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EXTRA : Attention passengers:
Is there a detective on board?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I must've heard that wrong... (0:00:23.10)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : That's not something they'd say on
a passenger flight at 10,000 meters.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : It must be a misunderstanding;
I heard it wrong. I really hope so.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I've always encountered troublesome
events, since way back.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You might say being a
trouble-magnet is my nature.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Walking down a main thoroughfare,
I get caught up in a flash mob...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Or if I go down a back street, I witness
a transaction involving white powder...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I've run across enough murder scenes (0:00:50.30)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : that I've come under suspicion
from police who recognized me.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : And now today... (0:00:55.55)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : ...I'm flying overseas, having been made
to carry an oversized attaché case
Kimihiko Kimizuka : containing who knows what. (0:01:03.18)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I have no idea what
this means; it's absurd!
Kimihiko Kimizuka : For starters, in these situations they'd
normally ask for a doctor or a nurse.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : But a detective? (0:01:15.99)
EXTRA : Attention passengers:
Is there a detective on board?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : So I didn't hear wrong... But it's not
a problem, since I'm not a detective.
Siesta : Yes. I'm a detective. (0:01:30.17)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hey, what's your name? (0:01:41.31)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Oh! Why did I just suddenly say that? (0:01:48.19)
Siesta : Oh, that's great. You... (0:01:55.49)
Siesta : Be my sidekick. (0:01:59.32)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:02:04.24)
Siesta : I'm a detective, and he's my sidekick. (0:02:07.33)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : What? (0:02:10.25)
EXTRA : Come this way. (0:02:11.88)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : H-Hey, wait! What on Earth is this? (0:02:13.59)
Siesta : Siesta. (0:02:20.55)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Siesta? (0:02:22.10)
Siesta : That's my name. (0:02:23.81)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : That's an odd name. (0:02:26.18)
Siesta : It's a code name. (0:02:27.94)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : A code name? (0:02:29.31)
Siesta : People normally have one. (0:02:30.56)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : They normally don't. (0:02:32.02)
Siesta : What's your name? (0:02:34.98)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Kimizuka Kimihiko. (0:02:36.78)
Siesta : I see. I'll call you "Kimi." (0:02:38.70)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Is that a nickname?
Or just the Japanese word for "you"?
Siesta : Which do you think? (0:02:47.33)
EXTRA : I've brought a detective and her sidekick. (0:02:53.75)
Koumori : Ah... so there really was
a detective on board.
Koumori : Younger than I'd imagined, though...
Which is the detective?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : This is the worst situation imaginable. (0:03:13.40)
Siesta : More importantly...
First off, what's your name?
Koumori : It's "Bat." Although that's a code name. (0:03:22.41)
Siesta : See? (0:03:25.87)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:03:26.79)
Siesta : Like I said, everyone's got a code name. (0:03:28.12)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Who cares? It doesn't matter
even a little to me,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : and this is no time to discuss that! (0:03:33.38)
Siesta : I'm Siesta, and this is
my sidekick, Watson.
Siesta : We were born and raised
together on Baker Street.
Siesta : So, Bat, what is it you want? Why did you
call for me, for a legendary detective?
Koumori : Ha! You're a funny girl! (0:03:51.10)
Koumori : Right. So try to deduce the reason
I commandeered this airplane.
Koumori : If you manage to correctly deduce it, I'll
refrain from snapping the pilot's neck.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : What? (0:04:03.45)
Siesta : Hmm... Did you call us up here just to
make us deduce the answer to that?
Koumori : Yes, exactly right. It's a game. A game. (0:04:10.62)
Koumori : A deadly game in which 600 passengers'
lives are at stake. Exciting, isn't it?
Koumori : The way you win is to correctly surmise
my reasons for this hijack attempt.
Koumori : That's all there is to it! (0:04:25.34)
Siesta : You're saying if we succeed,
everyone's lives will be saved,
Siesta : and if we fail, they'll die? (0:04:29.39)
Koumori : Uh-huh. Simple rules, right? (0:04:31.77)
Siesta : Sure. But if we fail, you'll meet
the same fate, as well.
Siesta : You don't value your own life? (0:04:41.53)
Koumori : Unless I do this, I don't feel
truly alive--that sort of thing.
Siesta : Really... you truly have too
much time on your hands.
Koumori : Yeah, I really do. It's gotten so bad
that I've up and hijacked a plane.
Siesta : Right. So that's the answer. (0:04:58.54)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Wha--? (0:05:01.21)
Siesta : You got so bored with all
the time on your hands
Siesta : that you couldn't help
hijacking the plane.
Siesta : That's my final answer. (0:05:09.10)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : W-Wait just a minute!
Are you saying that for real?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : The lives of all these passengers
depend on your answer!
Siesta : Well... this guy just said it, right? (0:05:21.07)
Siesta : Too much time on his hands,
he got bored, he hijacked the plane.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Sure, he said that, but wasn't that just
some random stuff he was spouting off?
Siesta : Oh? So are you saying this man was lying? (0:05:34.45)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:05:38.79)
Siesta : You're saying he was intimidated
by this legendary detective,
Siesta : that he'd claim that the answer
he had let slip was actually false,
Siesta : and he's planning to bring the game
to an end by insisting that I lost?
Siesta : In short... you're saying he's scared? (0:05:50.22)
Siesta : Is that it? (0:05:55.56)
Koumori : Amazing! That's amazing!
Very impressive! Truly a sight to behold!
Koumori : I never imagined you'd twist this
into such a tangled knot.
Koumori : It's a more abrupt outcome than
I had imagined, but that's all right.
Koumori : My purpose has already been achieved.
With this, I'll stand down.
Koumori : Don't worry. He's only unconscious;
he's not dead.
Koumori : When we arrive at the airport,
I'll likely be arrested,
Koumori : but I haven't killed anyone. (0:06:38.85)
Koumori : After staying a while in the big house,
I should be able to get right back out.
Siesta : Ah, so you really were a liar. (0:06:46.78)
Koumori : What are you referring to? (0:06:51.99)
Siesta : Oh, nothing. (0:06:54.41)
Koumori : Here's the deal, Ms. Detective. (0:06:56.95)
Koumori : Yes, my true reasons for trying to hijack
this plane were indeed different,
Koumori : but out of respect for your boldness,
I'm pretending to lose, just for you.
Koumori : Don't make me spell it all out. (0:07:09.42)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You're absolutely right. Let's take a cue
from Bat's mature response here
Kimihiko Kimizuka : and we'll return to our places, too. (0:07:16.77)
Siesta : No, that's not what I meant by a lie. (0:07:18.35)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:07:22.10)
Siesta : When you said you didn't mind
risking your life in a hijacking,
Siesta : that was a lie, wasn't it? (0:07:27.19)
Siesta : The truth is, you are afraid of dying. (0:07:29.03)
Koumori : What are you saying? (0:07:33.03)
Siesta : You stood down too quickly--admitted
defeat and stood down too quickly.
Siesta : In this day and age, there's no way a man
who's singlehandedly attempting a hijack
Siesta : would back down so easily to
just a girl and her companion.
Siesta : I suspect you're carrying out this
hijacking under someone's direction.
Siesta : And you yourself have been ordered
to die, too, in the crashing plane.
Siesta : But in truth, you're afraid
and don't want to die,
Siesta : so you used us as a way
to get out of dying.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : But if so, then why the elaborate ruse
of this guessing game?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : If he wanted to abandon the hijacking, (0:08:14.74)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : you'd think he could have just quietly
surrendered, without all this.
Siesta : His pride wouldn't allow it. (0:08:21.75)
Siesta : Rather than go down without a fight,
he wanted to be beaten fair and square.
Siesta : Even if it was just for show. (0:08:28.80)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Is that what all this was? (0:08:30.63)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hey! (0:08:36.14)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Where are you suddenly off to? (0:08:38.68)
Siesta : Our task seems to be finished,
so I thought I'd head back.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Okay, but don't leave me behind! (0:08:44.56)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I figured you'd tag along
without my saying anything.
Koumori : Hey. (0:08:50.78)
Koumori : Tell me one last thing...
How did you figure all that out?
Koumori : What clues led to those deductions? (0:09:01.95)
Koumori : Was it really only that I gave up
too quickly? Was that all?
Siesta : There was that, too... but I knew
about you from the very beginning.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:09:17.09)
Siesta : That you'd be on this plane,
that you were planning a hijacking...
Siesta : ...and what's more, about your associates
who ordered it. Everything.
Siesta : A first-rate detective gets a handle
on a case before the incident occurs.
Koumori : So that's what happened... (0:09:39.62)
Koumori : Whew, I'm glad I asked, just in case,
before all was said and done!
Siesta : Sidekick, get down. (0:09:51.00)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:09:52.17)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hey, what are you--? (0:09:55.30)
Koumori : So sorry. I guess I'm changing the plan. (0:09:59.97)
Koumori : Now I'll teach you something. (0:10:05.56)
Koumori : When a first-rate operative discovers
an up-and-coming young talent,
Koumori : he nips it in the bud
before it can fully develop!
Kimihiko Kimizuka : H-Hey. (0:10:25.12)
Siesta : I shouldn't have hired a sidekick. So far,
he hasn't been of any use anyway...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : This is absurd! You're the one
who forced me to work for you!
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Although I agree I haven't
been of any use.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : What is that? (0:10:41.60)
Siesta : It's an android. (0:10:43.22)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:10:44.81)
Siesta : That man is a member of the
secret organization SPES.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : SPES? (0:10:49.48)
Siesta : SPES produces androids of superhuman
intellect to covertly menace the world.
Siesta : In that man's case,
it's still only an ear;
Siesta : they've merely stolen an experimental
product and glommed it on to his body.
Siesta : He's what you'd call a partial android. (0:11:06.25)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : How do you know all this? (0:11:09.12)
Siesta : And he's facing a penalty as punishment
for betraying the organization.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Again, how do you know all this?
Wait, don't tell me you're also...
Koumori : I see. You know all that. (0:11:22.76)
Koumori : In that case, bringing back your corpse
as a souvenir would seem the best plan.
Siesta : Sidekick! (0:11:33.86)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Wait, you're not--
Are you an android, too?
Siesta : Are you stupid or something? (0:11:44.49)
Siesta : Do I look like a monster? (0:11:47.33)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I think the impression you make
is kind of monstrous.
Siesta : You're no ladies' man, are you? (0:11:53.71)
EXTRA : Hey, what is that? (0:11:57.92)
EXTRA : Remain calm! Please evacuate
this way, without running.
Koumori : Argh, this is pandemonium.
Things are getting desperate.
Koumori : I'm going to kill all these excess people. (0:12:08.22)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Slow down! If you do that,
the plane will crash and you'll die, too!
Koumori : I'll leave the pilot alive.
More to the point, who are you again?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I'm the legendary detective's sidekick! (0:12:22.11)
Siesta : Oh? (0:12:24.82)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : It's not like that! That just slipped out! (0:12:26.91)
Siesta : You referred to me
as a legendary detective.
Siesta : You've earned your spurs as a sidekick. (0:12:32.54)
Siesta : Sidekick! (0:12:35.75)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Seriously, what is the deal here? (0:12:42.63)
Siesta : You truly don't know anything, do you? (0:12:45.22)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Why would an upstanding middle schooler (0:12:48.18)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : know what's going on with
some secret underworld?
Siesta : I'm sorry, did you say something, (0:12:52.77)
Siesta : middle schooler who's traveling overseas
with a mysterious attaché case?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Seriously, how do you know
all these things?
Koumori : I'd never imagined anyone
who could be a threat to us
Koumori : would be lurking somewhere like this. (0:13:08.91)
Siesta : Operating covertly is fundamental
to being a detective.
Siesta : None of your cohorts had
any idea I existed, did they?
Koumori : That means that if I use
information about you as bait,
Koumori : I'm hoping those short-tempered guys
may rethink some things.
Siesta : Are they as forgiving as that? (0:13:27.59)
Koumori : What would you know? (0:13:30.85)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Come on, what happens if he
punches a hole in the fuselage?
Koumori : You seem to be breathing very hard. (0:13:51.29)
Koumori : This ear is custom designed. (0:13:54.45)
Koumori : The auditory receptor cells
at the tip of this appendage
Koumori : can distinguish the sound of
a human heartbeat 100 km away.
Koumori : It's useless to hide. (0:14:05.30)
Siesta : I didn't have enough intel.
Even I can't fake my heart rate.
Siesta : If only I had a weapon... (0:14:15.02)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Siesta. (0:14:22.52)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Buy me 30 seconds. I have an idea. (0:14:24.82)
Siesta : Got it. (0:14:30.32)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Clear out! Out of the way! (0:14:50.84)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : At these times--especially at times
like this--I'm able to think.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : As a born trouble-magnet, I've scraped
through more scenes of carnage
Kimihiko Kimizuka : than the number of slices of bread
I've eaten in my life.
Koumori : Isn't it about time you accepted
your fate, legendary detective?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Siesta! (0:15:34.35)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I don't know what's
in that box. However...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : intuition is rooted
in past experiences,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : and I'm certain that this
is the best solution!
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Take it! (0:15:51.03)
Koumori : Oh, no, you don't! (0:15:52.41)
Siesta : Sidekick... (0:16:01.12)
Siesta : That was top-notch work. (0:16:05.42)
Koumori : This incident isn't over yet,
legendary detective!
Siesta : You're right, but as of
the moment I arrived,
Siesta : you might say it was already resolved. (0:16:19.64)
Siesta : Bang. (0:16:47.29)
Siesta : Right. You just died here. (0:16:49.51)
Siesta : Now your compatriots won't target you,
since you're nothing but a dead man.
Koumori : Why, you... Are you taunting me? (0:17:03.94)
Siesta : I mean, you don't want to die, right? (0:17:06.02)
Siesta : We'll make it so that you
officially died here
Siesta : and have the Japanese police cover it up. (0:17:13.28)
Siesta : It's fine. I have a contact
we can count on.
Koumori : If you don't kill me here,
you'll regret it.
Siesta : Why? (0:17:24.12)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Siesta! (0:17:28.79)
Siesta : See, the bullet I shot into you
was made from my own blood...
Siesta : Anyone inundated with that blood (0:17:41.22)
Siesta : becomes utterly incapable
of turning against its owner.
Siesta : In short, you'll never be able to raise
an appendage against me again.
Koumori : What the hell kind of contrivance is that? (0:17:53.40)
Siesta : That's a trade secret. (0:17:56.32)
Koumori : Are you employed by somebody? (0:17:59.03)
Siesta : No. I was just born to be a legendary
detective--it's in my nature.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Siesta, by the way... (0:18:24.06)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : About that specialized process where
you manipulated the gun's bullets...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : When in the world did you
find time to do that?
Siesta : Are you that stupid, Kimi? (0:18:36.15)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Wha--? (0:18:38.07)
Siesta : There's no way I could have done that.
That was something I prepared in advance.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : In advance? You couldn't have-- (0:18:44.79)
Siesta : Yep. The one who ordered them to have you
carry that attaché case onto the plane...
Siesta : ...was me. (0:18:53.50)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? So you're saying you had me
in your clutches from the very start?
Siesta : If you need to blame someone, blame
yourself for not escaping my clutches.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : This is absurd. (0:19:07.64)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Come to think of it,
why did you give me--?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Siesta? (0:19:18.24)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I'm exhausted... (0:19:29.00)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : So in the end, what on Earth was all that? (0:19:32.71)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : No, no. From now on, I am not
going to get tangled up in stuff.
Siesta : Welcome home. (0:19:48.18)
Siesta : Took you long enough. (0:19:55.57)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:19:58.78)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh?! (0:20:00.32)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I've said it again and again... (0:20:08.91)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I refuse. (0:20:12.50)
Siesta : Eh? What's that? (0:20:13.71)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Stop pretending you can't hear me. (0:20:15.50)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I'm saying there's absolutely no way
I'm becoming your sidekick.
Siesta : I can't really hear you. (0:20:23.59)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Grrr! (0:20:25.10)
Siesta : Now just calm down a little... (0:20:26.64)
Siesta : Shall I wash your back? (0:20:29.81)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : No thank you. (0:20:33.02)
Siesta : Maybe I'll come in wearing
just a bath towel...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : No thank you. (0:20:39.99)
Siesta : There was a very obvious pause there. (0:20:42.15)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Grr, the way she's trying to ensnare me,
a boy going through puberty...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : More importantly, haven't I been saying
this continuously for an entire week?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Don't barge into somebody's
house uninvited!
Kimihiko Kimizuka : And definitely don't try to come
all the way into the bathroom!
Siesta : Well, that's because
you won't hear me out!
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You're saying nothing worth hearing. (0:21:04.97)
Siesta : I'm only saying I want you to fly around
the world with me as my sidekick.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : The only possible answer to
that insane request is no.
Siesta : Hmm, you get so emotional. (0:21:17.15)
Siesta : You do understand that it's not easy
popping in at your house like this?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : How can you just do that so
presumptuously? It's my fault?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I mean, I'm positive the door was locked. (0:21:28.16)
Siesta : Ah. I took it upon myself
to open it with a skeleton key.
Siesta : That's one of my "seven tools."
There's no lock that this key can't open.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : So that just makes unlawful home
invasions very easy for you.
Siesta : Hmm, that's an uncalled-for thing to say. (0:21:44.09)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Not as uncalled-for as a person
invading someone's privacy.
Siesta : And so? Why are you so averse
to becoming my sidekick?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I already told you, my knack for getting
tangled up in things has done nothing
Kimihiko Kimizuka : but harm to me for as long
as I can remember.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : So my dream is to live an uneventful life
that's like bathing in lukewarm water.
Siesta : You're saying that with me,
you couldn't live that life?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Obviously. (0:22:16.87)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : If I get involved in all that,
nine lives wouldn't begin to cover it.
Siesta : But I'm the only one who can do this work. (0:22:26.88)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : So what's the point of dragging me
into what only you can do?
Siesta : The point is... Oh, I know! (0:22:37.39)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You're about to say something you
just now thought up, aren't you?
Siesta : Fact is, I was utterly taken
with you at first sight.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Um, no... (0:22:45.94)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : The first time we arranged to meet, you
didn't quite recognize my face, remember?
Siesta : You do have a face that's completely
forgettable after not seeing it
Siesta : for a couple of days. (0:22:54.12)
Siesta : It's perfect for covert action. (0:22:55.75)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Stop insulting me with the
backhanded compliments.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : And stop this instant with assigning
me tasks as your sidekick.
Siesta : You really won't be my sidekick? (0:23:05.42)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Why are you getting disappointed? (0:23:09.09)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : At least, if we're negotiating,
lay out the merits of the job.
Siesta : You're unexpectedly kind, Kimi. (0:23:21.06)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You're overestimating me. (0:23:23.69)
Siesta : That reminds me: I just ordered
a pizza delivery. Is that okay?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Stop taking advantage
of my being forgiving!
Kimihiko Kimizuka : That's the fifth time this week!
Call and cancel it right now!
Siesta : Here's my prediction: I think that
a year from now, the two of us
Siesta : will still be cooperating well,
just as we are now.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : We are absolutely not cooperating well! (0:23:43.29)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I, for one, have been stressed
out this whole time!
Siesta : On that note... tell me what you think. (0:23:49.93)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Not me; we were at the point where you
were going to lay out the job's merits.
Siesta : There's something you're
worried about, isn't there?
Siesta : The merit I can offer is to
assuage you of those worries.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You're asking me to become your sidekick
in return for you reassuring me
Kimihiko Kimizuka : about the things that
trouble me about the job?
Siesta : I think I may have said that. (0:24:16.66)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Even better, if you've seen something,
could you react as if you've seen it?
Siesta : Ah. That doesn't hold my attention (0:24:28.09)
Siesta : as much as wondering if the
pizza will arrive on time.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : The thing is, at my school right now, (0:24:36.22)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : we seem to be having a large-scale
"Restroom Hanako-san" outbreak.
Siesta : "Restroom Hanako-san"--I see. (0:24:46.32)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yeah. (0:24:49.03)
Siesta : That's one of those weird school stories
that everybody has heard of.
Siesta : If you knock three times at 3:00 am
on the third girls' stall from the front
Siesta : on the third floor of the
old schoolhouse building...
Siesta : ...a girl in a red skirt with suspenders
will appear from the stall...
Siesta : ...and you'll be dragged down the toilet. (0:25:11.67)
Siesta : A hackneyed, outdated urban legend
that would ordinarily be worthless
Siesta : to bring up in this day and age. (0:25:19.85)
Siesta : And yet... is the situation a little
different at your school?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yeah. (0:25:26.73)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hey, Siesta... (0:25:31.49)
Siesta : Huh? (0:25:33.11)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Stop flipping through magazines about
foreign dramas while eating pizza
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Stop flipping through magazines about
foreign dramas while eating pizza
Kimihiko Kimizuka : in the home of a guy you just met,
wearing the guy's loungewear.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Are you a girlfriend who's living with me? (0:25:43.29)
Siesta : Huh? I'm not. (0:25:45.79)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You're not. That's why I'm complaining. (0:25:47.54)
Siesta : So back to the "Hanako" thing. (0:25:50.71)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Okay... but add "-san" to her name. Don't
refer to Hanako-san as if you're pals.
Siesta : So the gist is that Hanako-sans are
proliferating in your middle school?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yeah, apparently any student
who meets a Hanako-san
Kimihiko Kimizuka : becomes a Hanako-san themselves. (0:26:07.56)
Siesta : I see--in the way that a person bitten
by a zombie becomes a zombie.
Siesta : Boo! (0:26:15.95)
Siesta : Oops. (0:26:18.49)
Siesta : But this isn't just a rumor,
which is why you're discussing it with me.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yeah, that's it. (0:26:27.04)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : At my middle school, there's currently
a sharp increase in students skipping,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : mainly among people
in the track and field club.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Not only skipping school, but some among
them have even disappeared from home.
Siesta : And the rumor is that
Hanako-san is the cause of this.
Siesta : So the idea is that maybe
the vanished students
Siesta : have been dragged down the
girls' toilet by Hanako-san.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yeah. And from the fact that the
numbers are increasing so rapidly,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : the suspicion is that the actual number
of Hanako-sans is increasing.
Siesta : And hence "Hanako-san outbreak." (0:26:58.24)
Siesta : You're so kind. (0:27:04.04)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You have to pay me back
for the pizza later.
Siesta : That's not what I meant.
I'm not going to pay for the pizza.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yes, you are! (0:27:12.79)
Siesta : The students you say disappeared from
your school obviously aren't your friends,
Siesta : and yet you're concerned
and want to solve this issue.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Don't talk as if it's an obvious
fact that I have no friends!
Siesta : I wonder if it's a result of, as you say,
your being a trouble-magnet.
Siesta : At the same time, helping other people
is really ingrained in your nature.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : That's another part of
my DNA I don't need.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : But I do want to preserve
a kind of tranquil routine
Kimihiko Kimizuka : in the range I can see around me
with my own eyes.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : My parents vanished
before I was aware of them.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : After moving from place to place,
in various houses and facilities,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : now, at this age, I'm living alone. (0:27:53.84)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : That would make anyone seek a tranquil,
normal, stable environment,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : don't you think? (0:28:00.63)
Siesta : I see... So that's your...
Yeah, that explains everything.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : If you understand everything about
me after just this conversation,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : that's very scary. (0:28:12.31)
Siesta : You must be lonely,
having no family and no friends.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Again, did I ever say I have no friends? (0:28:16.94)
Siesta : On that note... (0:28:20.74)
Siesta : Over the weekend, let's go to this. (0:28:24.07)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : A culture festival? What happened
to talking about Hanako-san?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Seriously... (0:28:43.97)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : are we suddenly
having our culture festival?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : This is really weird. I have no memory
whatsoever of making any preparations.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Doesn't a culture festival always involve
working together as a homeroom class
Kimihiko Kimizuka : to prepare an exhibit? (0:28:58.07)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Did it all get done while I was
unable to attend school
Kimihiko Kimizuka : during the continuous fiascoes? (0:29:04.11)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Why wouldn't anybody
tell me about all this?
Siesta : Sorry to keep you waiting. (0:29:10.16)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Siesta... that outfit. (0:29:16.92)
Siesta : Huh? Oh, right, it's different
from my usual clothes.
Siesta : While I was at it, I even put on
a ribbon. What do you think?
Siesta : Why are you suddenly looking away? (0:29:33.19)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : It was because of the possibility that, (0:29:36.56)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : if I wasn't very careful,
I'd let slip that she looked pretty.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : But that felt like admitting defeat,
so I didn't want to say it.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Why are you wearing our school's uniform? (0:29:47.41)
Siesta : Oh, the reason I'm wearing a uniform? (0:29:49.95)
Siesta : I mean, doesn't a "uniform date"
to the culture festival seem like fun?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : It's so blue... Yep, not bad. (0:30:05.55)
Siesta : Why are you looking up at the sky? (0:30:10.06)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Well, (0:30:17.27)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : where should we start our walkaround? (0:30:18.15)
Siesta : Food stalls, planetarium... (0:30:20.57)
Siesta : Oh, so the haunted house is in the
old schoolhouse. That's a must-see.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yeah, but we need to look at the
schedule before making a move.
Siesta : Hey. Does this haunted house not
let in visitors during off-hours?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hey, Siesta, it's written right here:
"No entry during lunch break."
Siesta : But according to the ideal itinerary
I drew up in my brain,
Siesta : going in at this time is best. (0:30:48.51)
Siesta : ...the heaping-helping
challenge and such...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : This is not the kind of planning middle
schoolers do at a culture festival.
Siesta : And that's why... (0:31:00.11)
Siesta : It's off-hours, but we'd
appreciate your cooperation.
Siesta : Sidekick, I'd like a crepe. (0:31:06.65)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? Hey! (0:31:09.49)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Um, Siesta, it's no good to push your
absurd demands on people other than me.
Siesta : You bought that for me without
my even saying anything,
Siesta : whereas that other time, you got upset
when I ordered a pizza. What's going on?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : It's because the situation
keeps changing, hour by hour.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I prefer the culture festival
right before my eyes
Kimihiko Kimizuka : to the elusive Hanako-san. (0:31:35.81)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : It's adolescent romantic comedy time! (0:31:39.02)
Siesta : Hm? (0:31:49.03)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hm? (0:31:49.99)
Siesta : Eh, what? You didn't think a date meant
I'd become your girlfriend or something?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : No, I was absolutely not
thinking that. Not even a little...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Not the tiniest bit. (0:32:05.00)
Siesta : So stupid, Kimi. (0:32:07.01)
Siesta : Next we'll go buy takoyaki . (0:32:12.05)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : This closeness is creating all
kinds of misunderstandings.
EXTRA : Boy, the morning went great. Let's put
that energy into it this afternoon, too.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : And... (0:32:34.45)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : the third stall from the front on
the third floor of the old schoolhouse,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Both of us are in one toilet stall... (0:32:41.04)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : What is this all about? (0:32:46.09)
Siesta : There's something I wanted to check out. (0:32:48.05)
Siesta : If it's as I suspect... (0:32:51.76)
Siesta : There! (0:32:56.01)
Siesta : What do you think this is? (0:32:58.35)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hmm... A packet for cold medicine? (0:33:00.98)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : It looks like someone took it
after eating in here.
Siesta : I can't stop myself from
feeling sympathy for you
Siesta : if that's the very first thing
to pop into your mind.
Siesta : The tranquil routine you want to preserve
wouldn't happen to involve
Siesta : eating a bento box by yourself in the
restroom during lunch recess, would it?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : As I said, my parents are missing,
present progressive tense,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : so nobody's ever made me a bento box. (0:33:27.67)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : The only lunch I've ever eaten
in the restroom is a sweet pastry.
Siesta : I truly have begun to feel sorry for you. (0:33:33.88)
Siesta : Shall I make you a bento
box now and then?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I told you to quit saying things
that could be misinterpreted.
Siesta : Quiet. (0:33:45.19)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I remember you passing out
flyers in the schoolyard...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : But what are you doing here? (0:34:05.62)
Siesta : We won't let him get away. (0:34:08.96)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:34:10.21)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hey! Siesta! (0:34:13.80)
Siesta : That rabbit is the "Restroom Hanako-san." (0:34:15.76)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yikes! This is... (0:34:28.94)
Siesta : As they say, "The best place
to hide a tree is in a forest."
Kimihiko Kimizuka : So how can that rabbit-suit person
be the Restroom Hanako-san?
Siesta : I'll explain later.
First, we have to find that rabbit.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Sorry if this is anticlimactic...
but isn't that him?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Sorry if this is anticlimactic...
but isn't that him?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : If he had just acted casual,
we wouldn't have recognized him.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : All right, let's go grab him! (0:34:55.92)
Siesta : It's great that you're now on board
with the mission and feeling motivated.
Siesta : Keep it up. (0:35:02.72)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : What do you mean, "Keep it up"? (0:35:03.97)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Don't go starting some sidekick training
project; I see where you're coming from.
EXTRA : We're the clothing club! We're offering
costume try-ons, free of charge!
EXTRA : Anyone who has a moment, please join us! (0:35:15.24)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : If there were time, (0:35:19.66)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : this would be a chance to see Siesta
in a maid costume with cat ears...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : ...but unfortunately, we're busy. (0:35:26.96)
Siesta : Costumes for two, please. (0:35:30.33)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : We're trying something on?
We can't! He's going to get away!
Siesta : This is a tactical move. If our enemy is
trying to blend into a crowd of costumes,
Siesta : This is a tactical move. If our enemy is
trying to blend into a crowd of costumes,
Siesta : the strategy is for us to change our
appearances with cosplay as well.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You think that's going to work? (0:35:45.60)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I feel as though a maid with cat ears
would stand out even more.
Siesta : Don't worry, it's fine. (0:35:51.40)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Ow, ow, ow! (0:35:54.44)
Siesta : And why were you assuming I'd be a maid
with cat ears? I'm not wearing that.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : No... this is just-- (0:36:07.20)
EXTRA : Squeee! (0:36:10.33)
EXTRA : So cute! (0:36:11.67)
EXTRA : That looks amazing on you! (0:36:14.21)
EXTRA : So pretty! (0:36:16.21)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Magnificent. (0:36:23.72)
Siesta : Sidekick... How do I look? (0:36:26.68)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Yeah, uh, well... it really suits you. (0:36:32.73)
Siesta : I didn't think you'd come out and say it. (0:36:38.61)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Well, it would be no use lying. (0:36:42.20)
Siesta : But that suits you, as well,
that tuxedo look.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Oh. Really? (0:36:52.17)
EXTRA : If you'd like, we'll take a picture. (0:36:55.63)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Well, umm... (0:37:00.01)
Siesta : We went to the trouble of wearing them... (0:37:02.59)
EXTRA : Here goes! Say, "Cheese"! (0:37:05.10)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : No time for that... while we're
in hot pursuit of that rabbit!
Siesta : We inadvertently took up too much time
with the romantic comedy.
Siesta : This makes it hard to run. (0:37:22.07)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I agree. (0:37:24.57)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Is she thinking this is
some cosplay event?
Siesta : Hey. This is fun, isn't it, Sidekick? (0:37:31.50)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Who are you calling "Sidekick"? (0:37:38.09)
Siesta : Oops, you caught me. (0:37:40.26)
Siesta : Sidekick, over there. (0:37:43.38)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Uh? (0:37:44.89)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : So he's trying to escape outside! (0:37:48.22)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hold on, I have a bad feeling about this. (0:37:52.43)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I must be wrong--you're not thinking
you're going to jump from here?
Siesta : No, I'm not thinking that. (0:38:00.32)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Of course, you're too smart for that. (0:38:02.03)
Siesta : I'm thinking not just me, but you with me. (0:38:04.82)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:38:08.24)
Siesta : It's fine. The shoes I'm wearing are one
of the legendary detective's seven tools.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Huh? (0:38:15.46)
Siesta : We can fly. (0:38:17.58)
Siesta : This is the drug ingested by the students
who stopped coming to school.
Siesta : Its use causes elevated mood
and improved concentration,
Siesta : so it was apparently becoming popular,
mainly in the track and field club.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I had no idea... (0:38:53.29)
Siesta : But as a side effect, cases of
memory impairment also occur.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You're saying that's why students
who used it are now skipping school.
Siesta : Addicted students turn to selling the drug
in order to get money to buy it.
Siesta : I believe this is what caused the rapid
proliferation of Hanako-sans to happen.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : And as slang, that black market used the
urban legend of the Restroom Hanako-san.
Siesta : In fact, the illicit drug is apparently
made of a flower pollen-like substance
Siesta : that comes from a certain plant. (0:39:33.79)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Flower pollen. I get it--so that's where
Hanako, meaning "flower girl," comes in.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : That's a lame joke. (0:39:40.88)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : But didn't they say Hanako-san
only appeared at 3:00 am?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Why did they show up in the daytime
at the culture festival?
Siesta : They guessed that at the culture festival
they could blend into the crowd,
Siesta : and what's more, hide their identity
with a costume to get the jump on rivals
Siesta : and spread the drug around. (0:40:00.10)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Now I get it. Siesta,
you noticed right away
Kimihiko Kimizuka : that there was something strange
about that rabbit, didn't you?
Siesta : You said most of the Hanako-sans were
from the track and field club, right?
Siesta : It was a dead giveaway. Who wears
running shoes with a rabbit costume?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : When I think about it... (0:40:20.33)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : From the start, Siesta posed
as a customer, used their slang,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : and secretly made contact
with the Hanako-san.
Siesta : I told you-- (0:40:34.14)
Siesta : A first-rate detective gets a handle
on a case before the incident occurs.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Well, to you, this wasn't a
particularly challenging case.
Siesta : However... (0:40:47.44)
Siesta : There's talk that SPES also had
a hand in this whole flower thing.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You mean that secret organization? (0:40:54.70)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Hijacking planes and using schools' urban
legends as cover for criminal activity...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : What on Earth is their purpose? (0:41:03.08)
Siesta : "SPES" means "hope" in Latin.
Their purpose is to offer salvation.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Sounds just like some shady religion. (0:41:14.85)
Siesta : And so... what are you going to do? (0:41:18.14)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I, who had said I wanted an everyday life
where nothing happens, hadn't realized...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : ...that that tranquil life didn't exist. (0:41:32.70)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : It had already been ravaged
by a potent poison.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Siesta. (0:41:42.87)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I'll ask one more time: What advantages
would I gain by becoming your sidekick?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : What benefits will you give me? (0:41:52.72)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Why do you want to make me your sidekick? (0:41:57.68)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : The reason lies in my being
a born trouble-magnet.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : For Siesta, who's pursuing SPES,
I'm a valuable resource.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : The legendary detective
isn't looking for a sidekick,
Kimihiko Kimizuka : but rather for the incidents I'd attract. (0:42:14.61)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : That's why the only rewards
she could offer
Kimihiko Kimizuka : were half-assed things
she improvised on the spot.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : My feelings have firmed up. (0:42:25.67)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : No matter what Siesta may say,
I'll refuse. That's the only option.
Siesta : I'll protect you. (0:42:34.93)
Siesta : Whatever incident or trouble your
unlucky nature drags you into,
Siesta : I'll put my life on the line
to protect you.
Siesta : So... become my sidekick, Kimi. (0:42:46.31)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : You're trying a clever way
of twisting things around.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : An invitation that glossed over
the reality of things.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Well... (0:43:11.38)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : If you're willing to go that far,
I'll go along with you.
Siesta : With that said... (0:43:19.09)
Siesta : In coming all the way here,
you'd already given your answer.
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Still, when you toss out the word
"sidekick," the definition is unclear.
Siesta : Waking me up every morning, making me
brush my teeth and get dressed?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : All that would be a no. (0:43:43.33)
Siesta : You took a while to reply. You were
thinking that life would be kind of nice?
Kimihiko Kimizuka : All right, shush, I get it! I'll become
your sidekick, just as you wish!
Kimihiko Kimizuka : So stand by me, for as long
as we both shall live!
Siesta : Eh? (0:44:03.60)
Siesta : Are you propo--? (0:44:06.27)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : I take it back! (0:44:07.60)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : And thus did my dizzying tale
of adventure with Siesta begin...
Kimihiko Kimizuka : Until... (0:44:22.45)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : ...death did us part. (0:44:25.29)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : That's right... (0:44:30.08)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : The detective... (0:44:32.13)
Kimihiko Kimizuka : already dead. (0:44:34.88)
EXTRA : "Purse-snatcher Arrested!
Local High School Student is a Hero!"
EXTRA : "High School Hero! Vanished Girl Found!" (0:46:34.67)
EXTRA : "High School Hero! Vanished Girl Found!"
"Boy Hero Saves Lives"
EXTRA : "Episode 2"
"I Still Remember, After All This Time"

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