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Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Hey! (0:00:54.40)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Stop! (0:00:55.24)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Don't butt in! (0:00:56.63)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Did you think you could just take my loot? (0:01:13.55)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Ow! (0:01:40.25)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : There we go. (0:02:09.34)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Okay, so I'll be taking all of the
materials from the beasts I killed.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : It's no trouble!
I wanted the materials, anyway.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : It's win-win! (0:02:24.45)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Oh, uh... (0:02:28.41)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : That means both sides come out on top,
so everybody's smiling!
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Yay, yay! Y'know? (0:02:32.62)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Sure! You can count on me! (0:02:39.76)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Every magician should use their
magic to make others smile.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : That's the kind of magician I want to be! (0:02:49.36)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : W-Well, thanks for everything! (0:02:55.62)
Grantz Magenta : Regarding your upcoming schedule... (0:03:40.28)
Grantz Magenta : As was discussed in the court council, (0:03:42.39)
Grantz Magenta : there is a document seeking
approval for tax reforms.
Orphans II Von Palletia : Yes, I know. (0:03:46.11)
Orphans II Von Palletia : I'll take care of it today. (0:03:47.70)
Grantz Magenta : Prince Algard, if you would read it, as well... (0:03:51.14)
Orphans II Von Palletia : A-Anis— (0:03:59.91)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Father! And Al! Hey there! (0:04:03.04)
Algard von Palettia : Sister... (0:04:05.77)
Orphans II Von Palletia : You fool! (0:04:08.10)
Orphans II Von Palletia : How does one get so filthy
first thing in the morning?!
Orphans II Von Palletia : You've been hunting for materials again? (0:04:13.24)
Orphans II Von Palletia : Have you no awareness of your role
as princess, you foolish girl?!
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I-I'm sorry! Please don't hit me! (0:04:18.40)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Corporal punishment in the name
of discipline is abuse! It's DV!
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : It's illegal! Criminal! You'll be held liable! (0:04:24.41)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Forced to resign! The kingdom will suffer! (0:04:26.50)
Orphans II Von Palletia : Wh-What in the world are you talking about? (0:04:28.90)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Yes! I argued him down! Now's my chance! (0:04:31.73)
Orphans II Von Palletia : That fool daughter of mine... (0:04:37.83)
Grantz Magenta : Hmm... (0:04:43.73)
Orphans II Von Palletia : What is it? (0:04:44.67)
Grantz Magenta : The hide of a gray wolf. (0:04:45.79)
Grantz Magenta : The study of magical science
that Her Highness advocates...
Grantz Magenta : "Magicology," was it? (0:04:59.71)
Grantz Magenta : It is indeed a thing to be feared.
Most impressive of her.
Orphans II Von Palletia : I swear... (0:05:06.84)
Orphans II Von Palletia : That foolish daughter of mine is
always so bloody unpredictable!
Orphans II Von Palletia : Just the other day, she said she was
inventing some new magical tool,
Orphans II Von Palletia : and then she burned down
half of the royal villa!
Moritz Chartreuse : Hmph. A simpleton who can't even
use magic is nothing to us.
Illya Coral : You've really done it this time, I see. (0:05:56.01)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Well, some unexpected stuff happened. (0:05:59.04)
Illya Coral : If you ask me, you yourself are an
entire bundle of "unexpected."
Illya Coral : It was when you were five
years old, wasn't it?
Illya Coral : When you said out of nowhere
that you wanted to fly.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : If I had magic, I could fly... (0:06:18.51)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : With magic... I could fly? (0:06:24.23)
Illya Coral : Princess! (0:06:43.58)
Illya Coral : You mustn't run in the corridors. (0:06:44.76)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Let me go! I just remembered something! (0:06:46.33)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I have to ask Father! (0:06:48.92)
Illya Coral : Ask him for what? (0:06:50.96)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : To use magic to fly! (0:06:55.42)
Illya Coral : Ever since then, you've done all kinds
of reckless things in your pursuit of flight.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I did, didn't I? (0:07:05.84)
Illya Coral : Just how many brooms have been
sacrificed for your cause?
Illya Coral : I sacrificed another one today. (0:07:18.93)
Illya Coral : I'll have to get a replacement. (0:07:21.83)
Illya Coral : It's good of you to worry about the broom, (0:07:23.75)
Illya Coral : but you should worry
about yourself, as well.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Thanks. (0:07:28.08)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : You're the only one who
understands me, Ilia.
Illya Coral : Yes, I understand you
exceedingly well, Princess.
Illya Coral : Fantasies about things like being able
to fly are very common during puberty.
Illya Coral : Indeed, I understand. (0:07:42.30)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Okay, you don't get it at all. (0:07:44.01)
Illya Coral : What will you do now? (0:07:47.55)
Illya Coral : If you will be going out,
I will attend to your hair.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Yeah, please do. I'm going to see Tilty. (0:07:52.77)
Illya Coral : To perform an examination? (0:07:55.93)
Illya Coral : Nope, today we're discussing medication. (0:07:57.49)
Illya Coral : Ah... (0:08:00.08)
Illya Coral : That matter. (0:08:01.41)
Tilty Claret : You've brought another enormous
piece of magicite, I see.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Right? We should be able to make even
more effective medicine from this!
Tilty Claret : Well, I suppose we can try it. (0:08:13.97)
Tilty Claret : You said you use this
medicine when fighting.
Tilty Claret : The side effects don't bother you? (0:08:21.96)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Not at all! (0:08:23.38)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : At most, you might get a little hyper,
and it might be a little addictive.
Tilty Claret : Your use of "a little" is hilariously scary. (0:08:28.35)
Tilty Claret : You want to use magic so badly
that you'd get your hands on this?
Tilty Claret : You really are crazy. (0:08:34.71)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : There's no other way, though. (0:08:37.45)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I was born without the ability to use magic. (0:08:40.73)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : And I'm royalty! Can you believe it? (0:08:48.58)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : It makes things kinda tough. (0:08:50.83)
Tilty Claret : I don't see the problem.
Magic isn't that big a deal.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : That's not true! (0:08:57.46)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Magic is fantastic! Magic is the best!
Magic is romantic!
Tilty Claret : "Romantic" again? (0:09:03.51)
Tilty Claret : You're talking about absurd
fantasies like flying, right?
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Yeah, exactly! (0:09:09.43)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Wait, "fantasies"? What? (0:09:12.39)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I'd say your doom-and-gloom hobby
of collecting curses is way more absurd.
Tilty Claret : Well, for me, it's just a hobby. (0:09:18.87)
Tilty Claret : I'm not trying to do it
for anyone else's sake.
Tilty Claret : But you... (0:09:24.50)
Tilty Claret : You're doing your research because
you want to make people smile, right?
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Y-Yeah, that's right. (0:09:30.71)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Jeez, where'd that come from?
You're making me blush.
Tilty Claret : I'd call that statement
an absurd fantasy, too.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Huh? (0:09:39.47)
Tilty Claret : So? Can you fly now? (0:09:40.27)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : No, I can still only manage low altitudes. (0:09:42.26)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : But if I increase the output,
I think I can go higher!
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : If I just shove in even more spirit stones... (0:09:49.99)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : But the safety measures
that would require...
Tilty Claret : What even made you think of doing
something so needlessly dangerous
Tilty Claret : as flying with magic? (0:09:58.61)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : What? Haven't you ever wanted to fly? (0:10:00.20)
Tilty Claret : You're a maverick princess in every
possible way, you know that?
Tilty Claret : This kingdom's in real trouble
with a princess like you.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : What? I don't want to hear
that from a noble lady
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : who went berserk and almost destroyed
a marquess's household.
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Okay? (0:10:14.35)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Anyway, don't worry about my family! (0:10:15.33)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : We've got Al, so we're totally fine! (0:10:17.02)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : The royal family's in good hands! (0:10:19.18)
Tilty Claret : Oh, right. I heard your
brother's getting married.
Tilty Claret : What do you think of his fiancée,
the genius daughter of Duke Magenta?
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : She's pretty. (0:10:28.98)
Tilty Claret : That's all you can say? (0:10:30.26)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Well, I haven't really spoken with her. (0:10:31.96)
Tilty Claret : Oh? I thought the duke's family
and the royal family went way back.
Tilty Claret : You've never seen her? (0:10:39.74)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Well... I was pretty young at the time, so... (0:10:41.66)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I don't really remember. (0:11:07.39)
Algard von Palettia : Oh, so herbal tea is all
the rage in the castle town?
Laini Cyan : Yes. (0:11:36.64)
Laini Cyan : We make it from herbs
we've picked ourselves.
Algard von Palettia : Really? I'd love to have some with you soon. (0:11:39.87)
Laini Cyan : What? Oh, but... it's really nothing special... (0:11:43.80)
Algard von Palettia : I don't mind. The time spent with
you is what gives it meaning.
Algard von Palettia : Listening to your stories gives me peace. (0:11:51.24)
Euphyllia Magenta : I'm sure he's merely being courteous
to Baron Cyan's daughter.
Euphyllia Magenta : I think being considerate of school friends (0:12:14.56)
Euphyllia Magenta : is a very admirable trait for a royal to have. (0:12:17.07)
Algard von Palettia : You're still here? (0:12:42.25)
Euphyllia Magenta : I've been waiting for you. (0:12:44.04)
Algard von Palettia : You really went to a lot of trouble. (0:12:48.42)
Algard von Palettia : Everyone knows this marriage
is strictly political.
Algard von Palettia : What's the point of a tea party? (0:12:54.00)
Euphyllia Magenta : Formalities such as this are essential
precisely because it is political.
Euphyllia Magenta : We need to build mutual trust
and knowledge of each other.
Euphyllia Magenta : As the ones who will inherit the kingdom— (0:13:05.68)
Algard von Palettia : As usual, you're so perfect, it's disgusting. (0:13:07.73)
Euphyllia Magenta : I am merely trying to
fulfill my role as a noble.
Algard von Palettia : Hah. Nobility? Worthless. (0:13:14.67)
Euphyllia Magenta : Your Highness, please refrain from
behaving that way here at the castle.
Euphyllia Magenta : No, not only at the castle.
At the academy, as well.
Algard von Palettia : The academy? (0:13:24.87)
Algard von Palettia : What are you getting at? (0:13:26.29)
Euphyllia Magenta : I said the same thing to
Baron Cyan's daughter,
Euphyllia Magenta : but I would like you to
bear it in mind, as well.
Euphyllia Magenta : You and I are betrothed. (0:13:41.13)
Euphyllia Magenta : To avoid causing unwanted rumors, (0:13:44.33)
Euphyllia Magenta : I believe you should choose
your friends carefully.
Algard von Palettia : As if we have the right to choose
anything for ourselves.
Algard von Palettia : But your advice is valuable.
I'll accept it with gratitude.
Algard von Palettia : You can just let me choose
who's worthy of being with me.
Euphyllia Magenta : What do you mean? (0:14:03.38)
Algard von Palettia : Do I really have to spell it out? (0:14:04.89)
Algard von Palettia : I thought a duke's genius daughter,
the noblest noble around,
Algard von Palettia : would pick up easily on insinuations. (0:14:10.87)
Algard von Palettia : Are we done? (0:14:19.69)
Algard von Palettia : Looks like we both wasted our time. (0:14:26.42)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : The brooms in the castle
really are the best around!
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Just look at this! Isn't it great? (0:14:44.65)
Illya Coral : You truly do love brooms, don't you? (0:14:46.60)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Yeah, I do! (0:14:49.07)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I love them so much,
I swept away my right to the throne!
Illya Coral : No one is going to laugh at that. (0:14:54.40)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : A-Al! This isn't what it looks like!
I'm not stealing it!
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I was just cleaning the... (0:15:01.96)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : That rebellious phase... (0:15:08.37)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Weather: perfect! (0:15:13.37)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Wind speed: perfect! (0:15:15.08)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Gear: all set! (0:15:16.73)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Safety checks: complete! (0:15:18.10)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : It's the perfect night for experimenting! (0:15:20.72)
Illya Coral : Please wait a moment. (0:15:23.70)
Illya Coral : It's quite cold out tonight. (0:15:25.39)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Ooh, you're the best, Ilia! Thanks! (0:15:27.35)
Illya Coral : Please remember, (0:15:31.75)
Illya Coral : you mustn't go too high or too fast. (0:15:33.14)
Illya Coral : If anything goes wrong... (0:15:35.48)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I know, I know. You worry too much. (0:15:37.05)
Illya Coral : Of course I'm going to worry. (0:15:41.10)
Illya Coral : I can't allow anything
to happen to our princess,
Illya Coral : and above all, you can't use magic, (0:15:46.31)
Illya Coral : so if anything happens
in the air, you won't be—
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Well, I'm off! Have some hot tea
waiting when I get back!
Illya Coral : As you wish, Princess. (0:16:00.32)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I'm really flying! (0:16:05.98)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : My dream from my previous
life has come true!
Algard von Palettia : Everyone, congratulations on graduating. (0:17:34.23)
Algard von Palettia : I'm pleased to have arrived
at this occasion with all of you.
Algard von Palettia : This is a joyous day for celebrating
the start of our new lives,
Algard von Palettia : but there is something
I need to say to all of you.
Algard von Palettia : I hereby declare that I am calling off
my engagement to Euphyllia Magenta!
Euphyllia Magenta : Prince Algard, why are you
calling off our engagement?
Algard von Palettia : I decided that you are not worthy
of being engaged to me.
Algard von Palettia : You can make no excuses for the many
atrocities you've committed against Lainie!
Euphyllia Magenta : If you're speaking of the advice
I gave to Lady Lainie,
Euphyllia Magenta : I meant no ill will against her! (0:18:23.95)
Euphyllia Magenta : Has the king agreed with your decision? (0:18:28.61)
Algard von Palettia : I'll get my father's approval later. (0:18:31.05)
Euphyllia Magenta : How could you call off the engagement your
father chose for you without his consent?!
Algard von Palettia : Who should I feel afraid of? (0:18:38.42)
Algard von Palettia : Times change! (0:18:40.05)
Algard von Palettia : I will choose my own path
at my own discretion!
Euphyllia Magenta : But there are certain standards
to which you must adhere!
Euphyllia Magenta : Please reconsider! (0:18:47.89)
Euphyllia Magenta : Have you truly become so blind? (0:18:49.91)
Algard von Palettia : You have the nerve to call me blind? (0:18:52.23)
Algard von Palettia : You are the blind one, Euphyllia! (0:18:55.15)
Algard von Palettia : You want to be queen so badly,
you refuse to see anything else!
Algard von Palettia : That makes you unworthy! (0:19:00.94)
Algard von Palettia : Lainie has endured excessive
bullying, stealing, and harm—
Algard von Palettia : even plans to have her assassinated! (0:19:06.03)
Algard von Palettia : And I know you were behind all of it! (0:19:08.50)
Euphyllia Magenta : I've told you, I have no idea what— (0:19:14.08)
Moritz Chartreuse : I can testify. (0:19:15.92)
Moritz Chartreuse : We have witnessed the many evil deeds
she has orchestrated against Lady Lainie.
Navre Sprout : Lainie may have been born a commoner, (0:19:22.10)
Navre Sprout : but the reprehension against her
has been taken too far.
Saran Meki : Apparently, she forced her followers (0:19:27.02)
Saran Meki : to harass Lady Lainie so that she
wouldn't get her own hands dirty.
Euphyllia Magenta : What... is going on? (0:19:33.51)
Euphyllia Magenta : I considered it my duty... (0:19:43.69)
Euphyllia Magenta : I wanted to set an example for others, (0:19:46.91)
Euphyllia Magenta : to be strong and righteous as the
future queen and a baron's daughter...
Algard von Palettia : Too bad, Euphyllia. (0:19:55.75)
Algard von Palettia : Repent for all the wrong you've done, (0:19:58.21)
Algard von Palettia : and apologize to Lainie. (0:20:00.18)
Euphyllia Magenta : I... (0:20:03.95)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Ow... Total control failure... (0:20:40.50)
Algard von Palettia : You're... (0:20:45.16)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Oh, Al! Hiyas! (0:20:47.12)
Algard von Palettia : Sister... (0:20:50.61)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Uh, did I... drop in at a bad time? (0:20:53.26)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Hey, c'mon, Al. (0:21:00.23)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Why are you waiting on another girl
when Lady Euphyllia is right there?
Algard von Palettia : That's none of your business! (0:21:05.02)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Hey, no need to get so angry. (0:21:06.40)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Jeez, he's super pissed.
Talk about scary. What's his deal?
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Lady Euphyllia? (0:21:12.13)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : So, uh, what's going on? (0:21:13.71)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Is she his prospective
mistress or something?
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Wait, did he... call off your engagement? (0:21:27.71)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Oh, man! For real? That actually happens? (0:21:33.19)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : All right! I've decided! (0:21:42.94)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I'll take you away! (0:21:53.92)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : C'mon, let's go! Right now! (0:22:08.04)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Up you go! (0:22:13.22)
Euphyllia Magenta : Wh-Wha... Wait! Please put me down! (0:22:14.49)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : So anyway, Al... (0:22:18.72)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I'll just take this little story back home. (0:22:20.69)
Algard von Palettia : Wait! (0:22:24.29)
Algard von Palettia : Sister! (0:22:34.26)
Euphyllia Magenta : W-We're flying?! (0:22:42.35)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Welcome to your journey through
the skies, Lady Euphyllia!
Euphyllia Magenta : Um, where are we going? (0:23:15.16)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : To see my father and Duke Grantz. (0:23:17.46)
Euphyllia Magenta : Why? (0:23:19.72)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : Because I'm the Marauder Princess. (0:23:21.05)
Anne-Sophia Von Palletia : I'm gonna ask them to let me have you! (0:23:24.87)
Euphyllia Magenta : Huh? (0:23:28.62)
Euphyllia Magenta : What?! (0:23:29.93)

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The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

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