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Rudeus Greyrat : Congratulations, Mother. (0:00:07.87)
Zenith Greyrat : Thank you, Rudy. (0:00:10.33)
Zenith Greyrat : Now you won't have to feel lonely anymore. (0:00:12.00)
Paul Greyrat : Way to go, Zenith! (0:00:15.70)
Zenith Greyrat : Dear! (0:00:17.16)
EXTRA : Our family is growing. Way to go, Rudy! (0:00:20.04)
EXTRA : Zenith has been worrying that
she couldn't have a second child.
EXTRA : So, the Greyrat family was
overjoyed at her pregnancy.
Lilia Greyrat : My humble apologies. I am pregnant. (0:00:33.87)
EXTRA : "Who's the father?" (0:00:41.41)
EXTRA : No one could bring themselves to ask. (0:00:43.37)
EXTRA : Everyone realized instantly. (0:00:46.25)
Paul Greyrat : S-Sorry! I-It's probably mine. (0:00:49.45)
EXTRA : Pathetic. (0:00:53.70)
EXTRA : No, as an honest man,
maybe I should compliment him.
EXTRA : Maybe he couldn't bring himself to lie
because he's always lecturing me.
EXTRA : Oh, well. I don't hate that side of him. (0:01:04.12)
EXTRA : This is the worst possible situation, though. (0:01:10.20)
EXTRA : "Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation" (0:02:37.66)
Zenith Greyrat : So... (0:02:43.62)
Zenith Greyrat : what will you do? (0:02:45.37)
Lilia Greyrat : After assisting you with childbirth,
My Lady, I plan to take my leave.
Zenith Greyrat : And the child? (0:02:52.54)
Lilia Greyrat : I hope to raise it in my hometown. (0:02:54.16)
Zenith Greyrat : That's a month's ride south, isn't it? (0:02:57.70)
Lilia Greyrat : It is. (0:03:00.50)
Zenith Greyrat : You'll be worn out from childbirth.
The long journey will be too much for you.
Lilia Greyrat : Possibly, but I have nowhere else to turn. (0:03:10.37)
Paul Greyrat : Umm, Zenith, isn't that-- (0:03:15.41)
Zenith Greyrat : You be quiet! (0:03:17.25)
EXTRA : A whole month. A newborn child
and its mother traveling alone.
EXTRA : I don't know how safe it is outside the village, (0:03:25.62)
EXTRA : but I doubt they'd make it in one piece. (0:03:28.33)
EXTRA : Zenith is right. If Lilia collapses,
the baby will die with her.
EXTRA : And even if Lilia is strong enough,
what about the child?
EXTRA : Can a newborn baby survive a one-month journey? (0:03:40.70)
EXTRA : Not a chance. (0:03:45.58)
EXTRA : I can picture Lilia collapsing in
the snow with her baby clear as day.
EXTRA : Zenith seems conflicted, too. (0:03:55.75)
EXTRA : Lilia may be a maid, but we've
lived together happily all this time.
EXTRA : I don't want Lilia to die like that either. (0:04:02.33)
EXTRA : When I'm sweaty, she brings a towel. (0:04:06.20)
EXTRA : When I get rained on, she draws a hot bath. (0:04:08.95)
EXTRA : On cold nights, she lays out blankets for me. (0:04:11.95)
EXTRA : When I leave books out, she tidies them up. (0:04:14.75)
EXTRA : And most importantly, (0:04:17.87)
EXTRA : she knows about the holy relic
but doesn't tell anyone.
EXTRA : It's time I repaid the favor. (0:04:29.37)
Rudeus Greyrat : Mother, I'm going to have two
little brothers or sisters at once.
Rudeus Greyrat : So, why is everyone so gloomy? (0:04:38.83)
Zenith Greyrat : Because your father and Lilia did something bad. (0:04:41.91)
Rudeus Greyrat : I see. (0:04:45.04)
Rudeus Greyrat : But can Lilia say no to Father? (0:04:46.70)
Zenith Greyrat : What do you mean? (0:04:51.45)
Rudeus Greyrat : Father has a hold over Lilia. (0:04:53.00)
Zenith Greyrat : --What?! (0:04:55.95)
Paul Greyrat : --Huh?!
Rudeus Greyrat : The other night, when I passed Lilia's
room on my way to the bathroom,
Rudeus Greyrat : Father was saying, "Spread your legs
if you don't want it to get out."
Paul Greyrat : Rudy! What the hell are you-- (0:05:07.29)
Zenith Greyrat : You be quiet! (0:05:08.83)
Paul Greyrat : B-But... (0:05:10.45)
Zenith Greyrat : Lilia, is that true? (0:05:12.41)
Lilia Greyrat : No, absolutely not. (0:05:14.91)
Zenith Greyrat : Oh, I see. (0:05:17.91)
Zenith Greyrat : You can't openly admit it, of course. (0:05:19.33)
Paul Greyrat : No, I really didn't say anything like... (0:05:21.29)
EXTRA : Paul helped me out with Sylphie,
but he dug his own grave this time.
EXTRA : Sorry. I'll repay you for that next time. (0:05:29.83)
Rudeus Greyrat : Mother, I don't think Lilia did anything wrong. (0:05:32.83)
Rudeus Greyrat : It's all Father's fault. (0:05:35.62)
Zenith Greyrat : I suppose. (0:05:38.87)
Rudeus Greyrat : It's not right for Lilia to suffer
for something Father did wrong.
Zenith Greyrat : I suppose. (0:05:45.75)
Rudeus Greyrat : I have fun playing with Sylphie every day. (0:05:48.00)
Rudeus Greyrat : Wouldn't it be nice for the
new baby to have a friend, too?
Zenith Greyrat : I suppose. (0:05:57.95)
Rudeus Greyrat : Besides, Mother, they'd both
be my brothers or sisters.
Rudeus Greyrat : Mother, (0:06:10.70)
Rudeus Greyrat : I don't want to say goodbye to Lilia yet. (0:06:12.75)
Zenith Greyrat : All right, fine. (0:06:21.58)
Zenith Greyrat : I can't beat you, Rudy. (0:06:23.45)
EXTRA : You don't make it easy, Maman . (0:06:25.95)
Zenith Greyrat : Lilia, (0:06:28.75)
Zenith Greyrat : stay here with us. (0:06:29.79)
Zenith Greyrat : You're family now!
I won't let you go off on your own.
EXTRA : Okay, it should work out fine now. (0:06:37.25)
EXTRA : Now it's up to Paul's efforts. (0:06:39.83)
EXTRA : Man, he's such a handful. (0:06:42.12)
EXTRA : This is your last chance, señor ​. (0:06:44.20)
Zenith Greyrat : Dear, (0:06:47.29)
Zenith Greyrat : we're going to have a nice,
long talk about this later.
Rudeus Greyrat : F-Father! Please stop taking it out on me! (0:07:10.50)
Lilia Greyrat : Why was I saved? (0:07:15.79)
Lilia Greyrat : The pregnancy is my fault. (0:07:18.87)
Lilia Greyrat : It was me who seduced Paul. (0:07:21.37)
Zenith Greyrat : Oh! Dear! (0:07:24.16)
Lilia Greyrat : Hearing them moaning every single
night gives even a maid pent-up urges.
Lilia Greyrat : I'm honestly amazed I held out this long. (0:07:36.16)
Lilia Greyrat : I deserved to be punished. (0:08:07.66)
Lilia Greyrat : Punished for giving into
desire and betraying Zenith.
Lilia Greyrat : But I was forgiven. Rudeus forgave me. (0:08:14.12)
Lilia Greyrat : That child understood exactly what happened (0:08:18.58)
Lilia Greyrat : and guided the conversation
smoothly to a compromise.
Lilia Greyrat : I've avoided him until now. (0:08:27.83)
Lilia Greyrat : I've been frightened. Frightened of Rudeus. (0:08:30.16)
Lilia Greyrat : A baby who stared at
my chest with a repulsive grin.
Lilia Greyrat : He was unnerving. I thought
he might be possessed by a devil.
Lilia Greyrat : No, I'll stop all that now. (0:08:43.54)
Lilia Greyrat : He saved my life. I have to
spend my life repaying him.
Lilia Greyrat : If the child I'm carrying
is born and grows up safely,
Lilia Greyrat : I will have it serve Rudeus--Lord Rudeus. (0:08:56.20)
Paul Greyrat : Norn, Aisha, daddy's here! (0:09:05.45)
Paul Greyrat : Now daddy's gone! (0:09:11.33)
EXTRA : Every single day. Don't you have
anything better to do, Paul?
Paul Greyrat : Huh? (0:09:21.70)
Zenith Greyrat : Oh dear. (0:09:22.58)
Zenith Greyrat : It's hard raising children. (0:09:26.08)
Lilia Greyrat : This is it! This is how
parenting is supposed to be!
Lilia Greyrat : You had it too easy with Young Master Rudeus! (0:09:30.91)
Zenith Greyrat : There, there. (0:09:33.41)
Zenith Greyrat : Dear, would you go draw some water? (0:09:35.04)
Zenith Greyrat : Oh, and would you go buy some
more candles while you're at it?
Paul Greyrat : S-Sure. (0:09:42.12)
Rudeus Greyrat : Sylphie, I've decided I want to be
a cool big brother who's looked up to.
Sylphiette : Huh? (0:09:50.50)
EXTRA : Since that day, Lilia's gradually
started talking to me.
EXTRA : Surprisingly, when they were younger, (0:09:58.29)
EXTRA : Lilia and Paul studied swordsmanship together. (0:10:00.37)
EXTRA : Back then, Paul had talent but
hated practice and goofed off.
EXTRA : In the end, he assaulted Lilia when
she was sleeping and deflowered her.
EXTRA : Then, he fled the training hall. (0:10:13.29)
EXTRA : What a good-for-nothing. (0:10:15.41)
Paul Greyrat : Rudy! (0:10:16.95)
Paul Greyrat : It's time for practice! (0:10:18.70)
Paul Greyrat : You'll be Elementary forever
if you keep moving like that.
EXTRA : Putting it mildly, Paul is scum. (0:10:28.75)
EXTRA : But despite all his faults, I respect this man. (0:10:31.62)
EXTRA : Why? Because he's strong. (0:10:35.45)
EXTRA : There are three sword styles: (0:10:39.54)
EXTRA : Sword God Style, Water God Style,
and North God Style.
EXTRA : Paul is ranked Advanced in all three. (0:10:45.20)
Paul Greyrat : Hey, now! That's cheating! (0:10:52.75)
Paul Greyrat : Hah! You might have a little talent for magic, (0:10:56.45)
Paul Greyrat : but not for swordplay. (0:11:00.66)
Paul Greyrat : What are you staring at me for? (0:11:03.75)
Paul Greyrat : You want to become a cool man like your dad? (0:11:06.12)
Rudeus Greyrat : Is it cool to cheat on your wife
and almost wreck your family?
Rudeus Greyrat : Well, if you've learned your lesson,
please limit yourself to Mother.
Paul Greyrat : L-Lilia's fine, right? (0:11:19.83)
Rudeus Greyrat : Mother might go back to her
parents' house without a word next time.
Paul Greyrat : You're a man. You get it, right? (0:11:27.75)
Rudeus Greyrat : What is a seven-year-old supposed to "get"? (0:11:29.91)
Paul Greyrat : Come on, you're all over little Sylphie. (0:11:33.12)
Paul Greyrat : That girl will be a beauty someday. (0:11:36.54)
Rudeus Greyrat : I'm sure she will, although
I think she's plenty cute as she is.
Paul Greyrat : See? You do get it. (0:11:43.33)
Rudeus Greyrat : I guess so. (0:11:45.16)
EXTRA : Paul is scum, but I can't deny
that we speak the same language.
EXTRA : Mentally, I'm a 40-something bum:
as scummy as it gets.
Paul Greyrat : Oh, yeah, Rudy, about school... (0:11:56.04)
Paul Greyrat : Never mind. You won't need it. (0:12:00.75)
Paul Greyrat : Resume. (0:12:03.29)
Rudeus Greyrat : School... (0:12:04.95)
Paul Greyrat : Huh? Yeah. (0:12:06.00)
Paul Greyrat : Kids normally start going at around your age. (0:12:07.70)
Rudeus Greyrat : I know that. (0:12:11.91)
Paul Greyrat : Do you need it? You can already
read, write, and do arithmetic.
Rudeus Greyrat : Well, yes. (0:12:17.50)
Rudeus Greyrat : Still, school, huh? (0:12:21.08)
Paul Greyrat : Are you interested? (0:12:23.75)
Paul Greyrat : Hah! Forget about it! (0:12:25.54)
Paul Greyrat : It's full of spoiled rich kids. (0:12:28.04)
Paul Greyrat : A kid like you would get bullied for sure. (0:12:30.70)
Paul Greyrat : Besides, the girls in those places
never exercised a day in their lives.
Paul Greyrat : Once you get them out of their
clothes and into bed, they're a mess.
Paul Greyrat : I've gotten fooled too many times. (0:12:46.75)
Rudeus Greyrat : Really? That's a shame. (0:12:49.79)
Rudeus Greyrat : I hoped there might be cute girls. (0:12:52.37)
Paul Greyrat : Oh, are you getting interested in women? (0:12:54.70)
Paul Greyrat : But you're better off
picking just one ass to chase.
Rudeus Greyrat : All right. (0:13:04.00)
EXTRA : Sylphie has talent. (0:13:13.45)
EXTRA : She might surpass me before much longer. (0:13:16.20)
EXTRA : School, huh? (0:13:20.08)
Sylphiette : What should we do today, Rudy? (0:13:22.12)
Sylphiette : Rudy? (0:13:26.12)
Rudeus Greyrat : Oh, sorry. What? (0:13:27.08)
Sylphiette : You've been weird again lately, Rudy. (0:13:28.91)
Rudeus Greyrat : They say I've been weird since I was born. (0:13:31.58)
Sylphiette : That's not what I mean. You seem kind of down. (0:13:34.66)
Rudeus Greyrat : I've been stuck lately. I'm not making
progress with swords or magic.
Sylphiette : But you're amazing, Rudy. (0:13:43.33)
Rudeus Greyrat : Maybe for my age. (0:13:45.83)
Sylphiette : Are you going to leave? (0:13:50.33)
Rudeus Greyrat : Maybe. There might not be
much I can do in this village.
Rudeus Greyrat : S-Sylphiette? (0:14:02.62)
Sylphiette : No, don't! (0:14:05.20)
Sylphiette : D-Don't! Don't go anywhere. (0:14:07.95)
Rudeus Greyrat : All right. I understand. (0:14:16.16)
Rudeus Greyrat : I won't go anywhere. (0:14:18.91)
EXTRA : Why would I go away and
leave a girl like her behind?
EXTRA : To improve my magic? (0:14:24.50)
EXTRA : What do I need to do more of that for? (0:14:27.12)
EXTRA : I'd rather spend my time
peacefully with Sylphie in this village.
EXTRA : Yeah, that's just what I'll do. (0:14:33.66)
EXTRA : We'll grow up together, and I'll gradually
raise her to be my ideal woman.
Rudeus Greyrat : Sylphie! (0:14:42.16)
Paul Greyrat : Hey, Rudy! (0:14:43.75)
Rudeus Greyrat : If you don't want anything, please leave! (0:14:47.00)
Paul Greyrat : --You've got a letter.
Rudeus Greyrat : A letter? (0:14:52.29)
Roxy Migurdia : Dear Rudeus, (0:14:54.29)
Roxy Migurdia : how have you been? (0:14:56.25)
Roxy Migurdia : It's been two years since
we parted ways. How time flies.
Roxy Migurdia : I am currently staying in the Shirone Kingdom. (0:15:02.87)
Roxy Migurdia : I've been hired as the seventh prince's tutor. (0:15:06.79)
Roxy Migurdia : His Highness is a lot like you. (0:15:10.37)
Roxy Migurdia : He learns magic quickly, although
not as quickly as you, and he's clever.
Roxy Migurdia : He also spies on me when I'm changing
and steals my panties just like you.
Roxy Migurdia : They do say great men have great lusts. (0:15:24.41)
EXTRA : Got you! (0:15:27.45)
Roxy Migurdia : Oh, yes, I finally succeeded in
mastering King-Class water magic.
Roxy Migurdia : I thought I'd reached my limit,
but I just needed to try harder.
Roxy Migurdia : --I suppose you may have mastered
Emperor-Class magic by now.
EXTRA : --What are you doing? This is lèse-majesté!
--I suppose you may have mastered
Emperor-Class magic by now.
EXTRA : --You'll pay for this! Let me touch your butt!
--I suppose you may have mastered
Emperor-Class magic by now.
EXTRA : --You'll pay for this! Let me touch your butt!
--I'm excited, and a little
scared, to see you again.
EXTRA : --Come on, let me rub it!
--I'm excited, and a little
scared, to see you again.
EXTRA : --I'll do it if you don't say anything!
--I'm excited, and a little
scared, to see you again.
EXTRA : --I'll do it if you don't say anything!
--I'll work hard to keep up with you.
Roxy Migurdia : I doubt I need to worry,
but if you're struggling with magic,
Roxy Migurdia : please seek admission to Ranoa Magic
University, which I told you about.
Roxy Migurdia : Goodbye. I'll write to you again. (0:16:04.37)
Roxy Migurdia : Roxy. (0:16:07.08)
Rudeus Greyrat : Master... (0:16:08.83)
Paul Greyrat : Wow, Roxy finally made it to
Water King Class. I'm impressed.
Rudeus Greyrat : Is it that impressive? (0:16:15.20)
Paul Greyrat : It sure is. (0:16:16.66)
Paul Greyrat : You could count all the King-Class mages
in the world on one hand, I'll bet.
Paul Greyrat : By the way... (0:16:25.33)
Paul Greyrat : you stole Roxy's panties? (0:16:27.20)
EXTRA : Crap! (0:16:29.37)
EXTRA : That brought home just
how pathetic my situation is.
EXTRA : Damn it. I don't want to disappoint Roxy. (0:16:35.95)
EXTRA : Ranoa Magic University, huh? (0:16:41.37)
Rudeus Greyrat : Father, (0:16:51.87)
Rudeus Greyrat : may I make an unreasonable request? (0:16:53.33)
Paul Greyrat : No. (0:16:55.70)
Zenith Greyrat : Ask for anything, Rudy. (0:16:57.45)
Zenith Greyrat : Your father will manage it somehow. (0:16:59.25)
Lilia Greyrat : This is a test of your dignity
and resourcefulness, My Lord.
Paul Greyrat : Rudy even put a disclaimer on it. (0:17:05.33)
Paul Greyrat : It's definitely more than I can mana-- (0:17:07.54)
Rudeus Greyrat : You see, I haven't been improving lately. (0:17:10.54)
Rudeus Greyrat : So, I want to enroll in Ranoa Magic University. (0:17:13.79)
Paul Greyrat : Oh? (0:17:17.91)
Rudeus Greyrat : But when Sylphie caught wind of that,
she cried that she didn't want me to go.
Paul Greyrat : You little charmer.
I wonder who you get that from.
Rudeus Greyrat : I was hoping we could both enroll together, (0:17:26.95)
Rudeus Greyrat : but her family isn't as well-off as ours. (0:17:29.75)
Rudeus Greyrat : So, I was hoping you could
pay tuition for both of us.
Rudeus Greyrat : Please. (0:17:37.91)
Paul Greyrat : You want to go to Ranoa together? (0:17:39.04)
Paul Greyrat : No. (0:17:43.12)
Paul Greyrat : There are several reasons. (0:17:47.37)
Paul Greyrat : First, you're learning the sword. (0:17:49.50)
Paul Greyrat : As your teacher, I can't let you go now. (0:17:51.91)
Paul Greyrat : Also, you're smart but still young. (0:17:55.62)
Paul Greyrat : I can't neglect my parental responsibilities. (0:17:58.62)
Paul Greyrat : Then, there's the money. (0:18:01.91)
Paul Greyrat : Just you would be one thing,
but we can't pay for Sylphie, too.
Paul Greyrat : Our money doesn't grow on trees either. (0:18:07.79)
Rudeus Greyrat : I see. I understand. (0:18:11.33)
Rudeus Greyrat : May I ask for one thing, then? (0:18:14.70)
Paul Greyrat : Sure. (0:18:16.66)
Rudeus Greyrat : Please find me a job. As well-paid as possible. (0:18:17.83)
Paul Greyrat : A job? What for? (0:18:21.83)
Rudeus Greyrat : By the time you decide I'm ready to leave home, (0:18:24.62)
Rudeus Greyrat : I'll earn Sylphie's tuition myself. (0:18:27.25)
Paul Greyrat : That won't be the best thing for Sylphie. (0:18:30.08)
Rudeus Greyrat : Yes, but I think it will be for me. (0:18:32.79)
Paul Greyrat : Fine. If that's how it is,
I'll see what I can do.
Rudeus Greyrat : Thank you very much! (0:18:48.75)
Paul Greyrat : Oh? (0:19:07.16)
Paul Greyrat : Hey. Long time no see, Ghislaine. (0:19:17.45)
Ghislaine Dedoldia : Yeah. (0:19:26.79)
EXTRA : A-A beast person! (0:19:29.79)
Zenith Greyrat : Ghislaine! (0:19:32.62)
Zenith Greyrat : It's been ages. Have you been well? (0:19:34.87)
Ghislaine Dedoldia : Yeah. (0:19:37.33)
Ghislaine Dedoldia : That your kid? (0:19:38.54)
Zenith Greyrat : Yes, this is Norn. (0:19:40.00)
Ghislaine Dedoldia : Good thing she doesn't take after Paul. (0:19:42.75)
Paul Greyrat : Since you're here, I guess that
means everything's good to go?
Ghislaine Dedoldia : Yeah. (0:19:50.20)
Zenith Greyrat : Take care of our Rudeus. (0:19:51.41)
Ghislaine Dedoldia : Sure. (0:19:53.62)
Lilia Greyrat : Young Master Rudeus. (0:19:55.79)
Lilia Greyrat : We'll miss you. (0:19:58.37)
Zenith Greyrat : Take care. (0:20:01.29)
Zenith Greyrat : We'll be looking forward to your return. (0:20:02.45)
Rudeus Greyrat : Hang on, what are you-- (0:20:06.04)
Paul Greyrat : Hey, Rudy. (0:20:07.58)
Rudeus Greyrat : Yes? What is it? (0:20:09.70)
Paul Greyrat : If I told you to stay away from
Sylphie, how would you feel?
Rudeus Greyrat : Huh? I wouldn't want to, obviously. (0:20:16.91)
Paul Greyrat : I figured. (0:20:20.25)
Rudeus Greyrat : What's going on? (0:20:21.58)
Paul Greyrat : Oh, nothing. (0:20:24.08)
Paul Greyrat : If I tried to explain,
you'd just argue your way out.
Rudeus Greyrat : Whoa! (0:20:32.87)
Paul Greyrat : Water God Style! (0:21:09.91)
EXTRA : I'm glad it's a wooden sword. (0:21:14.41)
Rudeus Greyrat : Ow. (0:21:32.29)
Rudeus Greyrat : What the hell, Paul? (0:21:33.58)
EXTRA : What happened? (0:21:41.54)
Rudeus Greyrat : Hello. My name is Rudeus Greyrat. (0:21:43.54)
Ghislaine Dedoldia : You're awfully polite for Paul's son. (0:21:47.70)
Rudeus Greyrat : Am I? (0:21:52.08)
Ghislaine Dedoldia : I'm Ghislaine. Starting tomorrow,
we work together.
Rudeus Greyrat : Nice to meet you. (0:21:58.08)
Rudeus Greyrat : It will be my pleasure. (0:22:00.29)
EXTRA : "Episode 4:"
"Emergency Family Meeting"
EXTRA : "Next time:" (0:23:42.00)
EXTRA : "Next time:"
"A Young Lady and Violence"

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