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Loid Forger : Yeah, no. (0:01:35.92)
Franky Franklin : What?! (0:01:36.91)
Anya Forger : Anya cannot accept this mama. (0:01:38.04)
Loid Forger : You're just not going to cut it
for the mother role, Franky.
Franky Franklin : You're literally a spy. Couldn't you
have done my disguise better?
Loid Forger : There's only so much I can do
with your height and physique.
Franky Franklin : I can't believe I volunteered for this! (0:01:49.79)
Anya Forger : Have a peanut. (0:01:52.50)
Loid Forger : Operation Strix. (0:01:52.96)
Loid Forger : In order to stop a key figure in Ostania,
Desmond, from trying to start a war,
Loid Forger : I was given this top-secret
mission as a member of WISE.
Loid Forger : We were able to pass the written exam to
get into the prestigious Eden College,
Loid Forger : but who knew the interview process's next stage
demanded the attendance of both parents?
Loid Forger : Very well. (0:02:13.14)
Loid Forger : I guess I'll have to explore my options. (0:02:14.97)
Camilla : Did you hear? A thief
might've entered our office.
Camilla : Apparently, they only searched drawers
with information regarding the girls.
Camilla : Like, what? What kind of creep does that? (0:02:25.32)
Millie : Honestly, the section chief is way creepier. (0:02:27.99)
Millie : He's always ogling me. (0:02:30.67)
Sharon : That's because you're always
wearing those short skirts.
Millie : Well, my boyfriend likes
it when I wear them.
Millie : You've got a nice figure yourself,
Sharon, so flaunt it more.
Sharon : You don't bother anymore
once you have a kid.
Camilla : So hey... (0:02:44.78)
Camilla : What do you think about this,
Yor? Isn't it creepy?
Yor Forger : Sorry? (0:02:50.43)
Millie : Is that the section chief's coffee?
Let's put some boogers in it.
Yor Forger : Huh? (0:02:54.56)
Yor Forger : Do boogers somehow make it taste better? (0:02:55.45)
Camilla : You know, Yor... I've gotta
say you're rather...
Camilla : unique. (0:03:02.54)
Millie : I know, right? (0:03:05.02)
Millie : She's so out there that I bet
guys keep their distance.
Sharon : Come on, now, Millie. (0:03:09.04)
Camilla : You've got a nice face and body, Yor. (0:03:10.17)
Camilla : You'd be a knockout if you just dressed up. (0:03:12.18)
Yor Forger : Uh-huh... (0:03:15.10)
Millie : I'll give you the deets on some
of my favorite cosmetics.
Yor Forger : I'm honestly content as long
as I get to keep this job.
Camilla : But aren't you, like, 27?
You need to be careful.
Camilla : There seem to be a lot of spies
around lately, you know?
Camilla : So people are apparently getting
reported over the tiniest things.
Camilla : The other day, a single
woman in her late twenties
Camilla : got reported by her neighbors
for being suspicious.
Millie : Wait, what? That's hilarious. (0:03:42.78)
Millie : You know everything, Camilla. (0:03:45.27)
Sharon : True, it's unheard of to be single
at that age. Very suspicious.
Yor Forger : Oh, I see. Thank you for the warning. (0:03:51.42)
Camilla : Oh, yeah. I'm having a party
at my place this weekend.
Camilla : You should totally come, Yor. (0:04:01.19)
Camilla : Make sure you bring your partner with you. (0:04:03.48)
Sharon : Isn't that asking a bit much? (0:04:08.58)
Camilla : Maybe the creeper who snuck into
this place will go with her.
Millie : That's so mean! (0:04:14.48)
Yor Forger : Hello, Briar residence. (0:04:21.12)
EXTRA : Hey, Sis. How have you been? (0:04:22.77)
Yor Forger : Oh, Yuri. (0:04:24.35)
EXTRA : How's work going? (0:04:25.91)
Yor Forger : Don't worry. I'm still employed. (0:04:27.53)
EXTRA : I'm worried about you.
You're kinda unusual, y'know.
Yor Forger : How rude. I'm completely normal. (0:04:33.34)
EXTRA : Isn't it about time you got married? (0:04:36.20)
EXTRA : Anyone you're interested in? (0:04:38.10)
Yor Forger : This again? (0:04:39.34)
EXTRA : The thing is, there's a chance
I might get promoted...
EXTRA : Meaning I'll probably be even busier
running around than before.
EXTRA : But I can't leave you alone like this, (0:04:48.01)
EXTRA : so I'm not sure if I should take it. (0:04:51.08)
EXTRA : The whole reason I got this far is
because of you, and I'm truly grateful.
EXTRA : That's why I just want you to be happy. (0:04:56.97)
Yor Forger : I know. (0:04:59.71)
Yor Forger : Thank you, Yuri. (0:05:01.38)
EXTRA : If you want, I can introduce you to someone. (0:05:03.29)
Yor Forger : Huh? N-No, that's okay. (0:05:05.11)
Yor Forger : O-Oh, yes. I'm actually going
to a party this weekend.
Yor Forger : With my partner, of course. (0:05:11.05)
EXTRA : Huh? You have a boyfriend? (0:05:12.61)
Yor Forger : I do, actually... (0:05:14.07)
Yor Forger : So don't worry. (0:05:15.70)
EXTRA : I see! That's great. It'll be a
party with coworkers, right?
Yor Forger : Yup. Camilla's throwing it. (0:05:21.46)
EXTRA : Ah. (0:05:23.03)
EXTRA : Then I'll have to ask Dominic
about the guy later.
Yor Forger : Huh? (0:05:28.20)
EXTRA : I mean, I know how gullible you are. (0:05:28.97)
EXTRA : I'll have to chase him away if he's a loser. (0:05:31.48)
Yor Forger : Huh? Um... (0:05:34.03)
EXTRA : I'll hold off on this promotion
until I know he's a good guy.
Yor Forger : Oh, you don't need to do tha— (0:05:38.74)
EXTRA : I look forward to meeting him. Goodnight. (0:05:40.30)
Yor Forger : What should I do? (0:05:46.66)
Yor Forger : I need to find someone by
the time of the party.
Yor Forger : If he finds out I'm lying, he'll think
I'm a weirdo and a pathological liar,
Yor Forger : and he'll lose even more trust in me. (0:05:55.60)
Yor Forger : I need to find someone for the sake
of my little brother's promotion.
Yor Forger : Yuri, you've got the wrong idea!
I was just joking earlier—
EXTRA : Oh, dear. Did you buddy-buddy
siblings actually have a quarrel?
Yor Forger : Oh, Shopkeeper? (0:06:10.23)
Yor Forger : I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was you. (0:06:12.20)
EXTRA : Good evening. I have a client
for you, Thorn Princess.
EXTRA : The Royal Hotel. (0:06:20.29)
EXTRA : Room 1307. (0:06:22.46)
EXTRA : Apologies, my lady. This whole
floor has been reserved.
EXTRA : Did anyone call for this chick? (0:06:33.73)
EXTRA : Who knows? (0:06:35.57)
Yor Forger : But I've heard... (0:06:36.93)
Yor Forger : that a traitorous scumbag is staying here. (0:06:39.46)
EXTRA : What in the world?! (0:06:46.12)
EXTRA : It's an ambush! A lone woman— (0:06:47.21)
Yor Forger : Excuse me. (0:06:53.71)
Yor Forger : Vice Minister Brennan from the
auditing department, I presume?
Yor Forger : I am terribly sorry if I
interrupted anything...
Yor Forger : But may I have the honor
of taking your life?
EXTRA : Code name: Thorn Princess. (0:07:08.94)
EXTRA : An assassin. (0:07:11.67)
EXTRA : She was taught the skills of
her trade from a young age,
EXTRA : and has done any dirty work her
employer requested ever since.
Yor Forger : It's not coming off. (0:07:22.04)
Yor Forger : Huh? Oh, no! What shall I do? (0:07:25.60)
Yor Forger : This is the only nice dress I own. (0:07:28.67)
Yor Forger : Now I can't go to the party. (0:07:31.17)
EXTRA : Anyone you're interested in? (0:07:36.81)
Sharon : It's unheard of to be single at that age. (0:07:38.31)
Camilla : Make sure you bring your partner with you. (0:07:40.87)
Yor Forger : But it's hopeless. (0:07:44.47)
Yor Forger : When it comes to homemaking...
Cleaning is the only thing I can do.
Anya Forger : Scruffy Head! (0:07:53.10)
Franky Franklin : I copied all the files of
unmarried women from city hall.
Loid Forger : Great, thanks. (0:07:58.81)
Franky Franklin : You need one who won't care
you're divorced with a kid,
Franky Franklin : is refined enough for a prestigious school, (0:08:01.84)
Franky Franklin : and is willing to get married within 48 hours? (0:08:03.84)
Franky Franklin : If a goddess like that exists,
I'd sure love to meet her.
Franky Franklin : Meanwhile, I'm not picky at all,
yet I can't even get a date.
Loid Forger : How unfortunate. (0:08:13.82)
Franky Franklin : Don't pity me, asshole! (0:08:14.83)
Anya Forger : Is having a kid bad? Am I in the way? (0:08:16.94)
Loid Forger : You're not in the way at all. (0:08:22.26)
Loid Forger : Don't worry. Just go watch some TV. (0:08:23.87)
Anya Forger : 'Kay. (0:08:26.01)
Franky Franklin : Actually, why don't you just use
a female agent from your work?
Loid Forger : A lot of them got caught in the recent
spy hunts, so I couldn't find a good match.
EXTRA : Wake up! Hey! (0:08:38.94)
EXTRA : You... You won't get away with this! (0:08:42.65)
Loid Forger : We don't have enough agents,
so I got another mission on top of this.
Loid Forger : Eliminating a certain smuggling ring. (0:08:49.73)
Franky Franklin : They're working you to the bone! (0:08:52.45)
Franky Franklin : Let's just get this over with. (0:08:54.36)
Franky Franklin : The quickest options would be women in
bad circumstances who'd cooperate with you.
Franky Franklin : Finding dirt on them might help, too. (0:09:00.70)
Franky Franklin : If they don't have any,
we can always make some up.
Loid Forger : I'd like to avoid anything risky. (0:09:04.63)
Franky Franklin : Oh, please. She's plenty risky. (0:09:06.71)
Franky Franklin : She definitely doesn't look like
any princess from a rich family.
Anya Forger : Push! Push! (0:09:11.50)
Loid Forger : You've got a point. (0:09:14.34)
Loid Forger : I need to at least do something
about her appearance.
Tailor Store Owner : Now, young lady, I'm going to take
your measurements. Come with me.
Anya Forger : I'm being sold off somewhere! (0:09:25.37)
Loid Forger : You won't be if you behave. (0:09:27.65)
Loid Forger : Honestly, where does she
learn to talk like that?
Loid Forger : The seamstress... is married. (0:09:36.91)
Loid Forger : The proprietress was listed
among the single women,
Loid Forger : but she's been arrested once over
political activities, so she's too dangerous.
Loid Forger : Finding the right person
might take longer than—
Yor Forger : Pardon me. (0:09:54.35)
Tailor Store Clerk : Oh, I haven't seen you in a while, Yor. (0:09:56.22)
Yor Forger : Hello. I was hoping I could
get my dress fixed up.
Yor Forger : Could I get it done as quickly as possible? (0:10:02.91)
Tailor Store Clerk : But of course. You're one of our regulars. (0:10:04.61)
Loid Forger : She managed to slip behind
me so easily. Who is she?
Loid Forger : Yor... Yor... (0:10:10.93)
Loid Forger : There we go. (0:10:13.29)
Loid Forger : Yor Briar, 27 years old. (0:10:14.55)
Loid Forger : She has no record of being
married or divorced.
Loid Forger : Both of her parents are deceased, (0:10:18.86)
Loid Forger : and she has one brother
who's much younger than her.
Loid Forger : They're both civil servants
whose records are pretty clean.
Loid Forger : Did I just let my guard down? (0:10:26.56)
Loid Forger : I'm far too relaxed lately. (0:10:28.37)
Yor Forger : Excuse me. (0:10:30.12)
Yor Forger : You've been staring at me ever
since I walked in. May I help you?
Loid Forger : Impossible! She could even sense my gaze? (0:10:35.11)
Loid Forger : I was just admiring how pretty you are. (0:10:38.40)
Yor Forger : Does that mean... (0:10:41.41)
Yor Forger : You have a favorable impression
of my physical appearance?
Loid Forger : Er, well... Yes. (0:10:45.70)
Camilla : You've got a nice face and body, Yor. (0:10:47.98)
Camilla : You'd be a knockout if you just dressed up. (0:10:50.26)
Yor Forger : Um— (0:10:52.91)
Anya Forger : Papa! (0:10:54.01)
Anya Forger : I now know how long I am! (0:10:55.04)
Anya Forger : Who's that? (0:10:58.25)
Loid Forger : Another customer. (0:10:59.31)
Yor Forger : He has a child. (0:11:00.49)
Yor Forger : I almost pursued someone's husband. (0:11:02.33)
Yor Forger : I've heard that women have been
killed by wives for such things.
Yor Forger : I mean, if it happened to me,
I'd just kill them back...
Anya Forger : Huh? (0:11:12.90)
Yor Forger : No, I mustn't. (0:11:13.98)
Yor Forger : If I think like this, someone will
eventually figure out that I'm an assassin.
Yor Forger : I must learn to be more normal. (0:11:19.48)
Anya Forger : A-An assassin?! (0:11:21.90)
Anya Forger : A spy... An assassin... (0:11:23.88)
Anya Forger : I'm... (0:11:26.51)
Anya Forger : so excited! (0:11:28.11)
EXTRA : The little girl was starving
for entertainment.
Loid Forger : Hmm... I was considering her as a candidate
to play my wife, but never mind.
Yor Forger : I was considering him to act
as my boyfriend at the party,
Yor Forger : but I must avoid these so-called
messy lovers' quarrels.
Anya Forger : Ah, I am oh so lonely because
I do not have a mama.
Loid Forger : What brought this on? (0:11:49.58)
Anya Forger : I long for a mama. (0:11:50.80)
Yor Forger : Are you not with your wife? (0:11:53.93)
Loid Forger : Oh, er... (0:11:55.90)
Loid Forger : I actually lost my wife two years ago, (0:11:57.57)
Loid Forger : so I'm raising her on my own now. (0:11:59.92)
Yor Forger : So I won't be killed for
asking him to the party!
Yor Forger : Excuse me... (0:12:07.10)
Loid Forger : Pretend to be your boyfriend? (0:12:11.20)
Yor Forger : Yes... I fibbed to my younger
brother about having a boyfriend.
Yor Forger : If it's not too much trouble, I was
hoping you'd accompany me to this party.
Yor Forger : Um, I promise I don't have
any ulterior motives!
Yor Forger : Of course, I'll thank you properly, too. (0:12:26.61)
Yor Forger : I just want to put my brother's mind at ease. (0:12:29.18)
Loid Forger : Very well. (0:12:34.12)
Loid Forger : I accept. (0:12:35.87)
Yor Forger : Really?! (0:12:37.69)
Loid Forger : But I would like something in return. (0:12:38.97)
Loid Forger : So you see... (0:12:44.52)
Loid Forger : I'd like you to play the role of
her mother during the interview.
Yor Forger : Her mother? (0:12:49.69)
Loid Forger : With the future being so
uncertain right now,
Loid Forger : my only wish is for my daughter
to get into a good school.
Loid Forger : This was also the wish of my late wife. (0:12:57.73)
Anya Forger : Papa is a liar. (0:13:01.81)
Yor Forger : What a wonderful person. (0:13:03.39)
Loid Forger : I'll have her accept something simple first, (0:13:06.22)
Loid Forger : It will only be one time.
Would you be up for it?
Loid Forger : but I'll get her to agree to
a formal marriage in the end.
Yor Forger : A-All right... If you think
I'm fit for the role.
Loid Forger : Thank you. Then let us reconvene
at Saturday's party.
Yor Forger : Yes. (0:13:16.73)
Loid Forger : I got a sitter for you on Saturday,
so make sure you behave.
Anya Forger : Stock up on them peanuts! (0:13:24.27)
Loid Forger : Yeah, yeah. (0:13:25.99)
EXTRA : Ten pents is your change, ribbit. (0:13:27.69)
EXTRA : Thanks, ribbit. (0:13:31.20)
Anya Forger : Ribbit? (0:13:32.30)
Loid Forger : A T... no, an F cipher. (0:13:34.54)
Loid Forger : Must be the details on the extra mission. (0:13:43.59)
Loid Forger : Retrieving art pieces that were stolen from
the West and eliminating this smuggling ring.
Loid Forger : I'm to carry out this mission Saturday at 1800
hours when the target meets with the buyer.
Loid Forger : Saturday? (0:13:56.46)
Loid Forger : And so... (0:13:59.88)
Loid Forger : We're going to take care of this quickly
so I can make it to the party.
Loid Forger : You're helping. (0:14:04.71)
Franky Franklin : Hang on a second! I'm just an informant!
My fighting skills are literal trash!
Franky Franklin : Not to mention, you already
pretty much capped your tab—
Loid Forger : We're talking 78 art pieces valued
at a total of three million dalcs.
Loid Forger : I'm almost certain no one would notice
if one or two happened to go missing.
Franky Franklin : Leave it to me. (0:14:21.04)
Franky Franklin : I just so happen to have invented some
new spy gear just for days like this.
Loid Forger : He's so useful. (0:14:26.98)
Yor Forger : Loid is awfully late. (0:14:33.57)
Yor Forger : I hope he wasn't in some terrible accident. (0:14:37.16)
EXTRA : Hold it! (0:14:42.98)
EXTRA : Who're you workin' for?! (0:14:44.35)
Franky Franklin : You didn't tell me there'd
be an army of them!
Loid Forger : Two, four, six... 38 of them. (0:14:48.95)
Loid Forger : I can't afford to waste even
ten seconds on each one!
Loid Forger : Reinforcements! There's no end to them. (0:15:02.53)
Franky Franklin : I got 'em all in! Get in! (0:15:04.43)
Franky Franklin : Whoo! (0:15:10.97)
Franky Franklin : Let's see... Which one's going
to accidentally go missing?
Loid Forger : I'm helping myself to this one. (0:15:18.22)
Franky Franklin : Hey, that's a diamond! No fair
taking the expensive-looking one!
Loid Forger : I'll use it as part of this whole charade. (0:15:22.73)
Franky Franklin : Shut up! Give that back! (0:15:24.31)
Yor Forger : I see. (0:15:37.51)
Yor Forger : So this is what it means to
have your heart toyed with.
Yor Forger : I must keep my work relationships
favorable for my brother's sake, too.
Yor Forger : Which means that I must attend this party. (0:15:48.21)
Camilla : You're late, Yor! (0:15:54.51)
Yor Forger : I do apologize. Here's a gift. (0:15:57.67)
Camilla : Oh? I thought you were
coming with your boyfriend.
Yor Forger : Unfortunately, he had something
suddenly come up.
Camilla : Oh, what a shame . I was so eager to meet him! (0:16:07.59)
Camilla : What a lame excuse. (0:16:11.00)
Millie : How pathetic. (0:16:12.77)
Sharon : I knew she was lying about having a guy. (0:16:14.17)
Millie : Should we report the liar? (0:16:17.46)
Camilla : We should! (0:16:19.21)
Camilla : I'm positive she's a spy who's been sent
in to lower our country's birth rate.
Sharon : Seriously? That's so petty. (0:16:25.33)
Sharon : She's just unpopular with the guys. (0:16:27.15)
Sharon : Just leave her be. (0:16:29.31)
Camilla : You're meaner than both of us, Sharon. (0:16:30.21)
Millie : You're so hilarious. (0:16:33.59)
Yor Forger : D-Dominic... (0:16:34.72)
Dominic : Yuri's always so worried about you. (0:16:36.52)
Yor Forger : Um, could you possibly... (0:16:40.89)
Yor Forger : just tell my brother than I came
to the party with a kind gentleman?
Camilla : Yeah, not happening. (0:16:46.73)
Camilla : Just how desperate are you
to impress people, Yor?
Camilla : It just makes you look even more pathetic. (0:16:51.83)
Dominic : Jeez, knock it off, Camilla! (0:16:54.23)
Camilla : Stop talking to my man. (0:16:55.58)
Camilla : I'll be sure to let your brother
know that you came alone.
Yor Forger : What could she possibly gain by doing that? (0:17:02.16)
Yor Forger : This is honestly becoming tiresome. (0:17:07.19)
Yor Forger : If all of the adults here
just happened to perish,
Yor Forger : my brother would never find out... (0:17:12.81)
Dominic : I'm so sorry. Have fun! (0:17:15.21)
Dominic : Come on, Camilla. Help me bake this gratin. (0:17:18.07)
EXTRA : And then that guy... (0:17:24.98)
EXTRA : Mommy! (0:17:27.03)
EXTRA : My oldest here will be taking
an entrance exam soon.
EXTRA : At the prestigious Eden College. (0:17:32.71)
EXTRA : Wow, that's wonderful! (0:17:35.56)
EXTRA : He'll be a shoe-in with the elite. (0:17:37.55)
Yor Forger : That must be what "normal" looks like. (0:17:38.07)
Yor Forger : I'm sure that's how my
brother wanted me to end up.
Camilla : Seriously? She's still here. (0:17:47.58)
Millie : She's tougher than she looks. (0:17:50.15)
Sharon : I'm honestly surprised she had
the nerve to show up alone.
Yor Forger : I see... I'm too out of my league here. (0:17:55.03)
Yor Forger : I do beg your pardon. (0:18:01.70)
Yor Forger : I will have to take my leav— (0:18:03.59)
Loid Forger : I'm terribly sorry for arriving late. (0:18:09.76)
Loid Forger : I'm Yor's husband, Loid Forger. (0:18:11.86)
Yor Forger : Um... (0:18:15.96)
Yor Forger : I just needed a boyfriend, not a husband. (0:18:16.98)
Loid Forger : Shit! (0:18:19.34)
Loid Forger : I mixed up my mission with hers. (0:18:20.41)
Dominic : Um... Mr. Forger, was it? You're bleeding. (0:18:22.37)
Loid Forger : Oh, pardon me. (0:18:25.23)
Loid Forger : One of my patients had a violent episode. (0:18:26.53)
Loid Forger : It happens all the time to a psychiatrist. (0:18:28.74)
Loid Forger : Have you been enjoying yourself, Yor? (0:18:32.20)
Camilla : You're joking, right? (0:18:33.66)
Camilla : You're married, Yor? (0:18:35.04)
Camilla : Why didn't you tell us? (0:18:37.71)
Yor Forger : Um, I... (0:18:39.29)
Loid Forger : It's embarrassing to say so, but this is my
second marriage and I already have a child,
Loid Forger : so it may have been hard to bring up. (0:18:44.56)
Camilla : Don't give me that shit! (0:18:46.91)
Camilla : There's absolutely no way Yor has a
husband who's that handsome and hot!
Camilla : I'll embarrass her in front of everyone! (0:18:51.71)
Camilla : Yor, I just got this piping hot
gratin right out of the oven!
Camilla : Oops , I seemed to have tripped! (0:18:56.92)
Loid Forger : I admire your dedication to not wasting food, (0:19:06.45)
Loid Forger : but it's a bit improper
to use your feet, Yor.
Yor Forger : Oh, I'm so sorry. (0:19:12.51)
Dominic : That got you? (0:19:14.04)
Loid Forger : This is quite delicious. (0:19:15.14)
Yor Forger : Indeed. (0:19:16.86)
Camilla : Did you know, Mr. Ranger... (0:19:18.30)
Loid Forger : It's Forger. (0:19:20.30)
Camilla : ...that she was apparently doing some
questionable work before working at city hall?
Camilla : What did you do again? (0:19:27.05)
Dominic : Come on, stop it! (0:19:28.01)
Camilla : Men would call you to their hotel rooms
so you could give them "massages"?
Camilla : Oh, you little whore. (0:19:33.01)
Yor Forger : That was... (0:19:34.61)
Yor Forger : "Massages" were a cover
for occupational murders.
Yor Forger : Um, please don't get the
wrong idea, Loid. I—
Loid Forger : How wonderful. (0:19:43.10)
Yor Forger : Huh? (0:19:44.33)
Loid Forger : Yor lost her parents at a very young age. (0:19:45.78)
Loid Forger : She did all she could to care
for her younger brother,
Loid Forger : even if it meant sacrificing herself. (0:19:53.06)
Loid Forger : Be it for someone else (0:19:55.81)
Loid Forger : or for a specific reason,
having to endure a merciless job
Loid Forger : requires an incredible amount of dedication. (0:20:01.29)
Loid Forger : And that's something to be very proud of. (0:20:03.53)
Loid Forger : Let's go home, Yor. (0:20:07.10)
Yor Forger : Er, yes... Thank you for
the lovely party, everyone.
Loid Forger : I-I'm so sorry I said I was your husband. (0:20:15.32)
Yor Forger : Oh, it's all right. (0:20:18.47)
Loid Forger : I'm not sure what to tell your
brother if he hears of this.
Yor Forger : Um, Loid... I have a suggestion. (0:20:24.67)
Loid Forger : What... (0:20:33.64)
Loid Forger : Remnants of the smuggling ring? (0:20:34.95)
Yor Forger : Hang on, Yor! (0:20:37.27)
Yor Forger : Huh? (0:20:38.75)
Loid Forger : How did they know where I was? (0:20:43.82)
Loid Forger : Did they... leave a tracking
device in the art pieces?
Loid Forger : You've definitely let your
guard down, Twilight.
Yor Forger : Who are those people? (0:20:52.05)
Loid Forger : Um, uh... (0:20:54.69)
Loid Forger : I-It appears some of my
patients still haven't recovered
Loid Forger : from their psychotic episodes. (0:20:58.84)
Yor Forger : Being a doctor must be very taxing. (0:21:01.68)
Loid Forger : She actually believed it! (0:21:04.30)
Loid Forger : In the meantime... (0:21:05.62)
Loid Forger : We're making a break for it. (0:21:06.84)
EXTRA : They've abandoned the van. (0:21:10.44)
EXTRA : They're probably hiding nearby.
Split up and find them.
Loid Forger : Yor, this way. Hurry! (0:21:22.04)
Yor Forger : Um... Are you sure it's all right for
you to hit your patients like that?
Loid Forger : Um, well... (0:21:28.35)
Loid Forger : The concussive recovery method is the
latest in modern medical practices.
Yor Forger : I see. (0:21:34.41)
Loid Forger : I can't tell if she's
actually bright or dumb.
Loid Forger : Look out, Yor! (0:21:40.22)
Loid Forger : Another one! I can't dodge it! (0:21:42.49)
Yor Forger : Oh, no! (0:21:50.39)
Yor Forger : I'm so sorry an amateur like me
helped with the recovery!
Yor Forger : I happen to be an expert in self-defense. (0:21:54.57)
Yor Forger : My brother was kind enough to teach me... (0:21:57.20)
Loid Forger : Thank you, Yor. (0:22:00.73)
Loid Forger : That was quite impressive.
Did you see how far he went?
Yor Forger : I'm sorry. I guess I did send him flying. (0:22:08.53)
EXTRA : There he is! (0:22:12.81)
Loid Forger : This way! (0:22:13.87)
EXTRA : Do whatever you need to do!
Make sure they're dead!
Yor Forger : Um, Loid... This may not
be the best moment to ask,
Yor Forger : but why don't we get married? (0:22:29.67)
Loid Forger : I'm sorry?! (0:22:36.22)
Yor Forger : Er, well, it would extend our agreement... (0:22:37.29)
Yor Forger : I mean... Apparently, I'm considered
suspicious just for being single,
Yor Forger : so it'd be nice camouflage... (0:22:47.76)
Yor Forger : For me to continue my job
as an assassin, too.
Yor Forger : Um, basically, (0:22:53.45)
Yor Forger : if it's all right with you,
maybe we could just stay together,
Yor Forger : and not just for the interview... (0:22:59.00)
Yor Forger : For both our sakes. (0:23:02.33)
Loid Forger : He's probably the only person who could
accept me for who I am right now.
Loid Forger : Then let's stop by city hall on our
way back to fill out the paperwork.
Yor Forger : Huh? Right now?! (0:23:17.81)
Loid Forger : They do say no time like the present. (0:23:19.18)
Loid Forger : Oh, that's right. (0:23:20.61)
Loid Forger : Where did I drop it? (0:23:25.47)
EXTRA : You bastard! (0:23:27.37)
EXTRA : We have 'em cornered! (0:23:29.41)
EXTRA : Fill 'em full of lead! (0:23:32.87)
Loid Forger : Yor... (0:23:35.17)
Loid Forger : Even in sickness, (0:23:36.45)
Loid Forger : or in sadness... (0:23:39.10)
Loid Forger : No matter what hardships await us, (0:23:41.49)
Loid Forger : let us be there for one another. (0:23:46.09)
Yor Forger : All right. (0:23:48.15)
Loid Forger : Until my mission... (0:23:50.06)
Yor Forger : Until my killing... (0:23:51.89)
Loid Forger : us part. (0:23:54.04)
Yor Forger : us part. (0:23:54.04)

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