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Tome Kurata : Career path survey? (0:02:02.51)
Mameta Inukawa : What? You still haven't filled yours out? (0:02:04.77)
Shigeo Kageyama : No, I couldn't think of anything. (0:02:07.64)
Tome Kurata : Well, I plan on going to a
school that studies UFOs.
Haruto Kijibayashi : I'm gonna go work at a game company (0:02:14.69)
Mameta Inukawa : I just wrote down a plain ol' office worker. (0:02:17.36)
Shirihiko Saruta : I'm a first-year, so I'm
still contemplating my options.
Shigeo Kageyama : Yeah... (0:02:22.74)
Shigeo Kageyama : But I guess you're all actually
thinking about this.
Mameta Inukawa : By the way, I heard that Takane-san is going
to apply to Yuzu Pepper High School.
Shigeo Kageyama : Huh? The Yuzu High? (0:02:33.09)
Mameta Inukawa : Yeah, you need at least
a standard score of 65.
Mameta Inukawa : It's one of the top three schools
in our prefecture.
Tome Kurata : Well, she's just... (0:02:44.22)
Tome Kurata : clearly in a different league than us. (0:02:45.68)
Shigeo Kageyama : Wow... Tsubomi-chan's amazing. (0:02:50.02)
Tsubomi Takane : Yuzu High is affiliated
with a British high school,
Tsubomi Takane : so we can even study abroad. (0:02:59.40)
Arataka Reigen : Yeah, they totally made me fill one of
these out when I was a student, too.
Arataka Reigen : Well, at least you're lucky. (0:03:15.13)
Arataka Reigen : You know where you're going in the future. (0:03:17.59)
Shigeo Kageyama : Master? (0:03:20.97)
Arataka Reigen : Why, here, of course. (0:03:21.47)
Arataka Reigen : This is your calling! Am I right? (0:03:23.80)
Shigeo Kageyama : Er, but this is just a part-time job. (0:03:27.10)
Arataka Reigen : No, you never know. (0:03:30.10)
Arataka Reigen : There is a possibility that this
will turn into a reputable agency
Arataka Reigen : with a handful of full-time
employees in the future.
Shigeo Kageyama : In the future? (0:03:38.78)
Shigeo Kageyama : Did you plan on opening
this consultation office
Shigeo Kageyama : ever since you were in middle
school, Master Reigen?
Arataka Reigen : Wha? Of course not.
What kind of middle schooler would?
Shigeo Kageyama : Then why did you decide on doing this? (0:03:51.12)
Arataka Reigen : Huh?! Why...?
Well, you know... Yeah.
Arataka Reigen : One day, I realized I had
very unique powers...
Arataka Reigen : I'd basically achieved everything I
could at my old job at the time,
Arataka Reigen : so I was looking for a new challenge. (0:04:07.05)
Shigeo Kageyama : So you did everything you could at your
old job, then opened up this office...
Shigeo Kageyama : You truly are amazing, Master. (0:04:15.35)
Arataka Reigen : Yeah, pretty much. (0:04:17.65)
Katsuya Serizawa : I'm done cleaning the bathrooms. (0:04:18.69)
Arataka Reigen : Good. (0:04:20.82)
Arataka Reigen : By the way, you don't need to report
every little thing back to me.
Katsuya Serizawa : Y-Yes, sir. (0:04:25.82)
Katsuya Serizawa : It's good to see you, Shigeo-kun. (0:04:27.49)
Shigeo Kageyama : Oh, hello. (0:04:30.04)
Arataka Reigen : Our client should be here any minute. (0:04:31.79)
Arataka Reigen : Listen up, Serizawa! (0:04:34.21)
Arataka Reigen : Even though I've officially hired you, (0:04:36.25)
Arataka Reigen : you're still a newbie that's
brand spankin' new!
Arataka Reigen : Make sure you watch
how I deal with this client
Arataka Reigen : to learn how this job is done. (0:04:43.92)
Katsuya Serizawa : Yes, sir! I'll do my best! (0:04:46.22)
Shigeo Kageyama : But Master Reigen's younger... (0:04:48.26)
Arataka Reigen : As you wish. (0:05:11.54)
Arataka Reigen : May I ask how much you bought this for? (0:05:18.21)
Arataka Reigen : Yikes. (0:05:22.55)
Katsuya Serizawa : Yikes. (0:05:23.51)
Arataka Reigen : From my observations, I don't sense
any spiritual presence from—
Shigeo Kageyama : Master. (0:05:29.35)
Arataka Reigen : What is it, Mob? (0:05:30.51)
Shigeo Kageyama : You probably shouldn't
touch that thing anymore.
Shigeo Kageyama : I wonder if it's called
a deep-seated grudge...
Shigeo Kageyama : There's a lot of really bad
things swirling in it.
Shigeo Kageyama : It'll probably get pretty dangerous
if we leave it alone.
Arataka Reigen : Let us exorcise it after all. (0:05:48.78)
Arataka Reigen : Could you wait in the
café upstairs for now?
Arataka Reigen : I understand your opinion
on this matter, Mob.
Shigeo Kageyama : Okay... (0:05:59.58)
Arataka Reigen : Well, Serizawa? How do you feel about this? (0:06:00.46)
Katsuya Serizawa : Me? (0:06:03.59)
Katsuya Serizawa : I mean... (0:06:05.01)
Katsuya Serizawa : I can't imagine it (0:06:06.97)
Katsuya Serizawa : being anything but a cursed doll. (0:06:09.01)
Arataka Reigen : Serizawa... Why did you just
stand there gawking, then?
Katsuya Serizawa : Huh? (0:06:17.18)
Arataka Reigen : If I actually didn't notice the curse,
there would've been a huge problem.
Arataka Reigen : I was just testing you to see (0:06:25.57)
Arataka Reigen : if you'd notice my mistake. (0:06:29.24)
Katsuya Serizawa : Th-Then I... (0:06:31.78)
Arataka Reigen : Well, you're a rookie,
so I'll let this slide.
Arataka Reigen : Do you want a second chance? (0:06:37.87)
Arataka Reigen : Try exorcising it yourself. (0:06:40.96)
Katsuya Serizawa : Y-Yes, sir. (0:06:42.42)
Katsuya Serizawa : I did it. (0:07:02.60)
Arataka Reigen : What do you think, Mob? (0:07:04.40)
Shigeo Kageyama : Serizawa-san is very powerful. (0:07:05.90)
Arataka Reigen : All right! Great job, Serizawa. (0:07:08.78)
Arataka Reigen : Keep up the good work. (0:07:11.49)
Shigeo Kageyama : Oh, that must've been from the blast. (0:07:15.53)
Katsuya Serizawa : I-I broke an 80,000 yen doll... (0:07:18.41)
Katsuya Serizawa : I-I'm gonna go get some credit somehow! (0:07:22.75)
Arataka Reigen : Hold it! (0:07:24.96)
Arataka Reigen : Don't worry. (0:07:25.96)
Arataka Reigen : I'll take care of it. (0:07:27.67)
Katsuya Serizawa : Wha... What are you going to do? (0:07:30.13)
Arataka Reigen : Rice Grain Big Bang! (0:07:36.22)
Arataka Reigen : Rice Grain
Big Bang
Katsuya Serizawa : H-He fixed it! (0:07:50.11)
Mrs. Kageyama : What's the matter, Shige? (0:08:02.92)
Mrs. Kageyama : You've barely eaten at all. (0:08:05.33)
Shigeo Kageyama : I have to turn in my career path
survey, but I'm not sure what to do.
Mr. Kageyama : You have almost ten years
before you graduate college,
Mr. Kageyama : so why don't you just put down
"office worker" for now?
Mrs. Kageyama : Oh, dear. You're always too simplistic. (0:08:19.22)
Shigeo Kageyama : I don't even know what to
do for high school yet.
Ritsu Kageyama : If you can't think of what you want to do, (0:08:26.77)
Ritsu Kageyama : why not try to find a job where you
can use what you already excel at?
Ritsu Kageyama : In your case... maybe a magician. (0:08:32.99)
Dimple : You know, you can write whatever
you want at this point.
Shigeo Kageyama : Dimple. (0:08:45.00)
Dimple : Your career path can change
all it wants to later.
Shigeo Kageyama : Nah, I can't do that.
This is for my future, after all.
Dimple : You just can't lie, can you? (0:08:54.26)
Shigeo Kageyama : What are you going to do
in the future, Dimple?
Dimple : You're asking an evil
spirit about his future?
Dimple : You're naturally ruthless. You know that? (0:09:03.77)
Shigeo Kageyama : I guess... Sorry. (0:09:05.98)
Dimple : Hey, hang on a sec. (0:09:08.52)
Dimple : Didn't I also... (0:09:11.36)
Dimple : Oh, right. I'd forgotten. (0:09:15.86)
Musashi Gouda : Career path, eh? (0:09:19.78)
Musashi Gouda : Well, my family runs a farm,
so once I graduate high school,
Musashi Gouda : I might be taking over that. (0:09:25.66)
Hiroshi Kumagawa : I'm gonna be going to high school. (0:09:28.33)
Hiroshi Kumagawa : Through a track and field
sports recommendation.
Ryohei Shimura : I'm going to get a job where
I can work out my muscles.
Hideki Yamamura : My parents want me
to become a civil servant,
Hideki Yamamura : but with my grades... (0:09:40.10)
Jun Sagawa : I love animals, so I've already
decided I'm going to be a vet.
Musashi Gouda : Onigawara, you said you were
gonna be a manga artist, right?
Tenga Onigawara : Goda, what the hell, man?! (0:09:49.36)
Musashi Gouda : You said you were gonna go to a co-ed
high school that had a manga club.
Tenga Onigawara : Hey! You can shut up now! (0:09:54.69)
Shigeo Kageyama : I guess everyone's got a pretty good
idea about their futures already.
Tenga Onigawara : The hell're you explainin' all that for?! (0:09:58.57)
Tenga Onigawara : Read the room, you jerk! (0:10:00.32)
Ichi Mezato : Yeah, I figured as much... (0:10:05.75)
Ichi Mezato : But seeing your expression
tells me I'm right.
Shigeo Kageyama : Mezato-san? (0:10:13.13)
Shigeo Kageyama : What are you talking about? (0:10:14.51)
Ichi Mezato : The terrorist attack the other day. (0:10:15.76)
Ichi Mezato : Society thinks it was an attack on this town
that was accompanied by a natural disaster.
Ichi Mezato : But I figured that behind the scenes, (0:10:22.14)
Ichi Mezato : there was a fight for the fate
of the world going on.
Ichi Mezato : You fought an evil organization
and defeated them...
Ichi Mezato : But you also suffered a great loss, too. (0:10:30.19)
Ichi Mezato : That about covers it, huh? (0:10:32.94)
Shigeo Kageyama : Actually, I was trying to
figure out my career path...
Ichi Mezato : Seriously?! Just look at that thing! (0:10:37.28)
Ichi Mezato : I already know you had
something to do with it!
Ichi Mezato : Some people are starting
to call it a Divine Tree.
Ichi Mezato : Meaning people are worshiping that thing. (0:10:47.00)
Ichi Mezato : You should tell everyone who you are! (0:10:49.25)
Ichi Mezato : That you were the one that
created that Divine Tree!
Shigeo Kageyama : Is this related to the thing
you mentioned before?
Ichi Mezato : The Psycho Helmet Religion! (0:10:56.63)
Shigeo Kageyama : You want to connect that
thing with them somehow?
Ichi Mezato : You actually get it for once. Exactly! (0:11:00.59)
Ichi Mezato : Mob-kun... You're truly amazing! (0:11:04.47)
Ichi Mezato : I never imagined that one of my classmates
would end up being so divine.
Ichi Mezato : When I look back on my life... (0:11:11.94)
Ichi Mezato : This might be the biggest thing
that's ever happened to it!
Shigeo Kageyama : Do you know what you're going to
do in the future, Mezato-san?
Ichi Mezato : Huh? Where'd that come from? (0:11:19.95)
Ichi Mezato : I think... I'm gonna be a photographer. (0:11:22.49)
Ichi Mezato : A journalist. Something like that. (0:11:25.74)
Shigeo Kageyama : I'm sure there'll be even bigger
things in your life, Mezato-san.
Shigeo Kageyama : Plenty of them. (0:11:35.29)
Ichi Mezato : Er... I don't think that's
gonna happen again.
Shigeo Kageyama : It's not all about using fancy words
or how big something may look.
Ichi Mezato : What else is there? (0:11:43.14)
Shigeo Kageyama : For me... Like when I joined
the Body Improvement Club.
Ichi Mezato : How is that a huge deal? (0:11:48.81)
Shigeo Kageyama : It's not that different from what
you're saying, Mezato-san.
Shigeo Kageyama : I mean... That thing's a broccoli. (0:11:53.90)
Ichi Mezato : Oh, I see. It's just a broccoli... (0:11:56.52)
Ichi Mezato : Uh... How the hell am I
supposed to accept that?!
Ichi Mezato : Then what are you going to
do in the future, Mob-kun?
Shigeo Kageyama : Well... I can't think of anything. (0:12:04.99)
Ichi Mezato : In the end, I'm glad you're
not the least bit convincing.
Ichi Mezato : I was afraid you'd gained enlightenment
because you're so unpopular.
Arataka Reigen : Uh-huh... I see. (0:12:41.24)
Arataka Reigen : In my opinion...
There's definitely something here.
Arataka Reigen : Could you, uh... perhaps tell
me what made you think that?
Arataka Reigen : Oho... You had a girlfriend? (0:13:37.54)
Arataka Reigen : Right... So about this mountain of garbage... (0:14:01.52)
Arataka Reigen : Barrier, you say... (0:14:15.00)
Arataka Reigen : This photo— (0:14:18.12)
Arataka Reigen : Ro— (0:14:20.00)
Arataka Reigen : You two... keep hearing
what our client has to say.
Arataka Reigen : I'm going to go grab some
powerful exorcism tools...
Shigeo Kageyama : Sure... (0:14:42.61)
Katsuya Serizawa : I understand exactly how you feel. (0:15:15.26)
Katsuya Serizawa : When I was confined to my room, (0:15:18.31)
Katsuya Serizawa : I wondered if that's where I would
spend the rest of my life...
Shigeo Kageyama : I'm also wondering what's going to happen to me
if I can't decide a career path for myself...
Arataka Reigen : Evil spirits absolutely hate
clean rooms. Now, we'll...
Arataka Reigen : Wh-What the... (0:16:32.93)
Arataka Reigen : Hey, hey, hey! (0:16:36.51)
Arataka Reigen : Is it coming from the garbage house?! (0:16:38.39)
Arataka Reigen : Are they the evil spirit's minions?! (0:16:46.40)
Arataka Reigen : Double Hydrogen Water Mist! (0:16:55.78)
Arataka Reigen : Hey, what are you guys doing?! (0:17:16.93)
Shigeo Kageyama : Oh, Master. You're back. (0:17:18.85)
Arataka Reigen : Don't give me that! (0:17:21.72)
Arataka Reigen : Look! There's clearly an evil spirit here! (0:17:24.02)
Shigeo Kageyama : Oh, you're right. (0:17:26.90)
Shigeo Kageyama : I didn't realize he was being
possessed by one so large.
Katsuya Serizawa : No, I'm pretty sure... (0:17:31.78)
Katsuya Serizawa : That's his own living wraith... (0:17:33.78)
Arataka Reigen : Whichever. (0:17:36.78)
Arataka Reigen : My powers are far too strong,
and I may hurt some passersby.
Arataka Reigen : I'm counting on you two. (0:17:42.54)
Arataka Reigen : Wow. (0:18:11.77)
Arataka Reigen : I had no idea this place was so huge. (0:18:13.36)
Arataka Reigen : Well, that's great to hear. (0:18:28.33)
Arataka Reigen : But, er... Your roof's in bad shape... (0:18:29.83)
Arataka Reigen : Whew... (0:18:40.22)
Arataka Reigen : I guess the only thing you can
rely on truly is insurance.
Arataka Reigen : This isn't insurance... (0:18:44.97)
Arataka Reigen : But please take this. (0:18:46.68)
Arataka Reigen : What's wrong, Serizawa? You feeling sick? (0:19:06.83)
Katsuya Serizawa : That just hit too close to home. (0:19:10.17)
Katsuya Serizawa : I'm in the same boat. (0:19:13.00)
Katsuya Serizawa : I've lived thirty years...
and I've got nothing.
Arataka Reigen : You're not gonna last in this business
if you're affected by every client.
Arataka Reigen : You haven't even reached
the halfway point of your life yet.
Arataka Reigen : If you're regretting everything up until now, (0:19:26.35)
Arataka Reigen : consider yourself lucky for being
able to realize it so early.
Arataka Reigen : Right, Mob? (0:19:31.48)
Shigeo Kageyama : It hit too close to home for me, too... (0:19:33.15)
Arataka Reigen : Seriously?! (0:19:36.40)
Shigeo Kageyama : I just haven't made a huge mistake yet,
but that moment may arrive someday.
Shigeo Kageyama : Thinking about that makes me
scared about which path to choose.
Arataka Reigen : You're seriously thinking all that? (0:19:49.79)
Arataka Reigen : Right... I guess it's about that time of
year they ask you to pick a career path.
Shigeo Kageyama : I think you'll be all right, Serizawa-san. (0:19:57.80)
Shigeo Kageyama : You get to hear stories from all
kinds of people working there,
Shigeo Kageyama : and you learn a lot. (0:20:04.64)
Shigeo Kageyama : But I... (0:20:07.60)
Shigeo Kageyama : In the end, I just couldn't
think of anything.
Shigeo Kageyama : Huh? Uh, yes, sir. (0:20:29.87)
Shigeo Kageyama : That's it? (0:20:32.33)
Shigeo Kageyama : Sir... (0:21:00.90)
Shigeo Kageyama : I think traveler might
be a great option, too.
Shigeo Kageyama : I gave it a lot of thought... (0:21:12.87)
Shigeo Kageyama : But I don't think my career path's going to
be at Spirits and Such Consultation Office.
Arataka Reigen : I see. (0:21:22.26)
Shigeo Kageyama : It's really comfortable here,
and I can talk to you about anything.
Shigeo Kageyama : But if I get too comfortable here, (0:21:29.01)
Shigeo Kageyama : I think that my age will be
the only thing that changes.
Shigeo Kageyama : I'm sorry, Master Reigen. (0:21:36.23)
Shigeo Kageyama : I can't promise you that I'll
be working here in the future.
Arataka Reigen : Mob. Of course, I was only kidding. (0:21:45.99)
Arataka Reigen : You'll eventually find plenty
of things you'll want to do.
Arataka Reigen : Remember when you asked me (0:21:55.00)
Arataka Reigen : why I opened up this office? (0:21:57.12)
Shigeo Kageyama : Y-Yes... (0:21:59.59)
Arataka Reigen : I know what I said the other day,
but the truth is, I got bored at my old job
Arataka Reigen : and just started this office on a whim. (0:22:07.84)
Arataka Reigen : At first, I figured I'd get bored
after about a year and quit.
Arataka Reigen : But that was right around the time... (0:22:16.69)
Arataka Reigen : Anyway, after some twists and turns,
here we are today.
Arataka Reigen : At first, it was just on a whim, (0:22:25.49)
Arataka Reigen : but I wouldn't be lying when I say
that this is what I want to do now.
Arataka Reigen : What I'm saying is (0:22:32.70)
Arataka Reigen : whatever you want to do
doesn't have to be work.
Arataka Reigen : You should just live however you want to. (0:22:38.25)
Shigeo Kageyama : Master Reigen... (0:22:43.80)
Shigeo Kageyama : Right! (0:22:45.96)
Shigeo Kageyama : Thank you very much! (0:22:51.76)
Arataka Reigen : Huh? But we're still open for the day... (0:22:59.94)
Arataka Reigen : Is he coming back...? (0:23:04.32)
Dimple : Welp... (0:23:20.46)
Dimple : Guess my time's arrived. (0:23:22.38)
Arataka Reigen : Those who writhe in the shadows have finally made their move. (0:23:26.40)
Arataka Reigen : Will we be able to stop this cycle of sadness? (0:23:28.90)
Arataka Reigen : Next time on Mob Psycho 100 III Episode 2: (0:23:31.79)
Arataka Reigen : "Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki Appears! ~The Threat of a Hundred Demons!!~" (0:23:34.01)
Arataka Reigen : Watching III in real time is still a wise decision. (0:23:37.39)

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