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Genshin Hirata : It's you... (0:00:39.53)
Yuen Usui : Excuse me, my good samurai? (0:03:46.57)
Raizo Kurima : Who are you? (0:03:50.78)
Yuen Usui : Pardon the intrusion.
My name is Usui Yuen.
Yuen Usui : Is it all right if I ask your name? (0:03:58.19)
Raizo Kurima : I am Kurima Raizo, a retainer
to the daimyo of Satsuma.
Raizo Kurima : What do you want? (0:04:06.43)
Yuen Usui : I happen to run an odd jobs
service in the area...
Raizo Kurima : Odd jobs? (0:04:13.52)
Yuen Usui : Yes. (0:04:15.13)
Yuen Usui : Merchants of all trades,
operating at your service...
Yuen Usui : The simplest way to think of it would
be a group of all-purpose laborers.
Raizo Kurima : And what does this man of
all trades want with me?
Yuen Usui : There have been rumors of a very stern-looking
samurai passing his days here recently,
Yuen Usui : like the legendary Musashibo himself. (0:04:35.69)
Yuen Usui : The locals have grown concerned,
and hired me to look into the matter.
Yuen Usui : Why would an individual refined enough
to identify himself when asked
Yuen Usui : be sleeping here, under a bridge,
instead of at an inn?
Yuen Usui : I take it you have cause
to avoid prying eyes?
Raizo Kurima : I killed a man. (0:05:08.40)
Yuen Usui : That certainly sounds dangerous. (0:05:11.26)
Raizo Kurima : You don't seem surprised. (0:05:13.75)
Yuen Usui : If anything, that raises more questions. (0:05:15.65)
Yuen Usui : This place is far too haphazard to hide
away in, especially for an oath-breaker.
Raizo Kurima : I was ordered to take this life,
and had no grounds to defy the order.
Raizo Kurima : It is my duty to dispose of traitors
who pose a threat to the clan.
Yuen Usui : That makes even less sense, then. (0:05:33.10)
Yuen Usui : If it was a lawful act committed within your
duty, why avoid people under a bridge?
Yuen Usui : You could return home with
your head held high, no?
Raizo Kurima : It was... someone I knew. (0:05:47.86)
Raizo Kurima : Someone who was important to me. (0:05:53.66)
Raizo Kurima : Even if I didn't have a choice,
I can't face those who knew him.
Yuen Usui : That explains it. (0:06:03.64)
Yuen Usui : So, in spite of a job well done,
you find yourself unable to return.
Yuen Usui : I imagine this sort of thing happens
when you're a samurai.
Yuen Usui : Still, you're unlikely to think of a way
to resolve things while lurking down here.
Raizo Kurima : You're... right, I suppose. (0:06:27.84)
Raizo Kurima : You know, it's strange. (0:06:32.95)
Raizo Kurima : Just talking with someone makes it clear how
foolish it was to fret so much on my own.
Yuen Usui : Consider it one of the
many services I offer.
Raizo Kurima : I appreciate your advice. (0:06:47.06)
Yuen Usui : Have a safe journey. (0:06:48.87)
Raizo Kurima : You can let the people know that
you've disposed of Benkei.
Conspirator A : Greetings, Kurima-dono! (0:07:30.16)
Raizo Kurima : Are they here to escort me? (0:07:32.69)
Raizo Kurima : That's odd, for Matsumine-sama. (0:07:34.61)
Conspirator A : I must say, it's a splendid
thing you've done!
Conspirator A : To slay all of your father-in-law's
men single-handedly...
Raizo Kurima : Regardless of our relationship, (0:07:49.74)
Raizo Kurima : the moment he sullied his
hands in the opium trade,
Raizo Kurima : it simply needed to be done. (0:07:55.05)
Conspirator A : What a display of loyalty! (0:07:57.03)
Conspirator A : Matsumine-sama will be thrilled. (0:07:59.53)
Conspirator A : Now, you need only perform one last duty... (0:08:03.58)
Raizo Kurima : What? (0:08:09.51)
Conspirator A : Still haven't caught on? (0:08:12.22)
Conspirator A : I must say, your stupidity truly astounds. (0:08:14.58)
Conspirator C : Maybe there'd have been some other use for
you if this was the warring states...
Raizo Kurima : Why would you do this? (0:08:22.79)
Conspirator B : You can ask Hirata-dono about it
when you see him in the afterlife.
Conspirator B : I'm sure he'll be happy
to give you an earful.
Nio : Jump for it. (0:08:33.19)
Nio : If you don't wanna die,
then shut up and jump!
Conspirator A : Has he gone mad? (0:08:46.34)
Conspirator B : I wouldn't worry. Either way,
he couldn't have survived.
Conspirator C : We'll report as much to
Matsumine-sama, then.
Nio : Just had to dawdle a bit first, huh? (0:09:13.65)
Nio : If you die, it's not on me. (0:09:16.10)
Nio : Come on! (0:09:18.40)
Nio : The samurai's awake. (0:09:55.94)
Raizo Kurima : Did you save me? (0:09:59.64)
Yuen Usui : As I said, we handle all manner of tasks. (0:10:02.15)
Yuen Usui : Though, as a day job, I also produce maki-e
gold-lacquered works, as you can see.
Raizo Kurima : What, exactly, are you people? (0:10:16.67)
Yuen Usui : In a business like this, you learn certain
things about the Nagasaki underworld.
Yuen Usui : Things someone like you
wouldn't know, at least.
Yuen Usui : To begin with, (0:10:29.97)
Yuen Usui : it is true that someone from
the Satsuma clan has been
Yuen Usui : making secret deals with
English merchants for opium.
Yuen Usui : Hirata Genshin-dono had been
investigating around Nagasaki
Yuen Usui : in order to discover the truth. (0:10:44.17)
Raizo Kurima : That's... (0:10:46.20)
Yuen Usui : Different from what you were told? (0:10:47.17)
Yuen Usui : Which would indicate that
whoever told you otherwise,
Yuen Usui : and ordered you to kill Hirata-dono,
is the mastermind behind the opium deal.
Yuen Usui : The chief financial officer of
Satsuma, Matsumine Jonoshin.
Yuen Usui : Hirata-dono seemed to have been on the
verge of having the evidence he needed.
Yuen Usui : I can only imagine how
vexed he must have felt.
Raizo Kurima : Why did you save me? (0:11:26.27)
Yuen Usui : Would you rather have died? (0:11:29.20)
Raizo Kurima : I was tricked, like a fool, and killed
my fiancée's honorable father!
Raizo Kurima : How can you expect me to
live with this shame?!
Yuen Usui : And Matsumine maintains his position,
coming out of this unharmed.
Yuen Usui : That doesn't bother you? (0:11:45.71)
Nio : Oh, he's ready now. (0:11:49.98)
Yuen Usui : There's not much you can
do with those injuries.
Yuen Usui : The truth is, Hirata-dono acquired
our services before his passing...
Yuen Usui : and, in the event of his untimely death, (0:12:03.26)
Yuen Usui : wanted to ensure that
we would fulfill his mission.
Yuen Usui : The layout of Matsumine Jonoshin's estate, (0:12:11.10)
Yuen Usui : a path for infiltrating Satsuma, (0:12:14.30)
Yuen Usui : guidance through the
Tsurumaru Castle town...
Yuen Usui : This job requires a collaborator
familiar with local affairs.
Yuen Usui : Would you be willing to help
us, Kurima Raizo-dono?
Nio : Hup! (0:12:52.65)
Raizo Kurima : Yui... (0:13:15.30)
Raizo Kurima : I know that this won't make
amends for what I've done,
Raizo Kurima : but I... (0:13:26.63)
Yuen Usui : I know you're concerned, but if she
learns you're alive at this point...
Raizo Kurima : I know. (0:13:47.31)
Raizo Kurima : As things stand, I couldn't face her anyway. (0:13:48.59)
Raizo Kurima : These are the storehouses.
The stables are here.
Raizo Kurima : The service entrance isn't guarded heavily, (0:13:59.12)
Raizo Kurima : but it's farther away from
the main building...
Yuen Usui : Don't mind them. Please continue. (0:14:11.17)
Raizo Kurima : Anyway, the main entrance is heavily guarded, (0:14:15.04)
Raizo Kurima : but once you're inside,
there are blind spots you can use.
Raizo Kurima : A small group can sneak in,
taking them by surprise.
Raizo Kurima : That might be the trick to finishing
before causing too much of a commotion.
Yuen Usui : This seems like the kind of place
that would have a secret exit.
Raizo Kurima : No. Not a concern. (0:14:32.09)
Raizo Kurima : Matsumine trusts his guards completely. (0:14:33.85)
Yuen Usui : Fair enough. (0:14:38.09)
Yuen Usui : All the better, really. (0:14:40.21)
Yuen Usui : We'll finish things tonight. (0:14:42.78)
Yuen Usui : Kurima-san, you should wait here. (0:14:46.53)
Yuen Usui : If you were to act recklessly
with those injuries,
Yuen Usui : it would serve only to warn Matsumine. (0:14:51.45)
Yuen Usui : Do you understand? (0:14:53.55)
Conspirator A : The Hirata matter's already
become the talk of the castle.
Conspirator A : Slain by a deranged son-in-law! (0:15:17.78)
Conspirator C : And now, Matsumine-sama is secure. (0:15:21.15)
Conspirator C : Soon, all of Nagasaki will be his... (0:15:23.58)
Jonoushin Matsumine : All made possible by Kurima Raizo himself! (0:15:25.54)
Jonoushin Matsumine : It was a fine job he did. (0:15:29.30)
Conspirator A : I wasn't sure why you involved the Hirata girl's
fiancé, whose only skill was with a sword,
Conspirator A : but I had no idea you'd
thought so far ahead!
Jonoushin Matsumine : I'm used to dealing with these
bull-headed warrior types.
Jonoushin Matsumine : The trick is not to restrain them,
but to allow them to cause of bit of a ruckus.
Conspirator C : Well said, Matsumine-sama. (0:15:47.70)
Conspirator C : "Send a bull to slay your enemies," in effect. (0:15:49.66)
Conspirator A : He and Hirata must be absolutely
stewing in the afterlife!
Conspirator B : I must say, (0:16:05.60)
Conspirator B : I've heard talk of how Westerners intend
to bring the Qing to heel via this opium.
Conspirator B : Will the same happen to Nagasaki? (0:16:12.34)
Jonoushin Matsumine : Even if that does happen,
it'll suit us fine.
Jonoushin Matsumine : Whoever rules Nagasaki, even if it's the
English, will require a local governor.
Conspirator A : Incredible! You've thought that
far ahead, Matsumine-sama?!
Conspirator A : Please, allow me. (0:16:27.76)
Conspirator A : Oh, I'm ever so sorry! (0:16:29.32)
Jonoushin Matsumine : Hey, we're out of sake! (0:16:31.62)
Jonoushin Matsumine : Why isn't there more yet? (0:16:33.57)
Jonoushin Matsumine : Unbelievable... (0:16:37.00)
Conspirator C : Let me go and check. (0:16:38.64)
Teppa Murakami : Well, this wasn't part of the plan. (0:16:56.95)
Conspirator C : Hey! Is anyone there? (0:17:02.05)
Conspirator C : Even the lights are out... (0:17:05.06)
Conspirator B : Who goes there?! (0:17:49.95)
Conspirator A : Summon the men! Now! (0:17:51.50)
Conspirator B : Y-You rogue! (0:18:13.48)
Conspirator A : D-Damn you! (0:18:27.76)
Yuen Usui : Before the eyes of holy
Saint Mary, full of grace,
Yuen Usui : for your sins and your misdeeds, (0:18:56.08)
Yuen Usui : repent. (0:19:02.05)
Soji : Didn't he say there were no secret passages? (0:19:18.40)
Yuen Usui : I suppose this means Kurima-san outfoxed us. (0:19:21.20)
Raizo Kurima : Matsumine Jonoshin. (0:19:42.11)
Raizo Kurima : If you intend to explain
yourself, I'm listening.
Raizo Kurima : So be it. (0:19:52.64)
Teppa Murakami : Good grief... (0:20:17.93)
Teppa Murakami : I bet this was his plan from the beginning. (0:20:19.47)
Nio : You mean we smoked the old
man out of his hole for his sake?
Yuen Usui : So it would seem. (0:20:28.44)
Soji : Come on, man, this guy
just snatched our target!
Soji : How are we gonna explain that to the Chapel? (0:20:33.55)
Teppa Murakami : The bell still needs to be rung once the
job's done, regardless of how it's done, right?
Yuen Usui : That it does. (0:20:43.65)
Yuen Usui : Nio. (0:20:45.06)
Nio : Right. (0:20:46.01)
Raizo Kurima : Yui! (0:20:59.09)
Raizo Kurima : I'm such a fool... (0:21:00.47)
Raizo Kurima : I didn't realize what Matsumine was
doing, and I killed your father.
Raizo Kurima : But... (0:21:12.08)
Raizo Kurima : I can still make up for it! (0:21:15.20)
Raizo Kurima : I've avenged your father. (0:21:17.53)
Raizo Kurima : Maybe now... (0:21:19.83)
Raizo Kurima : Yui! (0:21:23.20)
Raizo Kurima : Yui! Where are you? (0:21:28.16)
Raizo Kurima : Yui?! (0:21:31.49)
Raizo Kurima : Yui? (0:21:43.03)
Raizo Kurima : Please, Yui... (0:21:49.98)
Raizo Kurima : I have so much to atone for... (0:21:53.06)
Raizo Kurima : Yui! (0:21:58.05)
Raizo Kurima : Yui! (0:22:01.25)

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