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EXTRA : Once upon a time, not too long ago, (0:00:01.99)
EXTRA : on a night when many shooting
stars rained down,
EXTRA : many beautiful stones fell
down onto this planet.
EXTRA : These stones had a mysterious power
that no one had ever seen before.
EXTRA : People all over the world tried to
study them and discover their secrets.
EXTRA : But then, on another night filled with
shooting stars, many years later...
EXTRA : This time, onyx stones as
dark as night rained down.
EXTRA : Many terrifying creatures
appeared from the black stones,
EXTRA : sending everything into chaos and
destroying the people, animals,
EXTRA : flowers, and trees of this world. (0:00:53.50)
EXTRA : Just when everyone was
about to give up hope...
EXTRA : They appeared. (0:01:03.94)
EXTRA : Hey, Mommy. What are these? (0:01:15.15)
EXTRA : Hm? They're the Musicarts. (0:01:17.36)
EXTRA : The people over here are the Conductors. (0:01:21.68)
EXTRA : They possess the powers
of the mysterious stones,
EXTRA : and they fight using music. (0:01:27.13)
EXTRA : Music? (0:01:30.27)
EXTRA : I'm sorry, my love. (0:01:32.36)
EXTRA : I never got to let you experience music. (0:01:33.99)
EXTRA : But I'm sure you'll be able
to hear it someday soon.
Jimmy : Are we gonna be able to stay in this town? (0:01:44.82)
EXTRA : Hopefully. (0:01:50.60)
Jimmy : Huh... (0:01:51.85)
Jimmy : I'm gonna have a look around. (0:01:54.26)
EXTRA : Don't wander too far. (0:01:55.70)
Jimmy : I'm just going to check out
that market near here.
Jimmy : What's this thing? (0:02:23.30)
Takt Asahina : This is called a piano. (0:02:43.74)
Jimmy : A pia...no? (0:02:46.89)
Takt Asahina : Not bad. It's even tuned properly. (0:02:50.97)
Takt Asahina : An upright that sounds this good... (0:02:54.55)
Takt Asahina : Of course. You've been waiting all this time... (0:02:59.09)
Takt Asahina : For the moment when music comes back. (0:03:04.80)
Jimmy : Music? (0:03:08.91)
Jimmy : What's music? (0:03:11.21)
EXTRA : Mommy... What... What is this? (0:03:48.26)
EXTRA : That guy's amazing! (0:03:54.85)
EXTRA : Whoa, you're kidding me! (0:03:56.48)
EXTRA : Run! (0:04:11.43)
EXTRA : It's a D2! (0:04:12.12)
EXTRA : Run away! (0:04:17.47)
EXTRA : Jimmy! (0:04:18.81)
Takt Asahina : "Symphony No. 5"... (0:04:24.81)
Takt Asahina : "Destiny." (0:04:29.54)
Takt Asahina : Let the performance begin! (0:04:54.81)
EXTRA : A Musicart! (0:04:59.31)
Takt Asahina : Now play! (0:05:07.56)
EXTRA : Jimmy! (0:05:24.55)
Takt Asahina : This is music. (0:05:32.85)
Jimmy : M-Mister? (0:05:44.66)
Destiny : I'll need you to shape up, Maestro Takt. (0:05:48.52)
Destiny : If this is how you are after dealing
with a single mid-level D2,
Destiny : we'll never make it to New York. (0:05:55.63)
Destiny : We need to increase your
stamina and mental strength.
Takt Asahina : It's because you're always
fighting inefficiently...
Takt Asahina : and wasting my life force! (0:06:07.68)
Destiny : They say that a lion will use all
of its strength to hunt a rabbit.
Takt Asahina : You're just not controlling
how much power you use!
Takt Asahina : For crying out loud! (0:06:18.90)
Destiny : To be perfectly honest, I am
rather disappointed about that, too.
Destiny : This is, objectively,
a serious flaw as a weapon.
Destiny : Once we reach the New York Symphonica,
I would like to request a tuning adjustment.
Takt Asahina : Could you at least give me a hand here,
you good-for-nothing Musicart?!
Anna Schneider : Takt! Did you make a mess again?! (0:06:42.94)
Takt Asahina : Anna... (0:06:46.93)
Anna Schneider : We left for ten minutes to go shopping!
Why couldn't you just stay put?!
Anna Schneider : You're unbelievable! (0:06:53.79)
Takt Asahina : But she— (0:06:55.13)
Destiny : But Maestro— (0:06:56.10)
Anna Schneider : Shut up! We're gettin' outta here! (0:06:57.30)
Destiny : I do apologize for the interruption. (0:07:03.50)
Destiny : Please continue to enjoy
your everyday lives.
Anna Schneider : Let's go, Cosette. (0:07:10.02)
Destiny : Understood, Big Sister Anna. (0:07:12.07)
Anna Schneider : Listen, Takt. Do you really
understand the situation we're in?
Anna Schneider : New York is really far away.
We've got a long way to go.
Anna Schneider : We don't even know what lies ahead. (0:07:37.55)
Anna Schneider : There's no way we're gonna
make it if we don't cooperate.
Anna Schneider : No acting on your own. Understood? (0:07:44.50)
Anna Schneider : Seriously, give that a rest. (0:07:50.00)
Takt Asahina : I need to play more. (0:07:52.93)
Anna Schneider : It's annoying as hell! (0:07:54.11)
Takt Asahina : But that was a real keyboard!
It actually played sound.
Takt Asahina : Do you know how long it's been?! (0:08:00.24)
Anna Schneider : Did you hear a word I said? (0:08:01.88)
Takt Asahina : I'll die if I don't get to play! (0:08:03.92)
Destiny : Logically, it would have been impossible for
you to continue playing there, Maestro.
Takt Asahina : You don't get to talk to me about what's
logical, you good-for-nothing Musicart.
Takt Asahina : So D2s appear. All you have
to do is defeat all of them.
Destiny : That is a fine plan. (0:08:21.05)
Destiny : Now, if you'll provide the
calories necessary for...
Destiny : They appear to be gone. (0:08:28.97)
Anna Schneider : I'm sorry, Cosette. (0:08:32.16)
Anna Schneider : Those were the only snacks
I could find in that town.
Destiny : I see. (0:08:38.72)
Takt Asahina : Her fuel efficiency sucks. (0:08:40.99)
Takt Asahina : And you spoil her too much!
Just stuff a potato in her mouth!
Anna Schneider : She's my one and only little sister. (0:08:47.30)
Takt Asahina : You've got another sister
named Charlotte in New York.
Anna Schneider : Yes, and Lotte is my older sister. (0:08:53.71)
Anna Schneider : Cosette is the only little sister I have. (0:08:55.61)
Anna Schneider : How is this going over your head? (0:08:57.36)
Anna Schneider : Right, Cosette? (0:08:59.59)
Destiny : Yes, Big Sister. (0:09:01.80)
Anna Schneider : If we're being real here,
we really need to pick up the pace.
Anna Schneider : You want to get checked out as soon
as possible, don't you, Cosette?
Destiny : I also require sweets. (0:09:10.84)
Anna Schneider : Yes, I know. (0:09:13.45)
Anna Schneider : Of course. (0:09:15.33)
EXTRA : Now, how the hell did you guys end up here? (0:09:21.49)
EXTRA : This is honestly the worst timing. (0:09:25.52)
EXTRA : Here you go. (0:09:27.69)
Anna Schneider : What? But isn't this road the quickest
way to get to New York from here?
EXTRA : There's no way you're gonna make it through. (0:09:33.54)
EXTRA : The route to the east coast runs right
through the middle of that town, yeah...
EXTRA : But the D2s have nested there. (0:09:44.60)
EXTRA : Just when business was booming and
things were getting back on track...
EXTRA : A bunch of them just
showed up outta nowhere.
EXTRA : Then everyone in town fled,
so now we're back to zero.
EXTRA : Basically killed all of our traffic, too. (0:10:04.95)
EXTRA : It's only a matter of time before we're
gonna have to close up shop, too.
EXTRA : Oh, my. (0:10:10.83)
EXTRA : It sucks, I tell ya. (0:10:12.08)
Anna Schneider : So if we avoid this route... (0:10:18.84)
EXTRA : You'd have to circle around down south, (0:10:21.81)
EXTRA : but they've got their own issues
trying to get back on their feet.
EXTRA : The roads are all torn up, (0:10:28.69)
EXTRA : there's a bridge down, and apparently there
are spots you can only get through by boat.
Takt Asahina : You didn't plan this out very well, did you? (0:10:37.55)
Anna Schneider : Yeah, you're the last person
I want to hear that from.
EXTRA : It's been four years since Grand Maestro
Sagan said he was gonna end all this.
EXTRA : How much longer are we
gonna have to live this way?
Takt Asahina : You guys are all hopeless. (0:10:59.33)
Destiny : Maestro, I have replenished
the necessary calories.
Destiny : May I now execute the command from earlier? (0:11:06.56)
Takt Asahina : Command? (0:11:10.38)
Destiny : I sense a number of D2s in that direction. (0:11:11.77)
Destiny : Of course, I could immediately
eliminate them all.
Destiny : Then we can secure the route to New York, (0:11:19.79)
Destiny : and you'll be able to enjoy that
particular musical device.
Takt Asahina : Okay, do it. (0:11:31.55)
Anna Schneider : Stop! (0:11:34.85)
EXTRA : M-Missy, don't tell me you're a... (0:11:38.04)
Anna Schneider : How many times have I told you
not to break any windows?!
Anna Schneider : Why didn't you stop her?! (0:11:49.60)
Takt Asahina : Music takes priority over everything else. (0:11:51.05)
Takt Asahina : And it'll be easier to get
where we're going now.
Takt Asahina : What's there to complain about? (0:11:56.15)
Anna Schneider : Oh, for crying out loud! (0:11:58.56)
Anna Schneider : Come back here, Cosette! (0:12:03.50)
Takt Asahina : The static is pretty intense. (0:12:15.23)
Takt Asahina : How many are there? Wait, this is... (0:12:16.90)
Takt Asahina : Yeah, we're screwed. (0:12:22.59)
Anna Schneider : Cosette! Cosette, are you okay?! (0:12:32.59)
Destiny : I failed. (0:12:37.99)
Anna Schneider : Cosette! (0:12:40.11)
EXTRA : You okay, kid? (0:12:46.47)
EXTRA : Never would've guessed they
were a Conductor and a Musicart.
EXTRA : Maybe they're here to save us! (0:12:55.59)
Anna Schneider : Let's go over everything one more time. (0:13:00.55)
Anna Schneider : What is our goal? (0:13:02.82)
Takt Asahina : To play music. (0:13:05.52)
Destiny : Eliminating all of the D2s. (0:13:07.48)
Anna Schneider : No! You're both totally wrong! (0:13:09.71)
Anna Schneider : We're going to New York, aren't we?! (0:13:12.38)
Anna Schneider : We're going to get Cosette fixed
at the Symphonica, right?!
Anna Schneider : How are you two forgetting that?! (0:13:16.98)
Anna Schneider : At this rate, we're never
going to get there!
Destiny : Yes. I believe that both the Maestro
and I will run out of strength
Destiny : and cease functioning before we get there. (0:13:27.24)
Anna Schneider : If you understand this,
then just listen to me!
Anna Schneider : God, I can't even... (0:13:39.08)
Takt Asahina : Do something. (0:13:41.65)
Destiny : This is all your fault for
being so selfish, Maestro.
Takt Asahina : Music will save the world. (0:13:47.22)
Takt Asahina : If eliminating D2s is your mission, (0:13:49.71)
Takt Asahina : why didn't you finish them all off? (0:13:52.77)
Destiny : I mmm mrgh mradon brf I mmf evmryfing... (0:13:55.34)
Takt Asahina : Eat first, then talk. (0:13:58.49)
Destiny : I did everything that I could. (0:14:03.96)
Destiny : Many D2s attacked. (0:14:11.38)
Destiny : And I shot the lot of them, (0:14:15.79)
Destiny : but I started to realize
there was no end to them,
Destiny : so I emitted a huge kaboom. (0:14:21.96)
Destiny : And then, suddenly,
I was also hit with a kaboom,
Destiny : very underhandedly, by something
enormous that remained hidden.
Destiny : Of course, I precisely and desperately
tried to drag this thing out of hiding
Destiny : by attempting various maneuvers. (0:14:43.79)
Takt Asahina : But you failed. (0:14:46.31)
Destiny : You didn't have enough calories, Maestro. (0:14:48.59)
Destiny : I believe that you should have at least
gone to the scene as a Conductor.
Takt Asahina : I thought you took off because
you were confident enough
Takt Asahina : that you could handle them all yourself. (0:14:58.20)
Takt Asahina : I guess I overestimated you,
you good-for-nothing Musicart.
Anna Schneider : Shut up! No more being reckless!
No more sudden attacks!
Takt Asahina : So we won't be able to
listen to music around here
Takt Asahina : until we take care of this giant thing. (0:15:13.94)
Takt Asahina : I guess we won't be able
to move forward, either.
Anna Schneider : Don't give that lower priority. (0:15:19.37)
Destiny : It appeared determined to stay underground. (0:15:21.16)
Destiny : Of course, if we pass by it,
it will attack ruthlessly.
Anna Schneider : Underground, huh? I wonder
if something's really down there.
Takt Asahina : Who cares what the reason is? (0:15:31.46)
Takt Asahina : We just have to make sure it can't
stay hidden and drag it out.
Destiny : And then I shall inflict (0:15:38.35)
Destiny : a great kaboom upon it. (0:15:39.88)
Anna Schneider : Got any bright ideas? (0:15:43.53)
Takt Asahina : I'll make them listen to their beloved music
so much that they start to hate it.
EXTRA : I can't even remember the last
time I heard a live performance.
EXTRA : I was so hyped! (0:15:57.76)
EXTRA : Since that Musicart took care of that D2, (0:15:59.21)
EXTRA : I think we'll be safe around here. (0:16:02.41)
Jimmy : Hey, can I try touching that thing? (0:16:04.80)
EXTRA : Sure. (0:16:07.58)
Jimmy : Yay! (0:16:08.76)
Destiny : Please excuse me. I shall be
borrowing this for a little while.
Takt Asahina : D2s loathe the sounds that humans create. (0:16:43.79)
Takt Asahina : Especially music that has
amazing harmony and rhythm.
Takt Asahina : The more exquisite the piece,
the more unbearable it is to them,
Takt Asahina : so they'll seek to destroy it. (0:16:55.87)
Takt Asahina : Now, let the recital begin. (0:17:01.03)
Takt Asahina : A black stone... Of course. (0:17:51.02)
Takt Asahina : So they came to this town because the
Black Night Siderites attracted them.
Takt Asahina : No wonder they don't
show themselves so easily.
Takt Asahina : How long do you plan on napping? (0:18:11.26)
Takt Asahina : Let the performance begin! (0:18:20.17)
Destiny : Perhaps you're so powerful because
of that giant Black Night Siderite.
Destiny : Well, that won't do. (0:19:27.07)
Destiny : Then I will just have to shatter (0:19:29.08)
Destiny : that stone itself. (0:19:32.35)
Takt Asahina : Unleash the sound! (0:19:48.03)
Takt Asahina : Well done. (0:20:33.82)
Anna Schneider : We made it through that by some miracle. (0:21:16.45)
Anna Schneider : Hopefully this means it'll be smooth
sailing to New York from here.
Takt Asahina : I feel like I'm going to be
in the best mood today.
Destiny : Why do humans invest so much technique and
passion into the act of acquiring nutrients?
Anna Schneider : We somehow squeaked by this time, (0:21:35.11)
Anna Schneider : but I'd like it if you'd keep me in the loop
so we can keep up this journey.
Anna Schneider : I'm talking to you over there. (0:21:40.90)
Takt Asahina : Now I just need to find a grand piano. (0:21:43.08)
Takt Asahina : There has to be one somewhere. (0:21:46.08)
Destiny : My only regret is this hole. (0:21:48.27)
Destiny : How could such a flaw be permitted? (0:21:50.45)
Anna Schneider : Listen to me, please. (0:21:55.03)
Takt Asahina : What a nice day... (0:21:57.71)
Destiny : These calories shall provide
me with new strength.
Anna Schneider : I'm begging you! Someone listen to me, please! (0:22:05.04)

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