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EXTRA : We're chasing dreams without end
in a world without a guide.
EXTRA : These overlapping feelings
pierce the beating of my heart
EXTRA : as the unwavering verse quietly goes on. (0:00:28.98)
EXTRA : From far away in the sky,
our shadows blur together
EXTRA : as our memories are recorded
amid inevitability and whimsy.
EXTRA : Even if the whirlpools
of time we pass through,
EXTRA : were to waste away,
I'll still believe in your voice.
EXTRA : We're chasing dreams without end
in a future without a guide.
EXTRA : And even if I lose my light, someday, (0:01:10.98)
EXTRA : with the twinkling flame you lit in my heart, (0:01:18.82)
EXTRA : these fragments of hope
will change into wings
Shaoran : I'm home, Dad. (0:03:03.01)
Shaoran : Yes? (0:03:09.64)
Sakura : Syaoran! (0:03:12.81)
Sakura : Welcome home! How was excavating the ruins? (0:03:15.23)
Sakura : Did you get hurt? Did you get any fevers?
Did you make sure to eat right?
Shaoran : Y-Yes, ma'am, it went fine. (0:03:22.24)
Sakura : There's that politeness. (0:03:26.24)
Sakura : I told you I hated polite speech. (0:03:28.66)
Shaoran : But Princess... (0:03:31.25)
Sakura : Sakura. (0:03:33.25)
Sakura : I told you to call me by my name. (0:03:35.67)
Shaoran : Uh, yeah... (0:03:37.84)
Sakura : Sa-ku-ra. (0:03:39.84)
Shaoran : S-Sakura. (0:03:41.84)
Sakura : I'm sorry... (0:03:46.26)
Sakura : I must be heavy, huh? (0:03:47.85)
Sakura : I really am glad you're back, Syaoran. (0:03:52.23)
Shaoran : I'm home. (0:03:54.65)
Sakura : How long can you stay here this time? (0:03:59.82)
Shaoran : I just came to get a change of clothes.
I'm going back to work tonight.
Sakura : Oh. (0:04:06.24)
Shaoran : I do have some shopping to do (0:04:10.83)
Shaoran : to get ready for
tomorrow's excavation, though.
Shaoran : Want to come with me? (0:04:14.83)
Shaoran : What are you acting so worked up about? (0:04:21.84)
Shaoran : You haven't, by any chance,
snuck out of the castle again, have you?
Sakura : Well, when I say I'm going
over to your place, Syaoran,
Sakura : it puts my brother in a bad mood. (0:04:30.77)
Shaoran : The King is just worried
about his little sister.
Sakura : Maybe. I get the feeling
he's just being mean, though.
Sakura : Wow, these look delicious! (0:04:45.82)
Sakura : Syaoran, let's have these for a snack today. (0:04:47.95)
EXTRA : Would you like to take them with you? (0:04:51.24)
Sakura : You mean it? (0:04:53.83)
EXTRA : For you, Princess, I do. (0:04:55.25)
EXTRA : The Princess is here! (0:04:57.67)
EXTRA : The Princess? (0:04:59.67)
Shaoran : The people of this land
really do love their princess.
EXTRA : There's the Princess! (0:05:08.26)
Shaoran : The castle guard! (0:05:11.26)
Sakura : If they catch me, they'll take me
back to the castle. What do we do?
Shaoran : Let's go! (0:05:18.81)
Sakura : I haven't run like that in a long while. (0:05:38.83)
Shaoran : Me, neither. (0:05:40.84)
Sakura : Let me stay with you here for a little longer. (0:05:47.26)
Shaoran : It was my late father's
dream to excavate those ruins.
Sakura : It's been seven years, now...
since you first came to this land, Syaoran.
Shaoran : Being an archeologist, (0:06:28.68)
Shaoran : Dad went to the castle to get permission
to study the ruins of this land.
Sakura : That was the first time
we ever met each other, huh?
Shaoran : Dad passed away partway
through excavation operations,
Shaoran : but he said he had lived a happy life,
and in the end, Dad was smiling.
Sakura : Syaoran, would you like
to come live in my castle?
Shaoran : In the castle? That would be strange. (0:07:01.25)
Sakura : No, it wouldn't. After all, Syaoran,
you've been my friend since childhood.
Shaoran : Someone who isn't a member of the
royal family couldn't live in the castle.
Shaoran : Besides, I can live just fine
off my work excavating the ruins.
Sakura : But still, lately, I haven't been
able to see you because of your work,
Sakura : and I miss you. (0:07:24.48)
Sakura : Syaoran, don't you miss me? (0:07:26.65)
Shaoran : Sure I do. But excavating those
ruins was me and my dad's--
Sakura : I know. It was your precious dream, wasn't it? (0:07:34.66)
Sakura : I know that, but still, I'd like to see you. (0:07:39.83)
Sakura : At night, when I go to bed, I always think,
"I wonder what Syaoran is up to."
Sakura : "I wonder if he even
thinks about me a little bit."
Shaoran : I do think about you. (0:07:58.85)
Shaoran : I think about you, too. (0:08:04.81)
Sakura : You know what? I... (0:08:08.82)
Sakura : ...have something I
want to tell you, Syaoran.
Sakura : Syaoran, I... (0:08:16.66)
Shaoran : A-Are you all right? (0:08:24.25)
Sakura : Just a little startled. (0:08:25.83)
Sakura : Once the bell rings, I have to get back. (0:08:32.84)
Shaoran : Want me to walk you there? (0:08:34.84)
Sakura : Mm-mm, I'll be fine. (0:08:35.84)
Sakura : Um, you know what? (0:08:38.85)
Sakura : That thing I wanted to tell you...
I'll tell you the next time I see you, okay?
Sakura : I'll make sure I say it,
so just wait until then, okay?
Shaoran : It isn't right to have
these feelings, is it, Dad?
Shaoran : Even if we were childhood friends,
she's still the princess of this land.
Touya : I see you plain as day, Sakura. (0:09:32.98)
Sakura : I'm home, Brother Toya. (0:09:41.83)
Touya : Were you over at that kid's place again? (0:09:44.00)
Sakura : He's not a kid! He's Syaoran! (0:09:46.21)
Touya : For a brat like that, "kid" will do. (0:09:48.42)
Sakura : He's not a brat! Syaoran is a great guy
who lives by himself, and works hard!
Touya : He may be a great guy,
but the brat is still a brat.
Sakura : No he's not! (0:09:58.64)
Yukito : How about the two of you call an end to this? (0:09:59.68)
Sakura : Yukito-san! (0:10:05.85)
Yukito : I received this a short while earlier (0:10:08.81)
Yukito : from the squad of gentlemen
who are excavating the ruins.
Sakura : Is that... (0:10:14.82)
Yukito : Yes, there are more ruins than
just those that are above ground.
Yukito : You see? There is a road here
that continues on underground, right?
Sakura : Yes. (0:10:24.66)
Yukito : They say they will not know what lies
any farther ahead until it is excavated.
Sakura : Which means... (0:10:30.46)
Touya : Which means that kid will be busy
for a long, long, long, long time.
Sakura : Brother, you're so mean! (0:10:36.84)
Yukito : You should not do that, my King.
I feel badly for the Princess.
Touya : Drop the polite talk
when it's just the two of us.
Yukito : But, my King... (0:10:49.23)
Touya : Yukito, we used to just
be friends as kids, right?
Yukito : Toya... (0:10:54.98)
Touya : That kid makes me so mad. (0:11:05.66)
Touya : However, he is the "Fated One," isn't he? (0:11:11.25)
Yukito : Mm-hmm. Syaoran-kun is
Princess Sakura's Fated One.
Yukito : Still... (0:11:21.84)
Yukito : In my foretellings, (0:11:23.85)
Yukito : I saw incredible hardships
awaiting the two of them in their future.
Yukito : The Princess has a mysterious power. (0:11:30.27)
Yukito : I don't know what it is, exactly, (0:11:32.81)
Yukito : but it is a power that will change the world. (0:11:36.65)
Yukito : It is also a power that
beckons hardships and troubles.
Fei Wang Reed : For you who live in a false time,
as an image reflected in a mirror,
Fei Wang Reed : the time is at hand. (0:12:05.68)
Fei Wang Reed : Everything begins now. (0:12:08.26)
Kurogane : Weak! Weak! Isn't there anyone
around with a bit more backbone?!
Tomoyo : Is it true, Souma? (0:12:48.85)
Souma : Yes. (0:12:51.85)
Tomoyo : I told him not to commit such bloodshed. (0:12:52.85)
Souma : What shall we do, Princess Tomoyo? (0:12:57.23)
Tomoyo : At this point, I have no choice. (0:13:04.65)
Chii : Is the king asleep? (0:13:23.67)
Fai D. Flourite : Mm-hmm. There wasn't any other way. (0:13:25.26)
Chii : What will you do now, Fai? (0:13:29.68)
Fai D. Flourite : Good question. Now that I
have locked away King Ashura,
Fai D. Flourite : I doubt I can stay in this land anymore. (0:13:37.98)
Fai D. Flourite : Or rather, in this world. (0:13:42.82)
Fai D. Flourite : I have to go somewhere else,
a world apart from King Ashura.
Sakura : I wonder if Syaoran is still at work. (0:14:02.84)
Sakura : Next time I see Syaoran, I have to
tell him that I've fallen in love with him.
Sakura : What's that sound? (0:14:21.81)
Sakura : It's a pretty sound...
like something is being struck...
Sakura : It sounds like it's coming from the ruins. (0:14:34.66)
Sakura : It's calling... me... (0:14:44.67)
Shaoran : What could this mark be? (0:15:39.85)
Shaoran : It's not the crest of this land. (0:15:43.23)
Shaoran : Princess? (0:15:53.66)
Shaoran : What are you doing here? (0:15:58.66)
Shaoran : What the... (0:16:18.26)
Touya : What was that? (0:16:37.24)
Yukito : Toya! (0:16:38.66)
EXTRA : Who are these guys?! (0:16:41.66)
Shaoran : What is this? (0:16:54.84)
Shaoran : Sakura! (0:16:58.26)
Shaoran : W-What's going on? (0:17:07.65)
Shaoran : Sakura! (0:17:14.24)
Fei Wang Reed : The power to cross dimensions, (0:17:31.25)
Fei Wang Reed : and wings to direct the destination.
That power is now reborn.
Shaoran : Sakura! (0:17:46.27)
Shaoran : Sakura! Sakura! (0:18:01.66)
Shaoran : She's growing cold, fast! (0:18:05.83)
Xing Huo : We have failed. (0:18:10.67)
Fei Wang Reed : No, this is where it all starts. (0:18:15.67)
Fei Wang Reed : And when it is all over, I will have
the power to transcend time and space.
Touya : You're late, kid! (0:18:37.24)
Shaoran : King! (0:18:38.65)
Touya : Is Sakura all right? (0:18:39.82)
Shaoran : Well, she... (0:18:41.66)
Touya : I asked you if my sister is all right! (0:18:42.24)
Touya : Yukito, have a look at Sakura. (0:18:47.83)
Yukito : As you wish. (0:18:49.83)
Yukito : Oh, my. (0:18:55.67)
Yukito : I have read your memories. (0:18:58.67)
Yukito : Light in the form of feathers scattered
forth from the Princess's back, then?
Shaoran : Yes. (0:19:05.68)
Yukito : I was afraid of that.
Those feathers were the Princess's mind.
Shaoran : H-Her mind? (0:19:12.65)
Yukito : The memories the Princess had within her,
from the time she was born until today,
Yukito : have all disappeared. (0:19:20.24)
Yukito : And the mind that has scattered
from her... is no longer in...
Yukito : ...this world. (0:19:29.25)
Touya : What did you say?! (0:19:30.25)
Shaoran : T-That can't be! (0:19:31.67)
Yukito : A body without its mind is
no more than an empty vessel.
Yukito : If we don't do something,
the Princess will be...
Shaoran : Isn't there anything I can do? (0:19:40.26)
Touya : Kid... (0:19:44.85)
Touya : My sister... (0:19:47.27)
Touya : in your hands. (0:19:49.68)
Shaoran : Right. (0:19:52.27)
Yukito : Come, this way! (0:19:53.81)
Touya : You're not stepping one foot past this point! (0:20:00.82)
Yukito : I am now going to send you both to a place
where someone from another world lives.
Yukito : To the one who holds the same power as her. (0:20:18.84)
Shaoran : The one? Who is that?
What should I do once we get there?
Yukito : She is called a "Dimensional Witch."
Please tell her everything that happened.
Yukito : And ask her how to save the Princess! (0:20:33.27)
Shaoran : Sakura... (0:20:37.82)
Fai D. Flourite : Well then, I guess I'm off to see the witch. (0:20:44.82)
Kurogane : What the hell are you doing?! (0:20:56.83)
Tomoyo : You said you wanted to become stronger. (0:20:58.84)
Tomoyo : But there is no longer anyone
stronger than you throughout my land.
Tomoyo : Thus, I am sending you to another world. (0:21:06.68)
Kurogane : You mean, you're getting rid
of me like a common nuisance!
Tomoyo : All right then, please take care of yourself. (0:21:14.69)
Kurogane : Why, you! I won't forget this! (0:21:17.65)
Souma : Princess, where did you send Kurogane? (0:21:24.65)
Tomoyo : I sent him to the one. (0:21:27.66)
Tomoyo : I'm sure she will know how to handle him. (0:21:30.66)
Tomoyo : The journey now begins. (0:21:35.25)
Yuuko Ichihara : They're here. (0:22:02.82)
Kurogane : Who are you? (0:22:13.66)
Fai D. Flourite : You are the Dimensional Witch, yes? (0:22:21.25)
Yuuko Ichihara : I am called by that name. (0:22:25.67)
Shaoran : Please, help Sakura! (0:22:31.85)
Shaoran : I beg you, please help Sakura! (0:22:40.81)
EXTRA : You know, when this town
is bathed in twilight,
EXTRA : there will be a little seed
that drops from your hand.
EXTRA : If you can call this trodden-down dirt a road, (0:23:20.39)
EXTRA : does closing my eyes count as love? (0:23:30.99)
EXTRA : If this world had been flat, (0:23:39.41)
EXTRA : the two of us would never have met. (0:23:45.00)
EXTRA : We were both running to keep our distance. (0:23:49.84)
EXTRA : But now, without reducing speed, (0:23:58.43)
EXTRA : no matter how far apart we are, (0:24:03.98)
EXTRA : as the miracle repeats itself, (0:24:08.82)
EXTRA : we will come face to face again. (0:24:12.99)
EXTRA : We will come face to face again. (0:24:20.00)
Mokona Modoki : Puu! (0:24:32.84)
Mokona Modoki : Syaoran and the rest of
the trio from faraway worlds
Mokona Modoki : make a contract with the Dimensional Witch, (0:24:36.68)
Mokona Modoki : and their journey finally begins. (0:24:38.68)
Mokona Modoki : But as soon as they arrive in their first land, (0:24:40.89)
Mokona Modoki : they get caught up in
the middle of a terrible incident,
Mokona Modoki : so it becomes a real mess. (0:24:45.56)
Mokona Modoki : Huh? Who in the world are you, you ask?
Just wait until you see!
Mokona Modoki : Tsubasa Chronicles, Episode 2,
"The Power to Fight."
Mokona Modoki : Next time, your heart
will pound over the flames!

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