training me right now? (0:09:52.00)
Alfred Albert : I need to refine my
swordsmanship skills some more.
Maurice Baudelaire : Fine by me. But before we get to that, (0:09:57.95)
Maurice Baudelaire : from now on, I want you to call me Maurice. (0:10:01.66)
Alfred Albert : Huh? (0:10:05.04)
Maurice Baudelaire : It doesn't sound right for you to call me Uncle (0:10:06.00)
Maurice Baudelaire : when you're the lord around here, does it? (0:10:09.00)
Alfred Albert : What do you mean, I'm the lord? (0:10:10.91)
Maurice Baudelaire : I'm resigning from the royal order,
and staying here in Albert.
Maurice Baudelaire : Settling down here and serving
my nephew doesn't sound so bad.
Alfred Albert : Do you really mean it, Uncl-- (0:10:20.33)
Maurice Baudelaire : I'm looking forward to it, my lord. (0:10:24.91)
Alfred Albert : Thank you, um... Maurice. (0:10:28.12)
Maurice Baudelaire : Yeah, there you go. (0:10:32.62)
Nonnoria Foly : Th-Th-This is terrible! Marius is gone! (0:10:35.20)
Nonnoria Foly : He had finally gotten up and around, too! (0:10:42.79)
Nonnoria Foly : Did he run away? Did he run away? (0:10:46.25)
Maurice Baudelaire : I don't think we have to worry about that. (0:10:49.16)
Nonnoria Foly : But still, he didn't say anything! (0:10:51.37)
Maurice Baudelaire : This has been hard on him, too. (0:10:55.12)
Maurice Baudelaire : Let's just leave him be for now. (0:10:58.29)
Qoo Morimoru : Marius, you'll worry the others
by strolling around on your own moru.
Qoo Morimoru : Let's go back moru . (0:11:13.62)
Marius Casterede : Sorry, but could you leave me to myself? (0:11:15.79)
Qoo Morimoru : Moru ... (0:11:19.66)
Maurice Baudelaire : I heard that Marius was burned out
of his home during that rebellion.
Maurice Baudelaire : He'd lost his family,
and your old man helped him out.
Marius Casterede : Father, Fernando, Leon... they're all dead. (0:11:44.75)
Marius Casterede : Charlot, I'm sorry. You're all alone now. (0:11:52.70)
Alfred Albert : So this is where you went. (0:11:58.79)
Marius Casterede : Alfred... (0:12:01.83)
Alfred Albert : It looks like you're feeling better now. (0:12:05.16)
Marius Casterede : Mm-hmm. (0:12:08.04)
Alfred Albert : Do you not like living here? (0:12:09.20)
Marius Casterede : No, it's not that. (0:12:11.29)
Alfred Albert : I hear you lost your family, too. (0:12:14.75)
Alfred Albert : This is my family's gravesite. (0:12:20.33)
Alfred Albert : My mom and sister... (0:12:25.33)
Alfred Albert : And pretty soon, my dad will be buried here. (0:12:29.41)
Alfred Albert : Dad always put his life on the line (0:12:34.12)
Alfred Albert : and stuck to his code of chivalry,
no matter who he was facing.
Alfred Albert : To protect the princess... and all of Hortensia. (0:12:40.91)
Marius Casterede : I never thought... (0:12:48.16)
Marius Casterede : I never thought things would end up like this! (0:12:51.45)
Alfred Albert : Neither did I. How could this happen? (0:13:00.12)
Alfred Albert : You've been through a lot
of hardship too, haven't you?
Alfred Albert : And yet you're still alive.
It's hard on me that I've lost my dad,
Alfred Albert : but it's not as though I've lost all hope. (0:13:14.45)
Alfred Albert : After all, I met you, the boy Dad saved. (0:13:19.12)
Alfred Albert : Listen, Marius, (0:13:24.04)
Alfred Albert : we have to go on living.
No matter what hardships come our way.
Alfred Albert : What do you want to do now? (0:13:32.08)
Marius Casterede : I... (0:13:35.20)
Marius Casterede : I... (0:13:41.25)
Marius Casterede : I want to get stronger! (0:13:45.00)
Marius Casterede : I need strength. (0:13:47.83)
Marius Casterede : I don't want to stand around crying anymore! (0:13:50.16)
EXTRA : "Four years later" (0:14:00.16)
EXTRA : "April 10th, 771, New Holy Era"
"Erp Heights"
Alfred Albert : Once we clear this forest,
we'll be at the Erp Heights front line.
Alfred Albert : According to our scout's report,
the Camellian advance force is a single platoon.
Alfred Albert : We're going to rendezvous
with our allies and hit them.
Alfred Albert : Thanks, Marius. (0:14:26.20)
Marius Casterede : Don't get left behind, my lord. (0:14:28.04)
Alfred Albert : You've become such a trusty squire, Marius. (0:14:30.95)
Marius Casterede : As your squire, I have to make up
the difference wherever you fall short.
Marius Casterede : Alfred, I promise I will keep you safe. (0:14:39.54)
Marius Casterede : I'll show off the skill with the sword
that Maurice drilled into me.
Maurice Baudelaire : Don't get too carried away, there. (0:14:46.54)
Marius Casterede : Maurice! (0:14:49.08)
Maurice Baudelaire : Our allies' forces are more than ample,
but this will be your first fight.
Maurice Baudelaire : Keep on your toes. (0:14:55.91)
Marius Casterede : --Yeah.
Alfred Albert : --Yeah.
Alfred Albert : Everyone, let's all get through this
alive and go back to Albert!
Alfred Albert : No, it can't be... (0:15:16.41)
Maurice Baudelaire : This is awful. (0:15:19.29)
Marius Casterede : The main force has been wiped out. (0:15:22.41)
Alfred Albert : There's a survivor! (0:15:27.00)
Maurice Baudelaire : That scarlet force--it must be Roy's unit. (0:15:31.54)
Alfred Albert : What?! (0:15:35.04)
Maurice Baudelaire : Camellia's vaunted elite archer unit. (0:15:35.91)
Alfred Albert : Split up into platoons and see to the survivors! (0:15:38.41)
Alfred Albert : Let's go, Marius! (0:15:41.25)
Marius Casterede : Right! (0:15:42.41)
Alfred Albert : Hey! (0:15:43.66)
Alfred Albert : Are you all right? We'll get you out right now. (0:15:45.20)
EXTRA : Thank you... (0:15:47.33)
Alfred Albert : It's an ambush?! (0:15:49.25)
Alfred Albert : Leave them to us! Retreat! (0:15:57.45)
Alfred Albert : --But sir!
Marius Casterede : Damn it! (0:16:05.08)
Alfred Albert : Marius! (0:16:06.29)
Alfred Albert : Are you all right, Marius? (0:16:21.00)
Marius Casterede : This was nothing. (0:16:23.16)
Marius Casterede : Huh? Where are those knights? (0:16:25.50)
Alfred Albert : Over there. (0:16:28.04)
Marius Casterede : Right... (0:16:30.62)
EXTRA : You saved me. (0:16:32.16)
Roy Bachelot : How far the Hortensian knights have fallen. (0:16:37.29)
EXTRA : "Camellian Troop Commander" "Roy Bachelot" (0:16:43.16)
Roy Bachelot : you will pay with your lives. (0:16:46.33)
Alfred Albert : You're Roy, aren't you?! (0:16:49.00)
Roy Bachelot : That sword-- (0:16:52.00)
Roy Bachelot : I see. The keepsake of Sir Fernando. (0:16:53.66)
Roy Bachelot : You must be the young lord of Albert. (0:16:58.00)
Alfred Albert : They had lost their will to fight.
You didn't have to kill them!
Roy Bachelot : This is the battlefield. (0:17:05.45)
Roy Bachelot : If you can spout something as ridiculous as that,
then you must be quite the fool indeed.
Marius Casterede : You take back what you just said! (0:17:13.00)
Marius Casterede : As if surviving is anything to be ashamed of! (0:17:16.08)
Marius Casterede : What Alfred said is not wrong! (0:17:18.12)
Alfred Albert : Don't overdo it, Marius! (0:17:20.16)
Roy Bachelot : You would risk your life to defend
a lord without knightly resolve?
Roy Bachelot : I do not think he is deserving of such loyalty. (0:17:27.50)
Alfred Albert : Marius! (0:17:30.66)
Roy Bachelot : You are inexperienced.
If Sir Fernando were still alive,
Roy Bachelot : how great would his lament be! (0:17:38.16)
Alfred Albert : What do you know about my father?! (0:17:40.58)
Roy Bachelot : Ho, it appears you have some spine after all. (0:17:47.08)
Roy Bachelot : You're finished. (0:17:54.54)
Roy Bachelot : Why, you...! (0:17:58.29)
Marius Casterede : I will protect my lord... (0:17:59.29)
Marius Casterede : dear friend, no matter what! (0:18:01.50)
Roy Bachelot : Then I'll start with you! (0:18:04.62)
Alfred Albert : Stop! (0:18:07.12)
Maurice Baudelaire : Stop, Roy! (0:18:15.41)
Roy Bachelot : Maurice? (0:18:17.08)
Roy Bachelot : You got off without having your comrades die for nothing. (0:18:20.16)
EXTRA : Roy! (0:18:23.58)
Roy Bachelot : We've accomplished enough. We're leaving. (0:18:27.16)
EXTRA : Sir! (0:18:29.54)
EXTRA : All troops, fall back! Look alive! (0:18:30.75)
Alfred Albert : Damn! (0:18:34.33)
Marius Casterede : Where am I? (0:18:46.54)
Nonnoria Foly : Thank goodness! (0:18:49.16)
Nonnoria Foly : Thank goodness! Marius! (0:18:52.12)
Nonnoria Foly : You didn't wake up for so long, I was worried! (0:18:56.12)
Marius Casterede : Sorry, Nonnoria. (0:18:59.37)
Marius Casterede : Where is Alfred? (0:19:04.20)
EXTRA : Dad, why did you become a knight? (0:19:13.83)
Fernando Albert : Hmm... to protect the ones I love, I suppose. (0:19:17.33)
EXTRA : The ones you love? (0:19:21.87)
Fernando Albert : The king and people of this land,
my friends in the royal order, as well as...
Fernando Albert : family, who is more important to me
than anything--you and Ber.
Fernando Albert : As long as I live, I will love you,
and be your shield of protection.
Fernando Albert : Which is why I want you, too, (0:19:40.62)
Fernando Albert : to be a pure-hearted knight,
and protect those that you love.
EXTRA : I'll become a knight!
I'll make your wish come true, Dad!
Alfred Albert : Dad left me Albert, and I swore to protect it-- (0:19:53.87)
Alfred Albert : to protect those who live here,
and my dear friends...
Marius Casterede : So this is where you are. (0:20:02.75)
Alfred Albert : Marius? Are you okay? (0:20:05.70)
Marius Casterede : Yeah. It looks like the others
made it safely back to Albert, too.
Marius Casterede : So don't be so discouraged. (0:20:14.29)
Alfred Albert : That's not good enough. (0:20:16.20)
Alfred Albert : Even doing all that I can now,
I still can't protect anything.
Alfred Albert : I have to get stronger. (0:20:23.50)
Alfred Albert : Not just my skill with the sword, either.
I want greater strength.
Marius Casterede : Don't go thinking that you
can get stronger alone.
Alfred Albert : Marius... (0:20:33.66)
Marius Casterede : I am your squire.
I'm going to get stronger, too! So...
Marius Casterede : ...don't go trying to take all of this on yourself. (0:20:40.12)
Alfred Albert : Thanks, Marius. (0:20:44.79)
Marius Casterede : Now that that's clear,
we should be getting back.
Marius Casterede : Everyone is waiting for your return. (0:20:50.66)
Nonnoria Foly : Alfred! (0:20:53.58)
Qoo Morimoru : Marius! (0:20:55.95)
EXTRA : The kingdom's historic tragedy
brought these two together,
EXTRA : which would in time bring about
a new era to this world.
EXTRA : However, the pair were yet unaware
of the forthcoming harsh fighting
EXTRA : that was waiting for them. (0:21:18.41)
EXTRA : "Chapter 1: Resolve"
"~The Conflict with Camellia~"
Roy Bachelot : The border forces have been wiped out. (0:23:02.41)
Roy Bachelot : Hortensia will not be taking any
action against us for some time.
Roy Bachelot : This should also serve as an example to Dayereh. (0:23:09.04)
Rugis F Camellia : Good work. (0:23:13.04)
Roy Bachelot : Rugis, I do have something else to report. (0:23:15.41)
Rugis F Camellia : What is it? (0:23:18.75)
Roy Bachelot : I came across Sir Fernando's keepsake. (0:23:20.41)
Rugis F Camellia : Well, now I have something to look forward to. (0:23:25.75)
EXTRA : So it shouldn't be any wonder that
the monster of Tron Cavern is real.
EXTRA : I wish I could do as much as you, Nonnoria. (0:23:34.91)
EXTRA : No, no! Marius, you still have
a lot on your shoulders!
EXTRA : I can't stand wolves. (0:23:41.41)
EXTRA : But right now, time is of the essence! (0:23:42.87)
EXTRA : "Chapter 2: Memories"
"~The Lore of Magonia~"

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