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C.C. : August 10th, 2010 of the Imperial Calendar. (0:00:03.74)
C.C. : The Holy Britannian Empire
declared war upon Japan.
C.C. : In the face of the Knightmare Frame,
Britannia's newest weapon,
C.C. : Japan could not stand for even
one month before it was defeated.
C.C. : Its freedom and traditions,
rights and honor...
C.C. : and finally even its name
were taken from it.
C.C. : Eleven. (0:00:27.56)
C.C. : That number became the
new name for the Japanese.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Tell me.
What is it you wanted me to do?
Lelouch Lamperouge : Why did you give me
this strange power?
Villetta Nu : Why are the royal guard all...?! (0:02:36.57)
Villetta Nu : What happened?!
What's a Britannian student doing here?!
Villetta Nu : Answer me, or else I'll...! (0:02:46.62)
Villetta Nu : Answer me! (0:02:51.99)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Come out of there. At once! (0:02:53.62)
Villetta Nu : Who do you think you are? (0:02:57.93)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I see. It doesn't work
unless they see it directly.
Lelouch Lamperouge : My name is Alan Spacer.
My father is a duke.
Villetta Nu : A duke! (0:03:09.27)
Lelouch Lamperouge : My I.D. card's in my breast pocket. (0:03:10.61)
Lelouch Lamperouge : After you confirm my identity,
I ask for your protection.
Villetta Nu : Keep your hands up.
I'll take out your l.D.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Now hand over your Knightmare to me. (0:03:25.89)
Villetta Nu : Understood.
Its number is XG21-G2D4.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Very well. (0:03:44.47)
Villetta Nu : I... What did l...?! (0:03:50.18)
Lloyd Asplund : Having a bad day, are we?! (0:03:55.35)
Lloyd Asplund : Lost your chance to go
to heaven, Private Kururugi?
Suzaku Kururugi : Um... Where...? (0:04:01.66)
Lloyd Asplund : Hm? Ah.
Still in the Shinjuku ghetto.
Cecile Croomy : With Prince Clovis near,
it's probably the safest place there is.
Cecile Croomy : This is what protected you, Mr. Suzaku. (0:04:12.00)
Lloyd Asplund : It deflected the bullet from
inside of your protective suit.
Cecile Croomy : Is it valuable? (0:04:18.51)
Suzaku Kururugi : Y- Yeah... (0:04:20.08)
Lloyd Asplund : Elevens say that gods live inside of
objects, don't you? I guess this one--
Suzaku Kururugi : Is Lelouch-- (0:04:26.25)
Suzaku Kururugi : What's the situation? (0:04:28.85)
Lloyd Asplund : It looks like the
poison gas was released.
Lloyd Asplund : They say there have been massive
casualties among the Elevens.
Cecile Croomy : They don't seem to have
found the perpetrators yet.
Suzaku Kururugi : I see. Not yet... (0:04:38.16)
Lloyd Asplund : Pvt. Kururugi, how much experience do
you have in piloting a Knightmare Frame?
Suzaku Kururugi : There's no way an Eleven
would be made a knight.
Lloyd Asplund : What if you could? (0:04:48.74)
Lloyd Asplund : Congratulations! The only Knightmare
of its type in the world awaits you!
Lloyd Asplund : Mount it and it'll all change.
You and your world.
Cecile Croomy : Whether you want to or not. (0:05:00.02)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Damned Britannians! How dare they! (0:05:08.99)
Kaname Ohgi : Kallen!
The Glasgow can still move?!
Kallen Stadtfeld : It's all right! I'll play decoy! (0:05:13.13)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Ohgi, you get the people here away! (0:05:15.53)
Kallen Stadtfeld : We have to make sure the only ones
caught are us in the resistance!
Kaname Ohgi : I know, but they've
got us surrounded!
EXTRA : That's why you have
no strength in your legs.
EXTRA : No, no. You sink when you get fat. (0:05:29.31)
EXTRA : Because you snack, right? (0:05:31.05)
EXTRA : I'll be fine. I burn up calories
in practice, right?
EXTRA : But you eat extra for that. (0:05:35.55)
Shirley Fenette : Lulu? What have you been up to?
Where are you now?
Shirley Fenette : If you keep cutting class,
you'll get held back--
Lelouch Lamperouge : Are you near a TV? (0:05:43.36)
Shirley Fenette : ATV? (0:05:45.29)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Sorry. This is important. (0:05:46.46)
Shirley Fenette : Jeez... (0:05:48.70)
Shirley Fenette : Hang on. Sorry, can I change the channel? (0:05:50.00)
EXTRA : Huh? To what? (0:05:52.77)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The news.
Is there anything about Shinjuku?
Shirley Fenette : The news? Let's see... (0:05:56.14)
Shirley Fenette : Nothing on except stuff
about traffic restrictions.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Why is it restricted? (0:06:00.98)
Shirley Fenette : Dunno. They're not saying anything special. (0:06:02.34)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I see. They'll finish everyone off,
then just release whatever story they want to.
Shirley Fenette : You're gambling again,
aren't you?
Shirley Fenette : I told you before
how dangerous that is!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Yeah, I know. (0:06:16.79)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Oh, and tell my little sister I'm
going to be late coming home. Bye.
Shirley Fenette : Oh...! Why does he always
hang up on me like that?!
EXTRA : The number you have dialed
is beyond service range.
Shirley Fenette : This again... (0:06:30.11)
Lelouch Lamperouge : As long as they're trying
to suppress this information,
Lelouch Lamperouge : it'll be hard for them
to call in reinforcements.
Lelouch Lamperouge : In short, they have to work with the
pieces they now have on the board.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Even so, surrounded like this,
it'll be difficult to break through by myself.
Lelouch Lamperouge : And trying to seek protection
carries its own risks.
Lelouch Lamperouge : How about you pay me back
for dragging me into your fight?
Jeremiah Orange : That Glasgow, huh? (0:06:56.50)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Only 30 minutes left! (0:07:05.01)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The west entrance! (0:07:06.77)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Use the train tracks to move over to the west entrance! (0:07:08.28)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Who is this?!
How do you know this code?!
Lelouch Lamperouge : It doesn't matter who I am! (0:07:13.15)
Lelouch Lamperouge : If you want to win,
then trust me!
Kallen Stadtfeld : Win? (0:07:16.32)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Hey! What do I do now? (0:07:22.59)
Jeremiah Orange : Pathetic Eleven... (0:07:26.09)
Jeremiah Gottwald : What kind of hunt is this
if you just run away?
Lelouch Lamperouge : Since you trusted me,
you get to win.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Jump onto the train! (0:07:37.07)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Gotcha! (0:07:38.17)
Jeremiah Gottwald : You think you can
get through that way?
Jeremiah Gottwald : If that's your plan, then... (0:07:44.51)
Jeremiah Gottwald : You go after the Glasgow. (0:07:46.15)
EXTRA : Yes, My Lord! (0:07:47.72)
Jeremiah Gottwald : What?! (0:07:49.98)
Jeremiah Gottwald : F- Friendly fire?! (0:07:54.22)
Jeremiah Gottwald : What's your unit?! (0:07:56.12)
Jeremiah Gottwald : The enemy is the one-armed one! (0:07:57.63)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Can it be... A terrorist?! (0:07:59.83)
Jeremiah Gottwald : You... You son of a...! (0:08:04.87)
Kallen Stadtfeld : You saved me!
But how did you get a Sutherland?
Kallen Stadtfeld : What? Where did he...? (0:08:23.12)
Kaname Ohgi : Hey! Kallen! What was with
that radio message before?
Kallen Stadtfeld : Huh? He contacted you, too? (0:08:28.99)
Kaname Ohgi : Yeah! Yoshida's group
should be here soon, too--
Lelouch Lamperouge : You're the leader? (0:08:34.63)
Kaname Ohgi : Huh? Yeah. (0:08:35.76)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The cargo of the train that's
stopped there is my gift to you.
Lelouch Lamperouge : They're tools for your victory. (0:08:40.74)
Lelouch Lamperouge : If you wish to use them and win,
then follow my orders.
EXTRA : There're more over here! (0:08:48.98)
EXTRA : Here, too! (0:08:50.25)
EXTRA : This is amazing!
Let's hear what he has to say.
Kallen Stadtfeld : All this...? But how...? (0:08:54.75)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The woman in the Glasgow! (0:08:57.09)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Y-Yes! (0:08:58.22)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Stay where you are.
That unit's going to be used to run decoy.
Kallen Stadtfeld : Understood. (0:09:02.86)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Energy filler status? (0:09:04.13)
Kallen Stadtfeld : About 15 minute's worth. (0:09:05.43)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Then load a new one in. (0:09:06.83)
Lelouch Lamperouge : In 10 minutes, I'll contact you
with your next instructions.
Lelouch Lamperouge : This is kind of nerve-wracking. (0:09:13.97)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Still, I need the
determination to succeed.
Lelouch Lamperouge : I'm betting my life
in this game, after all.
Bartley Asprius : The terrorists are mixed among
the general Eleven populace...
Bartley Asprius : and are mounting a bit
of resistance against us,
Bartley Asprius : but it hasn't affected our army's
overwhelming superiority.
Clovis la Britannia : Of course it hasn't.
Besides that...
Bartley Asprius : Understood. The gas capsule will be-- (0:09:33.62)
Clovis la Britannia : Just as the public thinks. (0:09:36.29)
Bartley Asprius : Yes. And we'll keep looking for the girl. (0:09:37.79)
Clovis la Britannia : Yes. Dead or alive, you must find her. (0:09:40.03)
Shinichiro Tamaki : Hey, are you sure about this? (0:09:43.70)
Shinichiro Tamaki : Their I.F.F.s have been stripped.
You sure this isn't an enemy trap?
Kaname Ohgi : The other side has the
total advantage in this war.
Kaname Ohgi : They don't need to set any traps! (0:09:52.04)
Kaname Ohgi : You guys get to your assigned points, too-- (0:09:54.04)
Lelouch Lamperouge : P-1, can you move? (0:09:55.64)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The fundamentals shouldn't be
different from what you're used to.
Kaname Ohgi : Who are you?
At least tell us your name.
Lelouch Lamperouge : I can't do that. What if these
signals are being intercepted?
Lelouch Lamperouge : Anyway, if Q-1 is on schedule, (0:10:06.09)
Lelouch Lamperouge : enemy Sutherlands will be
reaching you in 23 seconds.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Probably two of them. (0:10:10.49)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Shoot them through the wall. (0:10:11.76)
Shinichiro Tamaki : What's he talking about?! (0:10:14.10)
Kaname Ohgi : Everyone, double check your weapons. (0:10:16.10)
Shinichiro Tamaki : Hey! Are you serious?! (0:10:18.20)
EXTRA : Enemy spotted at point F-31. (0:10:21.07)
Clovis la Britannia : A feint?
The monkeys play at being human...
Bartley Asprius : Have Lazlo squad proceed straight in! (0:10:25.81)
Bartley Asprius : Send in Eugen and Valerie!
Have them strike from the rear!
Kaname Ohgi : 3... 2... 1... Fire! (0:10:31.51)
EXTRA : Wh-What?! (0:10:37.25)
EXTRA : Sir Eugen and Sir Valarie, both lost! (0:10:42.96)
Clovis la Britannia : An ambush? (0:10:46.43)
Lelouch Lamperouge : An l.D. signal can be
a double-edged sword.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Besides, if the terrorists
follow my commands,
Lelouch Lamperouge : then I've virtually cleared
the conditions here.
Lelouch Lamperouge : P-1, P-4, P-7! (0:10:58.67)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Move 100 meters to the right and fire
your slash harkens towards three o'clock.
Kaname Ohgi : All right! Do what the voice says, people! (0:11:04.08)
Shinichiro Tamaki : Dammit, what else can we do?! (0:11:06.58)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Aren't you moving yet, P-5? (0:11:08.25)
Shinichiro Tamaki : Quit calling me that! (0:11:10.39)
EXTRA : They're using the same...! (0:11:14.36)
EXTRA : Enemies sighted moving towards G-28! (0:11:16.92)
Bartley Asprius : Send Lazlo squad--
I mean, Glaube after them!
Clovis la Britannia : Is it possible the terrorists have
gotten our forces' weaponry?!
EXTRA : Sir Glaube has ejected!
Frame has been lost!
Bartley Asprius : Change codes! They're intercepting
our transmissions!
EXTRA : We have! Four times already! (0:11:38.05)
Bartley Asprius : Do it again! (0:11:39.88)
Clovis la Britannia : This failure is unacceptable! (0:11:40.85)
Bartley Asprius : Forgive me-- (0:11:42.72)
Lloyd Asplund : Hello there! (0:11:44.32)
Bartley Asprius : What is it?! We're in the
middle of an operation!
Lloyd Asplund : Then it's time to deploy
the A.S.E.E.C. 's special weapon.
Clovis la Britannia : This isn't the time! (0:11:50.46)
Lelouch Lamperouge : R-2, fire anchor. (0:11:53.59)
Lelouch Lamperouge : B-7, use U.N. ordnance. (0:11:56.76)
Lelouch Lamperouge : N-group, keep moving forward... (0:11:59.77)
EXTRA : You bloody Elevens! (0:12:03.64)
EXTRA : We just lost Lazlo squad! (0:12:06.64)
Clovis la Britannia : Now! Bring up Quincy's squad! (0:12:08.71)
Bartley Asprius : Your Highness, if we do that,
we break the encirclement!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Now then, the enemy has five options. (0:12:13.61)
Clovis la Britannia : You may reinforce the gap with
units from the ones guarding me.
Clovis la Britannia : We're certain that the enemy
has his forces right here!
Jeremiah Gottwald : Are we breaking formation? (0:12:26.69)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Well now, they made an even
stupider move than I expected.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Q-1, your map is accurate, right? (0:12:32.40)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Right. For the old town. (0:12:34.74)
Kallen Stadtfeld : But without any current landmarks... (0:12:36.67)
Lelouch Lamperouge : It'll do. (0:12:38.47)
Clovis la Britannia : All right, now send Bertz
and the others in as well!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Mission number 3. (0:12:42.21)
Clovis la Britannia : Surround them and
concentrate our forces there!
Lelouch Lamperouge : You're ready for them? (0:12:46.01)
Clovis la Britannia : The enemy's main force
is where the center dot is!
Clovis la Britannia : Finish them! (0:12:50.35)
Clovis la Britannia : What? The enemy isn't there?! (0:12:57.66)
Lelouch Lamperouge : With this, I call check. (0:13:04.73)
Lelouch Lamperouge : It worked, didn't it?! (0:13:20.92)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I can do it! I can! (0:13:22.42)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I can defeat Britannia! (0:13:24.25)
Clovis la Britannia : Who... Who in God's name am I fighting?! (0:13:28.16)
Clovis la Britannia : Can he be even
better than Tohdoh?!
Clovis la Britannia : Lloyd! (0:13:35.50)
Lloyd Asplund : Oh? Yes, Your Highness? (0:13:36.30)
Clovis la Britannia : Can it win?
Will your toy beat them?
Lloyd Asplund : Your Highness... Please call it Lancelot. (0:13:41.40)
Lelouch of the Rebellion
Cecile Croomy : Advanced unit weapon Z-01 Lancelot,
now activating. Lancelot, activating.
Cecile Croomy : Releasing hatch. (0:13:55.85)
Cecile Croomy : Z-01 Lancelot, stand by for activation. (0:13:57.42)
Cecile Croomy : Pallet extension, initiating. (0:13:59.99)
Cecile Croomy : Did you read the manual? (0:14:02.92)
Suzaku Kururugi : More or less. (0:14:03.76)
Cecile Croomy : Well done. (0:14:04.76)
Cecile Croomy : You scored in the top class in the simulator. (0:14:05.86)
Suzaku Kururugi : Look... (0:14:08.86)
Suzaku Kururugi : About what you said before... (0:14:10.43)
Cecile Croomy : It's possible,
but the possibility's close to zero.
Suzaku Kururugi : But not actually zero, right? (0:14:16.40)
Cecile Croomy : I'm afraid that's true. (0:14:20.47)
Cecile Croomy : Still, I don't want you
doing anything reckless.
Cecile Croomy : The new system doesn't have
an escape mechanism installed.
Suzaku Kururugi : Right. I understand, Miss Cécile. (0:14:26.91)
Suzaku Kururugi : This is it? (0:14:33.05)
Cecile Croomy : Right. The experimental weapon
developed by us...
Cecile Croomy : in the Advanced Special
Envoy Engineering Corps.
Cecile Croomy : Lancelot. (0:14:39.03)
Cecile Croomy : The world's first
7th generation Knightmare Frame.
Lloyd Asplund : All right then, Suzaku, shall we
proceed with the initial start-up?
Cecile Croomy : Initial start-up proceeding from phase 20. (0:14:47.74)
Cecile Croomy : Equipping energy filler. (0:14:50.77)
EXTRA : Confirm pre-start.
Energy filler now at normal output.
EXTRA : 30 seconds to reach critical voltage. (0:14:55.38)
EXTRA : Core luminous, shifting phase.
Yggdrasil Drive...
Cecile Croomy : Devicer, set up. (0:14:59.55)
Cecile Croomy : Confirming entry of Devicer to Z-01. (0:15:01.48)
Cecile Croomy : Individual l.D. registration, completed. (0:15:04.62)
Cecile Croomy : Confirm establishment
of man-machine interface.
Cecile Croomy : Yggdrasil resonance, confirmed.
Rejection response, weak.
Cecile Croomy : Devicer stress response, weak. (0:15:13.16)
Cecile Croomy : All readings, nominal. (0:15:15.10)
Lloyd Asplund : It's all going according to the data so far. (0:15:16.96)
EXTRA : Status: all green. Status of
back-up tactical bank, authorized.
EXTRA : Secondary confirmation given. (0:15:22.87)
Suzaku Kururugi : Lancelot... M.E. boost! (0:15:32.85)
Cecile Croomy : Lancelot... LAUNCH! (0:15:37.28)
Lloyd Asplund : Full throttle,
right out of the gate, huh?
Suzaku Kururugi : It's better than the manual said!
With this...
Shinichiro Tamaki : Huh? What's that? (0:15:51.57)
Shinichiro Tamaki : It doesn't look like a Suther-- (0:15:53.77)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Another push and the check point will fall... (0:15:59.11)
EXTRA : This is B-group!
Confirm signs of enemy!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Hm? Reinforcements?
Real battle is different, isn't it?
Lelouch Lamperouge : Status? (0:16:07.68)
EXTRA : Everyone ejected, but they took
out four units in no time at all!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Number of enemies? (0:16:11.65)
EXTRA : One! Just one! (0:16:12.69)
EXTRA : I think it's a new model.
Never seen anything like--
Lelouch Lamperouge : Hey! What happened?! (0:16:18.36)
EXTRA : Why, you... (0:16:28.44)
Lelouch Lamperouge : What? The bullets are bouncing off it? (0:16:31.74)
EXTRA : Yeah! What do we do? Ishida! (0:16:33.61)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Useless terrorists. (0:16:37.08)
Lelouch Lamperouge : If they're getting beaten by one
unit with the resources they have...
EXTRA : Dammit! (0:16:45.39)
Suzaku Kururugi : Good! I can do this! With this Lancelot,
I can stop this all at once!
Lelouch Lamperouge : N-4, N-5, hold it there. (0:16:54.26)
Lelouch Lamperouge : When the rear units
reach you, surround it.
EXTRA : Gotcha! (0:16:58.10)
EXTRA : We can't stop this thing! (0:17:04.94)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Hey! What's wrong?! (0:17:09.78)
Lelouch Lamperouge : What is it? What's happening? (0:17:12.61)
Clovis la Britannia : For heaven's sake. (0:17:15.22)
Clovis la Britannia : Now I'll owe my older brother
a debt I don't need.
Clovis la Britannia : Still, this is for the best. (0:17:19.95)
Lelouch Lamperouge : P-1, what happened?! (0:17:27.96)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Is the enemy...
Is it really just one unit?!
Cecile Croomy : These readings are even
higher than predicted!
Lloyd Asplund : Yes. And our pilot is taking
this all very seriously.
Suzaku Kururugi : If I stop all of the Knightmares,
the battle will end!
Suzaku Kururugi : Whatever it takes,
I have to save Lelouch and that girl!
Lelouch Lamperouge : This thing?
This is what's ruining my plan?!
Suzaku Kururugi : You're the commander, aren't you?! (0:18:07.97)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Just a pilot! How dare he! (0:18:11.17)
Lelouch Lamperouge : No choice!
I have to get out of here!
Kallen Stadtfeld : Hey! I'm returning the favor! (0:18:29.79)
Kallen Stadtfeld : This is it for me. (0:18:36.13)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I have to remember that. (0:18:43.40)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The most vital element
in battle is the human one.
Lelouch Lamperouge : What is that monster?! (0:18:57.85)
Suzaku Kururugi : Damn him... He's just causing
more damage for no reason!
Lelouch Lamperouge : He rescues someone
in the midst of battle?
Lelouch Lamperouge : I don't mind giving you the
tactical victory here. However...
Lloyd Asplund : Huh? He rescued someone? (0:19:23.94)
EXTRA : So it would seem. (0:19:25.75)
Lloyd Asplund : How strange of him. (0:19:28.12)
Cecile Croomy : Suzaku? (0:19:34.76)
Cecile Croomy : You must be tired.
Why don't we call it quits for today?
Suzaku Kururugi : I can go on! Please let me! (0:19:39.39)
Lloyd Asplund : Be careful of his operational time! (0:19:41.50)
Cecile Croomy : Yes, sir! (0:19:43.93)
Lloyd Asplund : My, that boy makes an
excellent piece of equipment.
EXTRA : Halt! Where's your l.D.? (0:19:49.17)
EXTRA : This is Prince Clovis's personal transport! (0:19:51.57)
Lelouch Lamperouge : At last, the checkpoint. (0:19:53.84)
Lelouch Lamperouge : And you're as lightly
guarded as I planned.
EXTRA : Planned...? (0:19:57.61)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Yes. Now, I'd like you to let me pass. (0:19:58.48)
EXTRA : I see. Understood. (0:20:01.88)
Kaname Ohgi : Kallen! (0:20:08.42)
EXTRA : It's your fault this happened
for opposing the Britannians!
Shinichiro Tamaki : What?! Why, you spineless coward! (0:20:12.16)
EXTRA : Do you know how many people
died because of this?!
Shinichiro Tamaki : Shut up! Do you know how many
of us were captured or killed?!
Shinichiro Tamaki : DON'T CRY! (0:20:21.47)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Ohgi, what about that guy we heard? (0:20:22.54)
Kaname Ohgi : I don't know. He doesn't answer
when I call. Maybe he's dead.
Shinichiro Tamaki : There, see?! (0:20:33.15)
Shinichiro Tamaki : If you're gonna follow
someone you don't even know,
Shinichiro Tamaki : we may as well have
used the poison gas!
Kaname Ohgi : But... (0:20:37.99)
Shinichiro Tamaki : Damn that Nagata! (0:20:39.05)
EXTRA : So, this is where you
Elevens scurried off to.
EXTRA : Prepare to fire! (0:20:46.59)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Big brother...! (0:20:50.73)
EXTRA : - Fi-- (0:20:52.17)
Clovis la Britannia : -Attention, all forces! (0:20:52.37)
Clovis la Britannia : Cease fire at once! (0:20:54.23)
Suzaku Kururugi : Cease fire? (0:20:56.94)
Clovis la Britannia : In the name of Clovis la Brittania, (0:20:58.01)
Clovis la Britannia : third prince and royal viceroy
of Area 11, you are so ordered!
Clovis la Britannia : All forces, cease fire at once! (0:21:04.45)
Clovis la Britannia : You shall also cease all destruction of buildings here! (0:21:07.28)
Clovis la Britannia : All casualties, either Britannian or Eleven,
shall be treated without prejudice!
Clovis la Britannia : In the name of Clovis la Brittania,
you are so ordered!
Clovis la Britannia : Cease fire at once! (0:21:17.79)
Clovis la Britannia : I shall allow no further fighting! (0:21:19.63)
Clovis la Britannia : Satisfied? (0:21:23.43)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Yes. Well done. (0:21:24.77)
Clovis la Britannia : What now? A round of songs? (0:21:26.70)
Clovis la Britannia : Or perhaps a nice game of chess. (0:21:29.77)
Lelouch Lamperouge : That has a familiar ring. (0:21:31.87)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Don't you remember? (0:21:37.38)
Lelouch Lamperouge : You used to play chess with me. (0:21:39.15)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Of course, I always won. (0:21:41.42)
Clovis la Britannia : What? (0:21:43.42)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Remember? At the Aries Villa? (0:21:44.72)
Clovis la Britannia : You... Who are you?! (0:21:47.52)
Lelouch Lamperouge : It's been a long time, big brother. (0:21:50.69)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The eldest son of the late Empress Marianne
and 17th in line to the imperial throne.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Lelouch vi Britannia,
at your service.
Clovis la Britannia : Lelouch?! But, I thought-- (0:22:01.94)
Lelouch Lamperouge : That I was dead? (0:22:04.24)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I have returned, Your Highness. (0:22:10.94)
Lelouch Lamperouge : To change everything. (0:22:14.92)

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