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EXTRA : I can't make your makeup
look nice if you're crying.
EXTRA : I'd prefer that. (0:02:17.88)
EXTRA : Don't make me look pretty. (0:02:20.10)
EXTRA : Next up... (0:02:49.51)
EXTRA : Item number 6. (0:02:54.00)
EXTRA : From Swoigel, 13 years old. (0:02:55.79)
EXTRA : 155 centimeters tall, weighs 41 kilos. (0:02:58.62)
EXTRA : Blonde hair, gray eyes. (0:03:02.24)
EXTRA : In excellent health, no external injuries. (0:03:04.91)
EXTRA : Let the bidding begin at three million. (0:03:08.16)
EXTRA : Four million. Five million. (0:03:12.25)
EXTRA : I have six million. (0:03:15.00)
EXTRA : Six and a half million. (0:03:17.44)
EXTRA : Can I get seven million? (0:03:20.07)
EXTRA : Seven million. (0:03:22.68)
EXTRA : I have seven and a half million. (0:03:24.88)
EXTRA : What a bunch of cheapskates. (0:03:28.29)
EXTRA : Bid like you mean it. (0:03:30.66)
EXTRA : We've already exceeded
the cost of acquiring them.
EXTRA : You've made quite a profit, Lady Collide. (0:03:35.68)
EXTRA : What "cost"? All you do is burn
their villages to the ground.
EXTRA : She's a beautiful girl. (0:03:42.30)
EXTRA : I wish I could keep her. (0:03:43.84)
EXTRA : She'd better not be auctioned off for cheap. (0:03:46.24)
EXTRA : Please... (0:03:52.57)
EXTRA : Please let me go. I want to see my mother. (0:03:54.29)
Dia Viekone : In that case, you should try to look pretty. (0:03:57.64)
EXTRA : Huh? (0:04:01.60)
Dia Viekone : You're a girl, after all. (0:04:02.70)
Dia Viekone : Well, it should just about be my turn. (0:04:06.24)
EXTRA : Number 7, come here. (0:04:09.87)
EXTRA : Now for today's featured product. (0:04:16.78)
EXTRA : Item number 7. (0:04:19.84)
EXTRA : From Alvan, 14 years old. (0:04:23.72)
EXTRA : 145 centimeters tall, weighs 38 kilos. (0:04:26.51)
EXTRA : Silver hair, blue eyes. (0:04:30.56)
EXTRA : In excellent health. (0:04:33.20)
EXTRA : No external injuries, no dental cavities. (0:04:35.20)
EXTRA : Let the bidding begin at ten million. (0:04:37.67)
Dia Viekone : Are these men the target of this job? (0:04:43.60)
Dia Viekone : They're obviously evil-looking men. (0:04:46.56)
Dia Viekone : How many girls have they
brought to tears until now?
Dia Viekone : Latem etaerc! (0:04:53.04)
Dia Viekone : Now, then... (0:04:59.19)
Dia Viekone : I'll show no mercy. Prepare yourselves. (0:05:00.32)
Dia Viekone : Elfir etaerc! (0:05:03.53)
Dia Viekone : Erif! Erif! (0:05:07.32)
EXTRA : What the hell is going on?! (0:05:12.03)
Tarte : Are there any among you who reluctantly
followed Marquess Collide's orders
Tarte : because you had no other choice? (0:05:18.43)
Tarte : Good. Then I can kill you
without reservations.
EXTRA : You brat! (0:05:28.89)
EXTRA : Damn kid! (0:05:30.59)
EXTRA : You bitch! (0:05:34.40)
Tarte : Flee with the others. (0:05:42.52)
EXTRA : I will. (0:05:43.59)
Dia Viekone : Daoler! Erif! (0:05:49.27)
EXTRA : Where are the guards?! (0:05:53.76)
EXTRA : Th-They should arrive shortly. (0:05:55.29)
Dia Viekone : Marquess Collide! (0:05:57.96)
Dia Viekone : He's a magic-user! (0:06:04.48)
Tarte : Erif! (0:06:12.61)
Dia Viekone : Tarte, buy me time to chant. (0:06:23.33)
Tarte : Yes, Dia-sama. (0:06:25.52)
Dia Viekone : Tnemele noitceles, erif. (0:06:29.07)
Dia Viekone : Aera thgie, egnar xis, rewop eerht. (0:06:33.70)
Tarte : Daoler! (0:06:38.78)
Dia Viekone : Erif cigam! (0:06:40.74)
Maha : That's Dia and Tarte's signal. (0:06:45.59)
Maha : Lugh-niisan, Marquess Collide
was guilty after all.
Lugh Tuatha Dé : Thanks. Your information was correct, Maha. (0:06:51.98)
Maha : When I followed the money,
I discovered huge profits of unknown origin.
Maha : They attack villages while
disguised as bandits
Maha : and kidnap young girls to sell
them off to other nobles.
Maha : It's unforgivable. (0:07:06.40)
Lugh Tuatha Dé : Sending Dia and Tarte undercover
was the right choice.
Lugh Tuatha Dé : It takes time to get evidence
on a members-only auction.
Lugh Tuatha Dé : We wouldn't want the number of
victims to rise in the meantime.
Tarte : Are you all right? (0:07:16.89)
EXTRA : Yes. (0:07:18.08)
Dia Viekone : This way. (0:07:18.76)
Lugh Tuatha Dé : They went too far when they attacked
a village in a neighboring country.
Lugh Tuatha Dé : Banditry and human trafficking
are serious crimes.
Lugh Tuatha Dé : By committing such crimes
across national borders,
Lugh Tuatha Dé : they endangered international affairs. (0:07:28.13)
Lugh Tuatha Dé : Target confirmed. (0:07:31.70)
Lugh Tuatha Dé : In accordance with royal orders and the
principles of the House of Tuatha Dé,
Lugh Tuatha Dé : Marquess Collide and those who participated
in the sales shall be eliminated.
Mila Martinez : Hit. (0:07:45.92)
Allen Smith : Who are we eliminating next? (0:07:46.89)
Mila Martinez : McDonnell. He's 20 feet to the
left in front of the sedan.
Mila Martinez : Hit. Tommy and Jeffrey, 30 feet to the left. (0:07:53.83)
Mila Martinez : Hit. Yu Chen, 70 feet to the right. (0:08:01.00)
Mila Martinez : Crap. He hid behind the van. (0:08:04.92)
Allen Smith : You should've told me that first. (0:08:07.17)
Allen Smith : Mission complete. (0:08:14.25)
Allen Smith : Let's get out of here. (0:08:15.96)
Mila Martinez : But there are still more mafia members. (0:08:16.96)
Mila Martinez : We could wipe them out now. (0:08:19.16)
Allen Smith : The organization ordered
us to assassinate six men.
Allen Smith : I'm not killing anyone else. (0:08:25.70)
Mila Martinez : There are still key people down there! (0:08:27.48)
Mila Martinez : If we let them live, the mafia
will resume activity and—
Allen Smith : Don't get the wrong idea. (0:08:33.24)
Allen Smith : We're not heroes of justice. (0:08:34.90)
Allen Smith : We're tools of the organization. (0:08:38.22)
Allen Smith : We don't do anything we're not ordered to do. (0:08:40.21)
Mila Martinez : But... (0:08:41.90)
Allen Smith : If the organization wanted to wipe out the
mafia, they would've ordered us to do so.
Allen Smith : Their goal is probably to leave the mafia's
structure in place and replace its leaders.
Allen Smith : It's possible that members of the
organization are undercover among them.
Allen Smith : We can't kill them without authorization. (0:08:57.59)
Allen Smith : The mission went as planned. We're leaving. (0:09:00.59)
Mila Martinez : Yes, sir. (0:09:04.45)
Allen Smith : Move. (0:09:15.15)
Allen Smith : I'm driving. (0:09:16.60)
Mila Martinez : What's going on? (0:09:18.41)
Allen Smith : We're fleeing. (0:09:22.81)
Allen Smith : We've been spotted by an
unmanned reconnaissance drone.
Mila Martinez : It'll find us unless we turn off our lights. (0:09:28.08)
Allen Smith : No matter. Ready your weapon. (0:09:30.21)
Mila Martinez : What are we going to do? (0:09:32.42)
Allen Smith : Do as I say. (0:09:33.82)
Allen Smith : The border guards are coming. (0:09:35.68)
EXTRA : Target vehicle spotted. (0:09:50.08)
EXTRA : Secure the vehicle. (0:09:51.84)
EXTRA : Suspects have opened fire! (0:09:54.13)
EXTRA : Permission to engage granted. (0:09:56.26)
Allen Smith : Once we're discovered by
a drone, we're screwed.
Allen Smith : Its infrared camera can see
the heat of the engine.
Allen Smith : So we'll leave the headlights
on to attract its attention.
Allen Smith : Hang your gun from the roof. (0:10:22.32)
Allen Smith : Pass a wire across the trigger. (0:10:25.41)
Allen Smith : When the bumpy road causes the gun
to shake, it'll fire automatically.
Allen Smith : Drones are equipped with excellent
cameras, but they have only one.
Allen Smith : It'll prioritize following an obvious target. (0:10:37.52)
Allen Smith : While they're chasing the
car, we'll leap from it.
Allen Smith : Once they're attacked,
they're guaranteed to strike back.
Allen Smith : They won't overlook it. (0:10:52.22)
Allen Smith : The car just needs to lure them away. (0:10:54.17)
Allen Smith : If we're lucky, they'll hit
and ignite the spare gas tank.
Mila Martinez : It exploded. (0:11:11.75)
Allen Smith : Yes, just as planned. (0:11:13.39)
Allen Smith : What's wrong? (0:11:16.27)
Mila Martinez : When I jumped from the car... (0:11:17.72)
Allen Smith : Let me see that. I'll stop the bleeding. (0:11:19.43)
Mila Martinez : Sorry. (0:11:21.40)
Allen Smith : I wasn't expecting to be found by a drone. (0:11:26.61)
Allen Smith : Did the mafia make a mistake, or... (0:11:29.74)
Mila Martinez : The border guards have
moved away from the area.
Allen Smith : Okay. We'll wait here until dawn. (0:11:46.80)
Mila Martinez : We're not going to flee while it's dark out? (0:11:50.06)
Allen Smith : The relative temperature of the ground (0:11:52.35)
Allen Smith : will make it easier for the drone's
infrared camera to spot us.
Allen Smith : We'll move once the sun rises and the ground's
temperature exceeds that of the human body.
Allen Smith : Rest until then. (0:12:01.15)
Mila Martinez : Yes, sir. (0:12:02.74)
Mila Martinez : Um... (0:12:09.69)
Allen Smith : What is it? (0:12:10.63)
Mila Martinez : Why did you become an assassin? (0:12:12.60)
Allen Smith : I was born into and raised
by the organization.
Allen Smith : They've taught me assassination
techniques since I was a child.
Allen Smith : I was raised only to assassinate. (0:12:23.26)
Allen Smith : It's the only way I know how to live. (0:12:26.00)
Allen Smith : I have no other choice. (0:12:29.14)
Mila Martinez : And you were satisfied with that? (0:12:32.23)
Allen Smith : Satisfied? (0:12:35.31)
Mila Martinez : To live bound by the organization. (0:12:36.79)
Allen Smith : Indeed, yes. (0:12:41.32)
Allen Smith : As someone who spent his
life in the organization,
Allen Smith : the organization was everything to me. (0:12:45.47)
Allen Smith : I'm proud to have become the
organization's greatest tool.
Allen Smith : I have no doubts. (0:12:51.87)
Mila Martinez : Don't you have any human emotions? (0:12:53.87)
Allen Smith : Assassins don't need emotions. (0:12:57.78)
Allen Smith : Emotions cloud your judgment. (0:13:00.72)
Allen Smith : They only get in the way. (0:13:03.04)
Allen Smith : But that all ends with this job. (0:13:05.83)
Allen Smith : No human can overcome aging. (0:13:08.72)
Mila Martinez : You're retiring? (0:13:11.31)
Allen Smith : Yeah. I'm retiring and starting a new
job with the organization in Japan.
Mila Martinez : A Japanese assassination organization?
As in ninjas?
Allen Smith : It's an educational organization. (0:13:22.09)
Allen Smith : I'll train new assassins there. (0:13:24.00)
Allen Smith : This mission was also a practice
run for training new assassins.
Allen Smith : I wouldn't have brought along
a novice assistant otherwise.
Mila Martinez : I'm not a novice! (0:13:35.52)
Mila Martinez : I've been trained by the organization! (0:13:38.01)
Allen Smith : You might as well be a novice. (0:13:39.96)
Mila Martinez : I'm at the top of my class, you know! (0:13:41.98)
Allen Smith : Then your classmates are trash. (0:13:44.00)
Allen Smith : Even I was more useful back
when I was still a virgin.
Mila Martinez : How dare you? I'm doing my best to— (0:13:49.26)
Allen Smith : What is this? (0:13:57.55)
Allen Smith : I asked you a question. What is this? (0:13:59.44)
Mila Martinez : M-My gun. (0:14:02.18)
Allen Smith : Why is it pointing at you? (0:14:04.41)
Mila Martinez : I don't know. (0:14:07.85)
Allen Smith : Because you trust me. (0:14:09.10)
Allen Smith : Why did you assume I wouldn't kill you? (0:14:11.96)
Allen Smith : What if I planned to kill you once I was
done so as not leave any evidence behind?
Allen Smith : Did that thought not occur to you? (0:14:21.55)
Mila Martinez : No. (0:14:24.52)
Allen Smith : I lied about training new assassins. (0:14:25.46)
Allen Smith : I intended to use you until I could
escape, but you've become a burden.
Allen Smith : It's sooner than I'd planned,
but I'm killing you now.
Allen Smith : What did they teach you
to do in these situations?
Mila Martinez : Huh? (0:14:39.44)
Allen Smith : What were you taught?! (0:14:40.06)
Mila Martinez : Sidestep your attacker's weapon
toward the hot side of the gun
Mila Martinez : while twisting your body
to face the cold side...
Allen Smith : Why aren't you doing that? (0:14:47.86)
Mila Martinez : Because I don't think it
would work against you.
Allen Smith : Don't have so much faith in my abilities. (0:14:52.34)
Allen Smith : This is why I called you a novice. (0:14:54.44)
Mila Martinez : But... (0:14:56.59)
Allen Smith : If you're a professional,
don't trust anyone about anything.
Allen Smith : Got it? (0:15:01.77)
Allen Smith : Did you believe I'd kill you? (0:15:06.21)
Allen Smith : I just got done telling
you not to trust anyone.
Allen Smith : If you get that, then go to sleep. (0:15:11.92)
Allen Smith : Go to sleep. (0:15:20.99)
Mila Martinez : I'll shoot you. (0:15:21.81)
Allen Smith : Go to sleep. (0:15:22.69)
Mila Martinez : I'm going to shoot you. (0:15:23.76)
Allen Smith : Go to sleep. (0:15:25.03)
Mila Martinez : You think I won't shoot you? (0:15:26.14)
Allen Smith : Just go to sleep. (0:15:28.15)
Mila Martinez : You trust that I won't shoot you? (0:15:29.74)
Mila Martinez : I thought professionals didn't trust anyone. (0:15:32.30)
Allen Smith : It's not that you won't shoot. You can't . (0:15:34.57)
Allen Smith : You should've noticed from the gun's weight. (0:15:37.58)
Mila Martinez : When did you... (0:15:41.92)
Allen Smith : You think I'd return a loaded gun
to someone I threatened with it?
Allen Smith : You trust too much, novice. (0:15:47.70)
Allen Smith : It's me. (0:16:01.58)
EXTRA : Congratulations. You seem to have
completed your mission successfully.
Allen Smith : Thank you. (0:16:05.94)
EXTRA : Now you can happily retire.
Thank you for your service until now.
Allen Smith : Actually, I have a new mission. (0:16:11.88)
Allen Smith : I'll be training new assassins. (0:16:15.57)
EXTRA : That's right. I feel sorry for the students
you'll be putting through the wringer.
EXTRA : Everything you need is there. (0:16:22.01)
EXTRA : Act according to what you find there. (0:16:24.28)
EXTRA : Is your partner alive? (0:16:27.36)
Allen Smith : Yes. (0:16:29.49)
EXTRA : Good. Bring her back, as well. (0:16:30.38)
EXTRA : I look forward to your safe return. (0:16:33.75)
Allen Smith : Roger. (0:16:35.70)
Allen Smith : It's a fake passport. (0:16:38.40)
Allen Smith : You're now Mila Martinez, apparently. (0:16:40.39)
Mila Martinez : That's a common name. (0:16:43.32)
Allen Smith : It's better to use an inconspicuous name. (0:16:45.26)
Allen Smith : Looks like I'm Allen Smith now. (0:16:47.59)
Allen Smith : Sounds like someone who'd
shoot lame-ass movies.
Allen Smith : We have two plane tickets to Japan. (0:16:53.72)
Allen Smith : Let's go meet some ninjas. (0:16:56.52)
Allen Smith : Now there's nothing left for
me to do until we arrive.
Allen Smith : It's all over now. (0:17:17.13)
Allen Smith : Both this mission and my life as an assassin. (0:17:18.94)
EXTRA : Breaking news: communication
with AMA Flight 125 was cut off
EXTRA : with the final message that
the plane had been hijacked.
Allen Smith : Hijacked? (0:17:34.32)
EXTRA : Once again, communication with
AMA Flight 125 was cut off
EXTRA : Everyone, please remain calm, stay in
your seats, and fasten your seat belts.
Mila Martinez : What happened? (0:17:37.00)
EXTRA : with the final message that
the plane had been hijacked.
Allen Smith : The story broke too quickly. (0:17:38.48)
Allen Smith : It's what I'd expect from the
organization. They're well-prepared.
Mila Martinez : What do you mean? (0:17:42.63)
Allen Smith : The hijacking is a lie.
They're capable of that.
EXTRA : We've received additional information. (0:17:47.28)
EXTRA : The terrorists who hijacked
AMA Flight 125 have announced
EXTRA : their intention to crash the
plane into key facilities.
Allen Smith : I understand why they'd dispose of a tool
they're finished with to keep him quiet,
Allen Smith : but why do all this just to kill one man? (0:18:01.03)
Mila Martinez : You mean... (0:18:05.89)
Allen Smith : The organization intends to assassinate me. (0:18:07.33)
Allen Smith : And you're their tool for doing that. (0:18:10.28)
Mila Martinez : No... (0:18:13.63)
Allen Smith : They burdened me with her so I'd focus
on fleeing and board this plane.
Allen Smith : They tipped off the border guard so the
drone would show up in order to corner me.
EXTRA : Sir, you can't go in there— (0:18:30.96)
Allen Smith : An antipersonnel mine behind
the flight instrument panel.
Allen Smith : So this is why they wanted
me to get on this plane.
Allen Smith : Is the flight control stick working? (0:18:45.96)
Allen Smith : I've ended plenty of lives up until now. (0:18:53.31)
Allen Smith : I knew my turn would come eventually, (0:18:56.91)
Allen Smith : but I wasn't expecting
such a magnificent coffin.
Allen Smith : They got me. (0:19:09.20)
Allen Smith : Why? I trusted the organization
and followed their orders.
Allen Smith : I was so loyal to them, I would've
died if they'd ordered me to.
Allen Smith : I was betrayed. Why? (0:19:45.38)
Allen Smith : Why? Why? (0:19:49.00)
Allen Smith : I am frustrated. (0:19:53.47)
Allen Smith : I feel frustrated. (0:19:55.42)
Allen Smith : The emotions I suppressed are returning. (0:19:57.53)
Allen Smith : Yes... (0:20:05.52)
Allen Smith : I feel frustrated. (0:20:08.55)
Allen Smith : Where am I? (0:20:21.62)
Allen Smith : Is this a dream? (0:20:23.98)
Goddess : No, not a dream. (0:20:26.26)
Goddess : Despite being the world's finest assassin, (0:20:28.38)
Goddess : you stupidly allowed yourself
to be assassinated.
Allen Smith : Would you mind explaining all this? (0:20:37.62)
Goddess : I summoned your soul here after your death. (0:20:40.32)
Goddess : By the way, I am the Goddess. Ahem. (0:20:43.33)
Allen Smith : Could you tell me why you brought me here? (0:20:46.80)
Goddess : You have options. (0:20:50.34)
Goddess : Option one: have your soul wiped clean
and be reborn as a stranger. Waah!
Goddess : Your memories would vanish,
and you'd become a different person.
Allen Smith : In other words, the person
I am now would die.
Goddess : Well, you're already dead. (0:21:05.26)
Goddess : Your other option is to accept my request
and be reborn in another world.
Goddess : In exchange, you'd keep
your current memories.
Goddess : You'd retain your knowledge and
experience, and enjoy a new life.
Allen Smith : In some ways, that'd be synonymous
with continuing my current life.
Goddess : An appealing offer, don't you think? (0:21:25.60)
Allen Smith : And what's your request?
Who do you want me to kill?
Goddess : Oh? How did you know? (0:21:34.23)
Allen Smith : If you chose me,
it's the only conceivable request.
Goddess : I'm glad you're so quick on the uptake. (0:21:41.84)
Goddess : I knew I chose the right soul. (0:21:44.16)
Goddess : You're the world's finest assassin. (0:21:47.80)
Goddess : You will be reborn in a fantasy
world of swords and sorcery.
Allen Smith : A world of swords and sorcery? (0:21:56.24)
Goddess : Yes. I'd like you to kill the Hero there. (0:21:58.43)
Lugh Tuatha Dé : Next time, "Deal of Reincarnation." (0:23:36.16)

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The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

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