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Ysley : Anything on the fugitive demons? (0:00:09.77)
Piscalat : I apologize, but there have been
no developments whatsoever.
Ysley : I see. But it's already been two years... (0:00:15.46)
Ysley : I wouldn't be surprised to
see some major movement soon.
Ysley : I'm curious about something. (0:00:21.81)
Ysley : What kind of demon does one turn
into if not fused with a human?
Piscalat : They'd be a giant creature
with no rigidly defined form
Piscalat : whose body is made out of these tentacles. (0:00:33.20)
Ysley : Cory-kun seems to have a lot
of eyes. What about that?
Piscalat : We all have a lot of eyes, (0:00:38.82)
Piscalat : but most of them look inward after fusing, (0:00:41.47)
Piscalat : so they're hard to confirm. (0:00:43.86)
Piscalat : Pardon me... (0:00:46.63)
Piscalat : I've actually got a visible one in my mouth. (0:00:47.73)
Piscalat : Not that it serves any purpose— (0:00:51.75)
Barcode : Ysley-dono, do you have a moment? (0:00:57.07)
Ysley : It's got a thin, transparent eyelid,
like a frog's...
Ysley : Could you open a bit wider...? (0:01:03.54)
Barcode : Am I interrupting something? (0:01:05.29)
Piscalat : N-No! That's... It's not what
you're thinking, Barcode.
Ysley : Sorry. My curiosity got the better of me. (0:01:10.86)
Ysley : So? (0:01:13.05)
Barcode : Well, it turns out... (0:01:14.28)
Piscalat : So you couldn't control your child
and have come to us for help?
Piscalat : I see. The exact kind of major
movement he was anticipating...
Meliano : Piscalat! You've got to help him! (0:01:28.51)
Piscalat : How old is he at this point? (0:01:32.69)
Buzz : Around two months. (0:01:34.96)
Nept : You'll have to give up, then. Demons can't
fuse after hitting the two-week mark.
Piscalat : Demons who fail to fuse during that
two-week period are disposed of, as well.
Piscalat : Did you not know that? (0:01:48.11)
Meliano : Oh, no... (0:01:50.36)
Piscalat : That aside, Buzz, do you know anything
about the other demons who escaped?
Buzz : It's like I already told you. (0:01:55.84)
Buzz : We didn't discuss our plans.
We just fled in different directions...
Buzz : Wait, something's weird here. (0:02:00.49)
Piscalat : And you don't know anything either, Meliano? (0:02:02.85)
Meliano : I don't! I've been with Buzz all this time! (0:02:05.85)
Buzz : Piscalat's already suspicious
of everything I'm saying...
Buzz : What do I do? Grab Meliano and run? (0:02:14.39)
Corey : Looks like we're done with you, in that case. (0:02:19.60)
Buzz : M-Meliano... (0:02:25.52)
Corey : Yeah, I definitely prefer seafood. (0:02:27.00)
Buzz : You bastard! (0:02:31.19)
Piscalat : You've gotten a lot more powerful. (0:02:36.42)
Piscalat : You might even be more stronger
than Nickel was, Cory.
Corey : Well, who can say for sure? (0:02:41.28)
Corey : It might've been fun to find out
if Nickel were still alive.
Ysley : So they hid on a deserted island,
completely isolating themselves...
Ysley : I see. A bad choice, though. (0:02:52.68)
Ysley : Fleeing in a way that you sacrifice
all intel regarding the enemy,
Ysley : in exchange for a greater
sense of security...
Ysley : It's the same as when
people spend their lives
Ysley : doing nothing for fear of failure. (0:03:03.21)
Ysley : The ultimate result... (0:03:04.97)
Ysley : It couldn't be anything but failure. (0:03:07.29)
Gil : Take that... And that! And that! And that! (0:04:57.99)
Paula : You okay, Gill-san? (0:05:08.64)
Gil : I'm fine... I can keep going... (0:05:10.53)
Paula : I really don't think so.
Your legs are pointing the wrong way.
Hayato : Damn, are you two down for the count already? (0:05:17.75)
Hayato : This sucks. Granny's still dead on her feet,
and Prontea doesn't show up anymore...
Corey : You seem kinda bored, Hayato. (0:05:25.37)
Corey : Why not fight me? (0:05:31.14)
Hayato : Who're you again? (0:05:35.19)
Paula : He looks pretty different,
but I think that's Cory-kun.
Hayato : Oh, Cory... (0:05:40.85)
Corey : Come on! Get a grip. (0:05:42.39)
Hayato : Okay, guess we're doing this. (0:05:44.85)
Hayato : Cory who, though? (0:05:46.97)
Corey : Ysley taught me the best way to use my power! (0:05:49.06)
Hayato : Oh, the kid with the morphing face. (0:05:55.37)
Corey : Now, I'm ready whenever you are! (0:06:01.54)
Hayato : Nasty! (0:06:14.46)
Paula : You two! Fight somewhere with more room! (0:06:32.16)
Hayato : He's strong! What the hell? (0:06:43.84)
Corey : You wanna take this somewhere else
since Paula-chan's mad?
Hayato : You gotta tell me one thing first. (0:06:50.34)
Hayato : What training did you do
to get that much stronger so fast?
Corey : Training? I didn't do any.
I just matured from a kid to an adult.
Corey : A lion is a whole lot stronger after
it grows up, right? Same kinda thing.
Ysley : It's a bit unfair, isn't it? (0:07:08.24)
Ysley : Being guaranteed extra strength
just by getting older...
Piscalat : I would think that the Idaten's
limitless capacity for growth
Piscalat : via training isn't much fairer. (0:07:17.06)
Piscalat : Do you think Hayato can beat Cory? (0:07:20.04)
Ysley : Probably not, right? (0:07:23.25)
Ysley : That said, I could definitely win if I had
the kind of strength Hayato does.
Ysley : See, that fleshy armor of
his has a sense of taste.
Ysley : So, hypothetically,
I could spray him head to toe
Ysley : with extremely painful hot sauce... (0:07:36.23)
Ysley : He'd be unable to focus on fighting. (0:07:37.64)
Ysley : Alternately, I could do what
I did when we fought.
Piscalat : P-Please don't remind me! (0:07:42.85)
Ysley : But Hayato fights won strength alone,
no strategy or tricks involved.
Ysley : But just like how a trained martial artist (0:07:52.90)
Ysley : who's mastered all kinds
of techniques and tactics
Ysley : pales in comparison to some wild bear... (0:07:57.66)
Ysley : There's a kind of extreme combat power
that only an idiot is capable of mastering.
Ysley : That's what I want Hayato to achieve. (0:08:05.22)
EXTRA : Mama... (0:08:09.21)
Meruku : Okay, here you go. (0:08:10.14)
Meruku : Now say, "Ah!" (0:08:14.96)
Miku : How are they doing, Merku? (0:08:17.01)
Meruku : There are no signs of fusion side effects, (0:08:19.08)
Meruku : and they're growing without trouble so far. (0:08:21.02)
Miku : Those are your future husbands,
so make sure you show them lots of love.
Meruku : I still just can't get behind that... (0:08:26.73)
Meruku : Say, Miku, are we seriously going
to do it with these kids?
Miku : Throw the TV on, would you, Merku? (0:08:33.77)
Meruku : The TV? (0:08:36.12)
EXTRA : As you can see, we've got a
clear shot of the monster!
EXTRA : It's pulling apart this passenger liner
like it's shelling a crab!
Meruku : That's... (0:08:46.60)
Miku : Probably either Buzz or Raki.
One of their kids, anyway.
EXTRA : The ship has been split and two
and is now falling into the sea.
Miku : And this is exactly what I was waiting for. (0:08:50.92)
EXTRA : That's quite a splash from the impact... (0:08:52.54)
Miku : With demons running amok out in the open,
the Idaten are bound to focus on them.
Miku : This will give us a chance to
rendezvous with the Demon Lord,
EXTRA : There were an estimated five thousand
passengers on the ship— Agh!
Miku : and start cooking up some plans! (0:09:01.99)
EXTRA : Got a package for you. (0:09:04.89)
Meruku : Hey, thanks. (0:09:06.99)
Meruku : A weird robot, a tiny camera,
and a digital camera...
Meruku : What's the point of this stuff? (0:09:12.25)
Miku : First, I take a picture of the robot. (0:09:14.50)
Miku : Then I update the blog... (0:09:17.28)
Miku : All done! (0:09:18.93)
Meruku : What? (0:09:19.98)
Miku : It's got speakers that
can pick up radio waves,
Miku : and it's pretty nimble, too... (0:09:23.26)
Miku : Once the camera is installed, the Demon Lord
can use it as a temporary body.
Meruku : You couldn't do any better than this? (0:09:30.22)
Miku : That would've been expensive... (0:09:31.87)
Meruku : So, how are you going
to tell him that blog is ours?
Miku : The internet will do the job
for me in due time.
Miku : I anticipated everything up until
this point when we went on the run.
Miku : Which is why the letter I gave His Lordship
included a way to get in touch.
Meruku : Wait, really? Then you can just
call him and let him know.
Miku : Not happening. (0:09:52.27)
Miku : I'm pretty sure the enemy
is connected to all telecom in Zoble,
Miku : and there's no way to tell what phone number
he might be using, wherever he is.
Meruku : Then what did you tell him? (0:10:02.02)
Miku : A nonsense phrase. (0:10:03.77)
Miku : See this part of the blog post? (0:10:06.85)
Meruku : What does that mean? (0:10:10.33)
Miku : Nothing at all. I made it up. (0:10:11.98)
Miku : But that's what makes it special. (0:10:14.11)
Miku : Because, at present,
there are no hits for that word.
Miku : So the first result for it now, (0:10:21.54)
Miku : no matter how stupid might seem,
means it's me!
Miku : And as blatant a method as this is,
there's no way to catch on to it.
Meruku : Wait, Miku, once he knows that blog is yours, (0:10:38.01)
Meruku : are you just going to post the address here? (0:10:41.53)
Meruku : Wouldn't that be dangerous? (0:10:43.83)
Miku : What are you talking about, Merku?
Don't you remember how I found this place?
Miku : The information's already out there. (0:10:50.23)
Miku : In a way that looks incredibly
natural, no less.
Miku : See? Simple enough, right? (0:10:56.34)
Meruku : And she anticipated all of this
starting when we fled?
Meruku : That means she knew Zoble would fall, (0:11:03.39)
Meruku : that we'd be cut off from communications... (0:11:06.19)
Meruku : She knew she'd use
that internet cafe to plan out
Meruku : our lives as shut-ins... (0:11:10.10)
Meruku : She'd thought this through all the way
to getting back in touch with the Demon Lord?
Oobami : Miku! I can't believe you
ran off on your own!
Miku : Hi! That was faster than I expected. (0:11:19.57)
Miku : Good to see you again, Your Lordship! (0:11:22.17)
Oobami : Stow the pleasantries, you fool! (0:11:23.98)
Meruku : She's so many steps ahead,
it's honestly creepy...
Meruku : You must have run a search
with the perfect timing, sir.
Oobami : Oh, Merku? There was actually
a set time to do that, you see.
Oobami : The idea was to start searching the
second there was any major demon activity.
Meruku : So that was part of the plan, too, huh? (0:11:43.22)
Oobami : Things were already afoot, however. (0:11:45.89)
Oobami : Buzz and Meliano have been taken out. (0:11:48.10)
Miku : Huh. So that's their kid, is it? (0:11:51.14)
Miku : They were probably begging for help
with the baby and got killed in the process.
Miku : Now then, Your Lordship, please tell me
everything you know about what's going on.
Oobami : Right. (0:12:03.64)
Oobami : What's with that face, Miku? (0:12:08.03)
Miku : I was just thinking about how boned we are. (0:12:09.97)
Miku : With Piscalat's crew being brainwashed, (0:12:12.86)
Miku : all we've got left is Kuraishi,
Ferlandia, Kroft, and Raki!
Miku : We are thoroughly screwed!
Can we just give up?
Oobami : That's extra disheartening
coming from you, so knock it off!
Oobami : Right now, I need research facilities. (0:12:25.69)
Oobami : I can't do a thing in a hovel like this! (0:12:27.81)
Miku : I think Kuraishi has got you covered there,
so why not rendezvous with him?
Oobami : And how would I do that? (0:12:34.68)
Meruku : Can't you do it the same way you found Miku? (0:12:36.69)
Oobami : That only works with a preset password. (0:12:39.17)
Meruku : Maybe a code, then? (0:12:42.68)
Oobami : The Idaten already have all
the ciphers we used in Zoble.
Oobami : Any good ideas, Miku? (0:12:48.55)
Miku : Sure. (0:12:50.93)
Oobami : What?! (0:12:51.99)
Miku : He's been calling you periodically, right? (0:12:52.73)
Miku : What have you been telling him
when he does, Your Lordship?
Oobami : The names of the surviving demons,
how Piscalat's group was brainwashed,
Oobami : the fact that Buzz and his girl are dead... (0:13:01.90)
Miku : Oh, how was that going to help at all? (0:13:03.83)
Miku : Give me one second, please. (0:13:06.66)
Miku : Here. The next time he contacts you,
this is what you'll tell him.
Oobami : What the hell is this? (0:13:16.19)
Oobami : Who is it? (0:13:25.70)
Oobami : You'll want to write this down.
I'm going to tell you how we'll rendezvous.
Oobami : This is in a Zoble 3B cipher... (0:13:31.55)
Oobami : First... (0:13:34.20)
Ysley : A Zoble 3B cipher? (0:13:35.29)
Piscalat : It uses a keyword and a password
in order to put together a message.
Piscalat : A kind of Caesar shift. (0:13:40.47)
Kuraishi : But what exactly is the plan here? (0:13:42.17)
Kuraishi : They'll know all of the
established keywords we use...
Oobami : The keyword is... (0:13:48.74)
Ferlandia : The password of a video game
I liked when I was a kid?
Ferlandia : I think it was
Kuraishi : What the hell's that mean? (0:14:00.54)
Ferlandia : Well, it's sure something
the Idaten won't figure out.
Ysley : Damn it! (0:14:06.72)
Ysley : Only Miku would cook up such a
ridiculous means of communication.
Piscalat : I don't think using
a shared memory for a keyword
Piscalat : is that hard for anyone else to come up with. (0:14:15.66)
Ysley : The idea itself is simple enough. However... (0:14:18.67)
Kuraishi : Still, how does the His Lordship
know that password of yours?
Miku : What's with your password?
That part says "Dhik"...
Miku : Hey, just like dick! (0:14:30.65)
Ferlandia : What is wrong with you?! (0:14:32.08)
Miku : Dick! Dick! Your password has a dick in it! (0:14:33.31)
Ferlandia : Quit it, Miku! (0:14:36.33)
Ferlandia : It's Miku! (0:14:39.41)
Ferlandia : I can't believe the stupid
bitch still remembers that!
Ferlandia : So damn creepy! (0:14:44.87)
Ferlandia : Anyway, here's the message. (0:14:46.97)
Kuraishi : The Choru train station, Shimau's Toys,
in the radio section... Okay.
Kuraishi : Man, this place is ancient. (0:14:57.36)
Kuraishi : Radios, radios... Around here? (0:15:06.42)
Oobami : Hey, Kuraishi. (0:15:10.08)
Oobami : We've finally managed to connect. (0:15:12.46)
Kuraishi : Good to see you again, Your Lordship. (0:15:15.15)
EXTRA : Thank you very much! (0:15:17.25)
Kuraishi : You've met up with Miku's group
already, right? Where are they?
Oobami : I'm apparently not supposed to tell you. (0:15:26.46)
Meruku : Wait, we're not going to rendezvous? (0:15:28.44)
Miku : What would be the point? (0:15:30.65)
Miku : It'd just give the Idaten
a chance to wipe us all out.
Miku : Not to mention this whole
brainwashing thing is scary.
Miku : They'd only need to catch one
of us to take the rest down.
Miku : That being the case, (0:15:42.06)
Miku : the only person who needs to know where
to find us all is the Demon Lord.
Meruku : So we're still going through with this, huh? (0:15:49.05)
Miku : Really, Merku? Do you want
to screw Kuraishi instead?
Miku : In that case, it should be okay if you
set up a meeting in some forest,
Miku : confirm it's safe, and then breed with him. (0:15:57.37)
Meruku : Breed... (0:15:59.49)
Meruku : When you put it that way,
I'm not so sure anymore.
Miku : That'd be helpful since you wouldn't
have to wait for the boys to grow up...
Miku : But I don't really see it happening. (0:16:07.19)
Oobami : That's what she thinks, anyway.
What do you say, Kuraishi?
Kuraishi : M-Me and Merku... and Miku? (0:16:13.56)
Ferlandia : Look, I don't care if you wanna
fool around with human chicks,
Ferlandia : but if you cheat on me with another
demon you're dead, asshole!
Kuraishi : Right, g-got it... (0:16:22.03)
Miku : Oh, Fer-chan, you're so pure of heart! (0:16:24.28)
Ferlandia : Shut the hell up, Miku! (0:16:27.35)
Miku : How about a four-way instead,
then? Does that work?
Miku : Is it okay if we're all caught up
in the heat of the moment?
Ferlandia : Drop dead! (0:16:34.23)
Ferlandia : Damn, you haven't changed at all, have you? (0:16:34.84)
Ferlandia : Well, whatever. We still need to get
in contact with Raki and Kroft, right?
Miku : Do we, though? (0:16:43.63)
Miku : Kroft is one thing,
but we don't need Raki, do we?
Miku : Foremost, she's stupid. (0:16:48.48)
Miku : And considering a single misstep
could get us all killed,
Miku : I think we're better off without her. (0:16:52.93)
Miku : But if we leave her out there,
she might actually come in handy.
Raki : Oh, it moved. (0:16:58.76)
Kroft : I'm back, Raki. How are you... (0:17:04.20)
Kroft : You lost a lot of weight while
I was out hunting, I see.
Kroft : Where's the child? (0:17:10.06)
Raki : Just had it. (0:17:11.28)
Raki : So into the ocean it goes. (0:17:13.35)
Kroft : Well, they're just monsters, after all. (0:17:16.07)
Raki : Forget about that. Come on, Kroft... (0:17:18.97)
Rin : Oh... a whale... (0:17:50.17)
Rin : Haven't seen one of those around
here in a hundred years...
Rin : But it got eaten, huh? (0:17:56.27)
Rin : It's gone already. Must have escaped. (0:18:09.13)
Rin : A demon... Was that a demon? (0:18:11.65)
Corey : Ow, ow, ow... I surrender! I surrender! (0:18:29.04)
Hayato : Hell, yeah! (0:18:32.79)
Hayato : We can beat him pretty consistently
now! He's not so tough!
Ysley : Gill-san's been growing at an abnormal rate. (0:18:41.19)
Ysley : I'd wager the large amount of humanoid demon
thoughts contributed to her manifestation...
Ysley : Which is all fine and dandy,
but here's our big problem.
Prontea : This definitely isn't good. (0:18:57.15)
Prontea : It's the fourth one, too. (0:18:58.93)
Prontea : It's safe to assume that pure-blooded
demons are starting to mate.
Prontea : It's strange, though. (0:19:04.78)
Prontea : From what Master and Piscalat told us,
they shouldn't be reproducing this quickly.
Ysley : With humanoid demons, we've got a good idea
of how their reproductive cycles work.
Ysley : They often abort cases that fail the fusion... (0:19:15.09)
Ysley : So the real reason I think the
pure-blooded demon population
Ysley : is exploding is because of their diet. (0:19:21.17)
Ysley : In the old days, demons starving to death (0:19:22.80)
Ysley : and cannibalizing each other
was a regular occurrence...
Ysley : But now, there's life in essentially
every corner of the planet.
Ysley : We shouldn't assume the pattern sticks (0:19:30.76)
Ysley : with a much larger food supply around. (0:19:32.87)
Prontea : I see... (0:19:35.44)
Prontea : This has turned into a real mess. (0:19:37.00)
Ysley : And the wanted posters? (0:19:39.62)
Piscalat : All we're getting is bad tips that sound fake... (0:19:42.06)
Piscalat : To be honest, they may have
had the opposite effect.
Miku : Huh, so we're fugitives now? (0:19:54.24)
Miku : What a waste of effort! (0:19:57.55)
Miku : I wonder what the big rush is. (0:19:59.02)
Teta : Miku-neechan, I'm back. I brought food. (0:20:01.86)
Miku : Welcome home, Teta-kun! (0:20:04.80)
Miku : What now? Do you want to eat? (0:20:06.46)
Miku : Or would you rather play first? (0:20:08.48)
Teta : U-Um... I wanna play first. (0:20:10.35)
Miku : You're such a needy boy, aren't you? (0:20:13.81)
Miku : Do you want to play with me
or Merku-oneechan today?
Meruku : This lifestyle is so debauched... (0:20:19.82)
Meruku : A little too debauched! (0:20:22.04)
Miku : Nah. (0:20:24.07)
Meruku : I'm honestly disgusted with
how much I'm enjoying it.
EXTRA : H-Hey, isn't she that fugitive? (0:20:31.65)
EXTRA : The one worth 100 mill?! (0:20:34.64)
EXTRA : Hurry and take a shot! (0:20:36.41)
Miku : Make sure you get my good side, okay? (0:20:38.03)
EXTRA : Hello?! Hello?! (0:20:40.96)
EXTRA : Yes, it's the that fugitive on the poster! (0:20:41.46)
EXTRA : Right, she's on walking
down the street in Central!
EXTRA : How does the reward get split now?! (0:20:42.49)
EXTRA : Miku's on Central Road! (0:20:44.72)
EXTRA : Reports are flooding in! (0:20:45.43)
EXTRA : I want that video here! Now! (0:20:47.07)
Miku : Come on, you can get a closer shot than that! (0:20:48.96)
Ysley : Is this really her? (0:20:52.34)
Piscalat : Yes. That voice and appearance
are definitely Miku's.
Piscalat : But what is she after? (0:20:57.68)
EXTRA : Screw this! If I just catch her myself,
that means I get the whole reward!
Miku : Sorry, but no touching. (0:21:07.32)
EXTRA : R-Run for it! (0:21:13.75)
Miku : Okay, I should probably clear out. (0:21:16.87)

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