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Evil Phase Iruma : Let's show them just what
the Misfit Class can do.
Evil Phase Iruma : You're going to be our
vanguard, Andro M. Jazz.
Evil Phase Iruma : Got it? (0:00:09.88)
Andro M. Jazz : What?! (0:00:13.32)
EXTRA : "The Teachers at Babyls." (0:01:45.39)
Bars Robin : Are they here yet? (0:01:51.04)
Marbas March : Robin-sensei, what's the matter? (0:01:52.28)
Bars Robin : But of course, (0:01:54.97)
Bars Robin : I'm waiting for the Misfit Class to visit me so
they can get my seal on their permission slip.
Bars Robin : Maybe I'll just stamp
Kalego-sensei's for them, too.
Marbas March : O-Oh, I see. (0:02:03.66)
Marbas March : He just never learns... (0:02:05.49)
Marbas March : If Kalego-sensei saw him doing thi— (0:02:07.84)
Marbas March : And there he is! (0:02:10.48)
Bars Robin : Oh, hey, Kalego-sen— (0:02:12.07)
Naberius Callego : Silence. (0:02:15.47)
Andro M. Jazz : Kalego-sensei's belongings? (0:02:18.92)
Evil Phase Iruma : Yeah. (0:02:21.70)
Asmodeus Alice : Wh-What? (0:02:22.65)
Garp Goemon : Th-That is just asking for it... (0:02:24.29)
Shax Reed : We're gonna end up in the hospital
rather than the Royal One.
Crocell Kerori : No... (0:02:30.42)
Kaim Kamui : Hello, Nurse. (0:02:31.54)
Arokel Schneider : A matter of life or death! (0:02:32.92)
Evil Phase Iruma : We're starting off with a
big job right off the bat.
Evil Phase Iruma : But that's what we do, and... (0:02:37.17)
Evil Phase Iruma : Doesn't it sound exciting? (0:02:40.36)
Andro M. Jazz : Okay, troublemaker. (0:02:44.87)
Andro M. Jazz : So... what am I taking? (0:02:47.89)
Naberius Callego : Honestly... (0:02:52.73)
Naberius Callego : I'm surrounded by fools. (0:02:54.46)
Evil Phase Iruma : Kalego-sensei. (0:02:57.32)
Naberius Callego : What? Giving up already? (0:02:59.75)
Andro M. Jazz : Nah, we just had a favor to ask. (0:03:02.20)
Evil Phase Iruma : You see... I wanted you to be my familiar. (0:03:04.73)
Naberius Callego : What? (0:03:09.26)
Evil Phase Iruma : Well, it'd be difficult to get a
stamp from you as an instructor,
Evil Phase Iruma : so I thought I'd get one
from my familiar, Eggie-chan.
Naberius Callego : You fool! (0:03:21.64)
Naberius Callego : How dare you?! (0:03:22.73)
Naberius Callego : Give me that familiar seal, you! (0:03:23.90)
Evil Phase Iruma : Oh, come on! It'll be over in a jiffy
and you can have it back.
Naberius Callego : That's not the problem here! (0:03:28.06)
Evil Phase Iruma : Come on, please? (0:03:29.69)
Naberius Callego : I said no. (0:03:30.97)
Andro M. Jazz : I've only got a moment. (0:03:31.98)
Evil Phase Iruma : Aw, but why? (0:03:32.20)
Naberius Callego : Why? (0:03:32.98)
EXTRA : The Andro family's bloodline ability: Pit. (0:03:34.24)
EXTRA : It allows him to see what his target is
hiding and the quickest way to take it.
EXTRA : The rings on each of his fingers clack
more loudly the more he moves them,
EXTRA : making his target notice him. (0:03:49.58)
EXTRA : He's third-rate if he's heard. This is a
self-imposed limitation... rather, a collar.
EXTRA : His fingers, spread as far apart as they will go,
move as freely as if they were snakes,
EXTRA : giving them the nickname... (0:04:04.48)
EXTRA : Serpent Thieves. (0:04:06.81)
Andro M. Jazz : The motto of the Andro family: (0:04:09.84)
Andro M. Jazz : "The more vile you are,
the more beautiful you are."
Andro M. Jazz : Quietly... Without stirring up the wind. (0:04:14.05)
Andro M. Jazz : My snakes are always smirking. (0:04:18.32)
Naberius Callego : You hear me? My bird feet
will not be stamping that form!
Naberius Callego : Absolutely not! (0:04:30.18)
Evil Phase Iruma : Boo. (0:04:32.36)
Evil Phase Iruma : Well, see you tomorrow. (0:04:34.18)
Andro M. Jazz : Bye, now. (0:04:37.13)
Naberius Callego : Hey, wait. (0:04:42.48)
Naberius Callego : You... (0:04:48.63)
Naberius Callego : Hand over the familiar seal. (0:04:52.62)
Evil Phase Iruma : Jeez, can't get one past you. (0:04:54.24)
Evil Phase Iruma : Well done. (0:05:03.96)
Andro M. Jazz : Thanks. That was fun. (0:05:05.44)
Andro M. Jazz : So, what are we gonna do with this? (0:05:09.82)
Momonoki : Th-Th-Th-Th-This couldn't possibly be... (0:05:12.91)
Evil Phase Iruma : It sure is. It's Kalego-sensei's planner. (0:05:16.17)
Andro M. Jazz : We just happened to pick it up earlier. (0:05:18.96)
Andro M. Jazz : We took a peek before returning it, and... (0:05:20.55)
Andro M. Jazz : It mentioned his hobbies... (0:05:22.43)
EXTRA : Hobby: collecting cacti. (0:05:24.17)
Momonoki : H-Hobbies?! (0:05:26.12)
Evil Phase Iruma : And how he feels about his fellow instructors. (0:05:27.43)
EXTRA : Mostly his rage towards Robin-sensei. (0:05:30.79)
Momonoki : H-How he feels?! (0:05:32.84)
Andro M. Jazz : So many things we're sure you'd
love to read, Momonoki-sensei.
Evil Phase Iruma : So many things we're sure you'd
love to read, Momonoki-sensei.
Momonoki : E-Er, I'm not exactly curious...
I just admire him as an instructor, and...
Andro M. Jazz : If you stamp our permission slip,
it's all yours.
Momonoki : O-Of course, I'll make sure
this gets back to him,
Andro M. Jazz : That's one! (0:05:53.07)
Momonoki : but I need to make absolutely sure
this is indeed Kalego-sensei's.
Evil Phase Iruma : Now, let's move on to the others. (0:05:58.47)
Morax : Matter change and personality change...
I require more knowledge.
Morax : Is it Emenel's Law or the studies of Benzoe? (0:06:11.34)
Clara Valac : Furcas-sensei, stampy please. (0:06:14.20)
Morax : Something is missing.
I must try another approach.
Arokel Schneider : How about the Damascus Theory of Evolution? (0:06:21.61)
Morax : What a curious suggestion. (0:06:26.83)
Arokel Schneider : A good general makes good men. (0:06:28.99)
EXTRA : The highest-ranking student in academics,
the King of Feats, Allocer Schneider.
Morax : Ah, I see you're a man of intelligence. (0:06:37.31)
Arokel Schneider : We can enjoy a conversation through
the night if we can get your seal.
Morax : Looks like I'm going to
have a sleepless night.
Furcas : What? That old hag Furcas stamped the form? (0:06:48.51)
EXTRA : Yes... (0:06:52.09)
Furcas : How ludicrous. (0:06:53.54)
EXTRA : She said something about getting a clue to her
research from a student in the Misfit Class.
Furcas : Inconceivable. (0:06:59.75)
Furcas : Academia is like a mountain
whose summit you can never see.
Furcas : You continuously strive to climb
higher and higher all alone.
Furcas : The very idea of seeking help from students! (0:07:10.57)
Furcas : It appears that I am the wisest
among the instructors, after all.
EXTRA : Magnificent, Morax-sama! (0:07:18.14)
EXTRA : You've dedicated your life to academia. (0:07:20.03)
EXTRA : A gentleman of elegance and class! (0:07:21.64)
EXTRA : Truly a master of your work! (0:07:23.13)
Kaim Kamui : Demonesses are whisper, whisper, whisper... (0:07:31.40)
EXTRA : Morax-sama! (0:07:35.41)
Kaim Kamui : True gentlemen cannot exist
without the presence of ladies.
EXTRA : Pink Maestro, Caim Camui. (0:07:39.87)
Kaim Kamui : If you would like to continue our discussion... (0:07:43.05)
EXTRA : He didn't even hesitate?! (0:07:47.63)
EXTRA : What the devil did he hear? (0:07:48.68)
Garp Goemon : Special Technique: Wind-Sword Kill. (0:07:51.86)
Agares Picero : And... break! (0:07:56.19)
EXTRA : Agares Picero. Bloodline ability: "My Area." (0:07:59.88)
Agares Picero : Now, be fluffy. (0:08:03.33)
EXTRA : He can manipulate any ground surface. (0:08:06.65)
Suzy Stolas : Yis, yis. (0:08:09.34)
Suzy Stolas : Thank you for your help.
Weeding is always such a pain.
Suzy Stolas : Oh, will you take care of
the area over there, too?
Garp Goemon : Certainly. (0:08:16.56)
Garp Goemon : I hope you'll take care of
the permission slip for us.
Suzy Stolas : Yis. (0:08:20.88)
Suzy Stolas : I'll give you all the ones
from the faculty in my Battler.
Suzy Stolas : Would you like some Hell Grey tea? (0:08:25.08)
Agares Picero : Yes, please. (0:08:26.84)
Garu : For real? (0:08:30.83)
Asmodeus Alice : For real. (0:08:32.32)
Garu : You'll seriously show me some flames?
For free? And regularly?
Asmodeus Alice : Yes. (0:08:38.33)
Asmodeus Alice : If you'll tell us about the
instructors you're familiar with.
Andro M. Jazz : Sadly, our intel's a bit limited. (0:08:43.39)
Garu : But... (0:08:46.52)
Garu : Come on, please?
Give me some quality flames!
Garu : You were always so unwilling
to give me flames before.
Asmodeus Alice : Indeed. However... (0:08:53.89)
Asmodeus Alice : If I can be of some use to Iruma-sama, (0:08:56.15)
Asmodeus Alice : I shall provide all the flames you desire. (0:08:58.71)
Garu : Damn, Iruma-kun sure is something. (0:09:01.59)
Andro M. Jazz : Right? He totally is. (0:09:03.95)
Andro M. Jazz : Come on, give us some
dirt on these teachers.
Garu : How am I supposed to say no
to my precious juniors?
Janitor : Suzie-sensei was so happy to
see her fields became spotless.
Evil Phase Iruma : Thanks for the info. (0:09:18.46)
Asmodeus Alice : Iruma-sama! (0:09:19.96)
Asmodeus Alice : We've gathered intel on
the instructors, as well!
Clara Valac : Iruma-chi! I got a stampy! (0:09:24.90)
Evil Phase Iruma : Not bad for our first day. (0:09:27.21)
Janitor : By the way, Iruma-kun, (0:09:28.96)
Janitor : could you help me
carry a few things again?
Evil Phase Iruma : For real? I'm kinda busy right now. (0:09:34.27)
Janitor : Also, maybe help me plant a
few more flowers in the garden.
Evil Phase Iruma : Again? But there's no space left. (0:09:38.97)
Evil Phase Iruma : Jeez... Let's get this over with. (0:09:41.81)
Clara Valac : Iruma-chi! I'm gonna help! (0:09:44.51)
Andro M. Jazz : Yet he still won't say no. (0:09:47.44)
Andro M. Jazz : He's still Iruma-kun,
even during his evil cycle.
Asmodeus Alice : Another excellent quality of Iruma-sama. (0:09:51.69)
Sullivan : I was so shocked this morning
that I couldn't say anything,
Sullivan : but I'm going to set Iruma-kun
back down the right path
Sullivan : and make him a good boy again. (0:10:05.99)
Opera : Yes, sir. (0:10:07.90)
Sullivan : That is my duty as his grandfather. (0:10:08.89)
Sullivan : Iruma-kun! (0:10:11.29)
Sullivan : I'm coming in! (0:10:12.59)
Evil Phase Iruma : Oh, Grandpa... I was hoping you'd
stamp this permission form for me.
Sullivan : Sure thing! Bam! (0:10:18.84)
Evil Phase Iruma : Yay! (0:10:20.67)
Opera : Sir... (0:10:21.75)
Evil Phase Iruma : Now that I've got this information, I need
to figure out how to get through to them.
Sullivan : Iruma-kun. (0:10:37.12)
Sullivan : Um... May I take a photo of you
now that you've become a bad boy?
Evil Phase Iruma : Huh? (0:10:43.08)
Sullivan : Of course not. (0:10:45.64)
Opera : Sir... (0:10:47.32)
Evil Phase Iruma : Here you go. (0:10:54.72)
Opera : Impressive. (0:10:56.00)
Sullivan : Th-Thank you very much. (0:10:57.49)
Crocell Kerori : I-Iruma-san... (0:11:03.53)
Crocell Kerori : I have more permission sl— (0:11:05.22)
Crocell Kerori : Wh-Wh-What happened? (0:11:08.35)
Evil Phase Iruma : I fell asleep. (0:11:11.93)
Evil Phase Iruma : Now we've got 21 forms. (0:11:14.79)
Evil Phase Iruma : Not counting Kalego, we have 15 more to go. (0:11:17.71)
Evil Phase Iruma : Setting aside the ones who'll
agree out of amusement,
Evil Phase Iruma : there are some instructors who'll refuse to
give us their seal due to Kalego's opposition.
Evil Phase Iruma : We need another push. (0:11:29.90)
Evil Phase Iruma : Something that'll make
them change their minds.
Crocell Kerori : Excuse me. (0:11:34.57)
Crocell Kerori : I think... some of the instructors
will give us their seal
Crocell Kerori : if I show them my true identity... (0:11:41.58)
Evil Phase Iruma : You don't want to be Kuromu here, do you? (0:11:45.38)
Evil Phase Iruma : That's fine. Just stay here. (0:11:47.63)
Evil Phase Iruma : I mean, it is do-or-die time. (0:11:53.56)
Evil Phase Iruma : These two will be the
hardest ones to convince.
Orias Oswell : Lead-chan... (0:12:02.90)
Orias Oswell : You really think you stand a chance against me? (0:12:05.06)
Shax Reed : Well, it's not like you'd agree to any
form of negotiation other than a game.
Shax Reed : What an annoying instructor. (0:12:12.76)
Orias Oswell : Says the boy who brought a girl to the game. (0:12:14.73)
Orias Oswell : Hi! (0:12:18.49)
Ix Elizabetta : Hi! (0:12:19.61)
Orias Oswell : Lucky you, though. She can
cheer you up after you lose.
Buer Blushenko : Sabnock Sabro... (0:12:29.14)
Buer Blushenko : Just seeing your face infuriates me. (0:12:31.38)
Buer Blushenko : You suddenly attacked me
at the entrance ceremony
Buer Blushenko : and damaged school property. (0:12:39.56)
Buer Blushenko : I'm sure you haven't forgotten those crimes! (0:12:42.11)
Buer Blushenko : I will never give you my seal. (0:12:44.86)
Buer Blushenko : If you want my seal, (0:12:46.96)
Buer Blushenko : you'll have to defeat me first! (0:12:48.07)
Evil Phase Iruma : I'm gonna make my move. (0:12:52.63)
Crocell Kerori : Your move? (0:12:54.49)
Evil Phase Iruma : The student council has quite
an influence on the faculty.
Evil Phase Iruma : So if I can get the student council
president's recommendation...
Evil Phase Iruma : There's no greater power play than this. (0:13:04.03)
Azazel Ameri : Who's messaging me? (0:13:08.96)
Azazel Ameri : I-Iruma? H-H-He's heading here now? (0:13:11.76)
Orias Oswell : What kind of crummy game is this? (0:13:16.52)
Clara Valac : I thought of it! (0:13:18.44)
Clara Valac : I call it Doot-do-do. (0:13:20.25)
Clara Valac : The rules are simple. (0:13:22.03)
Clara Valac : The grumpies are stronger than the softies. (0:13:23.79)
Clara Valac : The honor students won't
fight with the dainties.
Clara Valac : Whoever has the most pieces at the end wins! (0:13:29.77)
Orias Oswell : There are 1,056 pieces altogether. (0:13:33.26)
Orias Oswell : I guess it's fine that there are more
pieces than you'll ever need...
Orias Oswell : But the pieces randomly move on
their own and suddenly evolve, too.
Orias Oswell : And the worst part... (0:13:42.14)
Clara Valac : Doot-do-do, doot-do-do, doot-do-do, hey! (0:13:48.35)
Ix Elizabetta : Yay! (0:13:51.34)
Clara Valac : Doot-do-do, doot-do-do, doot-do-do, hey! (0:13:52.00)
Orias Oswell : Every thirty minutes,
we have this bizarre dance break.
Orias Oswell : Clearly, only an idiot
could think up such a game.
Clara Valac : I thought of it! (0:14:00.46)
EXTRA : The Shax family bloodline ability: Controller. (0:14:04.94)
EXTRA : He can take control of his
opponent's senses for a short time,
EXTRA : and the sense he takes over turns black. (0:14:11.76)
Orias Oswell : Well, that was quite a move.
And you took my sight.
Shax Reed : Well, I have no chance of winning
if I fight you fair and square.
Orias Oswell : I think you're underestimating me a bit. (0:14:25.60)
Orias Oswell : This isn't enough (0:14:28.34)
Orias Oswell : to defeat me. (0:14:30.99)
Orias Oswell : Don't a group of grumpies get together (0:14:34.30)
Orias Oswell : and evolve into an ultra
grumpy every once in a while?
EXTRA : Bloodline ability: Lucky Happy. (0:14:42.78)
Orias Oswell : Lady Luck is always on my side. (0:14:46.26)
Orias Oswell : You cannot defeat me. (0:14:50.70)
Buer Blushenko : You cannot defeat me. (0:14:53.33)
Buer Blushenko : Any attack against me is futile. (0:14:56.17)
EXTRA : Buer Blushenko. Bloodline ability: Heal. (0:15:00.21)
EXTRA : An invincible healing ability that can (0:15:03.80)
EXTRA : instantaneously heal any
wound as long as he has mana.
EXTRA : This power is immense and can
heal even the worst of wounds...
EXTRA : But they still hurt. (0:15:13.38)
Buer Blushenko : I absolutely despise pain. (0:15:16.06)
Buer Blushenko : You attacked me out of pure selfishness. (0:15:18.86)
Buer Blushenko : If you dare try to make me
submit by force again...
Buer Blushenko : I will show you just how
terrifying pain can be,
Buer Blushenko : with something so painful, you'll flee
with your tail between your legs!
Evil Phase Iruma : Pardon me. (0:15:35.57)
Azazel Ameri : Fank— Thank you for coming, Iruma. (0:15:38.20)
Azazel Ameri : M-My voice went up an octave.
Keep calm, keep calm!
Evil Phase Iruma : Thank you for taking time
out of your busy schedule.
Azazel Ameri : No, no, it's nothing! (0:15:47.10)
Azazel Ameri : It appears he really is going
through his evil cycle, though.
Azazel Ameri : He seems more confident than usual... (0:15:53.68)
Azazel Ameri : Or maybe it's... (0:15:56.81)
Azazel Ameri : I guess I don't mind! (0:15:59.76)
Azazel Ameri : Well, let's hear it. (0:16:02.88)
Evil Phase Iruma : I'm sure you are aware
of what we're trying to do,
Evil Phase Iruma : so I'll get right to the point. (0:16:08.30)
Evil Phase Iruma : We request a letter of recommendation that
will allow us to transfer to the Royal One.
Evil Phase Iruma : Is that unreasonable to ask? (0:16:15.69)
Azazel Ameri : Of course you can have one! (0:16:17.73)
Azazel Ameri : As much as I'd like to say that,
I must remain rational.
Evil Phase Iruma : I know you can't make any exceptions
as the student council president.
Evil Phase Iruma : So if there's something you need me to do, (0:16:25.36)
Evil Phase Iruma : I'll do anything! (0:16:28.18)
Azazel Ameri : Anything?! Anything... Anything... (0:16:30.63)
Azazel Ameri : Why? (0:16:34.67)
Azazel Ameri : Why are you so insistent
on obtaining the Royal One?
Azazel Ameri : Unless I know your true intentions, (0:16:39.19)
Azazel Ameri : I can't simply agree as the
student council president.
Evil Phase Iruma : I guess I can't hide anything from you. (0:16:47.60)
Evil Phase Iruma : I just can't accept (0:16:50.60)
Evil Phase Iruma : how the Misfit Class
is currently being treated.
Evil Phase Iruma : I want Babyls to acknowledge (0:16:55.72)
Evil Phase Iruma : that they're all brilliant demons. (0:16:59.00)
Orias Oswell : How did I lose? (0:17:08.66)
Orias Oswell : I was just about to win. Why? (0:17:10.17)
Orias Oswell : Why did I let my guard down? (0:17:12.91)
Orias Oswell : It's like I lost on purpose. (0:17:15.13)
Orias Oswell : Did he do something? (0:17:17.96)
Orias Oswell : No... (0:17:19.96)
Orias Oswell : Wait... Is it her?! (0:17:21.50)
EXTRA : X Elizabetta. (0:17:24.24)
EXTRA : Bloodline ability: Full Love Gauge. (0:17:25.93)
EXTRA : All things show her favoritism, (0:17:28.44)
EXTRA : giving her the upper hand. (0:17:30.82)
Ix Elizabetta : Hi! (0:17:32.73)
Orias Oswell : Hi... (0:17:33.86)
Orias Oswell : So it's my sense of smell. (0:17:35.87)
Orias Oswell : I didn't realize you'd stolen that, too. (0:17:37.55)
Shax Reed : Now that you've been affected by
her scent, you'll move in our favor.
Shax Reed : Meaning you'll use your luck to give us victory. (0:17:45.45)
Shax Reed : The reason I first took your sight (0:17:49.60)
Shax Reed : was so you wouldn't notice my nose was black
when I took away your sense of smell.
Shax Reed : Honestly, stealing your sight and smell
takes a brutal amount of mana,
Shax Reed : so it was a race against the clock. (0:18:02.74)
Shax Reed : The pleasure of deceiving you and the thrill
of being on the brink of exhausting my mana...
Shax Reed : It doesn't really matter which senses I steal. (0:18:09.12)
Shax Reed : Nothing beats this thrill. (0:18:12.31)
Shax Reed : This is why I can't stop
playing these games.
Orias Oswell : Honestly, you guys are pretty amazing. (0:18:19.91)
Orias Oswell : I'm looking forward to
seeing what else you can do.
Sabnock Saburo : I humbly apologize for my disgraceful actions
in attacking you the first day of school.
Sabnock Saburo : Back then, power meant everything to me, (0:18:38.41)
Sabnock Saburo : and I believed I could get closer to becoming
the Demon King by getting stronger.
Sabnock Saburo : But I was wrong. (0:18:45.40)
Sabnock Saburo : No matter how powerful I am,
or how strong my will is...
Sabnock Saburo : None of that matters
if I lack consideration.
Sabnock Saburo : One cannot call themselves a king if
they cannot show compassion for others.
Sabnock Saburo : My rival taught me that. (0:19:00.24)
Sabnock Saburo : I was truly wrong for attacking you. (0:19:03.82)
Sabnock Saburo : You may never be able to forgive me, (0:19:07.81)
Sabnock Saburo : but I will still express my regret
and beg for your forgiveness.
Buer Blushenko : A demon only exposes the roots of their wings
to express the utmost respect and atonement.
Buer Blushenko : I never would've imagined
you'd be capable of this.
Buer Blushenko : Well, this is rather unfair.
I'm so shocked, my rage has left me.
Buer Blushenko : It appears you've found a worthy rival. (0:19:30.66)
Buer Blushenko : Use that passion to surpass all logic. (0:19:33.60)
Evil Phase Iruma : The Misfit Class... (0:19:38.30)
Evil Phase Iruma : is indeed an unusual gathering of demons. (0:19:40.40)
Evil Phase Iruma : But I admire how uninhibited they are.
I'm even envious of them.
Evil Phase Iruma : Everyone around us should
know just how amazing they are.
Azazel Ameri : I-Iruma... (0:19:54.30)
Evil Phase Iruma : I know how important the Royal One is. (0:19:57.40)
Evil Phase Iruma : That's exactly why everyone's opinions
should change if we're able to obtain it.
Azazel Ameri : H-He's so close... (0:20:03.42)
Evil Phase Iruma : I want everyone to truly see them! (0:20:05.21)
Azazel Ameri : Close, close, too close! (0:20:06.93)
Evil Phase Iruma : I want you to believe in the potential
of the Misfit Class and help us out,
Evil Phase Iruma : Ameri! (0:20:13.29)
Azazel Ameri : You'd better see this through! (0:20:18.94)
Evil Phase Iruma : Please excuse me. (0:20:22.25)
Azazel Ameri : I-I don't remember a thing after
his face came so close to mine.
Azazel Ameri : I thought my heart was going to stop! (0:20:31.74)
Azazel Ameri : Why is love so troublesome?! (0:20:34.08)
Evil Phase Iruma : Man, that was nerve-racking. (0:20:36.59)
Evil Phase Iruma : It was all or nothing, but now there's
a light at the end of the tunnel.
EXTRA : Three days later. (0:20:45.01)
Shax Reed : I seriously didn't think
we could pull it off.
Evil Phase Iruma : But this is the 36th one. (0:20:50.08)
EXTRA : We got them! (0:20:52.10)
Andro M. Jazz : The student council's
recommendation turned the tables.
Garp Goemon : We just need one more! (0:20:56.65)
Clara Valac : Woo-hoo! One more for the mother lode! (0:20:58.33)
Shax Reed : Your ability sure is amazing. (0:21:00.47)
Shax Reed : Having everyone love you to the max is OP. (0:21:03.04)
Ix Elizabetta : Well, there are rules that come with it. (0:21:05.26)
Ix Elizabetta : Like, I don't use it on boys I actually like. (0:21:08.65)
Shax Reed : You're the best! You don't
even need that ability!
Kaim Kamui : You're the bee's knees! (0:21:15.42)
Asmodeus Alice : We did it, Iruma-sama. (0:21:17.16)
Evil Phase Iruma : Yeah. (0:21:19.15)
Asmodeus Alice : I was able to aid you in
such a grand achievement...
Asmodeus Alice : I'm just... I'm just so... (0:21:22.16)
Clara Valac : Here you go, Azz-Azz. (0:21:24.88)
Asmodeus Alice : And what am I supposed to do with that? (0:21:26.24)
Evil Phase Iruma : We couldn't have pulled this off
without everyone here.
Evil Phase Iruma : You guys really are the best. (0:21:31.16)
Andro M. Jazz : When you just come out
and say it like that...
Shax Reed : I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (0:21:36.67)
Sabnock Saburo : You are absolutely correct, my rival! (0:21:39.28)
EXTRA : Iruma and the Misfit Class can finally
call checkmate in obtaining the Royal One.
EXTRA : But there is still one great
obstacle standing their way.
Evil Phase Iruma : We just need one more... (0:21:51.82)
Evil Phase Iruma : from Kalego! (0:21:53.88)
Clara Valac : It's Su-ki-ma! It's Su-ki-ma!
Time for Su-ki-ma!
Momonoki : I-I received something from my students. (0:23:34.05)
Momonoki : I really shouldn't take this. (0:23:36.89)
Momonoki : I should return it at once. (0:23:38.60)
Momonoki : U-Um... (0:23:40.29)
Momonoki : Some students found this. (0:23:41.54)
Naberius Callego : They "found" that, eh? (0:23:44.59)
Naberius Callego : Those lying little fools. (0:23:46.47)
Naberius Callego : Well, thank you. (0:23:49.27)
Momonoki : H-He smiled! I'm so happy
I returned it to him!
EXTRA : For the record,
she memorized everything inside.
Momonoki : So Kalego-sensei loves cacti? (0:24:01.57)
Momonoki : Maybe I should gift him
one soon. I totally should.
Momonoki : And then he'd say, all Kalego-sensei-like,
"Thank you, Momonoki-sensei."
Momonoki : Oh my gosh! What if he really did?! (0:24:10.25)
Clara Valac : Momo-chan-sensei, what about cacti? (0:24:11.64)
Momonoki : Yikes! (0:24:13.70)
Momonoki : N-Nothing! More importantly, Valac-san, (0:24:14.76)
Momonoki : I'm doing the next episode preview,
so stop needling me!
Clara Valac : Needle, cactus... I get it. (0:24:20.36)
Momonoki : Next time on Welcome to
Demon School! Iruma-kun
Momonoki : "The Miracle of Some Fools." (0:24:23.76)

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