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Yohmei Asakura : It's coming! (0:00:13.23)
Kino Asakura : It seems our only choice is to kill him... (0:00:14.33)
Kino Asakura : However, if that baby were twins, then... (0:00:17.65)
Yohmei Asakura : What did you say?! (0:00:23.02)
Kino Asakura : Identical twins. (0:00:24.81)
Kino Asakura : If so, we wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. (0:00:27.02)
Yohmei Asakura : I don't care! (0:00:34.97)
Yohmei Asakura : I'll kill both of them if I have to! (0:00:35.79)
Yohmei Asakura : His ambition to this world will be thwarted as long as the Asakura exist! (0:00:45.37)
Yohmei Asakura : Shikigami, take that child's life! (0:00:51.27)
Yohmei Asakura : Forgive me, my grandson. (0:00:57.63)
Zeke Asakura : How small. (0:01:01.47)
Yohmei Asakura : What..! (0:01:04.32)
Yohmei Asakura : Impossible! (0:01:07.22)
Yohmei Asakura : He reincarnated with a Guardian Spirit?! (0:01:08.34)
Yohmei Asakura : There's no doubt about it... (0:01:12.29)
Yohmei Asakura : This child is... (0:01:13.47)
Mikihisa Asakura : Father, watch out! (0:01:15.29)
Mikihisa Asakura : Karalin-Chou Karalin-sowaka! (0:01:18.50)
Mikihisa Asakura : Gohou Mountain Gods! (0:01:20.77)
Mikihisa Asakura : They're gone! (0:01:26.12)
Zeke Asakura : Hahaha... With something like that you won't be able to catch me. (0:01:28.55)
Mikihisa Asakura : When did you..? (0:01:34.04)
Keiko Asakura : This is... A thousand years ago... (0:01:35.66)
Keiko Asakura : ...he suddenly disappeared, the great Onmyouji. (0:01:37.95)
Keiko Asakura : Asakura Hao! (0:01:42.17)
Zeke Asakura : Thanks for your hard work in giving birth, Keiko. (0:01:44.44)
Keiko Asakura : What did you say?! (0:01:48.24)
Kino Asakura : Stay calm! (0:01:49.21)
Kino Asakura : You still have another baby in you. (0:01:50.36)
Zeke Asakura : I can rest assured knowing that my other half will eventually choose the path to become the king. (0:01:55.37)
Zeke Asakura : Well, even if that should be the case... (0:02:00.16)
Zeke Asakura : I shall regain the other half of my body, (0:02:02.17)
Zeke Asakura : And gain even greater power. (0:02:04.69)
Yohmei Asakura : One can't escape the fate. (0:02:10.18)
Yohmei Asakura : It will be a heavy burden for him to bear, but... (0:02:13.32)
Yohmei Asakura : Yet, there's no other choice but to face it. (0:02:16.19)
Yohmei Asakura : This child is our only hope! (0:02:18.58)
Morty Oyamada : Cram school lasted so long, it's so late already! (0:04:14.98)
Morty Oyamada : If I recall correctly, there's a shortcut through here... (0:04:19.43)
Morty Oyamada : I have a bad feeling about it though. (0:04:23.35)
Yoh Asakura : Why are you in such a hurry? (0:04:27.19)
Morty Oyamada : Eh? (0:04:29.75)
Morty Oyamada : What does this guy want? (0:04:31.82)
Morty Oyamada : What is he doing here all alone this late? (0:04:33.55)
Morty Oyamada : C-Could he be a ghost?! (0:04:38.93)
Yoh Asakura : Wait a moment... (0:04:41.54)
Yoh Asakura : There's such a nice view of the stars tonight. (0:04:44.58)
Yoh Asakura : It would be a waste not to come here and have a look. (0:04:47.54)
Yoh Asakura : Let's look at them with everyone else. (0:04:50.11)
Morty Oyamada : Stars? (0:04:52.25)
Morty Oyamada : What's the point in looking at them? (0:04:53.27)
Morty Oyamada : Moreover, what did you mean earlier by "everyone"?
There's just two of us...
Yoh Asakura : No, there's everyone... (0:05:01.10)
Yoh Asakura : From this graveyard! (0:05:03.89)
Yoh Asakura : Hey, don't be so shocked, they're all friends of mine! (0:05:07.31)
Yoh Asakura : Even if they're just a bunch of idiots who got stuck here forever. (0:05:11.79)
Yoh Asakura : Huh? What happened? (0:05:16.51)
Morty Oyamada : I'm telling you the truth, I saw them! (0:05:39.84)
Morty Oyamada : There were a bunch of ghosts in the cemetery! (0:05:42.41)
EXTRA : As if something like that really exists. (0:05:44.89)
EXTRA : You were probably just seeing things. (0:05:46.91)
EXTRA : Too much studying must have tired you, right? (0:05:49.19)
EXTRA : But ya know, like… dead tired . (0:05:52.61)
Morty Oyamada : There is nothing to laugh at! (0:05:56.11)
EXTRA : The class is starting, please take your seats. (0:06:00.07)
EXTRA : On that note, (0:06:03.24)
Morty Oyamada : What was that I saw yesterday? (0:06:05.04)
Morty Oyamada : Did I just dream it? (0:06:08.27)
EXTRA : Due to family circumstances, he came here from Izumo. (0:06:12.31)
EXTRA : Huh? What's wrong, Oyamada? Why are you making that weird face? (0:06:17.47)
Morty Oyamada : This is the guy I was talking about!
The one talking to ghosts from last night!
Yoh Asakura : There's no such thing as ghosts. (0:06:25.10)
Yoh Asakura : Besides, who are you? (0:06:27.87)
Morty Oyamada : What?! (0:06:29.56)
Morty Oyamada : Damn it! (0:06:32.08)
Morty Oyamada : At this rate I won't even be able to study. (0:06:33.46)
Morty Oyamada : I'm going to reveal his true identity! (0:06:36.25)
Morty Oyamada : How much longer is he going to stand there doing nothing? (0:06:48.01)
Yoh Asakura : It sure feels good being one with the nature! (0:06:52.70)
Morty Oyamada : What the hell?! (0:06:56.81)
Yoh Asakura : Huh? (0:06:58.81)
Yoh Asakura : Hahaha, that's wasn't very nice of you. (0:07:00.12)
Morty Oyamada : Huh? You're not mad? (0:07:03.89)
Yoh Asakura : For what? (0:07:05.99)
Yoh Asakura : I pretended I didn't know you, so you followed me, right? (0:07:07.07)
Morty Oyamada : S-So then, last night... (0:07:09.87)
Yoh Asakura : You know, that would've been bothersome. (0:07:11.83)
Yoh Asakura : If my secret came out at school, (0:07:15.37)
Yoh Asakura : It would've turned into a big fuss. (0:07:17.21)
Morty Oyamada : Y-Your secret..? (0:07:19.86)
Yoh Asakura : The truth is that I transferred here for training as a Shaman. (0:07:21.95)
Morty Oyamada : Sh-Shaman? (0:07:26.74)
Yoh Asakura : A Shaman binds this world with the next. (0:07:28.79)
Yoh Asakura : If you're ever in trouble, feel free to call me for help. (0:07:32.75)
Yoh Asakura : I can be pretty powerful. (0:07:35.52)
Yoh Asakura : By the way, do you know who Amidamaru is? (0:07:38.84)
Morty Oyamada : Of course, he's the most popular samurai legend in this town. (0:07:41.97)
Morty Oyamada : There's an exhibit of him at the museum. (0:07:46.74)
Yoh Asakura : Thanks! (0:07:51.39)
Morty Oyamada : I don't get it at all... (0:07:55.90)
Morty Oyamada : So who is that guy after all? (0:07:57.23)
Morty Oyamada : Shaman? The bind between this world and the next? (0:07:59.96)
Morty Oyamada : What the heck is that supposed to mean? (0:08:03.05)
Morty Oyamada : There's an entry on them in the dictionary?! (0:08:04.61)
Morty Oyamada : Let's see... (0:08:06.82)
Morty Oyamada : “Shamans. People who put
themselves into trance-like state.”
Morty Oyamada : “They directly interact with such
beings as gods, spirits and ghosts.”
Morty Oyamada : “By borrowing their powers,” (0:08:17.17)
Morty Oyamada : “Shamans can heal sicknesses, engage in politics,” (0:08:20.02)
Morty Oyamada : “Convey the words of the dead, summon, and perform other spiritual actions.” (0:08:22.19)
Morty Oyamada : “In ancient times, these figures were the center of human societies.” (0:08:27.92)
Morty Oyamada : “Even in modern times, many shaman exist all across the world.” (0:08:31.45)
Morty Oyamada : Sounds like a bunch of lies... (0:08:38.90)
Yoh Asakura : So, do you have any regrets? (0:08:46.70)
Mosuke : I got my best friend killed. (0:08:50.99)
Yoh Asakura : Is that so? (0:08:54.71)
Yoh Asakura : So, what's your name? (0:08:55.92)
Mosuke : I am the swordsmith Mosuke! (0:08:57.62)
Mosuke : Now that I think about it,
aren't you freaked out by me?!
Mosuke : Who the hell are you!? (0:09:02.40)
Yoh Asakura : Hehe, it's a bit complicated. (0:09:03.71)
Yoh Asakura : About the friend you got killed… (0:09:06.51)
Yoh Asakura : Would you mind telling me about him? (0:09:09.61)
Mosuke : Eh? (0:09:11.86)
Morty Oyamada : Geez! I don't care about being a Shaman or not... (0:09:13.60)
Morty Oyamada : What a carefree moron. (0:09:16.52)
Morty Oyamada : He doesn't study, he listens music all day, (0:09:17.94)
Morty Oyamada : Spacing out just looking at stars and the river... (0:09:21.87)
Morty Oyamada : You know, I'd like to do these things too... (0:09:30.49)
Morty Oyamada : Stars, huh... (0:09:33.54)
Morty Oyamada : I wonder if he's going to be there again today. (0:09:35.59)
EXTRA : But man, you really did a good job finding a place like this! (0:09:41.46)
EXTRA : No one's going to to come around here. (0:09:45.26)
EXTRA : It's near the convenience store and nobody will complain if we're doing lots of noise! (0:09:47.61)
EXTRA : We can do whatever we want! (0:09:50.85)
EXTRA : But you know, I heard there's a brat who's hanging around here recently. (0:09:53.35)
EXTRA : Are you serious? (0:09:58.43)
EXTRA : If Ryuu-san finds out, then... (0:10:00.04)
Wooden Sword Rio : You're saying there's some brat coming into our best place without my permission? (0:10:03.61)
Wooden Sword Rio : It looks like we need to teach that kid the fear of Wooden Sword Ryuu. (0:10:09.42)
EXTRA : Ryuu! We didn't see you there! (0:10:16.58)
Wooden Sword Rio : Yeah, I just got here. (0:10:19.27)
EXTRA : W-Well, Ryuu-san… (0:10:21.53)
Wooden Sword Rio : What's up, Ball Boy? (0:10:23.95)
EXTRA : T-That tombstone you're stepping on... Is the burial mound for Amidamaru... (0:10:25.90)
Wooden Sword Rio : Huh? Amidamaru? The hell is that? (0:10:29.76)
EXTRA : You don't know?! (0:10:32.74)
EXTRA : A ferocious samurai from 600 years ago... (0:10:34.64)
EXTRA : People feared him so much for his strength and killing that they had to execute him. (0:10:37.07)
EXTRA : We could get cursed just by stamping on that… (0:10:42.40)
Wooden Sword Rio : So what? (0:10:45.86)
EXTRA : Eh? (0:10:47.63)
EXTRA : He destroyed the whole tombstone!! (0:10:50.30)
Wooden Sword Rio : Curse? Burial ground? I call bullshit! (0:10:52.41)
Wooden Sword Rio : If there are any spirits around, come on at me in full force! (0:10:57.54)
Wooden Sword Rio : If you're really that pissed off, that is! (0:11:00.35)
Morty Oyamada : What's with this guy... (0:11:01.91)
Wooden Sword Rio : The hell are you doing there? (0:11:09.13)
Morty Oyamada : Ah, no, I'm just… (0:11:10.40)
Wooden Sword Rio : I see! (0:11:12.36)
Wooden Sword Rio : So you're that brat they were talking about. (0:11:13.72)
Morty Oyamada : It's not me though... (0:11:18.27)
EXTRA : What's with your face, Manta? (0:11:23.69)
EXTRA : We told you to stay away from that graveyard, didn't we? (0:11:27.36)
EXTRA : So what the hell happened? (0:11:30.44)
EXTRA : Going on about ghosts and stuff all of a sudden! (0:11:32.34)
EXTRA : Now look at you! (0:11:34.97)
Yoh Asakura : Ghosts do exist. (0:11:37.95)
EXTRA : Transfer student... (0:11:40.44)
Yoh Asakura : I heard what happened from my graveyard friends (0:11:41.83)
Morty Oyamada : What "graveyard friends" are you talking about? (0:11:45.25)
Morty Oyamada : Just leave us alone, would you? (0:11:47.52)
Yoh Asakura : Your name is Manta, right? (0:11:50.05)
Yoh Asakura : Alright, time for us to get some payback, Manta. (0:11:54.43)
Morty Oyamada : Wait a second! (0:11:56.82)
Morty Oyamada : No one even asked you for your help! (0:11:58.72)
Morty Oyamada : What makes you think this is any of your business anyway?! (0:12:00.95)
Yoh Asakura : It's only natural to help your friends, right? (0:12:04.53)
Yoh Asakura : My grandpa used to tell it me all the time. (0:12:08.19)
Yoh Asakura : Anyone who can see spirits on their own can't be a bad person. (0:12:09.90)
Yoh Asakura : That's why I told you my secret that night. (0:12:14.14)
Yoh Asakura : Because we're friends. (0:12:19.39)
Yoh Asakura : Sound good? (0:12:20.80)
Morty Oyamada : That doesn't sound good! (0:12:21.72)
Morty Oyamada : That doesn't sound good at all! (0:12:23.01)
Morty Oyamada : Who would become friends with a slack like you! (0:12:24.52)
Morty Oyamada : You know how terrifying those guys are right?! (0:12:27.77)
Morty Oyamada : Wooden Sword Ryuu is a dangerous guy! Only an idiot would pick a fight with him! (0:12:30.84)
Morty Oyamada : You can't win against him with your small body! (0:12:35.47)
Yoh Asakura : Well, it's true that I'm weak. (0:12:39.93)
Morty Oyamada : Then just give up! (0:12:42.83)
Yoh Asakura : But we'll figure something out. (0:12:44.12)
Yoh Asakura : It'll be fine, we've got some strong allies on our side too. (0:12:46.85)
Wooden Sword Rio : Huh? The hell did you just say? (0:13:02.47)
Yoh Asakura : You guys need to leave. (0:13:04.91)
Wooden Sword Rio : You want us to kill you and send you to the other world, huh?! (0:13:06.64)
Yoh Asakura : Speaking of the other world, my friends from there are telling me you're a nuisance. (0:13:09.66)
EXTRA : Idiot! Ryuu-san can't possibly be scared of ghosts at all! (0:13:15.69)
Wooden Sword Rio : All right. If you can beat me… (0:13:19.70)
Yoh Asakura : "Come and beat me", right? (0:13:21.91)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:13:23.81)
Yoh Asakura : Trust me, there's someone who wants to fight so much he can't hold himself any longer. (0:13:25.06)
Yoh Asakura : Isn't that right? (0:13:29.27)
Yoh Asakura : Amidamaru! (0:13:34.36)
Morty Oyamada : It's the spirit of a samurai! (0:13:35.65)
Amidamaru : I am humbled by this opportunity (0:13:37.99)
Amidamaru : to dispel the humiliation that has been brought upon me, Yoh-dono! (0:13:42.34)
Morty Oyamada : Don't tell me this spirit is the one whose gravestone was desecrated?! (0:13:45.62)
Morty Oyamada : Amidamaru, the legendary samurai! (0:13:50.74)
Wooden Sword Rio : Hey, hey, hey... (0:13:54.19)
Wooden Sword Rio : We've got another idiot talking about Amidamaru to piss me off? (0:13:56.02)
Morty Oyamada : I knew it, spirits really do exist! (0:13:58.53)
Wooden Sword Rio : Guys, kill them! (0:14:02.07)
Yoh Asakura : Well then, let's show them. (0:14:05.71)
Yoh Asakura : Amidamaru. (0:14:08.85)
Yoh Asakura : If you and I combine our skills, (0:14:11.23)
Yoh Asakura : We become invincible. (0:14:14.22)
Yoh Asakura : Amidamaru! Hitodama Mode! (0:14:17.15)
Yoh Asakura : I told you, didn't I? I bind this world with the next. (0:14:21.20)
Yoh Asakura : That is what it means to be a Shaman! (0:14:24.47)
Yoh Asakura : Here we go! Hyoui-Gattai! (0:14:27.37)
Morty Oyamada : What! The hitodama is entering his body!? (0:14:31.42)
Morty Oyamada : Hyoui? (0:14:47.35)
Morty Oyamada : H-Hyoui... What the?! (0:14:49.25)
Morty Oyamada : It means... “A phenomenon of being possessed by a spirit”. (0:14:50.85)
Morty Oyamada : Don't tell me... (0:14:54.65)
Morty Oyamada : What he meant by binding this world with the next, other world… (0:14:55.96)
Yoh Asakura : This is enough for you bastard. (0:15:00.71)
Amidamaru : This is enough for you bastard. (0:15:00.71)
Amidamaru : Now, it's your turn. (0:15:04.78)
Yoh Asakura : Now, it's your turn. (0:15:04.78)
Yoh Asakura : Are you prepared? (0:15:07.57)
Amidamaru : Are you prepared? (0:15:07.57)
Wooden Sword Rio : What's with this guy? (0:15:09.70)
Wooden Sword Rio : He seems like a completely different guy than before. (0:15:11.72)
Yoh Asakura : What's wrong? (0:15:14.61)
Amidamaru : What's wrong? (0:15:14.61)
Amidamaru : Having now witnessed a true sword, (0:15:15.52)
Yoh Asakura : Having now witnessed a true sword, (0:15:15.52)
Yoh Asakura : You're now going to run away with that toy in your hand? (0:15:17.98)
Amidamaru : You're now going to run away with that toy in your hand? (0:15:17.98)
Yoh Asakura : Brat! (0:15:21.36)
Amidamaru : Brat! (0:15:21.36)
Wooden Sword Rio : D-Don't fuck with me, you samurai wannabe! (0:15:22.43)
Morty Oyamada : I understand it all now! (0:15:29.13)
Morty Oyamada : By binding this world with the other... (0:15:31.81)
Morty Oyamada : He can take a spirit into his own body, (0:15:34.70)
Morty Oyamada : Channeling the spirit's movements, skills... (0:15:37.90)
Morty Oyamada : Basically bringing everything it has to offer into this world! (0:15:39.92)
Yoh Asakura : Rest assured, I won't kill you. (0:15:55.25)
Amidamaru : Rest assured, I won't kill you. (0:15:55.25)
Amidamaru : I can't be bothered to make you become one of us. (0:15:58.05)
Yoh Asakura : I can't be bothered to make you become one of us. (0:15:58.05)
EXTRA : R-Ryuu-san! (0:16:04.89)
EXTRA : Run away! (0:16:08.18)
Morty Oyamada : Now I understand why he's always so laid back. (0:16:11.73)
Morty Oyamada : Because he's so carefree, he can easily clear his mind. (0:16:15.77)
Morty Oyamada : And because of that he can use the strength of the spirits. (0:16:19.58)
Morty Oyamada : That is one that can bind this world with the next... (0:16:25.53)
Morty Oyamada : The Shaman, Asakura Yoh! (0:16:29.60)
Yoh Asakura : In this world, many spirits left behind lots of feelings, along with memories, and can't afford to die yet. (0:16:34.00)
Yoh Asakura : In order to become the Shaman King, (0:16:40.94)
Yoh Asakura : I want to become friends with them. (0:16:43.65)
Morty Oyamada : Shaman King? (0:16:46.80)
Yoh Asakura : With that said, let's become friends, Amidamaru. (0:16:49.93)
Amidamaru : F-Friends? With someone like me?! (0:16:52.95)
Yoh Asakura : Your swordsmanship was phenomenal. (0:16:55.35)
Yoh Asakura : I couldn't help but feel a certain something when we became one together. (0:16:57.62)
Amidamaru : I decline. (0:17:04.61)
Amidamaru : I am bound to wait here just like I have for the past 600 years. (0:17:06.41)
Yoh Asakura : For Mosuke, right? (0:17:11.54)
Amidamaru : H-How did you know? (0:17:12.43)
Yoh Asakura : I heard it all from the guy himself. (0:17:14.71)
Yoh Asakura : You guys were best friends ever since you were kids. (0:17:16.77)
Amidamaru : That is indeed so, lord. (0:17:28.22)
Amidamaru : For I, who aims to become the greatest samurai. (0:17:30.71)
Mosuke : And I, who aims to become the greatest swordsmith. (0:17:33.16)
Amidamaru : And to surpass efforts of one another, (0:17:36.50)
Amidamaru : We have devoted ourselves working day and night. (0:17:38.66)
EXTRA : I have a special liking for swords myself. (0:17:43.40)
EXTRA : How about it, you two? Why don't you both work here? (0:17:46.80)
Mosuke : We did it, Amidamaru! (0:17:53.41)
Mosuke : Two lowly orphans like us have finally been acknowledged for our efforts! (0:17:55.10)
Amidamaru : To think someone like you could present a sword to the feudal lord like that! (0:17:58.54)
Mosuke : All I did was make a sword that was beyond your measly capabilities! (0:18:03.11)
Mosuke : Make sure you become a fine blade the lord can count on. (0:18:08.24)
Amidamaru : Of course. (0:18:11.89)
Amidamaru : We'll never go back to the days starving (0:18:13.33)
Amidamaru : Kill Mosuke, you say?! (0:18:19.60)
EXTRA : What surprises you so much? (0:18:21.90)
EXTRA : He has already presented me with this fine blade. (0:18:24.11)
EXTRA : There shall not be another sword this great in this world. (0:18:27.88)
EXTRA : At the very least, I am letting you, his friend, kill him. (0:18:31.34)
EXTRA : Isn't this an act of mercy? (0:18:35.41)
Mosuke : What the hell is going on... (0:18:40.96)
Mosuke : We made it this far, yet... (0:18:43.09)
Mosuke : What am I supposed to do now?! (0:18:45.40)
Amidamaru : You're going to run away from here. (0:18:47.40)
Mosuke : If I did, what would happen to you?! (0:18:49.32)
Mosuke : That's right! Let's run away together! That way..! (0:18:51.68)
Amidamaru : We can't! (0:18:54.40)
Amidamaru : As a samurai, I can't let myself betray the lord I once served! (0:18:55.15)
Amidamaru : But there's just no way I can follow his order and kill you... (0:18:59.52)
Amidamaru : I will accept and live with the dishonor of letting you run away. (0:19:04.61)
Mosuke : Amidamaru... (0:19:08.32)
Mosuke : I understand. (0:19:11.32)
Mosuke : But, wait for me for just one day. (0:19:13.57)
Mosuke : Would you give me Harusame tonight? (0:19:15.86)
Amidamaru : What? (0:19:18.60)
Mosuke : We may never see each other ever again. (0:19:20.24)
Mosuke : So let me give you the greatest katana that will ever exist. (0:19:23.29)
Mosuke : One that will far surpass that sword I gave to him. (0:19:27.69)
Mosuke : The strongest Harusame! (0:19:31.09)
EXTRA : Who's this now? Did you come here to die? (0:19:35.93)
EXTRA : I hate to break it to you, but whoever you're waiting for won't be coming. (0:19:39.24)
EXTRA : We made sure of that last night. (0:19:42.41)
Amidamaru : Silence! (0:19:43.54)
Amidamaru : I have no intention of leaving this place. (0:19:44.91)
Amidamaru : As was promised! (0:19:48.13)
Yoh Asakura : And that's how your legend came to be. (0:19:51.57)
Yoh Asakura : The demon that slayed a thousand people with his terrific battle style. (0:19:54.59)
Amidamaru : But without Harusame, I eventually ran out of strength... (0:19:59.91)
Yoh Asakura : That's why I'm here! (0:20:04.83)
Amidamaru : Is this... Harusame?! (0:20:09.17)
Yoh Asakura : “I won't pass on until I hand this sword to him!” he said. (0:20:12.59)
Yoh Asakura : He was so attached to this sword that he was waiting all this time. (0:20:17.10)
Yoh Asakura : And when I told him that you've been waiting all these 600 years too... (0:20:20.29)
Mosuke : You're kidding me... (0:20:25.44)
Mosuke : That idiot was really waiting all this time..? (0:20:27.92)
Yoh Asakura : You're both equally stupid, or not? (0:20:31.69)
Yoh Asakura : So, let's hurry up and go see him already. (0:20:34.24)
Mosuke : What's with you?! (0:20:37.35)
Mosuke : How am I suppose to face him like this?! (0:20:40.36)
Mosuke : Harusame is all roughed up after all this time! (0:20:42.47)
Mosuke : And a spirit like me can't even touch it anymore! (0:20:44.31)
Yoh Asakura : You can. (0:20:46.35)
Yoh Asakura : I'll let you borrow my body. (0:20:48.88)
Yoh Asakura : Since I'm a Shaman after all. (0:20:51.67)
Mosuke : What the hell is this?! (0:20:55.11)
Yoh Asakura : Here we go! (0:20:57.67)
Yoh Asakura : Hyoui-Gattai! (0:20:59.07)
Yoh Asakura : Alright! Let's go over to the nearest blacksmith! (0:21:02.35)
Mosuke : Alright! Let's go over to the nearest blacksmith! (0:21:02.35)
Yoh Asakura : And so, that's how we repaired Harusame. (0:21:05.98)
Amidamaru : I humbly accept Mosuke and Yoh-dono's feelings. (0:21:11.32)
Yoh Asakura : “Feelings” are what is important. (0:21:19.78)
Amidamaru : Without a doubt, there's nobody who could forge a blade like this, except Mosuke himself. (0:21:26.50)
Yoh Asakura : Mosuke left you a message too:
“Sorry to have kept you waiting”.
Amidamaru : Is that so? (0:21:37.38)
Morty Oyamada : Who's this Mosuke person? (0:21:38.68)
Yoh Asakura : He was too shy to see you face-to-face here so he went on ahead to the other world. (0:21:40.62)
Amidamaru : That damn idiot, making me wait 600 years like this. (0:21:45.02)
Amidamaru : I'd like to catch up to him right now and give him a swift blow to head, but... (0:21:49.90)
Amidamaru : It appears it's still not the time to go to the other world yet, though. (0:21:53.76)
Yoh Asakura : Huh? (0:21:59.79)
Amidamaru : I'm going to accompany you, Yoh-dono. (0:22:01.78)
Ren Tao : He's got quite the Guardian Spirit. (0:22:09.62)
Ren Tao : Don't you think, Bason? (0:22:13.49)
Yoh Asakura : Next time, “Another Shaman” (0:23:47.59)

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