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EXTRA : This world is filled with dungeons. (0:00:09.21)
EXTRA : It is said that some of them even have
perilous labyrinths that thwart adventurers.
EXTRA : Undiscovered. (0:00:31.26)
EXTRA : Untrodden. (0:00:32.38)
EXTRA : Unreachable. (0:00:33.55)
EXTRA : People called these places rich in mystery... (0:00:35.68)
EXTRA : hidden dungeons! (0:00:40.51)
Olivia Servant : Welcome... (0:00:51.96)
Olivia Servant : Come forth, brave one. (0:00:56.24)
Olivia Servant : I await you on the second floor. (0:01:01.24)
Olivia Servant : This way. (0:01:14.20)
Olivia Servant : This way. (0:01:24.64)
Noir Stalgia : I, Noir Stardia,
am the third son of a noble.
Noir Stalgia : After graduating from the
Jastal Preparatory School,
Noir Stalgia : I decided to pursue a career
instead of higher education.
Noir Stalgia : Today was supposed to be
my first day on the job, but...
Noir Stalgia : Father? Mother? What's wrong? (0:02:11.40)
EXTRA : Well, that library you're
supposed to work at...
Noir Stalgia : Yes, today's my first day. (0:02:18.39)
EXTRA : Actually, the viscount's son interfered, (0:02:20.87)
EXTRA : and you won't be able to work there after all. (0:02:24.11)
Noir Stalgia : Huh? (0:02:26.20)
Noir Stalgia : We're just poor nobles who stand no
chance against anyone ranked higher.
Noir Stalgia : Father, please raise your head. (0:02:42.55)
Noir Stalgia : I absolutely deplore you...
I mean, adore you, Father.
EXTRA : You totally meant the first part! (0:02:48.95)
Noir Stalgia : But I guess the real question is...
what do I do now?
Noir Stalgia : You shitty father... I mean, Father. (0:02:54.74)
EXTRA : You didn't even hesitate that time!
I felt that malice!
EXTRA : I feel your anger, my son! (0:03:00.62)
Alice Stardia : I will not accept this! (0:03:03.30)
Alice Stardia : Who is this fiend who took
my dearest brother's position?
Alice Stardia : I will go talk to them personally! (0:03:08.42)
Noir Stalgia : Alice, I appreciate it, but we're
talking about the son of a viscount.
EXTRA : Uh-huh! Uh-huh! (0:03:15.25)
Alice Stardia : But... that's simply not fair,
my dear brother!
Alice Stardia : I know! Why not take the exam
for the Hero Academy?
Noir Stalgia : The Hero Academy, eh? (0:03:25.92)
Noir Stalgia : Those who graduate from the Hero Academy
can become monster hunters or royal knights.
Noir Stalgia : Basically, you're set for life if you make it there. (0:03:33.61)
Noir Stalgia : I'd never pass. (0:03:38.71)
Alice Stardia : You should at least try! (0:03:40.64)
Alice Stardia : If you don't make it,
I'll take care of you myself!
Noir Stalgia : Th-Thanks... (0:03:45.61)
Emma Brightness : Noir! (0:03:51.60)
Emma Brightness : Hey! (0:03:56.55)
Emma Brightness : Morning! (0:03:59.13)
Noir Stalgia : Morning, Emma. (0:04:00.98)
Noir Stalgia : This is Emma Brightness. (0:04:02.62)
Noir Stalgia : She was born into a barony,
meaning her family is wealthy,
Noir Stalgia : but our parents are friends, (0:04:08.75)
Noir Stalgia : and she's been my friend since we were kids. (0:04:10.70)
Emma Brightness : We're both going to be
librarians starting today!
Emma Brightness : Let us do our best! (0:04:15.58)
Noir Stalgia : Actually, about that, Emma... (0:04:17.75)
Emma Brightness : What?! (0:04:20.99)
Emma Brightness : Th-Th-Then... you can't be a librarian? (0:04:22.36)
Noir Stalgia : No... (0:04:26.45)
Emma Brightness : But... (0:04:28.20)
Noir Stalgia : Y-You're that disappointed? (0:04:31.33)
Emma Brightness : Well, I mean... (0:04:33.49)
Emma Brightness : I had some really good news! (0:04:34.89)
Emma Brightness : About your skill. (0:04:38.14)
Noir Stalgia : Skill? You mean my Great Sage skill? (0:04:40.09)
Noir Stalgia : The Great Sage skill
is my one and only skill.
Noir Stalgia : It tells me everything about the world. (0:04:46.75)
Noir Stalgia : It's a pretty rare skill. (0:04:49.27)
Noir Stalgia : My parents jumped for joy when they
had my skill appraised at the church.
EXTRA : Fantastic, my son! (0:04:51.94)
EXTRA : Oh, how wonderful! (0:04:53.58)
Noir Stalgia : But... (0:04:56.24)
Noir Stalgia : I can't use the Great Sage skill. (0:04:58.48)
Noir Stalgia : Well, actually, I can... (0:05:01.69)
Noir Stalgia : But every time I use it, (0:05:03.85)
Noir Stalgia : I'm plagued with a headache
so bad that I wish for death.
Noir Stalgia : Which is why I don't use it. (0:05:08.96)
Emma Brightness : I just happened to be going through
the ancient texts yesterday,
Emma Brightness : and I found this passage... (0:05:15.04)
Emma Brightness : "Whenever the great sage of old, Marlin,
was plagued with terrible headaches,
Emma Brightness : he demanded kisses from his wives." (0:05:22.20)
Noir Stalgia : Why, though? (0:05:26.67)
Emma Brightness : They must've been effective
against his headaches! Duh!
Noir Stalgia : What? (0:05:32.56)
Emma Brightness : Th-That makes sense, doesn't it? (0:05:33.52)
Noir Stalgia : Actually, you might have a point. (0:05:37.15)
Emma Brightness : D-Do you want to give it a try? (0:05:41.01)
Noir Stalgia : Are you sure? (0:05:44.30)
Emma Brightness : W-W-Well, who else are
you going to try that with?!
Emma Brightness : It's just a kiss! And we've known
each other forever...
Emma Brightness : And we're totally adults! (0:05:51.63)
Noir Stalgia : In that case... (0:05:55.72)
Emma Brightness : Huh?! (0:05:56.61)
Emma Brightness : W-Wait. (0:06:01.17)
Emma Brightness : Let's find a better spot... (0:06:03.42)
Emma Brightness : Y-You can go ahead. (0:06:13.64)
Noir Stalgia : I hope you're ready. (0:06:19.80)
Emma Brightness : You can do it! (0:06:38.86)
Noir Stalgia : Answer my query, Great Sage. (0:06:43.24)
Great Sage : As you wish. (0:06:48.23)
Noir Stalgia : I want to become stronger so I can pass
the exam for the Hero Academy.
Noir Stalgia : What's the most efficient way
to become stronger?
Great Sage : Explore a hidden dungeon. (0:06:56.31)
Noir Stalgia : A hidden dungeon? Where's the closest one? (0:06:58.77)
Great Sage : There lies a cave 15,000 meters
southwest of here.
Great Sage : Activate the switch in the wall,
and you will find the Infinite Labyrin—
Noir Stalgia : My head's killing me! (0:07:12.24)
Emma Brightness : Should we kiss again? (0:07:14.06)
Noir Stalgia : Yes, please! (0:07:15.70)
Noir Stalgia : My headache's fading... (0:07:25.36)
Emma Brightness : Does... your head still hurt? (0:07:40.16)
Noir Stalgia : Yeah. (0:07:43.35)
Noir Stalgia : I've got all the right gear. (0:07:52.13)
Noir Stalgia : I even borrowed a sword from Father. (0:07:54.41)
Noir Stalgia : Is this where the switch is? (0:08:05.61)
Great Sage : You will need a spell to open the door. (0:08:22.05)
Great Sage : And that spell is... (0:08:25.14)
Noir Stalgia : "Hidden dungeon only I can enter! (0:08:29.59)
Noir Stalgia : Let me train in secret to become
the strongest in the world!"
Olivia Servant : This way. (0:08:50.75)
Noir Stalgia : U-Um... You are alive, right? (0:09:12.63)
Olivia Servant : Touch my head. (0:09:16.20)
Olivia Servant : I am Olivia Servant! (0:09:24.33)
Olivia Servant : A totally super-awesome adventurer! (0:09:26.83)
Olivia Servant : You see, I happened to stumble upon
this hidden dungeon on one of my walks.
Olivia Servant : I figured out how to get in all by myself. (0:09:33.80)
Olivia Servant : I ran into a monster on the second floor
and decimated it in two seconds.
Olivia Servant : Things were going peachy, (0:09:40.72)
Olivia Servant : but then a trap activated. (0:09:43.42)
Olivia Servant : I've been tied up in here
for 200 years since then.
Noir Stalgia : For 200 years?! I'll undo your restraints right— (0:09:50.47)
Olivia Servant : Nope, hold it. These are special
chains called Death Chains.
Olivia Servant : Cut them and say bye-bye to Olivia. (0:09:56.74)
Noir Stalgia : Huh? Then why did you call me here? (0:09:59.36)
Olivia Servant : I've been looking for someone to talk to. (0:10:02.03)
Olivia Servant : I figured no one would ever hear me,
but you actually showed up!
Olivia Servant : You have no idea how long
I've been waiting for this moment!
Olivia Servant : Anyway, you must have real potential,
considering you found this dungeon.
Olivia Servant : What's your name? (0:10:19.48)
Noir Stalgia : It's Noir Stardia. (0:10:20.92)
Olivia Servant : Noir, eh? (0:10:22.47)
Olivia Servant : So what brought you here, anyway? (0:10:24.13)
Noir Stalgia : Well... (0:10:26.35)
Olivia Servant : Right. I got you. (0:10:30.09)
Olivia Servant : But I'm sure the Great Sage also said this! (0:10:33.77)
Olivia Servant : "The super-hot babe Olivia
is sealed away in B2!"
Noir Stalgia : Nope. He didn't say a word about you. (0:10:40.52)
Olivia Servant : Well, whatever.
So you wanna get stronger, right?
Olivia Servant : Then you can have my skills. (0:10:46.94)
Noir Stalgia : Huh? (0:10:49.52)
Olivia Servant : Well, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon... (0:10:50.37)
Olivia Servant : So just tap your forehead against mine. (0:10:52.70)
Noir Stalgia : L-Like this? (0:10:55.76)
Olivia Servant : Dun dun da-dun! (0:11:01.80)
Olivia Servant : You've quite literally got skills,
Noir. Mine, that is.
Olivia Servant : Now I can die without any regrets. (0:11:07.80)
Noir Stalgia : Wait! You can't just die now! (0:11:11.03)
Olivia Servant : Pfft. Like I'd actually die. (0:11:13.27)
Olivia Servant : You can address me as "Master" from now on. (0:11:15.46)
Olivia Servant : Now, I'll give you a simple
rundown of my skills.
Olivia Servant : The Get Creative skill. (0:11:23.03)
Olivia Servant : You can create pretty much any
skill your mind can think of.
Olivia Servant : The Bestow skill. (0:11:28.86)
Olivia Servant : You can give the skills you've
created to other people or objects.
Olivia Servant : The Editor skill. (0:11:34.58)
Olivia Servant : You can edit the skills you've
given to yourself or others.
Noir Stalgia : So... Get Creative, Bestow, and Editor. (0:11:40.67)
Noir Stalgia : Depending on how I use these, I can
create insanely powerful attacks.
Olivia Servant : But be careful. (0:11:47.24)
Olivia Servant : To use any of these skills,
you need life points, or LP.
Olivia Servant : The stronger the skill,
the more LP it consumes,
Olivia Servant : so make sure you use LP
Conversion when that happens.
Noir Stalgia : LP Conversion? (0:12:00.70)
Olivia Servant : If you do something that feels good,
your satisfaction gets turned into LP.
Noir Stalgia : Huh? (0:12:07.81)
Olivia Servant : For example, fulfilling your sexual desires. (0:12:08.70)
Olivia Servant : Getting close with a charming
person of the opposite sex.
Olivia Servant : Then there's hunger. (0:12:13.16)
Olivia Servant : Eating delicious foods and savoring
delicacies are both effective.
Olivia Servant : Finally, the desire for worldly things. (0:12:17.66)
Olivia Servant : Earn that dough and spend it
like there's no tomorrow.
Noir Stalgia : S-So you're telling me to be a hedonist. (0:12:22.47)
Olivia Servant : Oh, FYI, if your LP reaches zero, you die. (0:12:25.50)
Noir Stalgia : Maybe tell me that first. (0:12:29.12)
Olivia Servant : How much LP do you have right now? (0:12:31.59)
Olivia Servant : Concentrate. (0:12:33.92)
Noir Stalgia : S-Sure. (0:12:35.27)
Noir Stalgia : Five hundred fifty. (0:12:37.95)
Olivia Servant : Five hundred fifty, eh?
Why don't you give Get Creative a shot?
Noir Stalgia : All right. Here I go. (0:12:43.74)
EXTRA : Jiggle. (0:12:49.21)
EXTRA : Jiggle. (0:12:50.89)
Noir Stalgia : Get Creative: Stone Bullet skill. (0:12:52.84)
EXTRA : Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. (0:13:03.59)
Noir Stalgia : Stone Bullet visualizes condensing dust
in the air in front of my hand...
Noir Stalgia : and fires it! (0:13:10.17)
Noir Stalgia : I-I beat it... (0:13:14.83)
Noir Stalgia : But I'm kinda tired now. (0:13:17.51)
Noir Stalgia : I'm going to have to figure out how
to rake in that LP from now on.
Noir Stalgia : But for today... (0:13:24.95)
Alice Stardia : Oh, Big Brother! (0:13:30.33)
Alice Stardia : Is my lap a comferble...
a comfortable pillow for you?
Noir Stalgia : Man, I feel alive again. (0:13:38.67)
Noir Stalgia : Can I get a goodnight hug, too? (0:13:41.91)
Alice Stardia : Huh?! (0:13:44.23)
Noir Stalgia : I'm so blessed to have such
a cute, kind little sister!
Alice Stardia : The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter . (0:13:54.20)
Emma Brightness : Sorry to keep you waiting, Noir. (0:14:01.64)
Noir Stalgia : S-Sorry to call you out of the blue. (0:14:05.15)
Emma Brightness : No, it's fine. What did
you want to talk about?
Noir Stalgia : I have a favor to ask. (0:14:11.14)
Noir Stalgia : Also, you seem a bit different today. (0:14:13.14)
Emma Brightness : Y-You think so? (0:14:15.97)
Noir Stalgia : You're usually more reserved. (0:14:18.31)
Emma Brightness : Well, everyone's always staring at my chest! (0:14:20.84)
Emma Brightness : Of course I'd want to hide it. (0:14:23.49)
Noir Stalgia : I'm not sure if that outfit is helping... (0:14:25.83)
Emma Brightness : Well, that's because today's
supposed to be special!
Emma Brightness : Noir, you doofus. (0:14:30.86)
Noir Stalgia : Sorry! I was just worried. (0:14:32.28)
Noir Stalgia : I've known you forever,
and you're important to me.
Emma Brightness : Just saying that I'm important
to you isn't enough!
Noir Stalgia : Th-Then... can I hug you? (0:14:40.19)
Emma Brightness : Sure... (0:14:44.11)
Noir Stalgia : Okay... here I go. (0:14:47.84)
Noir Stalgia : Your scent is so calming. (0:14:51.99)
Noir Stalgia : Not to mention... (0:14:55.19)
Noir Stalgia : So, Olivia... (0:15:01.71)
Olivia Servant : You hear somethin'? (0:15:03.83)
Noir Stalgia : M-Master... (0:15:05.88)
Olivia Servant : Yes? (0:15:07.84)
Noir Stalgia : I was hoping I could make
a skill that would help me
Noir Stalgia : with the Hero Academy exam. (0:15:12.00)
Olivia Servant : This calls for cheating! (0:15:13.93)
Noir Stalgia : You're awful, you know that? (0:15:16.09)
Olivia Servant : And you're too much of a goody two shoes. (0:15:17.56)
Olivia Servant : That's exactly why they took your job. (0:15:19.87)
Olivia Servant : It takes 300 LP to use,
but I've got just the skill for you.
Olivia Servant : You interested? (0:15:27.61)
Noir Stalgia : Yes, please! (0:15:28.90)
Olivia Servant : In that case... (0:15:30.65)
Olivia Servant : The skill that grants you a peek
into any kind of information:
Olivia Servant : The Discerning Eye! (0:15:35.18)
Olivia Servant : With this, you're good to go on your exam! (0:15:37.01)
Noir Stalgia : Thanks, Emma. (0:15:40.82)
Emma Brightness : It's fine. This is basically a greeting. (0:15:42.50)
Noir Stalgia : Okay, now to Get Creative and
create the Discerning Eye skill.
Noir Stalgia : Let's try it out. (0:15:53.35)
Noir Stalgia : I see it! (0:15:57.13)
Noir Stalgia : This means I'll pass for sure! (0:15:58.18)
Noir Stalgia : I need to make sure I thank Emma properly. (0:16:00.60)
Emma Brightness : Man, my shoulders are so stiff. (0:16:03.45)
Emma Brightness : My chest is way too heavy. (0:16:06.22)
Noir Stalgia : All right! (0:16:08.21)
Noir Stalgia : I'll use Get Creative and
give Emma Small Boobs.
Noir Stalgia : I'll need a total of 80 LP to do this, but... (0:16:12.03)
Noir Stalgia : There! (0:16:15.41)
Emma Brightness : Wh-What just happened?! (0:16:27.00)
Emma Brightness : Wh-What? Why?! (0:16:29.71)
Noir Stalgia : Now your shoulders won't be so stiff. (0:16:32.32)
Noir Stalgia : Don't worry, plenty of people
love small boobs. Isn't that great?
Emma Brightness : Are you being serious right now? (0:16:37.81)
Noir Stalgia : Yup! (0:16:39.35)
Noir Stalgia : Though I definitely prefer them big. (0:16:40.25)
Emma Brightness : Gimme back my boobs, you doofus! (0:16:42.43)
Noir Stalgia : I ended up having to use Editor
to give her boobs back.
Noir Stalgia : Talk about a waste of LP. (0:16:50.00)
EXTRA : Feeling confident? (0:16:55.25)
EXTRA : But of course. (0:16:56.28)
Noir Stalgia : Barons and viscounts... (0:16:57.53)
Noir Stalgia : They're totally different
from a baronet like me.
EXTRA : We will now begin the entrance exam. (0:17:03.50)
EXTRA : Your task is to collect raw
materials from monsters.
EXTRA : You'll be judged on how much you bring
in and how rare the materials are.
EXTRA : This will be a team effort in which
you split up into groups of three.
EXTRA : Return empty-handed, and you fail! (0:17:16.80)
EXTRA : That is all! (0:17:18.92)
EXTRA : We have to make a team? (0:17:19.80)
EXTRA : No one told us that before. (0:17:21.20)
EXTRA : I'd better hurry up and find people. (0:17:22.57)
Noir Stalgia : E-Excuse me. Would you like to... (0:17:25.19)
EXTRA : Hm? You reek of baronet stench. (0:17:27.58)
Noir Stalgia : Um... (0:17:36.50)
EXTRA : Yeah, I don't associate with trash. (0:17:38.50)
Noir Stalgia : Trash, huh? (0:17:43.20)
Emma Brightness : Hey, wanna team up? (0:17:49.08)
Emma Brightness : Heya, Noir! (0:17:51.50)
Noir Stalgia : E-Emma? What are you doing here? (0:17:53.74)
Noir Stalgia : What about your librarian job? (0:17:56.38)
Emma Brightness : I quit. I figured I'd give the
Hero Academy a shot, too.
Noir Stalgia : I-I can't believe you quit that easily... (0:18:02.43)
Emma Brightness : Well, I didn't get to be with you. (0:18:05.56)
Noir Stalgia : Huh? (0:18:07.59)
Emma Brightness : Noir, you doofus. Come on, let's team up. (0:18:08.31)
Lenore Bludon : Hey, want to team up? (0:18:13.70)
Lenore Bludon : I'm Lenore Bludon. (0:18:16.65)
Lenore Bludon : You don't need to be formal with me.
The more casual, the better.
Emma Brightness : I'm Emma Brightness, my la... Lenore. (0:18:22.01)
Lenore Bludon : Brightness? Ah, a barony. (0:18:25.39)
Noir Stalgia : I'm Noir Stardia. (0:18:29.52)
Lenore Bludon : I didn't ask for your name. (0:18:31.53)
Lenore Bludon : Why would I bother remembering
the name of a baronet?
Noir Stalgia : Huh? (0:18:37.57)
EXTRA : Now, then... (0:18:38.38)
EXTRA : Gather as many materials
as you can by noon tomorrow.
EXTRA : You can obtain them in any way you'd like. (0:18:44.71)
EXTRA : Begin! (0:18:46.63)
EXTRA : The marketplace! (0:18:47.77)
EXTRA : I'm buying everything! (0:18:48.47)
Emma Brightness : Y-You can buy the materials, too? (0:18:49.64)
Noir Stalgia : I guess so. He never said you had to
actually defeat any monsters, so...
Lenore Bludon : Let's split up. (0:18:56.65)
Lenore Bludon : Don't drag us down, Mr. Bottom
of the Aristocratic Food Chain.
Emma Brightness : I guess the rich definitely
have the upper hand.
Noir Stalgia : Yeah... (0:19:07.35)
Emma Brightness : What are you going to do, Noir? (0:19:08.82)
Emma Brightness : If you're going to hunt for your
materials, I'll come with you.
Noir Stalgia : No, you wait here, Emma. (0:19:13.63)
Noir Stalgia : I have an idea. (0:19:16.49)
Noir Stalgia : I was sure there'd be plenty of rare
monsters in a hidden dungeon.
Noir Stalgia : And that's why I came to
the third floor, but...
Noir Stalgia : Are you serious right now?! (0:19:27.60)
Noir Stalgia : I'm still level 23... (0:19:30.94)
Noir Stalgia : Not to mention, if that Scythe hits me,
it's an insta-death for me.
Noir Stalgia : I-If I use my Editor skill and
delete its Instant Death attack...
Noir Stalgia : Nope! I'd literally die eight times! (0:19:53.68)
Noir Stalgia : I created the skill Heavy
and Bestowed it on the Reaper.
Noir Stalgia : I managed to stop it for now, (0:20:02.86)
Noir Stalgia : but that instantly cost me 200 LP... (0:20:04.90)
Noir Stalgia : I feel so weak... (0:20:10.35)
Noir Stalgia : I lost so much LP, I can actually
feel my life draining away...
Noir Stalgia : But... I have to do this... (0:20:17.23)
Noir Stalgia : There's no other way! (0:20:19.46)
Noir Stalgia : I'll use 100 LP and my Editor skill to make
the Stone Bullet size 100 centimeters!
Noir Stalgia : You know, you seem a bit thin.
Have you been eating properly?
Noir Stalgia : Here. This should fill you up! (0:20:38.88)
Noir Stalgia : Stone Bullet 100! (0:20:43.69)
Noir Stalgia : I-I'm exhausted... (0:20:56.87)
EXTRA : And now I will announce the top three
teams from the entrance exam results.
Lenore Bludon : He hasn't called our team at all. (0:21:08.49)
Noir Stalgia : Y-Yeah... (0:21:12.37)
EXTRA : In third place, Team Genos with 5,890 points. (0:21:14.62)
EXTRA : In second place, Team Elizabeth
with 11,550 points.
Lenore Bludon : H-He still hasn't called us. (0:21:26.07)
Emma Brightness : Maybe we didn't even rank... (0:21:28.83)
Noir Stalgia : W-We should be okay. (0:21:30.43)
Noir Stalgia : I mean, Master said... (0:21:33.28)
Noir Stalgia : It wouldn't be weird if I brought
this to the exam, right?
Olivia Servant : Nah. (0:21:39.52)
Olivia Servant : It's better than bringing a golden slime,
which doesn't exist on this continent.
Olivia Servant : They're grunts anyway, so you'll be fine. (0:21:43.98)
Noir Stalgia : B-But... if he doesn't call us... (0:21:46.42)
EXTRA : And in first place... (0:21:52.12)
EXTRA : Team Lenore with 128,000 points! (0:21:56.83)
Emma Brightness : O-One hundred and twenty... (0:22:01.07)
Noir Stalgia : ...eight thousand... (0:22:03.63)
EXTRA : They had the skull of the extremely
diabolical Dead Reaper among their materials.
EXTRA : This means they pass and
rewrite history with that score.
Noir Stalgia : Wh-What were you saying
about this being a grunt, Master?
Olivia Servant : Whoops, my bad. (0:22:16.39)
Olivia Servant : A Dead Reaper is nothing to me, (0:22:19.29)
Olivia Servant : but I guess a student hunting
them would be a miracle.
Olivia Servant : Well, whatever. (0:22:25.70)
Noir Stalgia : And so, I safely passed the exam
for the Hero Academy.
Noir Stalgia : My family was ecstatic, and this
brightened everyone's moods.
Noir Stalgia : That is, until we saw the enrollment fee. (0:22:37.84)
Noir Stalgia : Three hundred thousand rels? (0:22:40.92)
Noir Stalgia : How am I supposed to get that kind of money? (0:22:43.16)
Noir Stalgia : Next time, "The Guild and the Receptionist." (0:24:17.71)

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