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Hayate Ayasaki : When watching Hayate no Gotoku, make sure to watch at a good distance away from the TV in a well lit room. (0:00:04.49)
Nagi Sanzenin : Got it? (0:00:09.44)
EXTRA : It was a Christmas present! (0:00:10.52)
EXTRA : Thanks to a very common high school boy's, Ayasaki Hayate's, generous parents, (0:00:12.42)
EXTRA : he was kindly given to very nice people. (0:00:17.64)
EXTRA : However, destiny was waiting for him at the park. (0:00:22.85)
Nagi Sanzenin : I'm not really sure, but you saved me. (0:00:28.41)
Hayate Ayasaki : Villains! Hand her back to me now! (0:00:34.09)
Nagi Sanzenin : So I'll make him my, Sanzenin Nagi's, new butler! (0:00:40.92)
EXTRA : A butler is one who serves. (0:00:46.03)
EXTRA : A butler is one who dedicates himself. (0:00:49.31)
EXTRA : A butler is a formal guardian who supports the days of their master. (0:00:52.57)
EXTRA : Yes. (0:00:59.24)
EXTRA : This is a super combat battle story of a boy who fights, risking his life for a girl. (0:01:00.44)
Nagi Sanzenin : So I'll make him my, Sanzenin Nagi's, new butler! (0:01:08.11)
Maria : Why are you stating it twice? (0:01:11.41)
Hayate Ayasaki : Hey, where am I? (0:02:54.24)
Santa Claus : Are you set? (0:02:56.25)
Santa Claus : Are you done with your life? (0:02:58.32)
Hayate Ayasaki : Oh please, Mr. Santa Claus. (0:03:01.69)
Hayate Ayasaki : You sound as though I'm dead. (0:03:03.82)
Santa Claus : You are dead. (0:03:05.30)
Santa Claus : You were so red that we couldn't even put you on the airwaves. (0:03:07.13)
Hayate Ayasaki : I see. (0:03:14.04)
Hayate Ayasaki : But if so, oh well. (0:03:15.65)
Hayate Ayasaki : I don't have any family to grieve over me, or a house to return to. (0:03:18.78)
Santa Claus : Really? (0:03:23.23)
Santa Claus : A kidnapper trying to act as a tragic hero? (0:03:25.16)
Santa Claus : Besides in the last episode, although it was in your mind, you did punch me. (0:03:29.59)
Santa Claus : Don't forget. Although it didn't actually happen,
what you tried to do is a crime.
Hayate Ayasaki : I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll never do it again. (0:03:41.53)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm really sorry. (0:03:44.19)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm... sorry... (0:03:45.38)
Hayate Ayasaki : Hey, where am I? (0:03:49.27)
Hayate Ayasaki : This splendor... it can't be of this world. (0:04:01.78)
Hayate Ayasaki : Which means, this is Heaven. (0:04:06.27)
Hayate Ayasaki : If not, it has to be an illusion created by my mind due to a long, poor life. (0:04:08.75)
Hayate Ayasaki : Thank you, Mr. Santa Claus. I'll enjoy it to my fullest. (0:04:15.45)
EXTRA : What a stupid hero we have. (0:04:19.52)
EXTRA : He did hit his head hard, but there's nothing to worry about. (0:04:22.54)
EXTRA : He must have been training regularly. (0:04:28.34)
EXTRA : If anything comes up, call me. (0:04:32.22)
Nagi Sanzenin : Maria. I want to make him Himegami's replacement. (0:04:37.82)
Maria : Um, I'm having a hard time following you. (0:04:43.30)
Nagi Sanzenin : It's true that it's the person who saved my life's wish, but... (0:04:46.20)
Nagi Sanzenin : How do I say... (0:04:49.46)
Nagi Sanzenin : He confessed love to me at the park. (0:04:51.45)
Nagi Sanzenin : Very passionately. (0:04:53.76)
Nagi Sanzenin : "I want to take you away" or something like that. (0:04:55.67)
Maria : I see... (0:04:58.43)
Nagi Sanzenin : Anyway, when Hayate wakes up, let me know right away. (0:04:59.82)
Nagi Sanzenin : I'm leaving it to you. (0:05:03.08)
Maria : What is going on? I have to check on a few things. (0:05:04.27)
Maria : Oh, but before that. (0:05:08.20)
Hayate Ayasaki : Wow, my dream's awesome. (0:05:13.79)
Hayate Ayasaki : It's more flamboyant than anything I'd ever seen when I was alive. (0:05:16.78)
Hayate Ayasaki : Man, but if this is Heaven, it's not such a bad idea to die. (0:05:21.77)
Hayate Ayasaki : The alone part is a little lonely, though. (0:05:26.64)
Maria : I-It does feel good, doesn't it? (0:05:35.33)
Hayate Ayasaki : I-It really calms me down. (0:05:37.52)
EXTRA : Don't be! (0:05:39.67)
Hayate Ayasaki : Is this really a dream? Wh-Why is that scarf person here? (0:05:41.92)
Maria : Um... (0:05:46.43)
Hayate Ayasaki : Y-Yes? (0:05:47.11)
Maria : Your body is really quite tough. (0:05:48.26)
Maria : Although your life isn't in any danger, to take a bath... (0:05:52.30)
Hayate Ayasaki : The wounds would open for any normal person. (0:05:56.37)
EXTRA : And the bath is now stained. (0:06:00.72)
EXTRA : It's stained by the red bath agent that oozed out of Hayate! (0:06:02.64)
Maria : Get a hold of yourself! Are you all right? (0:06:06.90)
Ayumu Nishizawa : Hey! A shooting star! (0:06:13.92)
EXTRA : No wait, we're not even at the halfway point of the episode! (0:06:18.78)
EXTRA : Here's a fan service shot to make up for it! (0:06:23.41)
Maria : Are you awake, Ayasaki Hayate-kun? (0:06:30.43)
Hayate Ayasaki : You were in the bath- (0:06:35.64)
Maria : You've been out all this time, ever since you were carried into the mansion, but are you all right? (0:06:36.65)
Hayate Ayasaki : I've been out all this time? (0:06:41.23)
Maria : Of course! (0:06:43.37)
Maria : You've been out the entire time. (0:06:44.46)
Hayate Ayasaki : I see. So that was a dream. (0:06:46.05)
Hayate Ayasaki : Oh, but how do you know my name? (0:06:52.68)
Hayate Ayasaki : And, where am I? (0:06:56.22)
Maria : Let's see... (0:06:58.65)
Maria : This is Lady Sanzenin Nagi-sama's mansion, whom you saved. (0:07:01.32)
Hayate Ayasaki : I saved... (0:07:07.84)
Hayate Ayasaki : That girl's?! (0:07:10.48)
Maria : And I am her maid, Maria. (0:07:11.80)
Maria : And, though I know it's impolite of me, I took a look at this. (0:07:16.34)
Maria : It seems you are in a difficult position. (0:07:22.47)
Hayate Ayasaki : N-No, nothing much. (0:07:24.96)
Maria : By the way, I have something I want to ask you. (0:07:27.67)
Maria : Regarding what happened with our Lady in the park. (0:07:31.29)
Hayate Ayasaki : E-Everything's exposed? (0:07:34.66)
Maria : I'm told that you were going to "take her away"? (0:07:36.26)
Hayate Ayasaki : Ummm... (0:07:39.75)
Hayate Ayasaki : I-I'm sorry! I'll never even think about kidnapping! (0:07:41.31)
Maria : I see. I understand your situation. (0:07:48.03)
Hayate Ayasaki : I really don't know how to apologize regarding this matter. (0:07:51.91)
Maria : Well, there are lies that people say out of necessity. (0:07:55.29)
Nagi Sanzenin : Oh, so you were awake already. (0:08:01.27)
Nagi Sanzenin : How are you feeling? (0:08:03.90)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm fine now. (0:08:06.23)
Hayate Ayasaki : Thank you so much for being so kind to me. (0:08:07.48)
Hayate Ayasaki : But I'm sorry for the terrible request I made to you at the park. (0:08:10.70)
EXTRA : For ¥156,804,000, too. (0:08:14.99)
Nagi Sanzenin : Well, it surprised me, but I wasn't against it. (0:08:19.80)
EXTRA : It was your first moment being confessed to, after all. (0:08:24.26)
EXTRA : Although you mistook it. (0:08:27.55)
Nagi Sanzenin : But we don't know each other well,
so I'm not too sure about rushing the steps.
Nagi Sanzenin : I-I've given it some thought after that, too! (0:08:36.19)
Nagi Sanzenin : You were looking for live-in work, weren't you? (0:08:38.57)
Nagi Sanzenin : Then be my butler here at the mansion. (0:08:42.60)
Maria : Oh, yay. (0:08:45.57)
Hayate Ayasaki : Butler? (0:08:47.32)
Maria : U-Um, Milady, how about asking his situation first? (0:08:48.85)
Nagi Sanzenin : But we do need a replacement for Himegami. (0:08:53.90)
Nagi Sanzenin : Besides, your toughness is greater than anyone's. (0:08:56.63)
Nagi Sanzenin : He was moving even after getting hit by a car. (0:08:59.46)
Hayate Ayasaki : She's about to forgive me for trying to kidnap her and is now offering me live-in work? (0:09:03.86)
Hayate Ayasaki : What a... What a kind little girl! (0:09:08.00)
Hayate Ayasaki : Thank you, Mr. Santa Claus. (0:09:11.52)
Hayate Ayasaki : This must be my first present from you. (0:09:13.37)
Santa Claus : No, not necessarily. (0:09:17.02)
Hayate Ayasaki : B-But Hayate-kun doesn't know what a butler does, does he? (0:09:19.45)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'll do it! (0:09:22.39)
Hayate Ayasaki : Leave it to me, Milady. (0:09:24.09)
Hayate Ayasaki : No matter what happens, I, Ayasaki Hayate,
will protect Milady, even at the cost of my own life!
Nagi Sanzenin : Y-You idiot! (0:09:31.15)
Nagi Sanzenin : Don't say such an embarrassing thing in front of Maria. (0:09:32.36)
Maria : W-What should we do about these two naturally empty minds? (0:09:41.25)
Seishirou Klaus : What is this? (0:09:47.52)
Seishirou Klaus : A new butler? (0:09:49.04)
Seishirou Klaus : Yes, we were looking for a replacement
to fill in for head butler with Himegami gone,
Seishirou Klaus : but what exactly is this Ayasaki Hayate boy like? (0:09:55.82)
Maria : Let's see... (0:09:59.60)
Maria : Someone who can catch up to a car speeding at 120km/h
on a bicycle and can withstand being run over by said car.
Seishirou Klaus : Maria, which ***dam is that? (0:10:10.38)
Seishirou Klaus : That's as sturdy as a giant robot. (0:10:13.59)
Maria : No, Klaus-san, he is a human. (0:10:15.71)
Maria : And, that ***dam is not a giant robot, but- (0:10:18.97)
Seishirou Klaus : I-I see, so that ***dam isn't a giant robot? (0:10:21.34)
Seishirou Klaus : I'm studying anime to have
a common interest with Milady, but...
Seishirou Klaus : "Foolishness caused by youth." (0:10:29.89)
Maria : You seem to be understanding it. (0:10:31.90)
Maria : So regarding Hayate-kun's case? (0:10:34.52)
Seishirou Klaus : Anyways, the likes of him won't suffice as our butler. (0:10:36.75)
Seishirou Klaus : Have him leave. (0:10:40.92)
Maria : But... (0:10:42.21)
Seishirou Klaus : Okay? (0:10:44.03)
Hayate Ayasaki : Wow. (0:10:48.96)
Maria : How's the fit? (0:10:52.13)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yes, it's perfect. (0:10:54.00)
Maria : That's great. It was worth fixing it last night. (0:10:55.90)
Hayate Ayasaki : Maria-san, you did this? (0:11:00.31)
Maria : Shall we get to work now? (0:11:02.11)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yes. (0:11:04.97)
Hayate Ayasaki : So, what exactly is my job? (0:11:06.45)
Maria : Let's see... (0:11:11.36)
Maria : Since it's the end of the year, I guess cleaning every spot you see. (0:11:12.90)
Maria : Klaus-san said to send him out, but I cannot really do that, can I? (0:11:16.91)
Hayate Ayasaki : Cleaning... Then I can do that, too. (0:11:22.99)
Hayate Ayasaki : If I get fired from here, I can't pay the ¥156,804,000 back. (0:11:26.55)
Hayate Ayasaki : I won't have a place to live, either. (0:11:30.98)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yes, today, my new life will start here! (0:11:32.46)
EXTRA : Yes, as a butler to the Sanzenin family. (0:11:36.52)
Hayate Ayasaki : Don't take my line. (0:11:39.63)
Hayate Ayasaki : Time for commercials. (0:11:41.70)
Santa Claus : Love. (0:11:46.66)
Maria : Hate. (0:11:51.47)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yes, today, my new life will start here! (0:11:53.31)
Hayate Ayasaki : As a butler to the Sanzenin family! (0:11:57.70)
Hayate Ayasaki : I got to say it all this time! (0:11:59.84)
Maria : Ah, Nagi. Good morning. (0:12:03.27)
Nagi Sanzenin : Ah, good morning, both of you. (0:12:06.97)
Hayate Ayasaki : Look at this, Milady. (0:12:09.19)
Hayate Ayasaki : Maria-san redid these clothes for me. (0:12:11.09)
Nagi Sanzenin : Well, I hope you work well. (0:12:16.42)
Hayate Ayasaki : I-I feel she's become cold all of a sudden. (0:12:19.36)
Maria : If you ask me, I think she's getting heated up. (0:12:23.01)
Hayate Ayasaki : Anyway, I'll gain her trust back through work! (0:12:27.39)
Maria : U-Um- (0:12:31.91)
Maria : His motivation... How can I send him away? (0:12:34.22)
Maria : And how can I untangle the misunderstanding? (0:12:37.63)
Nagi Sanzenin : That wasn't the right attitude to take. (0:12:44.63)
Nagi Sanzenin : That was way too mean. (0:12:47.01)
Nagi Sanzenin : If I could sew like Maria... (0:12:50.21)
Nagi Sanzenin : What do you think, Hayate? (0:12:54.60)
Hayate Ayasaki : It's amazing, Milady. (0:12:56.89)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate. (0:12:58.98)
Hayate Ayasaki : Milady. (0:13:00.21)
Maria : Milady. (0:13:04.81)
Maria : Milady! (0:13:06.19)
Nagi Sanzenin : Oh, Maria. Where's Hayate? (0:13:08.50)
Maria : He's helping me with cleaning. (0:13:10.97)
Maria : He's filled with motivation. (0:13:13.22)
Nagi Sanzenin : I see. (0:13:16.55)
Maria : Apparently, he is going to work hard to gain your trust. (0:13:18.08)
Maria : If you have anything in mind,
I think it is the best if you talk to him in person.
Nagi Sanzenin : Y-You're right! We have to get to know each other well, first. (0:13:25.36)
Maria : Yes. (0:13:29.33)
Nagi Sanzenin : I'll get to where Hayate is! (0:13:31.28)
Maria : Make sure you kindly untangle the misunderstanding. (0:13:34.50)
Hayate Ayasaki : Maria-san, could you check the cleaning for me? (0:13:39.92)
Hayate Ayasaki : Huh? Is something wrong? (0:13:44.27)
Maria : No, just thinking how unsynchronized you two are. (0:13:46.98)
Maria : It looks really clean here. (0:13:54.60)
Hayate Ayasaki : Does it? Thank you very much. (0:13:58.26)
Maria : Very thorough in the smallest places. (0:14:03.86)
Maria : That's... (0:14:06.69)
Hayate Ayasaki : Ah, that door handle was made of silver, so I used Silver Duster to polish it. (0:14:07.51)
Hayate Ayasaki : This statue here, after taking the stain off with a brush made of brass, I cleaned with a neutral detergent. (0:14:13.40)
Hayate Ayasaki : Then I wiped the water off and finished it with a wax coating. (0:14:18.28)
Hayate Ayasaki : The carpet was Kilim style made with wool,
so I used cosmetic detergent with cold water.
Hayate Ayasaki : Um, did I do something wrong? (0:14:26.17)
Maria : No, I'm honestly surprised. (0:14:29.08)
Maria : Rather, I'm at a loss for words. (0:14:31.64)
Hayate Ayasaki : Well, I was working at a sanitation company when I was eight, while hiding my age, to get money for my parents to drink off. (0:14:33.95)
Hayate Ayasaki : So cleaning turns out to be one of my specialties. (0:14:39.49)
Maria : I'm sorry, Klaus-san, I can't find a reason to send Hayate-kun off. (0:14:47.58)
Maria : It looks like Nagi's eye for selecting people seems to be true. (0:14:52.00)
Hayate Ayasaki : But this mansion is really huge. (0:14:56.64)
Hayate Ayasaki : How many rooms are there to clean? (0:14:59.68)
Hayate Ayasaki : Study? (0:15:05.52)
Hayate Ayasaki : I don't sense anyone in here. (0:15:09.59)
Hayate Ayasaki : What is this? (0:15:17.70)
Hayate Ayasaki : Milady's notebook? (0:15:18.92)
Hayate Ayasaki : Th-This is! (0:15:24.35)
Hayate Ayasaki : A picture diary? (0:15:28.47)
EXTRA : It's a manga. (0:15:29.51)
Hayate Ayasaki : N-No, I mustn't look at a private thing like this. (0:15:30.83)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hey! (0:15:34.17)
Nagi Sanzenin : What are you looking at in someone else's room? (0:15:35.75)
Hayate Ayasaki : M-Milady! Um, this is... (0:15:38.50)
Nagi Sanzenin : Th-That's my- (0:15:42.39)
Hayate Ayasaki : No, I didn't read your picture diary at all! (0:15:43.98)
Nagi Sanzenin : P-P-Picture diary, you say? (0:15:48.23)
Nagi Sanzenin : You idiot!!! (0:15:51.46)
Hayate Ayasaki : Milady? (0:15:53.98)
Nagi Sanzenin : Shut up! I don't care about you anymore! (0:15:55.71)
Nagi Sanzenin : What do you understand about me?! (0:15:58.34)
Nagi Sanzenin : Idiot! Hayate, you idiot! (0:15:59.17)
Hayate Ayasaki : Milady... (0:16:01.77)
Nagi Sanzenin : Get out of here! (0:16:03.89)
Hayate Ayasaki : Farewell, my peace. (0:16:12.82)
Hayate Ayasaki : It was short, but thank you. (0:16:15.02)
EXTRA : We meet again, kiddo. (0:16:22.59)
Hayate Ayasaki : Hello... (0:16:28.06)
Maria : Are you sure? (0:16:39.39)
Nagi Sanzenin : Sure about what? (0:16:41.36)
Maria : Hayate-kun really left. (0:16:42.42)
Maria : On a black pumpkin carriage, too. (0:16:45.12)
Nagi Sanzenin : Wh-What? (0:16:51.16)
Nagi Sanzenin : H-Hey! The second half of this episode isn't over yet! (0:16:55.94)
EXTRA : Indeed. (0:16:59.64)
Maria : Are you sure you want to leave him? (0:17:01.70)
Nagi Sanzenin : I only told him to get out of the room. (0:17:03.72)
Nagi Sanzenin : I didn't think he'd leave the mansion. (0:17:06.70)
Maria : It is because you are not in the habit of putting away your important things. (0:17:08.57)
Maria : Not much we can do now. (0:17:13.76)
Maria : Let us forget about Hayate-kun. (0:17:15.45)
Maria : If you say you are through with him, then there is no reason to stop him. (0:17:18.57)
Nagi Sanzenin : But that's... (0:17:22.83)
Maria : If you hate Hayate-kun, then it is better to leave things as is. (0:17:24.45)
Nagi Sanzenin : No, I don't hate him or anything. (0:17:28.43)
Maria : You don't? (0:17:30.44)
Nagi Sanzenin : In any case, Hayate is the person who saved my life. (0:17:31.92)
Nagi Sanzenin : As a part of Sanzenin, I can't abandon my savior. (0:17:34.84)
Hayate Ayasaki : Um, Mister Nice People, where is this? (0:17:45.05)
EXTRA : The Immigration Office. (0:17:50.09)
EXTRA : Oh, I'm so happy. Volunteer work is waiting for me ahead. (0:17:52.69)
EXTRA : I'm never going to return to Japan. (0:17:56.45)
EXTRA : I probably won't be able to come back. (0:17:58.44)
Hayate Ayasaki : Wh-What should I do? At this rate, my life will... (0:18:00.69)
Hayate Ayasaki : First, it'll be a cruise with everyone on a gorgeous boat. (0:18:04.40)
Hayate Ayasaki : But on the way, pirates will attack us, (0:18:09.27)
Hayate Ayasaki : and for some reason I'll get recruited into their crew. (0:18:12.00)
Hayate Ayasaki : After becoming a wanted man,
I get cornered by an ocean monkey,
Hayate Ayasaki : and my dream to become the Pirate King sinks into a cross-shaped ocean. (0:18:17.46)
Hayate Ayasaki : Um, I have a little emergency to attend to. (0:18:22.77)
Hayate Ayasaki : Let me go! (0:18:27.74)
EXTRA : Don't worry. Your luxury boat is ready, too. (0:18:29.11)
Hayate Ayasaki : S-Someone help! (0:18:36.78)
EXTRA : Bro! (0:18:44.93)
EXTRA : It hurts! (0:18:47.98)
EXTRA : Bro, stop moving. (0:18:48.72)
Nagi Sanzenin : Want me to help? (0:18:49.79)
EXTRA : Please stay still! (0:18:50.44)
Hayate Ayasaki : That voice. Could you be... (0:18:51.37)
Hayate Ayasaki : Milad- (0:18:57.92)
Nagi Sanzenin : NO!!! (0:18:58.74)
Nagi Sanzenin : My name is Na- (0:18:59.91)
Nagi Sanzenin : No, um... (0:19:01.66)
Nagi Sanzenin : Mask... (0:19:03.05)
Nagi Sanzenin : Right, Mask the Money! (0:19:04.07)
Nagi Sanzenin : I came here at the request of Nagi. (0:19:05.93)
Nagi Sanzenin : And, here's a message from her. (0:19:10.21)
Nagi Sanzenin : "I-I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier." (0:19:13.03)
Nagi Sanzenin : That's what she wanted me to tell you! (0:19:16.44)
Nagi Sanzenin : A-And, what you saw in the notebook is her latest work, (0:19:23.94)
Nagi Sanzenin : a manga titled Millennium Legend: Magical Destroy , (0:19:28.99)
Nagi Sanzenin : and it absolutely wasn't a picture diary! (0:19:32.43)
Hayate Ayasaki : Okay, I got it! (0:19:34.67)
Hayate Ayasaki : Ah, Mask the Money-san! (0:19:36.92)
Nagi Sanzenin : Good. Then continue being a butler at her house. (0:19:39.54)
Nagi Sanzenin : She'd be happy that way. (0:19:43.93)
Nagi Sanzenin : I think... (0:19:46.44)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yes! (0:19:48.12)
EXTRA : Of course, you're not going to be able to do that. (0:19:49.09)
EXTRA : He's got a ¥156,804,000 debt made by his parents to pay back. (0:19:51.65)
EXTRA : He's got to return it in full. (0:19:56.58)
Nagi Sanzenin : Are you talking about this? (0:19:58.40)
Nagi Sanzenin : So what about this piece of paper? (0:20:00.26)
Nagi Sanzenin : I told you to shut up, or did you not hear me, baldy?! (0:20:02.24)
EXTRA : This brat... (0:20:05.93)
Hayate Ayasaki : D-Don't touch this person! (0:20:14.36)
EXTRA : Don't be so arrogant. (0:20:19.32)
EXTRA : If you don't want us to touch her,
then pay the ¥156,804,000 back right now.
Nagi Sanzenin : I will. (0:20:25.78)
Nagi Sanzenin : The entire debt. (0:20:28.64)
EXTRA : You're kidding... (0:20:35.64)
EXTRA : That's all real money? (0:20:36.93)
Nagi Sanzenin : Of course, you idiots! (0:20:38.44)
Nagi Sanzenin : You don't have any more problems now, do you? (0:20:40.26)
EXTRA : Bro. (0:20:48.52)
EXTRA : Okay, let's get out of here. (0:20:49.49)
EXTRA : Now you need to get the money back from him. (0:20:53.60)
Hayate Ayasaki : Mask the Money-san. (0:21:01.52)
Hayate Ayasaki : When you see Milady, please relay a message for me. (0:21:04.22)
Hayate Ayasaki : I will pay the money back with work. (0:21:06.48)
Hayate Ayasaki : And thank you for my position as butler. (0:21:09.24)
Nagi Sanzenin : But she meant the money as a gift to you. (0:21:13.24)
Hayate Ayasaki : N-No! I have to pay it off! Otherwise I can't be even with her. (0:21:16.99)
Hayate Ayasaki : After all, she came to save me with such a funny looking mask. (0:21:20.45)
EXTRA : I don't even have to note that she thought it was cool. (0:21:23.62)
Hayate Ayasaki : So that money- (0:21:26.85)
Nagi Sanzenin : Pay it off!!! (0:21:27.87)
Nagi Sanzenin : On second thought, money-related matters must be kept black and white for the sake of justice. (0:21:30.25)
Nagi Sanzenin : So you must work like a horse to pay everything back to Sanzenin Nagi! (0:21:34.71)
Hayate Ayasaki : Y-Yes, of course. (0:21:41.45)
Nagi Sanzenin : I'm definitely, DEFINITELY, not going to give you any discounts, you hear?! (0:21:43.37)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hmph! (0:21:47.64)
Hayate Ayasaki : Mask the Money-san, your mask fell off. (0:21:50.62)
EXTRA : PLACEHOLDER (0:21:54.17)
Seishirou Klaus : Looks like they're fighting. (0:21:54.61)
Nagi Sanzenin : D-D-Don't look! (0:21:56.04)
Maria : I think it's fine. (0:21:57.66)
Nagi Sanzenin : Not yet! (0:21:57.99)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yes, I understand! (0:21:58.86)
Maria : They are like brother and sister. (0:22:00.45)
Nagi Sanzenin : Are you sure you didn't see? (0:22:02.63)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm sorry. (0:22:04.13)
Nagi Sanzenin : Got that?! (0:22:04.15)
Hayate Ayasaki : It's snowing. (0:22:07.77)
EXTRA : And this is how the two's Christmas came to an end. (0:22:10.01)
EXTRA : However, spring is still far away. (0:22:13.57)
EXTRA : One trouble after another. (0:22:15.63)
EXTRA : Next week, we'll pit the mascot character of this anime and 21st-century household machines in a fight. (0:22:16.93)
Seishirou Klaus : I'm absolutely against hiring a boy who's so pathetic and looks like he'll never have any luck with money for the rest of his life! (0:24:01.36)
Nagi Sanzenin : What? (0:24:07.77)
Maria : If you see a problem with Hayate-kun's strength or potential, how about testing him? (0:24:08.43)
Hayate Ayasaki : A test? (0:24:14.12)
Hayate Ayasaki : Next time on Hayate no Gotoku. (0:24:16.14)
Hayate Ayasaki : The Beast, Robot, and Butler That Kinda Shout Love at the Center of the World. (0:24:17.94)
Nagi Sanzenin : Don't worry, Hayate; I know you can do it. (0:24:22.23)
Hayate Ayasaki : The red lion goes roar! (0:24:25.29)

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Hayate the Combat Butler

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