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Giluas : Ow, ow... (0:00:01.04)
Giluas : I can't move a damn muscle. (0:00:02.56)
Matthias Hildesheimer : What are we going to do with you? (0:00:05.38)
Lurie Abendroth : I'll cast a healing spell now. (0:00:06.94)
Iris : I'm hungry. (0:00:09.65)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Lurie! Alma! (0:00:16.95)
Alma Lepucius : I thought Giluas beat that demon! (0:00:22.02)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I thought he did, too. (0:00:24.64)
Matthias Hildesheimer : But its magical signature
is vastly more powerful
Matthias Hildesheimer : than it was
when they were fighting.
Zardias : Impressive as ever,
Matthias Hildesheimer.
Zardias : I have a message for you. (0:00:34.76)
Zardias : I will soon destroy the seal
and revive completely!
Zardias : You may look forward to the day! (0:00:43.89)
Lurie Abendroth : Matty, what was that all about? (0:00:47.40)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Someone was using powerful magic
to animate the corpse.
Matthias Hildesheimer : But the body couldn't take it. (0:00:53.85)
Matthias Hildesheimer : The only one capable of such a feat... (0:00:56.22)
Matthias Hildesheimer : The big boss controlling the demon
in the Melkia Dungeon.
Matthias Hildesheimer : Was he behind these demidemons, too? (0:01:02.14)
Giluas : Hey... (0:01:04.69)
Giluas : Help a guy out, Matthias? (0:01:06.21)
Giluas : I think I'm gonna bleed out like this. (0:01:08.75)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Here, I'll help. (0:01:11.84)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Just hold still. (0:01:13.05)
Matthias Hildesheimer : That should restore your mobility. (0:01:17.10)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Don't push yourself like that again. (0:01:18.82)
Giluas : Thanks, man. Appreciate it. (0:01:20.47)
Alma Lepucius : All the commotion
has really brought a crowd.
Lurie Abendroth : The defeat of the demidemons must
have lifted the Thought Paralysis.
Giluas : Don't worry. I got this. (0:01:29.65)
Giluas : I'll work things out for this city. (0:01:31.52)
Giluas : I'm the Rank S adventurer, Giluas! (0:01:36.53)
Giluas : Under the Radinia Alliance's
Emergency Authorization Act,
Giluas : I hereby take control of Folkia! (0:01:43.35)
Alma Lepucius : Hang on.
What is this "Emergency Authorization Act"?
Giluas : If the person in charge
of a given region goes missing,
Giluas : a high-ranked adventurer
can temporarily take control.
Matthias Hildesheimer : Is this really the best idea? (0:01:58.13)
Giluas : Hey! Anyone here
in a position of authority?
Giluas : The guild branch head?
The factory foreman?
EXTRA : I'm the foreman. (0:02:06.06)
Giluas : Okay, awesome! (0:02:08.16)
Giluas : I officially appoint you
provisional lord of Folkia!
Matthias Hildesheimer : He totally pawned it off. (0:02:14.49)
Giluas : Here's your guild-issued permit. (0:03:56.90)
Giluas : It'll let you enter
Folkia's restricted area.
Matthias Hildesheimer : Thanks. I'll head right out. (0:04:02.39)
Giluas : Looks like I'll have to go back
to square one in my training.
Giluas : Can't go around almost dying
every time I slay one measly demon.
Giluas : See you someday. (0:04:13.61)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Right. (0:04:16.15)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I can't wait to see how much he's grown
the next time we meet.
Matthias Hildesheimer : Here we are. (0:04:42.29)
Matthias Hildesheimer : This is the device we're after. (0:04:43.41)
Alma Lepucius : Wow! (0:04:45.47)
Alma Lepucius : From an ancient magic super-civilization! (0:04:46.76)
Lurie Abendroth : I wonder what technologies
they used to make it!
Matthias Hildesheimer : These ruins seem to be
from several thousand years ago.
Matthias Hildesheimer : I created them myself
in my past life, in fact.
Alma Lepucius : Is this the device we're after? (0:05:01.50)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Actually, the device is inside. (0:05:03.45)
Lurie Abendroth : Inside? But I don't see any sign
of an entrance.
Iris : You want me to bust us in? (0:05:09.87)
Iris : My power's basically back to normal. (0:05:11.96)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I doubt even you could break
through this, Iris.
Matthias Hildesheimer : I made it out of
extremely sturdy materials.
Lurie Abendroth : You made it? (0:05:20.71)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Well, maybe if Iris hit with everything she's got,
she might put a dent in it.
Alma Lepucius : I get it! (0:05:27.86)
Alma Lepucius : The device is underneath! (0:05:29.00)
Alma Lepucius : Like when the ground opens up
to reveal a staircase!
Matthias Hildesheimer : Not quite.
The correct answer is here!
Matthias Hildesheimer : If you infuse it
with magical power like this...
Matthias Hildesheimer : Great. It's still working. (0:05:44.99)
Lurie Abendroth : You figured that out
on your first-ever visit!
Lurie Abendroth : You're so smart, Matty! (0:05:50.62)
Matthias Hildesheimer : A-Anyway, let's head in! (0:05:53.54)
Alma Lepucius : I don't see anything to walk on, though. (0:05:55.96)
Matthias Hildesheimer : That's intentional. (0:05:59.23)
Matthias Hildesheimer : We'll have to jump on down! (0:06:01.17)
Lurie Abendroth : Matty?! (0:06:04.63)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Come on in!
It's not that far down!
Lurie Abendroth : We should use... (0:06:12.97)
Alma Lepucius : Enhance Physique spell, right? (0:06:15.87)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Come on, Iris.
Take it easy.
Iris : Sorry... (0:06:27.49)
Alma Lepucius : Hey, I see something! (0:06:29.15)
Lurie Abendroth : Is this the device? (0:06:30.73)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Yeah. (0:06:32.73)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I'll prepare the device for activation. (0:06:33.63)
Matthias Hildesheimer : In the meantime, go look around
for anything we can use.
Lurie Abendroth : "Anything we can use"? (0:06:40.71)
Matthias Hildesheimer : It's an ancient ruin, after all. (0:06:43.95)
Matthias Hildesheimer : There might be old weapons
or treasure scattered around.
Alma Lepucius : Treasure and weapons from ancient ruins! (0:06:49.48)
Alma Lepucius : What an exciting thought! (0:06:52.00)
Lurie Abendroth : We might really find something incredible! (0:06:54.00)
Alma Lepucius : All right!
Let's dig up some good weapons!
Matthias Hildesheimer : I'm counting on you both! (0:06:59.76)
Iris : There might be food, too! (0:07:01.15)
Iris : I'm gonna get searching! (0:07:04.04)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Even if there is food here,
it'll be from thousands of years ago.
Lurie Abendroth : Matty! (0:07:16.01)
Lurie Abendroth : I found something incredible! (0:07:18.00)
Matthias Hildesheimer : "Something incredible"? (0:07:20.48)
Lurie Abendroth : Yes! This sword! (0:07:21.69)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Th-That's... (0:07:23.83)
Matthias Hildesheimer : That sword I created
on an all-nighter high,
Matthias Hildesheimer : designed to look cool
and absolutely nothing else!
Matthias Hildesheimer : Did I forget to get rid of it
before I reincarnated?
Matthias Hildesheimer : What was I thinking? (0:07:36.58)
Lurie Abendroth : Matty? (0:07:38.68)
Alma Lepucius : I found something, too! (0:07:40.33)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Not another cringey one
I made in my past life, I hope...
Alma Lepucius : This spear is way too heavy
for me to carry, but...
Alma Lepucius : Iris might like it! (0:07:50.09)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Iris has enough magical power
to wield it,
Matthias Hildesheimer : but it's difficult to control
and could be dangerous if she messes up.
Alma Lepucius : How would it be dangerous? (0:07:58.66)
Matthias Hildesheimer : It would rapidly overheat,
evaporating the user and everything around them.
Alma Lepucius : What?!
That's way too dangerous!
Matthias Hildesheimer : If you don't channel magic into it,
it's just a heavy spear.
Iris : Matthias!
I found something really good!
Matthias Hildesheimer : And here comes Iris... (0:08:13.91)
Iris : Look! Preserved foods from the ancients! (0:08:16.29)
Alma Lepucius : "Preserved foods"? (0:08:19.72)
Matthias Hildesheimer : They do have a preserving spell
cast on them,
Matthias Hildesheimer : but I'm not sure how well
it would hold over millennia.
Matthias Hildesheimer : We should be ready to go. (0:08:37.52)
Lurie Abendroth : What is that? (0:08:39.09)
Matthias Hildesheimer : A part from the refinery in Folkia. (0:08:41.20)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Analyzing it should let us
track down the person
Matthias Hildesheimer : who gave the refining tech
to the demidemons.
Alma Lepucius : A-Are you sure it's working right?! (0:08:51.49)
Matthias Hildesheimer : This wide-range magical-detection
device can pick up
Matthias Hildesheimer : even the smallest magical signatures
found in a piece of metal.
Matthias Hildesheimer : I can extract the magical signature
of anyone who's ever touched it.
Lurie Abendroth : It stopped! (0:09:04.65)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Seems like it worked. (0:09:06.86)
Matthias Hildesheimer : This is the data from the magical analysis. (0:09:13.33)
Matthias Hildesheimer : There's definitely a demonic signature here. (0:09:15.45)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I guess this is all
I'll learn from this part.
Matthias Hildesheimer : But, just as I thought... (0:09:21.22)
Matthias Hildesheimer : It seems to be the same one
that was giving orders
Matthias Hildesheimer : to the demon in the Dungeon City. (0:09:26.29)
Lurie Abendroth : You're saying that it was the same demon
sending demons into Melkia
Lurie Abendroth : and controlling the demidemons in Folkia? (0:09:31.80)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Yeah. And he might be working on a plan
to destroy all of humanity.
Alma Lepucius : Destroy all of humanity?! (0:09:43.81)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I acquired the demon's magical signature
in the dungeon.
Alma Lepucius : I remember that! (0:09:50.29)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Yes. (0:09:51.76)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Now we're going to use this
to ascertain the demon's location.
Matthias Hildesheimer : Here we go! (0:09:58.32)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Wide Range Detect! (0:10:00.05)
Alma Lepucius : What's going on? (0:10:22.27)
Matthias Hildesheimer : The seal is on the verge
of being lifted.
Lurie Abendroth : But it's not lifted yet, right? (0:10:26.77)
Alma Lepucius : And you're strong enough
to put it back, right?
Lurie Abendroth : Matty? (0:10:34.48)
Matthias Hildesheimer : He's a significantly dangerous opponent. (0:10:37.97)
Matthias Hildesheimer : His name is Zardias. (0:10:42.36)
Matthias Hildesheimer : We can't defeat him
in our current state.
Alma Lepucius : You can't beat him either, Matty? (0:10:49.26)
Lurie Abendroth : But there must be
something we can do, right?
Matthias Hildesheimer : Basic tricks won't work on Zardias. (0:10:54.71)
Lurie Abendroth : Then the reason he was sealed... (0:10:58.67)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Likely because the people of the time
couldn't finish him off.
Matthias Hildesheimer : If we used immortality spells
to train for hundreds of years,
Matthias Hildesheimer : we might eventually just manage
to beat him.
Matthias Hildesheimer : And if we went with that plan,
we'd finish our training, beat him,
Matthias Hildesheimer : and then have to get
to work rebuilding society.
Matthias Hildesheimer : In the meantime, humanity would likely
be driven to near extinction.
Lurie Abendroth : You're saying that...
even if we defeated the demon,
Lurie Abendroth : pretty much everyone except us would... (0:11:31.58)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I don't want to resort to that, either. (0:11:38.56)
Matthias Hildesheimer : But I can't think
of any other way to fight him.
Iris : If only there were
a really powerful weapon in these ruins.
Iris : But these all seem pretty useless. (0:11:50.53)
Matthias Hildesheimer : That's it! (0:11:53.64)
Iris : Huh? (0:11:54.74)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Iris! Let me borrow that! (0:11:55.52)
Lurie Abendroth : Matty? (0:11:58.13)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I'm going to look for items with magical
signatures matching those in the ruins.
Matthias Hildesheimer : We'll use powerful magic items
from elsewhere in the world against him.
Matthias Hildesheimer : Because the weapons I made in my past life
have ended up scattered all over the world.
Matthias Hildesheimer : If I could at least find that magic sword... (0:12:12.64)
Matthias Hildesheimer : There it is! And it's in... (0:12:19.17)
Lurie Abendroth : ...The capital of the Kingdom of Eis?! (0:12:21.34)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Did someone bring it in
while we were gone?
Matthias Hildesheimer : With that magic sword... (0:12:27.67)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I'll give you these magistones
while I have the chance.
Matthias Hildesheimer : I designed them to react
to the magic sword in question.
Lurie Abendroth : If that magic sword really is
in the royal treasury...
Matthias Hildesheimer : You'll have to bust in
and justify your actions later.
Alma Lepucius : B-Bust in?! (0:12:55.46)
Iris : That magical signature... was that... (0:13:02.37)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Most likely Zardias. (0:13:05.38)
Matthias Hildesheimer : It appears he's completely broken the seal. (0:13:07.10)
Lurie Abendroth : Then the magical signature
approaching us now...
Matthias Hildesheimer : Most likely Zardias coming after us. (0:13:12.76)
Alma Lepucius : Huh? But that's bad! (0:13:15.51)
Matthias Hildesheimer : He probably thinks
that we're the one thing
Matthias Hildesheimer : standing in the way of his attack
on humanity as a whole.
Matthias Hildesheimer : Will Zardias attack us first,
or will we find the magic sword first?
Matthias Hildesheimer : It'll be a race against time. (0:13:28.45)
Iris : We're almost to the capital! (0:13:31.91)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Great. (0:13:33.62)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I'll hold off Zardias
and buy us time.
Matthias Hildesheimer : You two will have to find
the magic sword without me.
Lurie Abendroth : Understood! (0:13:40.09)
Alma Lepucius : Understood! (0:13:40.09)
Matthias Hildesheimer : The great barrier over the capital
should help prevent the demons from coming in.
Matthias Hildesheimer : But it won't work on Zardias. (0:13:46.26)
Lurie Abendroth : Matty. (0:13:49.47)
Lurie Abendroth : We will find that magic sword
and bring it to you.
Lurie Abendroth : So please, defeat Zardias! (0:13:57.61)
Lurie Abendroth : We know that you can win! (0:14:00.51)
Lurie Abendroth : We believe in you! (0:14:02.77)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Right. Leave it to me. (0:14:08.40)
EXTRA : Did you feel
a powerful magic signature just now?
EXTRA : Yeah, that was really something. (0:14:14.83)
EXTRA : You think it's Matthias
on the way back?
EXTRA : Huh?
Doesn't it look like something's falling?
Alma Lepucius : It's definitely pointing
to the castle's treasury!
Lurie Abendroth : Let's take the shortest route there! (0:14:30.44)
Lurie Abendroth : We'll keep falling on this course,
then go straight to the castle!
Alma Lepucius : Got it! (0:14:35.85)
Alma Lepucius : Wait! Hang on! (0:14:37.46)
Alma Lepucius : How are we going to get
through the barrier?!
Lurie Abendroth : That's right! (0:14:40.85)
Lurie Abendroth : We don't have a spell
to break through the barrier!
Alma Lepucius : Huh? We're okay? (0:14:52.22)
Lurie Abendroth : It seems as if the magistones
had an enchantment for that!
Alma Lepucius : That's our Matty! (0:14:58.08)
Lurie Abendroth : Indeed. (0:15:00.36)
Lurie Abendroth : Let's get going. (0:15:01.58)
EXTRA : Was that Lurie and Alma? (0:15:05.39)
EXTRA : Yeah. (0:15:08.02)
Matthias Hildesheimer : It should be about time. (0:15:13.30)
Iris : May I ask what you're doing, Matthias? (0:15:14.75)
Matthias Hildesheimer : We've arrived at the capital
ahead of Zardias.
Matthias Hildesheimer : I can't just sit around waiting
for him to arrive.
Matthias Hildesheimer : I have to prepare
a first strike against him.
Matthias Hildesheimer : He's currently traveling through a space
available only to demons.
Matthias Hildesheimer : It's the same transportation spell
they used to attack the capital.
Matthias Hildesheimer : I'm going to use the time before he arrives
to seal the space itself.
Iris : You can do that? (0:15:39.71)
Iris : But if anyone could,
it would be you.
Matthias Hildesheimer : I have to take the chance. (0:15:44.17)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Even if I fail,
it should do some damage.
Matthias Hildesheimer : It should buy us some time as well. (0:15:48.92)
EXTRA : I-It's a dragon! (0:15:56.77)
EXTRA : Do you think the barrier will hold?! (0:15:58.55)
Alma Lepucius : Lots of people out. (0:16:01.44)
Alma Lepucius : Wanna take a different route? (0:16:02.88)
Lurie Abendroth : No, let's keep going straight. (0:16:04.35)
Lurie Abendroth : Matty said he would buy us time! (0:16:06.93)
Lurie Abendroth : The enemy we're fighting now isn't like
the ones he's taken out in one hit before.
Lurie Abendroth : We have to get him that magic sword
to turn the tables as quickly as we can.
Alma Lepucius : Matty said we should just bust in, (0:16:17.53)
Alma Lepucius : but wouldn't it be better to explain
to the headmaster or His Majesty?
Lurie Abendroth : The fate of all humanity is on the line. (0:16:24.74)
Lurie Abendroth : I'm sure they would let us
make a somewhat absurd request!
Lurie Abendroth : Besides, we could easily break
through the king's guard if we need to!
Alma Lepucius : Listen to you, Lurie! (0:16:34.93)
Alma Lepucius : You're starting to think
a little bit like Matty!
Lurie Abendroth : W-Well... (0:16:40.62)
Alma Lepucius : Lurie! Ahead of us! (0:16:43.66)
Lurie Abendroth : That was close! (0:16:47.78)
Alma Lepucius : Since we're already here,
let's run along the rooftops—
Matthias Hildesheimer : Now! (0:16:59.41)
Iris : This might just work! (0:17:04.08)
Matthias Hildesheimer : No, it won't! (0:17:06.53)
Iris : You failed? (0:17:09.11)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Yeah. I'll just have to fight him. (0:17:10.62)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Iris, can you use Dragon's Breath? (0:17:25.57)
Iris : I can manage one blast, for sure! (0:17:28.21)
Iris : I'm a little less sure
about any more than that!
Matthias Hildesheimer : That should be enough. (0:17:33.08)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Fire off one, then pull back. (0:17:34.61)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Knowing that you're hiding nearby
should help keep him in check.
Iris : You don't need me to fight? (0:17:41.01)
Matthias Hildesheimer : It's a lot for you to handle right now, Iris. (0:17:43.83)
Matthias Hildesheimer : So all I need from you
is one big blast!
Iris : Understood! (0:17:48.98)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Now! (0:17:52.34)
Iris : One big...! (0:17:53.38)
EXTRA : Did you see that?! (0:18:03.82)
EXTRA : It's not just a dragon!
There's a demon there, too!
EXTRA : Don't panic! (0:18:07.74)
EXTRA : We have the barrier!
We should be safe!
EXTRA : But... (0:18:10.58)
Alma Lepucius : Was that Zardias? (0:18:11.69)
Lurie Abendroth : I think so.
We have to hurry!
Zardias : Dragon's Breath, eh? (0:18:16.92)
Zardias : Did you really think that such a pathetic attack
would put a scratch on me?
Zardias : But it woke me up for good, at least... (0:18:26.46)
Zardias : I've been waiting to meet you. (0:18:30.10)
Zardias : Matthias Hildesheimer. (0:18:31.93)
Matthias Hildesheimer : We've been searching for you as well. (0:18:34.43)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Zardias. (0:18:37.75)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I didn't expect the Dragon's Breath
to be particularly effective,
Matthias Hildesheimer : but I didn't expect him
to completely shrug it off, either.
Matthias Hildesheimer : He seems to have significant skill
and combat experience.
Zardias : I didn't come here to talk. (0:18:51.84)
Zardias : Let us proceed to the prelude
to humanity's destruction!
Matthias Hildesheimer : I won't let that happen! (0:19:01.64)
Matthias Hildesheimer : He's aiming at... (0:19:04.83)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Iris! Move! (0:19:07.08)
Iris : Right! (0:19:08.50)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Multilayer Barrier Defense! (0:19:09.71)
Matthias Hildesheimer : So much power in a single strike! (0:19:14.91)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Is he... (0:19:20.38)
Zardias : How weak you are. (0:19:21.88)
Matthias Hildesheimer : He's not just powerful. (0:19:23.14)
Matthias Hildesheimer : He's orders of magnitude faster
than any other demon I've faced!
Matthias Hildesheimer : But... (0:19:28.10)
Alma Lepucius : We're here! (0:19:31.10)
EXTRA : State your names! (0:19:33.73)
Lurie Abendroth : Lurie Abendroth and Alma Lepucius
of Second Academy!
Lurie Abendroth : We need a weapon from the treasury
to deal with an emergency!
Alma Lepucius : Please! Open the door! (0:19:44.16)
EXTRA : I haven't heard about this! (0:19:46.91)
EXTRA : I can't let anyone through
without permission from His Majesty!
Alma Lepucius : We'll get permission later! (0:19:52.10)
EXTRA : That's ridiculous!
Surround them!
Alma Lepucius : I guess we don't have a choice. (0:19:58.45)
Lurie Abendroth : Yes. We'll have to bust through! (0:19:59.85)
EXTRA : Bandits, just as I thought! (0:20:02.47)
EXTRA : Drop your swords,
or we will arrest you!
King : Both sides, stand down! (0:20:07.07)
EXTRA : Your Majesty! (0:20:10.31)
King : Lurie Abendroth. (0:20:11.84)
King : It appears that
we're in a serious situation, yes?
Lurie Abendroth : Yes. (0:20:17.40)
Lurie Abendroth : Matty is currently flying over the kingdom, (0:20:18.43)
Lurie Abendroth : fighting a powerful demon
for the fate of humanity!
Lurie Abendroth : He needs a weapon
from the treasury to beat it!
Alma Lepucius : Please, Your Majesty! (0:20:29.24)
EXTRA : Your Majesty! (0:20:31.04)
EXTRA : Don't listen to these ruffians! (0:20:32.02)
King : Open the door at once! (0:20:33.99)
King : This instant! (0:20:35.46)
EXTRA : Yes, sir! (0:20:37.65)
King : Now, hurry. (0:20:43.21)
King : I'm sure there's no time to waste. (0:20:44.52)
King : Take what you need, quickly! (0:20:45.93)
Lurie Abendroth : Thank you, Your Majesty! (0:20:48.51)
Alma Lepucius : Thank you, Your Majesty! (0:20:48.51)
Iris : They're moving so fast,
I can't make it out!
Zardias : A pity. I'd assumed you had more
to offer than this.
Matthias Hildesheimer : It's okay.
I can still see his attacks coming.
Zardias : Oh? You didn't block that one? (0:21:10.24)
Iris : Matthias! (0:21:13.91)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I thought I'd dodged them all, (0:21:15.22)
Matthias Hildesheimer : but even the pressure
of his swings is powerful...
Matthias Hildesheimer : He's truly something. (0:21:19.29)
Matthias Hildesheimer : If I fail to dodge once,
I'm dead.
Matthias Hildesheimer : But blocking his attacks
drains my magic power quickly.
Matthias Hildesheimer : It seems it's still going to take more time
for Lurie and Alma to bring back the sword.
Matthias Hildesheimer : My chance of victory
seems exceptionally low.
Zardias : You disappoint me,
Matthias Hildesheimer.
Zardias : Is this all the strongest
in the world has to offer?
Zardias : I suppose I should finish the job! (0:21:45.17)
Matthias Hildesheimer : Then, in order to win this battle, (0:21:48.49)
Matthias Hildesheimer : I'll have to give up my life! (0:21:50.56)
Alma Lepucius : If Matty's Crest of Failure
is his strongest trait,
Alma Lepucius : then maybe my energy is my strongest trait! (0:23:28.29)
Iris : I'll bet mine is my appetite! (0:23:29.84)
Alma Lepucius : What about you, Lurie? (0:23:31.72)
Lurie Abendroth : Me? (0:23:32.80)
Lurie Abendroth : Maybe... my feelings for Matty... (0:23:34.80)
Matthias Hildesheimer : "Feelings"...? (0:23:37.65)

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