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Tomo Aizawa : I love you, Jun! (0:00:19.38)
Tomo Aizawa : Can I get your response now? (0:00:30.15)
Tomo Aizawa : Right after I started high school, (0:00:32.41)
Tomo Aizawa : I made a confession. (0:00:35.13)
Tomo Aizawa : It was, without question,
a confession of love!
Junichiro Kubota : You're just telling me this now , Tomo? (0:00:45.06)
Tomo Aizawa : But... (0:00:54.96)
Junichiro Kubota : I love you too, best bud! (0:00:56.07)
Tomo Aizawa : Y-Yeah... (0:00:58.67)
Tomo Aizawa : This dude doesn't even see me as a girl! (0:01:01.23)
Tomo Aizawa : But I, Aizawa Tomo... (0:01:05.96)
Tomo Aizawa : am a girl! (0:01:09.48)
Tomo Aizawa : "I Want to Be Seen as a Girl!" (0:01:20.51)
Tomo Aizawa : I'm heading out. (0:01:26.56)
Junichiro Kubota : Heya, Tomo. (0:01:31.86)
Tomo Aizawa : Hey... (0:01:34.65)
Tomo Aizawa : This guy, Kubota Junichiro,
lives next door to me,
Tomo Aizawa : so we've hung out together
a lot since we were little.
Tomo Aizawa : We went to different elementary schools, (0:01:43.70)
Tomo Aizawa : but in middle school... (0:01:47.04)
Tomo Aizawa : We can finally walk home together! (0:01:49.46)
Junichiro Kubota : You know... (0:01:53.34)
Junichiro Kubota : You're getting a little too
crazy with that skirt!
Junichiro Kubota : What kind of new start are you making? (0:01:57.47)
Tomo Aizawa : Huh?! (0:01:59.22)
Tomo Aizawa : That was when I first realized (0:01:59.84)
Tomo Aizawa : that Jun thought of me as a guy! (0:02:01.80)
Junichiro Kubota : We're gonna miss the bus. (0:02:07.31)
Junichiro Kubota : Let's move! (0:02:08.89)
Junichiro Kubota : What's up? (0:02:13.19)
Tomo Aizawa : This little... (0:02:14.65)
Junichiro Kubota : What did I do? (0:02:19.53)
Tomo Aizawa : Hmph! (0:02:21.12)
Tomo Aizawa : By the way, I do karate. (0:02:21.78)
Tomo Aizawa : That stupid Jun! (0:02:34.63)
Tomo Aizawa : Is he gonna treat me like a guy forever? (0:02:36.67)
Tomo Aizawa : You gotta say something
to him for me, Misuzu!
Misuzu Gundo : Listen, Tomo... (0:02:42.55)
Misuzu Gundo : I'm saying this as someone who's been
a friend to both of you for years.
Misuzu Gundo : Frankly, you're getting what you deserve. (0:02:48.10)
Tomo Aizawa : Huh? (0:02:50.31)
Misuzu Gundo : You only ever play games that boys play. (0:02:50.98)
Misuzu Gundo : In middle school, you even fought
with kids from other schools.
Misuzu Gundo : And while I'm at it... (0:02:56.94)
Misuzu Gundo : Even in kindergarten, whenever I asked
you to play house or dolls,
Misuzu Gundo : you never once played with me. (0:03:02.57)
Tomo Aizawa : S-Sorry... (0:03:05.37)
Misuzu Gundo : At this point, you might as
well just become a boy.
Misuzu Gundo : What do you say? (0:03:10.75)
Tomo Aizawa : Don't ask me that! (0:03:12.25)
Tomo Aizawa : What the heck? You're gonna
treat me like a guy, too?
Misuzu Gundo : Honestly, I'd like to, but... (0:03:19.13)
Misuzu Gundo : Unlike Junichiro, I've seen certain things... (0:03:21.55)
Misuzu Gundo : with a woman's eyes. (0:03:25.39)
Misuzu Gundo : Anyway, your first problem
is the way you talk.
Tomo Aizawa : Yeah, but I can't just start
talkin' girly outta nowhere.
Misuzu Gundo : For starters, why not try
softening your tone a bit?
Misuzu Gundo : Try being more polite and less blunt. (0:03:42.28)
Junichiro Kubota : Buying lunch from the school store?
What're you getting?
Tomo Aizawa : D-Do you mean me? (0:03:50.33)
Tomo Aizawa : Gee, I don't know... Let me think... (0:03:52.04)
Junichiro Kubota : Why are you talking like that?
You sound like an old man!
Tomo Aizawa : Old man... (0:03:58.46)
Tomo Aizawa : Old man?! (0:03:59.92)
Tomo Aizawa : What the hell is your problem?! (0:04:01.67)
Junichiro Kubota : Huh?! What's your problem?! (0:04:03.59)
Tomo Aizawa : Bring it! (0:04:05.93)
Junichiro Kubota : Fine by me! (0:04:07.18)
Tomo Aizawa : Whoa, wait! Time out! (0:04:10.27)
Junichiro Kubota : Didn't you just tell me to bring it?! (0:04:12.69)
Tomo Aizawa : I said knock it off! (0:04:14.73)
Tomo Aizawa : I'm home. (0:04:23.99)
Goro Aizawa : Hey! Tomo! (0:04:25.11)
Goro Aizawa : What happened to your face?! (0:04:26.74)
Tomo Aizawa : Ugh! (0:04:28.91)
Tomo Aizawa : Got in a fight with Jun. (0:04:31.79)
Goro Aizawa : Jun-bo?! (0:04:33.41)
Goro Aizawa : You didn't lose to him, did you?! (0:04:34.87)
Tomo Aizawa : Like I could win! (0:04:38.09)
Goro Aizawa : Don't be a wuss! You call yourself
the heir to the Aizawa style?!
Tomo Aizawa : Don't be crazy! (0:04:43.63)
Tomo Aizawa : You've been teaching him karate too, Dad! (0:04:45.22)
Tomo Aizawa : First of all, I'm a girl! (0:04:48.05)
Goro Aizawa : What'd you say?! Come to the dojo right now! (0:04:50.35)
Goro Aizawa : I'm gonna beat some guts into you! (0:04:54.02)
Tomo Aizawa : Shut up, old man! (0:04:57.10)
Tomo Aizawa : This is all because of the
stupid way you taught me!
Tomo Aizawa : All of it! (0:05:03.03)
Goro Aizawa : What are you talking about?! (0:05:04.24)
Junichiro Kubota : C'mon, Tomo, I said I was
sorry about yesterday.
Junichiro Kubota : You're the one who hit me, anyway. (0:05:12.75)
Junichiro Kubota : Just look at my face! (0:05:15.46)
Junichiro Kubota : In fact, I feel like you've
been hitting me a lot lately.
Junichiro Kubota : Hey, c'mon! Talk to me already! (0:05:22.92)
Tomo Aizawa : That is exactly why! (0:05:26.59)
Junichiro Kubota : To be honest, I still don't really get it... (0:05:30.68)
Junichiro Kubota : But I apologize, so don't be mad, okay? (0:05:33.68)
Junichiro Kubota : Life's boring when you're not around. (0:05:36.77)
Junichiro Kubota : I can't stand having you ignore
me for another second.
Tomo Aizawa : He's always like this
the day after we fight.
Tomo Aizawa : What is he trying to do to me? (0:05:48.49)
Tomo Aizawa : F-Fine. I won't ignore you. (0:05:51.08)
Junichiro Kubota : Really?! (0:05:53.95)
Junichiro Kubota : You really are the best friend
I could ask for, Tomo!
Tomo Aizawa : Yeah, thanks. (0:05:58.67)
Tomo Aizawa : He seriously doesn't get it! (0:06:01.96)
Misuzu Gundo : You know, Tomo... (0:06:06.42)
Misuzu Gundo : You and Junichiro always
come to school together,
Misuzu Gundo : and you're together throughout
the school day too, aren't you?
Tomo Aizawa : I guess so. (0:06:14.81)
Misuzu Gundo : So why am I the one you
spend your lunch break with?
Tomo Aizawa : Well, I mean... (0:06:19.94)
Tomo Aizawa : When a girl and a guy eat lunch
together, doesn't it look like...
Tomo Aizawa : they're dating or something? (0:06:25.15)
Misuzu Gundo : Do you hear yourself? (0:06:26.90)
Misuzu Gundo : But you'd rather eat lunch with him, right? (0:06:28.57)
Tomo Aizawa : Huh? (0:06:31.20)
Tomo Aizawa : Misuzu? (0:06:32.83)
Misuzu Gundo : Leave it to me. (0:06:34.12)
Tomo Aizawa : W-Wait, wait! What are you gonna do?! (0:06:35.79)
Misuzu Gundo : The three of us can just eat together. (0:06:38.87)
Tomo Aizawa : Not that! Anything but that! (0:06:40.79)
Misuzu Gundo : You don't mind, do you, Junichiro? (0:06:43.54)
Junichiro Kubota : What are you after, Gundo? (0:06:47.05)
Junichiro Kubota : Why do I have to eat with you? (0:06:52.97)
Misuzu Gundo : This isn't what I want, either. (0:06:55.10)
Tomo Aizawa : This is why I didn't want to do this! (0:06:57.35)
Tomo Aizawa : These two hate each other's guts! (0:06:59.35)
Junichiro Kubota : Hey, that fried chicken looks good. (0:07:01.60)
Tomo Aizawa : Here, you can have a piece. (0:07:03.86)
Junichiro Kubota : Mm, that's good! (0:07:08.53)
Tomo Aizawa : What do I do with these chopsticks now?! (0:07:11.32)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Yo, Kubojun. (0:07:18.58)
Junichiro Kubota : Hey, Tanabe. (0:07:20.87)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Be honest. How far have you
gotten with Aizawa-san?
Junichiro Kubota : What are you talking about? (0:07:25.63)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Don't play dumb! (0:07:26.84)
Tatsumi Tanabe : What else could I mean but that intense
sport guys and girls do together?!
Junichiro Kubota : Intense sport guys and girls do together? (0:07:33.05)
Junichiro Kubota : We've been doing that since we were kids. (0:07:38.31)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Huh?! (0:07:40.52)
Tatsumi Tanabe : For real?! (0:07:41.85)
Tatsumi Tanabe : She does look like she has
a p-pretty amazing body!
Junichiro Kubota : Tomo's got good feet.
Good at using them, too.
Tatsumi Tanabe : Her feet?! (0:07:51.65)
Misuzu Gundo : Junichiro was telling some guy that you and
he do an intense co-ed sport together.
Tomo Aizawa : Intense co-ed sport? (0:08:02.92)
Tomo Aizawa : Oh, yeah, we do. (0:08:04.79)
Misuzu Gundo : Not that sport. (0:08:06.42)
Tomo Aizawa : Jun, you asshole! (0:08:13.63)
Junichiro Kubota : Huh? Where'd that come from? (0:08:16.26)
Junichiro Kubota : Whoa... Wait a... (0:08:22.27)
Misuzu Gundo : Tanabe-kun, do you have a moment? (0:08:25.90)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Gundo-san? Sure! No problem! (0:08:28.19)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Huh? I misunderstood? (0:08:31.61)
Misuzu Gundo : Yes. Those two aren't dating. (0:08:33.28)
Misuzu Gundo : Junichiro doesn't even see Tomo as a girl. (0:08:36.57)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Huh?! (0:08:39.83)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Even though she's so... awesome? (0:08:40.79)
Misuzu Gundo : I agree with you, but you're pure scum. (0:08:42.87)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Anyway, I get it now. I didn't know
their relationship was so interesting.
Misuzu Gundo : Interesting? (0:08:50.55)
Tatsumi Tanabe : There's no way both of
them feel nothing at all.
Tatsumi Tanabe : How can I give them a push? (0:08:56.09)
Misuzu Gundo : Don't. (0:08:57.97)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Oh, sorry. (0:08:59.93)
Tatsumi Tanabe : You don't want anyone butting in
on your friends' love story, huh?
Misuzu Gundo : You've only known Junichiro since
starting high school, right?
Tatsumi Tanabe : Huh? Yeah... (0:09:07.90)
Misuzu Gundo : Then remember this. (0:09:09.48)
Misuzu Gundo : I'm the only one who's allowed
to play with those two.
Tatsumi Tanabe : P-Play?! (0:09:15.20)
Misuzu Gundo : Oh, you forgot your umbrella, too? (0:09:27.62)
Junichiro Kubota : Gundo... (0:09:30.84)
Junichiro Kubota : I have one coming for me. (0:09:32.38)
Misuzu Gundo : I have one coming for me, too. (0:09:34.21)
Tomo Aizawa : Hey! (0:09:36.13)
Junichiro Kubota : Does that mean it's a contest? (0:09:38.55)
Misuzu Gundo : It does indeed. (0:09:40.60)
Junichiro Kubota : Why are you beside me,
anyway? Go over there!
Misuzu Gundo : You really hate me, don't you? (0:09:44.35)
Misuzu Gundo : The three of us used to play
together all the time, though.
Misuzu Gundo : Why did things turn out like this? (0:09:50.31)
Junichiro Kubota : Yeah, the three of us did get up
to a lot of mischief together.
Junichiro Kubota : All the pranks you came
up with were so extreme.
Junichiro Kubota : But I never understood why... (0:10:02.62)
Junichiro Kubota : Whenever the grown-ups yelled at us, (0:10:04.95)
Junichiro Kubota : you were never around. (0:10:07.04)
Misuzu Gundo : Wasn't I? (0:10:09.21)
Misuzu Gundo : Why didn't you join any clubs? (0:10:12.13)
Misuzu Gundo : You like sports, don't you? (0:10:14.71)
Junichiro Kubota : I do karate at Tomo's family's dojo. (0:10:16.51)
Junichiro Kubota : Besides, there's no point if boys' clubs
and girls' clubs are separate.
Junichiro Kubota : If I'm not in it with Tomo,
it wouldn't be any fun.
Misuzu Gundo : Seriously, what is your deal? (0:10:28.14)
Junichiro Kubota : What deal? (0:10:30.35)
Misuzu Gundo : If Tomo were to get a boyfriend... (0:10:31.61)
Junichiro Kubota : Huh? (0:10:34.07)
Misuzu Gundo : What would happen to you? (0:10:34.86)
Misuzu Gundo : Have you ever imagined it? (0:10:37.11)
Misuzu Gundo : Tomo cozying up to some guy who
isn't you, unbeknownst to you...
Misuzu Gundo : Then, with a red face, she says, (0:10:43.87)
Misuzu Gundo : "There's no one else in
this world that I lo—"
Tomo Aizawa : Huh? What're you guys doing? (0:11:00.93)
Misuzu Gundo : We both forgot our umbrellas. (0:11:03.47)
Tomo Aizawa : Huh? (0:11:05.64)
Junichiro Kubota : Just leave her and walk home with me. (0:11:06.60)
Tomo Aizawa : Huh?! (0:11:09.14)
Tomo Aizawa : Let's walk home together! (0:11:10.52)
Misuzu Gundo : Why did you come to me? (0:11:13.69)
Tomo Aizawa : I can't share an umbrella with him! (0:11:15.52)
Misuzu Gundo : That's what I'm telling you to do. (0:11:17.61)
Tomo Aizawa : Huh?! But... (0:11:19.28)
Misuzu Gundo : Don't ask questions. Just go. (0:11:21.66)
Junichiro Kubota : C'mon, get closer to me. (0:11:32.96)
Tomo Aizawa : I-I'm fine right here. (0:11:34.71)
Junichiro Kubota : No, you're not. You're getting wet. (0:11:37.09)
Tomo Aizawa : I just came from practice,
so I smell sweaty.
Junichiro Kubota : That's what you're worried about? (0:11:42.09)
Junichiro Kubota : You don't smell bad at all. (0:11:47.47)
Tomo Aizawa : You idiot! Don't sniff me! (0:11:49.73)
Junichiro Kubota : In fact, you smell kinda nice... (0:11:51.52)
Junichiro Kubota : Hey! Tomo?! (0:12:02.40)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Hey, Misuzu-chan! (0:12:08.04)
Misuzu Gundo : "Misuzu-chan"? (0:12:10.08)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Did you forget your umbrella? (0:12:11.83)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Wanna get under mine? (0:12:13.62)
Misuzu Gundo : You're sure? (0:12:15.83)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Yeah, totally! (0:12:16.59)
Misuzu Gundo : Just me alone, though? (0:12:18.05)
Tatsumi Tanabe : Of course! (0:12:19.63)
Misuzu Gundo : Thanks. You're pretty nice. (0:12:22.26)
Junichiro Kubota : What the heck were you thinking? (0:12:36.02)
Junichiro Kubota : Now you're soaking... (0:12:37.82)
Junichiro Kubota : wet... (0:12:40.15)
Tomo Aizawa : Huh? What... Jun?! (0:12:46.45)
Tomo Aizawa : Wh-What the heck? (0:12:53.41)
Tomo Aizawa : I seriously don't get him. (0:12:56.54)
Tomo Aizawa : "A Terrifying Challenge." (0:13:01.46)
Kosuke Misaki : Aizawa-san is so amazing. (0:13:13.56)
Kosuke Misaki : She's sharp, light on her feet, and... (0:13:18.52)
Kosuke Misaki : stronger than anyone else! (0:13:23.03)
Kosuke Misaki : My goddess has descended
into the karate club!
Tomo Aizawa : I'm sorry, Misaki-senpai! (0:13:33.20)
Tomo Aizawa : I got all heated without realizing it... (0:13:34.96)
Kosuke Misaki : You're still as strong as ever, huh? (0:13:41.37)
Tomo Aizawa : I'm so sorry! (0:13:44.47)
Kosuke Misaki : Don't worry about it. (0:13:46.22)
Kosuke Misaki : Anyway, are you used to the boys' club now? (0:13:48.26)
Kosuke Misaki : It must be tough being the only girl here. (0:13:51.01)
Tomo Aizawa : Nah, I'm fine! (0:13:53.47)
Tomo Aizawa : All the other students at my family's
dojo are guys, too, so I'm used to it.
Tomo Aizawa : If I'm being honest, I wish I could've had
this much fun with other girls, but...
Kosuke Misaki : Yeah, I bet. If you want to go back,
I can talk to someone for you.
Tomo Aizawa : I can't go back. (0:14:07.91)
Tomo Aizawa : In the first match I got into to
test the new students' skills...
Tomo Aizawa : I got... a little carried away. (0:14:13.74)
Tomo Aizawa : And after that, nobody
would practice with me.
Kosuke Misaki : I can see it. Even in the boys' club,
she's untouchable.
Tomo Aizawa : I joined the girls' club for
a change of surroundings...
Tomo Aizawa : And before I knew it, I was
surrounded by guys again.
Tomo Aizawa : Maybe I'm just a failure as a girl... (0:14:32.26)
Kosuke Misaki : Th-That's not true! (0:14:34.97)
Kosuke Misaki : I think... you're a very charming girl. (0:14:37.60)
Kosuke Misaki : At least, that's how I see you. (0:14:41.81)
Tomo Aizawa : Huh?! (0:14:44.23)
Tomo Aizawa : It's the first time a guy ever
said something like that to me!
Tomo Aizawa : Please tell me, Senpai!
What about me seems girly?!
Tomo Aizawa : What should I put more emphasis on?! (0:14:54.16)
Tomo Aizawa : Senpai, you've found my
womanly charm, right?!
Kosuke Misaki : Huh?! (0:15:02.42)
Kosuke Misaki : S-S-Sorry! I wasn't looking!
I didn't find anything!
Tomo Aizawa : Nothing?! (0:15:06.80)
Tomo Aizawa : I knew it... (0:15:08.17)
Kosuke Misaki : N-Not that! That's not what I meant! (0:15:09.17)
Kosuke Misaki : You have all kinds of charms! (0:15:11.68)
Kosuke Misaki : But I don't think you should try
to emphasize just one thing.
Kosuke Misaki : I wouldn't want you to change like that. (0:15:19.89)
Kosuke Misaki : You're plenty charming
just the way you are,
Kosuke Misaki : so I think you can have more
confidence in who you are now.
Naoko Mifune : Today's the day we talk to Misaki-senpai! (0:15:39.58)
Chiyomi Ogawa : Like, here he comes! (0:15:42.83)
Tomo Aizawa : Hey, Senpai! (0:15:50.59)
Tomo Aizawa : Thanks for your help today. (0:15:52.63)
Chiyomi Ogawa : Like, who the heck is that? (0:15:54.80)
Naoko Mifune : He's pretty hot, too, though. (0:15:56.26)
Chiyomi Ogawa : Wait, no! "He's" totally not! (0:15:58.77)
Chiyomi Ogawa : She's wearing, like, a skirt, (0:16:00.85)
Chiyomi Ogawa : and her boobs are, like, huge! (0:16:02.56)
Junichiro Kubota : What? (0:16:11.74)
Misuzu Gundo : I hear Tomo has a friend
in the karate club.
Junichiro Kubota : Isn't that normal?
What are you smirking about?
Misuzu Gundo : A guy friend. (0:16:19.12)
Misuzu Gundo : What's wrong? That's quite
the face you're making.
Tomo Aizawa : Oh, crap. I forgot my English textbook. (0:16:33.97)
Tomo Aizawa : Jun, let me look at yours. (0:16:37.35)
Junichiro Kubota : Sure. (0:16:39.10)
Junichiro Kubota : Hey, Tomo... (0:16:41.02)
Junichiro Kubota : I hear you made a friend
in the karate club.
Tomo Aizawa : You mean Misaki-senpai? (0:16:45.98)
Junichiro Kubota : Misaki? And who is that? (0:16:47.77)
Tomo Aizawa : The captain of the club. (0:16:50.15)
Tomo Aizawa : Here's a pic. (0:16:52.99)
Junichiro Kubota : Oh, it's a girl. (0:16:55.53)
Junichiro Kubota : Are there any girls you're
closer to than Gundo?
Tomo Aizawa : Nope. Why? (0:17:02.41)
Junichiro Kubota : I figured. I hate the thought of it, but... (0:17:04.50)
Junichiro Kubota : How would you feel if she got a boyfriend? (0:17:08.17)
Junichiro Kubota : If she got so wrapped up in him
that she stopped talking to you?
Tomo Aizawa : I can't even imagine
Misuzu being like that.
Tomo Aizawa : But... I guess... (0:17:20.31)
Tomo Aizawa : I couldn't complain about it,
but I'd be a little lonely.
Junichiro Kubota : Right?! (0:17:28.06)
Junichiro Kubota : Exactly! That's exactly it! (0:17:29.48)
Tomo Aizawa : What are you talking about? (0:17:31.86)
Naoko Mifune : You're Aizawa-san from Class A, right? (0:17:38.74)
Naoko Mifune : I'm Mifune from Class B. (0:17:41.74)
Chiyomi Ogawa : And, like, I'm Ogawa, also from Class B. (0:17:44.71)
Naoko Mifune : We wanna talk to you about
something. Meet us after school.
Chiyomi Ogawa : Like, behind the gym! (0:17:51.25)
Tomo Aizawa : Doesn't sound like you're hoping
to become friends with me.
Tomo Aizawa : I dunno what you're up to, (0:18:01.06)
Tomo Aizawa : but I don't get into half-assed fights. (0:18:03.35)
Tomo Aizawa : Are you really ready for me? (0:18:06.19)
Chiyomi Ogawa : Huh? (0:18:08.69)
Naoko Mifune : Figh... (0:18:09.23)
Tomo Aizawa : I asked you if you're ready for me! (0:18:10.02)
Naoko Mifune : What the heck's her deal?! (0:18:13.48)
Chiyomi Ogawa : She's, like, scary as hell! (0:18:15.24)
Naoko Mifune : Die? Am I... gonna die? (0:18:35.59)
Chiyomi Ogawa : We gotta go apologize, like, right now! (0:18:39.09)
Tomo Aizawa : These two girls I don't know picked
a fight with me outta nowhere.
Tomo Aizawa : I've never had an actual
throw-down with a girl before.
Misuzu Gundo : A throw-down? (0:18:50.48)
Misuzu Gundo : You're not planning to
fistfight girls, are you?
Tomo Aizawa : C'mon, I'm not that ruthless! (0:18:54.78)
Tomo Aizawa : I'll go easy on 'em. (0:18:57.82)
Misuzu Gundo : High school girls don't
communicate with their fists.
Tomo Aizawa : I know that! But I'm not gonna make
nice with girls who pick fights!
Tomo Aizawa : I'm gonna take the initiative
and settle the score right—
Misuzu Gundo : You don't get it. (0:19:09.67)
Misuzu Gundo : I think they just want to
verbally quarrel with you.
Tomo Aizawa : Verbally? (0:19:15.84)
Misuzu Gundo : Yes. So you can't just come out swinging. (0:19:16.92)
Misuzu Gundo : If you want to make counterarguments
or corrections, use your words.
Misuzu Gundo : Got it? (0:19:23.97)
Tomo Aizawa : B-But... (0:19:24.93)
Misuzu Gundo : No buts. (0:19:26.43)
Misuzu Gundo : You really are frightening, you know that? (0:19:27.89)
Misuzu Gundo : That said... (0:19:29.94)
Misuzu Gundo : If they say anything too out of line, tell me. (0:19:30.94)
Misuzu Gundo : I'll crush them socially. (0:19:35.23)
Tomo Aizawa : I'd say you're a lot more
frightening than me.
Tomo Aizawa : Well? What is it you wanna say to me? (0:19:45.16)
Naoko Mifune : I-It's not that big a deal, really... (0:19:48.08)
Naoko Mifune : So for now... (0:19:51.71)
Naoko Mifune : Could you drop the fighting stance, at least? (0:19:53.29)
Tomo Aizawa : Depends on what you say. (0:19:56.92)
Chiyomi Ogawa : Carefully... Choose your words,
like, carefully!
Naoko Mifune : I wanna go home right now! (0:20:05.80)
Naoko Mifune : S-See, there's... well... this guy we like... (0:20:07.93)
Tomo Aizawa : And what's that got to do with me? (0:20:11.44)
Naoko Mifune : Well... (0:20:14.15)
Naoko Mifune : The guy we like is Misaki-senpai! (0:20:16.19)
Naoko Mifune : And we saw you being all
chummy with him, so...
Tomo Aizawa : So that's what this was about? (0:20:25.95)
Tomo Aizawa : You're saying... (0:20:29.16)
Tomo Aizawa : You came to me for love advice
'cause I know Senpai?!
Tomo Aizawa : You should've said so from the start! (0:20:36.09)
Chiyomi Ogawa : Huh?! Like, how did this happen?! (0:20:38.84)
Naoko Mifune : And why does she sound so happy?! (0:20:41.26)
Tomo Aizawa : I never thought my little dream of giving
someone love advice would come true!
Tomo Aizawa : A girl who can be relied on in matters
of love is truly a girl among girls!
Tomo Aizawa : You want to get closer to Senpai, right? (0:20:54.98)
Tomo Aizawa : So the first thing you gotta
do is be my friends!
Tomo Aizawa : If you're willing to accept
my help, I'm here.
Naoko Mifune : S-Sure... (0:21:05.99)
Naoko Mifune : Why do I feel so reassured? (0:21:07.66)
Chiyomi Ogawa : She's, like, so reliable somehow... (0:21:10.49)
Tomo Aizawa : Man! I never thought I'd end
up giving love advice!
Tomo Aizawa : Feels like I'm totally
one of the girls now!
Tomo Aizawa : Maybe I actually have a
ton of feminine appeal?
Misuzu Gundo : I don't know about that. (0:21:30.72)
Misuzu Gundo : Hey, Tomo. (0:21:34.48)
Misuzu Gundo : Do you know what people called you
behind your back in middle school?
Tomo Aizawa : Huh? No idea. (0:21:39.86)
Misuzu Gundo : The Natural Lady-Killer. (0:21:41.78)
Tomo Aizawa : What the heck? I've never killed anyone. (0:21:43.65)
Junichiro Kubota : Tomo! Let's hit up the school store! (0:21:49.33)
Tomo Aizawa : Wait... Hang on, Jun! (0:21:51.95)
Junichiro Kubota : All right! What do you wanna eat? (0:21:54.08)
Tomo Aizawa : I don't... (0:21:55.46)
Naoko Mifune : She actually is a girl. (0:21:57.17)
Chiyomi Ogawa : Totally a girl. (0:21:59.21)
Tomo Aizawa : Seriously, he's so... (0:22:00.79)
Tomo Aizawa : Just start treating me like a girl already! (0:22:04.38)

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