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Ange Yuki : Guil. Just like we did earlier... (0:00:13.55)
Guiltia Brion : I can't sing with you. (0:00:16.14)
Guiltia Brion : This decision is yours to make, Ange. (0:00:21.35)
Ange Yuki : I'm... (0:00:25.31)
Eve Louise : You can still sleep. (0:00:44.21)
Eve Louise : How are you feeling?
Does anything hurt?
Eve Louise : You seemed to be having a nightmare. (0:00:53.51)
Eve Louise : Looks like you don't have a fever.
Thank goodness.
Ange Yuki : Who are you? (0:01:02.22)
Eve Louise : Oh, sorry. It's been a while since
I've spoken to someone new.
Eve Louise : Guil asked me to take care of you. (0:01:08.61)
Ange Yuki : Guil did? (0:01:12.61)
Eve Louise : Yes. (0:01:13.65)
Ange Yuki : So who are you? (0:01:14.82)
Ange Yuki : What's your name? (0:01:17.45)
Eve Louise : Eve. (0:01:21.24)
Ange Yuki : Eve? (0:01:22.87)
Eve Louise : Yes. (0:01:24.50)
Ange Yuki : I saw you yesterday... (0:01:27.75)
Eve Louise : This little one is Pannya. (0:01:33.34)
Eve Louise : He's happy to meet you.
I hope you'll get along with him.
Eve Louise : Guil carried you here yesterday
after you fainted.
Ange Yuki : Guil did? (0:03:38.71)
Eve Louise : Yes, I was rather shocked. (0:03:39.88)
Eve Louise : He said you didn't know anything about us,
so he wanted me to fill you in.
Ange Yuki : Are you a vampire, too? (0:03:47.14)
Eve Louise : How many fried eggs would you like? (0:03:58.82)
Ange Yuki : Oh... two. (0:04:01.49)
Eve Louise : Vampires have their own society, (0:04:04.28)
Eve Louise : and we live under the rules
established by the Scarlet Moon.
Eve Louise : I have a lot of things to tell you
but remember these two things first.
Eve Louise : First, you cannot feed on humans. (0:04:13.96)
Eve Louise : Second, we cannot let the humans
know about vampire society.
Eve Louise : You almost broke this rule earlier. (0:04:23.17)
Eve Louise : Please be careful. If you break it... (0:04:27.60)
Eve Louise : ...your heart will shatter,
and you'll die.
Eve Louise : When you break the rules
of the Scarlet Moon, you get punished.
Eve Louise : You apparently won't die if you just
do it once, but let's not try to find out.
Eve Louise : Now, eat up. (0:04:46.20)
Ange Yuki : Thanks. Where's your food, Eve? (0:04:48.49)
Eve Louise : Vampires don't need to eat food (0:04:51.66)
Eve Louise : but you should eat
while you still have an appetite.
Eve Louise : Don't worry about me and eat up. (0:04:57.50)
Ange Yuki : Thank you. (0:05:01.59)
Ange Yuki : It's really good. (0:05:06.01)
Ange Yuki : Hey, can I ask you something? (0:05:08.47)
Eve Louise : Sure, ask me anything. (0:05:10.72)
Ange Yuki : It's about Guil. (0:05:12.81)
Guiltia Brion : What about me? (0:05:14.31)
Ange Yuki : G-Guil?! (0:05:16.06)
Ange Yuki : Uh... huh? Wh-Why are you here? (0:05:17.81)
Guiltia Brion : Well, this is my house. (0:05:21.90)
Eve Louise : Oh, right. I need to
prepare your room, Ange.
Ange Yuki : Huh? My room? (0:05:28.37)
Ange Yuki : What do you mean? (0:05:30.28)
Eve Louise : Oh, I forgot to tell you.
You'll be staying here for a while.
Ange Yuki : No, that's okay. I'll be out of here soon. (0:05:37.04)
Eve Louise : No. Absolutely not. (0:05:42.59)
Ange Yuki : But... (0:05:45.34)
Eve Louise : You still don't
understand anything, do you?
Eve Louise : About vampire society
or how to use your own powers.
Eve Louise : Your scarlet eye. That's proof that
you're unable to control your powers.
Eve Louise : I'm not sure if it's because you're
a dhampir or something else about you...
Eve Louise : Anyway, we can't just leave you alone. (0:06:03.36)
Ange Yuki : Are you sure I can stay here? (0:06:07.40)
Eve Louise : Yes, of course! (0:06:10.16)
Guiltia Brion : That's fine. (0:06:16.58)
Guiltia Brion : Pretend I'm not even here. (0:06:18.83)
Eve Louise : Okay, Ange. (0:06:23.21)
Eve Louise : Once you're done eating, take this
and head over to Elizabeth's shop.
Ange Yuki : Elizabeth? (0:06:31.18)
Eve Louise : They're the most knowledgeable
and skilled vampire
Eve Louise : in the ancient ways in Harajuku. (0:06:34.31)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ I take a seat upon the crescent moon ♬ (0:06:48.82)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ Beauty is everything ♬ (0:06:53.53)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ Good day and farewell ♬ (0:07:03.59)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ I say goodbyes
in my usual fashion ♬
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ The Grim Reaper's Kiss ♬ (0:07:10.55)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ It's always so awful and so mundane ♬ (0:07:12.39)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ A tiara of flowers upon a skeleton ♬ (0:07:17.97)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ We'll give you some jewels for eyes ♬ (0:07:21.35)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ Let us celebrate that you're
no longer a mere doll now ♬
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ A grave marker made of stars,
lalalalalan ♬
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ Let them be my lover next ♬ (0:07:33.95)
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ Aah, life continues to dance
round and round then falls fleetingly ♬
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ This lonely, mad world
filled with puppets ♬
Veuve Elizabeth : ♬ Everything is so savage and
aah, so beautiful ♬
Veuve Elizabeth : Oh, it looks like I've got a visitor. (0:08:02.94)
Jack Mouton : Welcome to Rougelian! (0:08:08.82)
Jack Mouton : Sorry, though. We're already
closed for the day.
Ange Yuki : You're from LOST EDEN. (0:08:14.57)
Jack Mouton : Oh, you're the weirdo from yesterday. (0:08:16.91)
Ange Yuki : It seems to be locked. (0:08:20.70)
Jack Mouton : But it's not. (0:08:25.67)
Jack Mouton : You don't get to come in. (0:08:29.55)
Ange Yuki : Wait. I need to see
someone named Elizabeth.
Jack Mouton : Wow, are you like super old or something? (0:08:39.10)
Jack Mouton : Please, come right in. (0:08:45.02)
Ange Yuki : What the heck just happened? (0:08:56.20)
Jack Mouton : Vampires can't come into
a home without being invited in.
Jack Mouton : Hey! What other weaknesses do you have? (0:09:03.96)
Jack Mouton : What about crosses? (0:09:09.38)
Ange Yuki : --Maybe wooden stakes?
Jack Mouton : --Maybe wooden stakes?
Jack Mouton : Wow, you can't even handle silver. (0:09:18.47)
Jack Mouton : Hey, you were gawking at Saga
and me yesterday, weren't you?
Jack Mouton : You looked super jealous. (0:09:31.78)
Jack Mouton : Do you want some? (0:09:39.12)
Jack Mouton : You... (0:09:54.38)
Jack Mouton : Stop it. I'll let you
lick a little bit of it.
Jack Mouton : Stop! Please! (0:10:11.36)
Veuve Elizabeth : What do you two think
you're doing inside my palace?
Veuve Elizabeth : Honestly... (0:10:40.55)
Veuve Elizabeth : Under Selene's light (0:10:45.85)
Veuve Elizabeth : the ichor shines bright. (0:10:48.35)
Veuve Elizabeth : Athena's owl comes by night
to set this right.
Veuve Elizabeth : The laws of nature we recite (0:10:54.23)
Veuve Elizabeth : and continue to speak
of the sixth sefira's might.
Veuve Elizabeth : With the sparkling veil
of wisdom in sight...
Veuve Elizabeth : Stay still. I'm taking
a look at your body.
Ange Yuki : You're Elizabeth? (0:11:07.58)
Veuve Elizabeth : Yes, I am. You just suffered from
intense hematophagia and fainted.
Veuve Elizabeth : The closer you are to the original
bloodline, the more weaknesses you have
Veuve Elizabeth : but the stronger you are. (0:11:18.72)
Veuve Elizabeth : Either one of your parents
were very ancient vampires, or...
Veuve Elizabeth : No, that's not right. (0:11:24.68)
Veuve Elizabeth : You're a rare and legendary
creature said to be born
Veuve Elizabeth : between a vampire and a human woman... (0:11:31.02)
Veuve Elizabeth : Half vampire, half human: a dhampir. (0:11:34.52)
Veuve Elizabeth : You're the first one I've actually seen. (0:11:37.57)
Ange Yuki : I don't really know anything
about my parents.
Ange Yuki : I was told they both died
when I was a baby.
Veuve Elizabeth : Well, that makes things a bit difficult, (0:11:46.70)
Veuve Elizabeth : but looking at your body
makes it pretty clear.
Veuve Elizabeth : When you become a vampire, your heart
crystallizes, and you stop maturing.
Veuve Elizabeth : That's how we're immortal. (0:11:59.01)
Veuve Elizabeth : But half of your heart is still human. (0:12:01.68)
Veuve Elizabeth : Yes. That's why you can
still mature like a human.
Veuve Elizabeth : Say, do you mind if I take a closer look? (0:12:11.39)
Ange Yuki : --Yes!
--That's too bad.
Veuve Elizabeth : --Yes!
--That's too bad.
Veuve Elizabeth : I wasn't going to do
anything too bad.
Veuve Elizabeth : The vampire side of you must've suddenly
awakened because of the Scarlet Moon.
Veuve Elizabeth : Your hematophagia seems pretty intense (0:12:25.16)
Veuve Elizabeth : but will calm down
after you have some blood.
Ange Yuki : But I was told that we weren't
allowed to suck any blood...
Veuve Elizabeth : We can't feed on humans,
but you can feed on other vampires.
Veuve Elizabeth : You don't want to? (0:12:37.46)
Ange Yuki : --No...
--Then hurry up
Veuve Elizabeth : --No...
--Then hurry up
Veuve Elizabeth : and hand over
the thing they gave you.
Ange Yuki : You mean Eve? (0:12:45.76)
Veuve Elizabeth : Well, hurry. (0:12:46.85)
Ange Yuki : This? (0:12:48.35)
Ange Yuki : A jewel? (0:12:52.60)
Veuve Elizabeth : It's a crystal from the Scarlet Moon...
The Scarlet Tear.
Veuve Elizabeth : This symbolizes victory
at the Visual Prison.
Veuve Elizabeth : If you keep on winning and collect ten of
them, you can cause a miracle to happen.
Veuve Elizabeth : To think they'd hand it over so easily... (0:13:07.16)
Veuve Elizabeth : Scarlet Moon, bestow your powers upon me. (0:13:19.71)
Veuve Elizabeth : Nectar of life. (0:13:25.93)
Veuve Elizabeth : Spare this child strife. (0:13:27.72)
Veuve Elizabeth : By the bonds of the Scarlet Moon... (0:13:29.93)
Veuve Elizabeth : This body with all of the Paroketh, (0:13:31.97)
Veuve Elizabeth : forsake Helios, and put him in
the Scarlet Selene's debt.
Veuve Elizabeth : Now, drink. (0:13:42.15)
Veuve Elizabeth : How do you feel? (0:14:02.92)
Ange Yuki : When I look up at the Scarlet Moon, (0:14:04.01)
Ange Yuki : it feels like all of my emotions
are being drawn towards it.
Ange Yuki : But this seems to help. (0:14:08.93)
Ange Yuki : Thanks. (0:14:11.85)
Veuve Elizabeth : Well, aren't you polite.
But I'd rather you sing for me.
Veuve Elizabeth : I'd love to hear the voice
that even Guil said was beautiful.
Veuve Elizabeth : I love nothing more than beautiful things. (0:14:23.15)
Veuve Elizabeth : Or would you prefer to pay with your body? (0:14:27.95)
Ange Yuki : I'll sing! (0:14:31.32)
Ange Yuki : ♬ As I watched the moon as it wept... ♬ (0:14:36.75)
Ange Yuki : Stop!
♬ As I watched the moon as it wept... ♬
Veuve Elizabeth : Stop!
♬ As I watched the moon as it wept... ♬
Veuve Elizabeth : Please. That's one of ECLIPSE's old songs. (0:14:40.13)
Veuve Elizabeth : That's not what I asked for.
I want to hear your song.
Ange Yuki : My song? (0:14:48.59)
Eve Louise : Make yourself at home. (0:14:53.97)
Ange Yuki : Thanks. Um, I'll look for
a job right away.
Eve Louise : Ange? (0:15:05.82)
Ange Yuki : That red thing was
super expensive, wasn't it?
Eve Louise : I was given that by someone a very long
time ago and it was just collecting dust.
Eve Louise : I'm just glad it helped you out. (0:15:15.95)
Eve Louise : More importantly, tell me
what you want to do, Ange.
Ange Yuki : What I want to do? (0:15:22.25)
Eve Louise : Vampires live forever. (0:15:23.71)
Eve Louise : That's why what they want to do
with their lives is important.
Ange Yuki : The Visual Prison... What is that? (0:15:31.26)
Eve Louise : You know what
the Scarlet Moon is now, right?
Eve Louise : The Visual Prison was a ritual where
we offered our songs to the Scarlet Moon.
Eve Louise : The one who sang the most beautiful song
during the harvest would be the victor.
Eve Louise : But I think it was when
the Scarlet Moon appeared in London
Eve Louise : that it became more of a battle
to draw in human audiences.
Eve Louise : Yes, the Scarlet Moon moves from
one place to another for some reason.
Eve Louise : It came to Harajuku about 40 years ago. (0:16:06.25)
Eve Louise : That's also when Guil and
the others came to Harajuku.
Eve Louise : The name they were given by
the Scarlet Moon was ECLIPSE.
Eve Louise : Guil, Dimitri, Hyde, and Saga. (0:16:18.68)
Eve Louise : They're the ones who brought
new music to Harajuku.
Eve Louise : Sometime later, they disbanded, and
Dimitri and Hyde kept the ECLIPSE name.
Ange Yuki : So that's why they have that name... (0:16:33.53)
Eve Louise : Did you want to participate, too, Ange? (0:16:35.99)
Eve Louise : Just be careful. The Visual Prison isn't
just about battling it out with songs.
Ange Yuki : The Scarlet Tear? (0:16:44.92)
Eve Louise : Yes. Collecting its powers will allow us
to change the vampire world.
Eve Louise : I told you that we're not allowed
to feed on humans, right?
Eve Louise : Long ago, Dimitri and Hyde
collected ten Scarlet Tears,
Eve Louise : and ECLIPSE established that
as a new rule.
Eve Louise : They are becoming more powerful
to protect the humans.
Eve Louise : And for LOST EDEN,
strength is everything.
Eve Louise : They believe the strongest
should be at the top,
Eve Louise : so they are competing
with ECLIPSE head on.
Eve Louise : They're both a bit extreme and
there are many who aren't fond of them.
Eve Louise : That's why if you're going to
participate you need to be careful.
Ange Yuki : I... (0:17:28.29)
Guiltia Brion : I can't sing with you. (0:17:35.51)
Ange Yuki : Pannya... (0:17:40.81)
Ange Yuki : Hey, wait... (0:17:42.43)
Ange Yuki : S-Sorry. (0:17:48.44)
Guiltia Brion : I thought I told you to forget
that I was even here.
Ange Yuki : I just really needed to ask you something. (0:17:55.45)
Ange Yuki : What exactly is music to vampires? (0:18:00.95)
Guiltia Brion : Vampires express their feelings with song.
They cannot lie in their songs.
Ange Yuki : Their... feelings? (0:18:10.38)
Guiltia Brion : What do you want to sing and to whom? (0:18:13.96)
Ange Yuki : Expressing my feelings to someone... (0:18:18.22)
Guiltia Brion : Do you want to sing? (0:18:22.26)
Ange Yuki : I was really happy that I got
to sing with you, Guil.
Ange Yuki : For the first time,
I felt like someone acknowledged me.
Ange Yuki : --Ange...
--I know.
Guiltia Brion : --Ange...
--I know.
Ange Yuki : Even then, I don't know
if I can actually do it...
Ange Yuki : But I want to sing. (0:18:47.58)
Guiltia Brion : I see. (0:18:52.29)
Eve Louise : I was really surprised yesterday. (0:19:17.82)
Eve Louise : I think it's been about 15 years
since I last heard you sing.
Guiltia Brion : I'm leaving him in your hands. (0:19:23.87)
Eve Louise : You don't want to get closer to Ange? (0:19:25.95)
Guiltia Brion : I don't like anything noisy. (0:19:27.83)
Eve Louise : Yes, yes, of course. (0:19:30.04)
Eve Louise : But I wonder why the Scarlet Moon
acknowledged his song.
Eve Louise : "Guilty Cross" is your song. (0:19:36.63)
Guiltia Brion : No, at that moment... (0:19:39.67)
Guiltia Brion : ...that was Ange's song. (0:19:42.34)
Guiltia Brion : His feelings were coming
through the song that I wrote.
Ange Yuki : My song... My feelings... (0:20:09.50)
Ange Yuki : What are they? (0:20:14.25)
Ange Yuki : But... I want to sing. (0:20:17.92)
Eve Louise : You're really not going to sing anymore? (0:20:26.10)
Guiltia Brion : My feelings have run dry ages ago. (0:20:28.97)
Jack Mouton : That dhampir is seriously bad news. (0:20:46.24)
Jack Mouton : He jumped onto me and attacked me
like, "Rawr!" like some beast.
Jack Mouton : Mist! Hey, Mist! Are you listening to me? (0:20:51.20)
Mist Flaive : --So that boy is truly a dhampir.
--You're ignoring me? How can anyone
ignore the cute one in LOST EDEN?
Jack Mouton : --So that boy is truly a dhampir.
--You're ignoring me? How can anyone
ignore the cute one in LOST EDEN?
Veuve Elizabeth : --Are you doubting me?
--You're ignoring me? How can anyone
ignore the cute one in LOST EDEN?
Jack Mouton : --Are you doubting me?
--You're ignoring me? How can anyone
ignore the cute one in LOST EDEN?
Jack Mouton : Uh, hello?! (0:20:59.50)
Jack Mouton : I'm going to be naughty if you keep igno-- (0:21:01.34)
Veuve Elizabeth : We shouldn't go poking at them just yet. (0:21:05.47)
Mist Flaive : I know. I would never do anything
that Saga wouldn't want.
Jack Mouton : Hey! You conniving four eyes! What if
you actually hurt my precious face?
Jack Mouton : Stop ignoring me! (0:21:18.65)
Saga Latour : Shut up. (0:21:22.15)
Hyde Jayer : What an adorable sound. (0:21:34.96)
Dmitri Romanee : Yes. An inept sound that is not yet music. (0:21:37.08)
Dmitri Romanee : But I don't mind it. (0:21:42.30)
Hyde Jayer : Yes. Us or LOST EDEN... (0:21:44.22)
Hyde Jayer : I thought one of us would win and bring
forth a new miracle this year, but...
Dmitri Romanee : Things are getting interesting. (0:21:52.10)
Robin Laffite : Wow, I guess even Harajuku has pandas. (0:22:03.19)
Robin Laffite : Hey! Wait, little panda! (0:22:09.28)

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