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EXTRA : What is the Ranking of Kings? (0:00:16.30)
EXTRA : "Does he have many
prominent knights in his service?"
EXTRA : "Does he have many subjects,
and are his towns thriving?"
EXTRA : "And most of all, is the king
himself as powerful as a hero?"
EXTRA : These conditions determine
the ranking of each nation's king.
Sheena : Prince, did they pick on you again? (0:00:41.37)
Sheena : It's all right. You are a strong boy. (0:00:46.67)
Sheena : You can make it through
lots of unpleasantness.
Sheena : Then you have to become
the greatest king in all the world.
Sheena : Promise me. (0:00:58.97)
Kage : Who the heck are you? (0:03:37.13)
Kage : Hey, wait! (0:03:40.97)
Kage : I haven't seen you around here.
Plus you're wearing that crown.
Kage : Who are you? (0:03:49.60)
Kage : I'm talking to you! Are you ignoring me?! (0:03:52.44)
Kage : Hmph, fine, then. (0:03:54.81)
Kage : Okay, if you value your life,
give me all your money.
Kage : Speak up! I told you
to hand over your money!
Kage : What's your deal? You can't talk? (0:04:08.49)
Kage : You can't hear, either? (0:04:12.08)
Kage : So how am I supposed
to get through to you?
Kage : What? You don't have any money? (0:04:21.17)
Kage : Can you tell what I'm saying
by watching my mouth?
Kage : Do I understand what
you're saying, you ask?
Kage : I guess. I don't know how
I understand you, but I do.
Kage : Wait, that doesn't matter! (0:04:36.69)
Kage : If you don't have any money then take off
all your clothes and leave them here!
Kage : Nice and obedient, aren't you?
That's good for a poor guy like me.
Kage : You're doing the right thing here. (0:04:50.91)
Kage : You show some promise, you know that? (0:04:56.62)
Kage : All right, bring me some more
expensive clothes tomorrow.
Kage : And remember,
don't tell anyone else about this.
Kage : Good, now get going. (0:05:06.43)
Kage : There sure are some stupid kids out there. (0:05:10.60)
EXTRA : What's going on there? (0:05:20.36)
EXTRA : That's the First Prince, Prince Bojji. (0:05:22.03)
EXTRA : That's the prince? (0:05:24.36)
EXTRA : I'd bet he got held up
by a highwayman somewhere.
EXTRA : Oh, but he was smiling. (0:05:29.95)
EXTRA : He's stupid. What's more,
he can't hear or talk, either.
EXTRA : To make matters worse, I hear he can't
even wield a children's sword well.
EXTRA : He's a waste of a prince. (0:05:40.25)
Kage : He's not coming... (0:05:45.72)
Kage : H-He's... not planning on
having me arrested, is he?
Kage : Hey. (0:06:11.20)
Kage : What are you so happy about? (0:06:14.33)
Kage : You're happy to have
someone you can talk to?
Kage : What's the matter with you?
That's something that makes you happy?
Kage : Oh. (0:06:24.63)
Kage : You can't hear and you're an idiot, so
nobody engages with you, is that it?
Kage : "That's right. You really do get me." (0:06:32.76)
Kage : You idiot! (0:06:35.89)
Kage : I'm making fun of you! (0:06:37.02)
Kage : You sure are hard to deal with. (0:06:40.77)
Kage : What? You're bringing lots
more clothes tomorrow, too,
Kage : so you want me to be here? (0:06:48.57)
Kage : Hmph, I don't take orders from anyone. (0:06:51.24)
Kage : What's your name? (0:06:55.62)
Kage : Bojji, eh? (0:06:58.41)
Kage : I'm Kage. (0:07:00.79)
Kage : Don't overdo it.
Let's do this again tomorrow, Bojji.
Kage : First time I've ever met anyone like that. (0:07:12.89)
Kage : Well, his clothes will
fetch a pretty penny,
Kage : so I guess I'll wait for him. (0:07:18.14)
Kage : Whoa, so you're the prince
who lives in that castle there?
Kage : Then you'll be the king someday. (0:07:47.38)
Kage : You're gonna be the
greatest king in the world?
Kage : There's no way
you'll ever be a great king!
Kage : For one thing, you're deaf,
and on top of that, you're dumb.
Kage : You really are an idiot, huh? (0:08:03.77)
Kage : Wh-What? You'll be a great king anyway? (0:08:10.36)
Kage : Okay, fine. (0:08:17.99)
Kage : Become the king, and make
the world a fun place to live in.
Kage : I'll be waiting patiently for that day. (0:08:25.63)
Kage : Uh-huh, they're laughing at him. (0:08:38.68)
Kage : Of course, I'm to blame for that. (0:08:41.35)
EXTRA : I've seen him out of
his clothes every day, lately.
EXTRA : It's unsettling to think
that he might be the next king.
EXTRA : Why don't you have any clothes on? (0:08:50.73)
EXTRA : Hey, did you hear what she asked? (0:08:52.90)
EXTRA : --How come?
--How come?
EXTRA : He can't hear them. (0:08:54.78)
EXTRA : Hey, you there! (0:08:56.28)
EXTRA : The prince is unable to hear anything. (0:08:57.49)
EXTRA : Why not? He has ears, doesn't he? (0:08:59.78)
EXTRA : Some people have ears,
but still can't hear.
EXTRA : Then he can't hear us
if we insult him, right?
EXTRA : Stupid! Stupid! (0:09:07.00)
EXTRA : Hey, now... (0:09:08.04)
EXTRA : Hey, would you say something? (0:09:11.59)
EXTRA : He says "ungh-ungh"! (0:09:18.01)
EXTRA : Poor boy. (0:09:19.51)
EXTRA : --Ah, he left!
--Wait up!
EXTRA : If you can't talk,
then just say you can't talk!
Kage : Don't be ridiculous. (0:09:27.40)
Kage : This... (0:09:35.90)
Kage : is where that guy lives?
That kind of makes me angry, somehow.
EXTRA : Hey, he doesn't have any clothes on again. (0:09:42.45)
EXTRA : Pathetic. (0:09:44.58)
EXTRA : I doubt he even realizes
how big of a fool he is.
EXTRA : Ignorance is bliss. (0:09:49.92)
Hiling : I can't believe you
actually go out undressed.
Hiling : What exactly is the
meaning of this, Prince Bojji?
Hiling : What exactly is the
meaning of this, Prince Bojji?
Sandeo : Well, it's likely that (0:10:03.89)
EXTRA : Well, it's likely that (0:10:05.31)
EXTRA : he got mugged by highwaymen. (0:10:05.77)
EXTRA : he got mugged by highwaymen. (0:10:08.27)
EXTRA : "Big Four, 'Swordmaster' Domas" (0:10:09.27)
Hiling : How can something like that happen
to one of our princes? Pathetic.
Hiling : Domas... (0:10:18.49)
Domus : Your Majesty? (0:10:19.66)
Hiling : Go and catch this highwayman.
He must be put to death.
Domus : Very well. (0:10:24.45)
Hiling : What? I have it wrong? (0:10:26.16)
Hiling : You were playing a game by yourself?!
What sort of game is this?!
Hiling : You are tarnishing
the dignity of the royal family,
Hiling : and furthermore, you are
disturbing the kingdom's harmony.
Hiling : Ordinarily, these would be grave
offenses that you'd lose your head for.
Hiling : But now, I think it is quite clear... (0:10:43.35)
Hiling : ...that this boy
is not fit to be the king.
Hiling : You don't have to translate that! (0:10:52.11)
Hiling : Daida is a hundred times
more fit to be the king. Huh?
Hiling : The boy appears to be quite shocked.
He can't hear me, right?
Sandeo : That is our understanding. (0:11:03.99)
Hiling : Hmph. Let's go. (0:11:06.29)
Hiling : How is he First Prince,
while Daida is Second Prince, anyway?
Hiling : I wish this were a meritocracy. (0:11:13.34)
Hiling : Your uniform is rumpled!
Off with your head!
EXTRA : I-I am terribly sorry! (0:11:18.13)
Kage : What's up with that hysterical
brickhouse old biddy? She's a queen?
Domus : Prince... (0:11:28.85)
Domus : The king was asking for you. Please get
dressed and go see him right away.
Kage : So he's... (0:12:08.77)
Kage : ...been holding himself back and acting
like he's been okay this whole time.
Kage : Hold on, which way did he go? (0:12:17.32)
Bevin : You're a member of
the shadow clan, aren't you?
Bevin : You're a member of
the shadow clan, aren't you?
Bevin : That accursed clan of assassins. I heard
they had been completely wiped out.
Bevin : That accursed clan of assassins. I heard
they had been completely wiped out.
Bevin : You're still just a child. (0:12:40.63)
Bosse : Enter. (0:12:49.60)
Bosse : You're here, (0:13:13.00)
Bosse : Prince. (0:13:14.83)
EXTRA : What is that? (0:13:31.89)
Bosse : Bojji, I hear you've been walking
around town lately with no clothes on.
Bosse : What is the meaning of this? (0:14:18.44)
Bosse : We of the royal family must be
those upon whom the people can rely.
Bosse : Were you attacked by highwaymen?
Or perhaps someone bullied you.
Bosse : It doesn't really matter. (0:14:32.03)
Bosse : The issue is that you allowed
the situation to happen--
EXTRA : King Bosse! (0:14:38.92)
Bosse : Remain calm. (0:14:40.25)
Bosse : You are the son of the late first queen, (0:14:46.76)
Bosse : and I adore you so much
I can't bear it. However,
Bosse : my heart aches for
the country once I am gone.
Bosse : Your hands are soft and weak. (0:15:00.23)
Bosse : Daida's hands are
hunks of effort and training.
Bosse : I have given you Domas, the greatest
swordmaster in the land, as your teacher.
Bosse : There's no reason
why you can't grow stronger.
Bosse : Domas... (0:15:15.20)
Domus : Majesty? (0:15:16.33)
Bosse : I want you to train
the prince more rigorously.
Domus : Yes, Majesty. (0:15:20.37)
Bosse : Devote yourself to your training, my son. (0:15:22.13)
Bosse : Now go. (0:15:26.38)
Bevin : Who sent you,
and who are you here to kill?
Bevin : Unless you answer me... (0:15:40.48)
Kage : Look, I told you! (0:15:41.69)
Kage : I don't do any killing! (0:15:43.23)
Bevin : --Ee-yow!
--Assassination is
the shadow clan's livelihood.
Kage : --Ee-yow!
--Assassination is
the shadow clan's livelihood.
Bevin : You were once the in-house
assassins for the Kingdom of Bo.
Bevin : And once you choose your ruler,
you never betray them.
Kage : Stop talking about that! (0:15:58.91)
Bevin : But then, suddenly,
after attempting to kill the king,
Bevin : your entire clan was killed, weren't they? (0:16:04.54)
Bevin : Hey, out with it, already-- (0:16:08.42)
Bevin : Tch, blended into the shadows, did you? (0:16:18.22)
Bevin : Be on alert. I doubt he can
do anything serious, though.
Daida : You're on a rampage, huh? (0:16:53.88)
Domus : Why, Prince Daida... (0:16:57.51)
Daida : How is my brother coming along?
Has he gotten any stronger?
Daida : How is my brother coming along?
Has he gotten any stronger?
Domus : Huh? (0:17:04.14)
Daida : I'd like to spar with him for a bit. (0:17:04.98)
Domus : Well, that would be premature. (0:17:08.82)
Daida : Then, Domas, let me spar with you. (0:17:11.61)
Domus : Huh? Me? (0:17:14.32)
Daida : Yes. I can take you on, can't I? (0:17:16.24)
Domus : Oh, well... (0:17:19.33)
Domus : I heard he clobbered
the Order of Bebin's top captain.
Domus : He's completely overconfident now. (0:17:26.17)
Domus : I'm not inclined to do so, but very well. (0:17:28.38)
Domus : I guess I can take him down a peg. (0:17:34.17)
Domus : Such intensity... (0:17:44.68)
Domus : He's the spitting image of King Bosse! (0:17:47.02)
Domus : O-Outstanding! (0:17:59.03)
Domus : How do you like this ? Come on, come on...! (0:18:04.95)
Domus : Your swordsmanship is magnificent. (0:18:32.65)
Domus : He will grow even stronger.
This is the swordsmanship of a king.
Domus : I want to teach him my ways. (0:18:47.25)
Domus : Prince Bojji? (0:18:56.34)
Daida : What's this? (0:18:59.18)
Daida : You want to take me on? (0:19:00.68)
Kage : For heaven's sake, I followed that guy
here, and now look at the mess I'm in.
Kage : I've gotta get out of
this freaky place right now--
EXTRA : Hey, did you hear? (0:19:13.73)
EXTRA : Word is that Prince Bojji and
Prince Daida are fighting each other.
EXTRA : Let's go watch. (0:19:18.11)
Kage : Him, in a fight? (0:19:19.86)
Hiling : Such a commotion. What's going on? (0:19:24.08)
Doruushi : It would appear that Prince Bojji
and Prince Daida are fighting.
Hiling : Hmm. A fight between those brothers?
How preposterous.
Domus : Prince Bojji is no match for him.
What in the world is he thinking?
EXTRA : Hey, which one do you think will win? (0:19:46.31)
EXTRA : What are you talking about? Prince Daida
took down the top captain, Bohen,
EXTRA : after which Bohen quit the order. (0:19:54.23)
EXTRA : Good point. Still, that one time... (0:19:57.28)
EXTRA : I guess we'll find out
for sure during this match.
Domus : All right, I'm about to start the match. (0:20:13.38)
Domus : Are both of you ready? (0:20:16.34)
EXTRA : Domas's pupil and
your pupil are having a match.
Bevin : Hmm... Well, we already
know how this will turn out.
Daida : Brother, I'm not going to hold back. (0:20:35.56)
Domus : Begin! (0:20:42.53)
EXTRA : I knew it! It wasn't just a fluke! (0:20:54.92)
EXTRA : That thing he did back there... (0:21:05.22)
Daida : Damn it! (0:21:09.76)
EXTRA : He hit him! (0:21:22.94)
EXTRA : He dodged him, then hit him! (0:21:23.90)
Kage : Hey, he's not bad! (0:21:25.99)
Kage : You're not bad, Bojji! (0:21:28.41)

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