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EXTRA : Kazuya, (0:00:31.86)
EXTRA : why do you think people have families? (0:00:33.61)
Kazuya Souma : Huh? (0:00:39.37)
EXTRA : So that they don't die alone. (0:00:41.33)
EXTRA : As I was attending to your grandmother,
I dwelt on that thought.
EXTRA : We lost our son and your mom
much too early, but you were still here.
EXTRA : It was because of you that we
found fulfillment in our lives.
Kazuya Souma : Grandpa... (0:01:02.68)
EXTRA : Once I go to join your grandma,
you're going to be all alone.
EXTRA : Kazuya, start a family. And no matter what
comes your way, keep them safe.
EXTRA : Do that, and when the end comes, (0:01:19.95)
EXTRA : I promise you, you will consider
your life to have been a good one.
EXTRA : These will be the final words of wisdom
I leave to you, my grandson.
Kazuya Souma : When he said those words, I thought
they sounded like a dying wish.
Kazuya Souma : When he said those words, I thought
they sounded like a dying wish.
Kazuya Souma : Grandpa has now joined
Grandma where she is.
Kazuya Souma : And now I... am all alone. (0:01:49.90)
EXTRA : "Never mind, face forward," (0:02:04.49)
EXTRA : my heart just cried until it was hoarse (0:02:09.54)
EXTRA : When you lose something,
is that the end of it?
EXTRA : Is there no putting things back
the way they were?
EXTRA : Just as a line of clouds
moves off somewhere
EXTRA : when you take your eyes
off of them for a moment,
EXTRA : so does everything else (0:02:37.40)
EXTRA : I never thought there was a version of me (0:02:42.91)
EXTRA : that the world would have a need for (0:02:49.04)
EXTRA : But when I believed in what I believe, (0:02:54.84)
EXTRA : I found myself as I truly am (0:03:00.43)
EXTRA : Hello, yes, the first step
I take after nodding
EXTRA : Hello, yes, is toward
the yet-unseen horizon
Albert Elfrieden : Hmm, what do we do? (0:03:30.58)
Marx : Mm-hmm, whatever shall we do? (0:03:33.42)
Albert Elfrieden : What can we do about this? (0:03:39.21)
Marx : Your Majesty, (0:03:44.18)
Marx : at this point, I believe our
only move is to summon a hero.
EXTRA : You do understand the procedure, right? (0:04:00.49)
EXTRA : Yes. (0:04:02.91)
EXTRA : Very well, we will now perform
the Hero Rite of Summoning.
Kazuya Souma : Huh? Whoa! (0:04:40.94)
Kazuya Souma : Huh? Eh? (0:05:15.23)
EXTRA : I can't believe we actually
summoned someone.
EXTRA : Everything is worth trying at least once. (0:05:21.07)
Kazuya Souma : Whoa, hey... (0:05:23.82)
Albert Elfrieden : O hero! (0:05:41.59)
Albert Elfrieden : Thank you for answering our call! (0:05:43.63)
Kazuya Souma : I didn't answer anything. I was summoned
here without my say-so.
Albert Elfrieden : I-I suppose you were. From your
standpoint, it must seem that way.
Albert Elfrieden : You aren't, by any chance, angry that
we summoned you here, are you?
Kazuya Souma : Can you imagine that I wouldn't be angry? (0:06:01.36)
Kazuya Souma : Could I at least ask you
to explain the situation?
Kazuya Souma : I'll decide whether to lose
my temper after that.
Albert Elfrieden : Y-Yes indeed... an explanation... (0:06:11.58)
Albert Elfrieden :, allow me to explain... (0:06:16.12)
EXTRA : This is the supercontinent Landia. (0:06:20.04)
EXTRA : Many races--including humans,
elves, dwarves, and dragonewts--
EXTRA : have made their homes here, forming
a number of countries of various sizes.
EXTRA : However, roughly ten years ago, on
the northernmost end of the continent,
EXTRA : a horde of monsters arrived from a void
that appeared, called the Demon World,
EXTRA : and all hell broke loose among
the northern countries.
EXTRA : Centered around the Gran Chaos Empire, (0:06:48.32)
EXTRA : which boasted the largest
territory on the continent,
EXTRA : the various nations united together
to form a punitive force,
EXTRA : and mounted an invasion
of the Demon World.
EXTRA : However, that punitive force
was wiped out.
EXTRA : With these nations losing their main
military force on this expedition,
EXTRA : they no longer had the strength to repel
the monsters from the Demon World,
EXTRA : and the Demon World's forces have
now occupied a third of the continent.
EXTRA : At present, this territory is known
as the Demon Lord's Domain.
EXTRA : At present, this territory is known
as the Demon Lord's Domain.
EXTRA : Perhaps because the number
of monsters attacking
EXTRA : Perhaps because the number
of monsters attacking
EXTRA : has been divided due to
the expansion of the battle lines,
EXTRA : has been divided due to
the expansion of the battle lines,
EXTRA : the nations of mankind have been
able to barely keep them in check.
EXTRA : That deadlock remains
in place to this day.
Kazuya Souma : So then, I hope you're not telling me
to go and defeat those monsters.
Albert Elfrieden : No, not that, exactly. (0:07:40.62)
Marx : Ahem... (0:07:45.46)
Marx : Hero, this is truly difficult
for me to say...
Jeanne Euphoria : At the moment, there is no large-scale
movement in the Demon Lord's Domain.
Jeanne Euphoria : However, the forces
stationed along the border
Jeanne Euphoria : have been informed
to remain ever vigilant.
Jeanne Euphoria : The soldiers' morale is high, with
the charge to protect the world of men,
Jeanne Euphoria : but as their postings become drawn out, (0:08:12.95)
Jeanne Euphoria : their toll on the nation's treasury grows
heavy, and is becoming problematic.
Jeanne Euphoria : So, about that other matter... (0:08:20.83)
Maria Euphoria : Other matter? (0:08:23.83)
Jeanne Euphoria : The matter of our request
to the Elfrieden Kingdom
Jeanne Euphoria : to contribute financially
to the war effort.
Jeanne Euphoria : The deadline is approaching,
but they have yet to respond.
Kazuya Souma : You're going to turn me over to
the empire in the place of financial aid?
Albert Elfrieden : I'm so sorry about this!
I hope you will forgive me!
Marx : Currently, the nation who is primarily
containing the Demon Lord's Domain
Marx : is the Gran Chaos Empire, who shares
the longest border with them.
Marx : Our own Elfrieden Kingdom is being
greatly benefited by their efforts,
Marx : which is why the empire
has sought financial assistance
Marx : from those countries who do not share
a border with the Demon Lord's Domain.
Kazuya Souma : If money will do, then why not pay it? (0:09:03.79)
Kazuya Souma : It sounds far preferable to
fighting these monsters, right?
Albert Elfrieden : The thing is, we can't. (0:09:10.50)
Marx : Yes. In addition to our nation facing
a chronic shortage of food,
Marx : the expansion of the Demon Lord's Domain (0:09:17.26)
Marx : has sent us an influx of refugees
who were chased from their homes,
Marx : and it is costing us much
to deal with them.
Marx : Oh, we are in no position to pay
any financial assistance.
Marx : However, within the
empire's request for aid
Marx : is a clause that states that if we
cannot contribute any assistance,
Marx : then we may perform
the Hero Rite of Summoning
Marx : that has been handed down
through our nation,
Marx : and send the hero thereby
summoned to the empire.
Marx : So it is with the utmost
reluctance that we--
Kazuya Souma : ...would sell off your own daughters
to pay your debts, would you?
Kazuya Souma : So, what happens to me after
I'm turned over to the empire?
Albert Elfrieden : Well, we aren't sure what happens to you. (0:09:57.97)
Kazuya Souma : And what is a hero in the first place? (0:10:00.72)
Marx : It is said that a hero is the one who will
lead the revolution into a new age.
Kazuya Souma : Th-- (0:10:08.23)
Kazuya Souma : That's more than a little vague, isn't it? (0:10:12.07)
Marx : Er, you see, our information is scarce, (0:10:14.69)
Marx : and he is someone
shrouded in mystery, so...
Kazuya Souma : I hope the reason the empire
wants you to hand me over to them
Kazuya Souma : isn't to unravel the mystery of what
a hero is through dissection...
Kazuya Souma : ...or anything like that, is it? (0:10:27.00)
Kazuya Souma : So it could be? (0:10:30.63)
Marx : Th-There isn't a chance in a million
that they would do such a thing!
Albert Elfrieden : That's right! Not a chance in a thousand,
not one in a hundred, I'd say.
Kazuya Souma : Why is that possibility rising? (0:10:39.34)
Kazuya Souma : Still, I'm stuck here. My life plan
was to become a local civil servant,
Kazuya Souma : and now I'm at risk of being dissected
in this outlandish place?
Kazuya Souma : I could run, but that's going
to be easier said than done.
Kazuya Souma : If I screw up and get captured, the
situation will only get worse and worse.
Kazuya Souma : Which means that everything
hangs on the next thing I say.
Kazuya Souma : Sire, may I ask you a question? (0:11:10.62)
Albert Elfrieden : Wh-What is it? (0:11:13.54)
Kazuya Souma : Are the requests for assistance from
the empire limited to just this once?
Albert Elfrieden : W-Well, of course, they-- (0:11:19.55)
Marx : No, I believe that the requests
will keep coming
Marx : for as long as the monsters
continue to attack.
Kazuya Souma : I'm sure you're right.
One other question...
Kazuya Souma : This has to do with hero summoning. (0:11:32.06)
Kazuya Souma : Is it the sort of thing where you can
summon as many people as you like,
Kazuya Souma : so long as you perform the ritual? (0:11:37.28)
Albert Elfrieden : Oh, well, you see... (0:11:39.19)
Marx : According to our records,
the last time a hero was summoned
Marx : was nearly 500 years ago. It took place
only once, at our nation's founding.
Marx : We are unable to perform
summonings very often at all.
Kazuya Souma : Assuming that's true, (0:11:56.84)
Kazuya Souma : then I am the one card this country
has to play under the circumstances.
Kazuya Souma : Is that about right? (0:12:03.30)
Albert Elfrieden : Th-That seems about right. (0:12:04.51)
Kazuya Souma : In that case, wouldn't it be a vacuous
move to give me up right now?
Albert Elfrieden : V-Vacuous? (0:12:11.81)
Elisha Elfrieden : Dear, "vacuous" means something foolish. (0:12:13.56)
Albert Elfrieden : O-Oh, that "vacuous." (0:12:17.94)
Kazuya Souma : I think it might be working. (0:12:21.24)
Kazuya Souma : If we are thinking ahead, should we not
first review the country's finances,
Kazuya Souma : adopt policies to increase its might, (0:12:27.95)
Kazuya Souma : and build up enough national strength
to reject these sorts of imperial demands?
Albert Elfrieden : E-Enough national strength
to reject imperial demands?
Marx : B-But the idea of us being able
to accomplish that is completely--
Kazuya Souma : I was told that heroes are those who will
lead the revolution into a new age.
Kazuya Souma : You never know, we might be able to bring
about some change in this country.
EXTRA : "Elfrieden Kingdom: A multiethnic state
with various races coexisting.
To prevent human supremacy,
a tripartite system is in place."
EXTRA : "Souma Kazuya: Age: 18 years old
Considers things realistically and acts
rationally, but can behave impractically
when family is involved."
Kazuya Souma : ...or so I said, but at the moment,
I don't have a plan.
Kazuya Souma : Whatever the case, I just have to find
a way to come up with this aid money.
Kazuya Souma : Can we start by having you tell me
everything about the country's finances?
Kazuya Souma : I need budget reports, and any data on
agriculture, forestry and fisheries,
Kazuya Souma : on your economy, trade, and industry, (0:13:20.71)
Kazuya Souma : and on your land, infrastructure,
and transport, if you please.
Elisha Elfrieden : Marx, if you would? (0:13:25.63)
Marx : At once. (0:13:28.51)
EXTRA : And so, a wide range of
topics were discussed,
EXTRA : as the conference between
the Elfrieden king, Albert,
EXTRA : the prime minister, Marx,
and the hero, Souma,
EXTRA : went on for three days and nights. (0:13:40.82)
Albert Elfrieden : All of you present,
I would like your attention.
Albert Elfrieden : I, Albert Elfrieden,
the 13th King of Elfrieden,
Albert Elfrieden : hereby abdicate the throne, (0:13:57.08)
Albert Elfrieden : and give it over to our summoned hero,
Souma Kazuya!
Kazuya Souma : H-Huh?! (0:14:04.84)
Albert Elfrieden : Further, I am also announcing
the engagement of my daughter,
Albert Elfrieden : Liscia Elfrieden, to Souma! (0:14:13.43)
Kazuya Souma : Huh?! (0:14:19.10)
EXTRA : April 1546 by the Continental Calendar. (0:14:21.15)
EXTRA : The throne of the Elfrieden Kingdom
is given over to Souma Kazuya.
EXTRA : This news reaches the Three Dukedoms-- (0:14:29.24)
EXTRA : the trio of dukes who head
the kingdom's armed forces--
EXTRA : where it creates no small stir among them. (0:14:35.50)
Castor Vargas : Albert has stepped down?! (0:14:39.08)
EXTRA : Yes, sir. Further, he has ceded the throne
to Souma, the summoned hero.
Excel Walter : That's quite the bold move,
coming from him.
Georg Carmine : I will wager that Liscia will be beside
herself when this news reaches her.
Liscia Elfrieden : Father, Mother, please be all right. (0:15:14.08)
Albert Elfrieden : Ah, right there, right there,
that's the spot...
Liscia Elfrieden : Father! Are you all... right? (0:15:24.75)
Liscia Elfrieden : Father! (0:15:28.13)
Liscia Elfrieden : I heard that the throne had been
usurped and came flying here!
Liscia Elfrieden : And then I find the two of you in there,
casually carrying on like that!
Albert Elfrieden : The throne has not exactly been usurped. (0:15:35.43)
Albert Elfrieden : I abdicated it in favor of Souma
of my own free will.
Liscia Elfrieden : But why would you
suddenly do such a thing?
Albert Elfrieden : Because I am convinced that he is more fit
to be king of the country than I am.
Albert Elfrieden : I made my decision responsibly,
as one who was in charge of the kingdom.
Albert Elfrieden : And I won't have any arguments! (0:15:56.74)
Liscia Elfrieden : B-But Father, how could you declare
my engagement without asking me?!
Albert Elfrieden : That's something the two of you
can discuss between yourselves.
Albert Elfrieden : This marriage arrangement
originated with me.
Albert Elfrieden : If you don't want to go through with it, (0:16:10.76)
Albert Elfrieden : I doubt that Souma will insist. (0:16:12.47)
Liscia Elfrieden : Mother! (0:16:15.35)
Elisha Elfrieden : You should go and meet Souma first. (0:16:16.89)
Elisha Elfrieden : This is your life, after all,
so you should decide for yourself.
Liscia Elfrieden : What does he mean, the two of us
should discuss it ourselves?
Liscia Elfrieden : Obviously this guy can't
be up to anything good.
Liscia Elfrieden : I'm coming in. (0:16:35.70)
Kazuya Souma : Hey, whoever just came in... (0:16:38.66)
Liscia Elfrieden : Huh? Me? (0:16:41.54)
Kazuya Souma : Are you able to read? (0:16:44.29)
Liscia Elfrieden : D-Don't take me for an idiot!
I've had my share of education!
Liscia Elfrieden : --Okay, what's three plus two?
Kazuya Souma : --Okay, what's three plus two?
Kazuya Souma : Six times two? (0:16:53.43)
Liscia Elfrieden : Twelve, of course. (0:16:54.64)
Kazuya Souma : Forty-two divided by seven? (0:16:56.22)
Liscia Elfrieden : Seven! No, I mean six! (0:16:57.89)
Kazuya Souma : Good. Come over here
and help me with this work.
Liscia Elfrieden : Help you? Who do you think I am, anyway? (0:17:04.48)
Kazuya Souma : Fresh manpower. (0:17:08.15)
Liscia Elfrieden : I am Liscia Elfrieden,
daughter of the king--
Liscia Elfrieden : I mean, the former king, Albert Elfrieden. (0:17:13.82)
Kazuya Souma : You're a princess? (0:17:18.37)
Liscia Elfrieden : Don't I look it? (0:17:20.49)
Kazuya Souma : Oh, no, you're wearing what
looks like a military uniform, so...
Liscia Elfrieden : Not "like" a military uniform,
it "is" one!
Liscia Elfrieden : I'm stationed with the army under
command of Duke Carmine.
Liscia Elfrieden : I was out performing my duties on patrol,
until I came rushing back here.
Kazuya Souma : O-Oh, is that right? But, mm-hmm,
now that you mention it,
Kazuya Souma : there is something princess-y about you. (0:17:39.56)
Kazuya Souma : I'm Souma Kazuya.
For better or worse, I'm the king now.
Liscia Elfrieden : I'm not a princess anymore.
Thanks to you stealing the throne away,
Liscia Elfrieden : my position right now
is really up in the air.
Kazuya Souma : Stole it away? Your old man
all but dumped his throne on me.
Liscia Elfrieden : What happened, anyway? I know
that you're the hero they summoned,
Liscia Elfrieden : but how did that turn into you suddenly
ending up being delegated the throne?
Kazuya Souma : That's what I'd like to know. I was
just looking out for my own safety.
Liscia Elfrieden : Huh? (0:18:17.47)
Albert Elfrieden : I wonder if those two will get along well. (0:18:21.64)
Elisha Elfrieden : They'll be fine. I'm sure of it. (0:18:25.18)
Kazuya Souma : When I brought up fiscal reforms, (0:18:29.02)
Kazuya Souma : I knew I might end up being tasked
with overseeing financial management,
Kazuya Souma : but I never expected to be made the king. (0:18:35.44)
Liscia Elfrieden : Uh, listen, I'm sorry
for how I acted earlier.
Kazuya Souma : There's nothing you need to apologize for.
Actually, you're the victim here.
Kazuya Souma : You've been engaged to me out of the blue. (0:18:45.87)
Liscia Elfrieden : A-About that matter... (0:18:48.12)
Kazuya Souma : You don't have to give our
engagement another thought.
Liscia Elfrieden : Huh? (0:18:52.00)
Kazuya Souma : I'm only keeping the throne warm for now. (0:18:53.00)
Kazuya Souma : After a few years of this,
I'll probably give up being the king.
Liscia Elfrieden : Huh? (0:18:58.84)
Kazuya Souma : I never wanted to do anything more than
put in the work to raise enough funds
Kazuya Souma : to keep me from being
handed over to the empire.
Kazuya Souma : Then again, now that I've been
shown the throne, I'll at least do
Kazuya Souma : what it's going to take to get
the country's finances back on track.
Kazuya Souma : But beyond that, I'll leave any further
decisions in the hands of the people.
Kazuya Souma : And of course, you can
cancel our engagement.
Liscia Elfrieden : I meant that when you say you will quit
being the king after a few years,
Liscia Elfrieden : do you really think you can do anything
about this country in a few years?
Liscia Elfrieden : And before you answer that, what are you
doing about the aid to the empire?
Kazuya Souma : Hmm? Oh, I've already
secured the aid money.
Roroa Amidonia : It looks like a custodian for the items
coming out of Elfrieden has been found.
Sebastian Silverdeer : There is a great demand among
the wealthy when it comes to jewelry
Sebastian Silverdeer : sourced from royal families. (0:19:58.07)
Sebastian Silverdeer : Investing all those funds to snap up
the standout pieces first
Sebastian Silverdeer : was the right call to make. (0:20:04.37)
Roroa Amidonia : And as a result,
we did a fair bit of business.
Sebastian Silverdeer : I must say, this new king
is taking some rather bold action.
Roroa Amidonia : Right now, their country doesn't
need jewels that nobody can eat.
Roroa Amidonia : They need money to get the economy moving. (0:20:17.67)
Roroa Amidonia : I wasn't sure what they were thinking,
making their summoned hero their king,
Roroa Amidonia : but if he knows that much,
he could be a formidable opponent.
Sebastian Silverdeer : Yes. (0:20:27.97)
Liscia Elfrieden : Huh?! You sold off
our national treasures?!
Liscia Elfrieden : The national treasures belong
to the whole country!
Liscia Elfrieden : You can't sell them just like that! (0:20:34.52)
Kazuya Souma : Oh, take it easy. If they belong
to the whole country,
Kazuya Souma : then it's fair to sell them for the sake
of the country's subjects, right?
Liscia Elfrieden : Maybe so, but there are so many
cultural and historic pieces!
Kazuya Souma : Yeah, I made sure to hold those back. (0:20:46.87)
Kazuya Souma : I put the national treasures that have
historic or cultural value in Group A,
Kazuya Souma : those with no historic or cultural
value went into Group B,
Kazuya Souma : and the rest got put into Group C.
Only Group B got sold off.
Kazuya Souma : Group A would have more
long-term fundraising value
Kazuya Souma : by being put on display in
a museum or something,
Kazuya Souma : rather than selling them off, after all. (0:21:06.85)
Liscia Elfrieden : Okay, that might be true...
But what about Group C?
Kazuya Souma : That's magic stuff, which frankly,
I'm not sure how to handle.
Kazuya Souma : I'd have to say those
were more like weapons.
Kazuya Souma : We can't just carelessly sell them,
nor can we put them on display.
Kazuya Souma : Though the full set of antique hero gear
looks like it would go for a lot.
Kazuya Souma : Mind if I sell that? (0:21:31.83)
Liscia Elfrieden : Don't you dare. You're supposed
to be a hero, remember?
Excel Walter : Regardless of his sudden
ascension to the throne,
Excel Walter : on the surface, the country
appears to be tranquil.
Excel Walter : But how long will that last?
Anyhow, Canaria...
Excel Walter : Go and determine with your
own eyes just how capable
Excel Walter : this new hero-turned-king is. (0:22:08.28)
Liscia Elfrieden : Selling the national treasures like
that--you really are a surprising hero.
Kazuya Souma : Don't be like that. If I hadn't, they
would have handed me over to the empire.
Liscia Elfrieden : That's true, but still... (0:22:19.29)
Liscia Elfrieden : Tell me, have you already sent
that aid money to the empire?
Kazuya Souma : No, not yet. I told them to hold out
paying until the very last day.
Liscia Elfrieden : Then how about if instead of
paying it to the empire,
Liscia Elfrieden : you redirected it to the military? (0:22:32.26)
Liscia Elfrieden : Your plan is to position ourselves
to be able to resist the empire, right?
Liscia Elfrieden : At the military academy, they taught us
to spend heavily on defense,
Liscia Elfrieden : but to spend not a pittance on tribute. (0:22:42.11)
Kazuya Souma : You're saying that rather than offering
tribute for a momentary peace,
Kazuya Souma : in the long run, we'd be better off
building up the military?
Kazuya Souma : Allow me to chain your adage
and immediately activate my own!
Kazuya Souma : "Time is money"! (0:22:56.12)
Kazuya Souma : The financial assistance takes on this
card's effect, and by sacrificing it,
Kazuya Souma : we gain time, which is what our country
needs most in this situation!
Liscia Elfrieden : Why are you talking like that? (0:23:04.38)
Kazuya Souma : Never mind. The point is,
even if we build up our military,
Kazuya Souma : if we neglect all of our domestic
problems, it won't mean anything.
Kazuya Souma : Until we resolve our food shortage
and refugee issues,
Kazuya Souma : we'll continue to lose
the support of the people.
Kazuya Souma : In which case, it won't take much for
outside forces to instigate an uprising.
Kazuya Souma : We'd be creating a more
vulnerable country.
Liscia Elfrieden : They wouldn't! The people of this nation
love their country! They wouldn't revolt!
Kazuya Souma : That's idealistic thinking. (0:23:30.49)
Kazuya Souma : In the long run, people with empty bellies (0:23:32.37)
Kazuya Souma : have neither morals nor patriotism. (0:23:34.54)
Kazuya Souma : You can't show concern for others if you
have no breathing room yourself.
Kazuya Souma : Isn't that right? (0:23:41.00)
Liscia Elfrieden : You really are a huge realist, huh? (0:23:43.21)
Kazuya Souma : Yeah. Perhaps I am. (0:23:47.17)

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We had 49295 visitors yesterday. Tell a friend about ACDB and let's get that over 100000 tomorrow!