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C.C. : Lelouch, a Britannian youth, has been
given special powers by a mysterious girl.
C.C. : Geass. (0:00:07.57)
C.C. : The absolute power to command
anyone to do anything.
C.C. : Lelouch is determined to use this
power of Geass as a weapon...
C.C. : to destroy the Britannian Empire. (0:00:16.72)
C.C. : In order to avenge his mother... (0:00:20.22)
C.C. : as well as to create a world in which his
younger sister Nunnally can be happy.
C.C. : At the end of his quest he knows his own father,
the Britannian emperor, awaits him.
C.C. : Or at least,
that was what Lelouch hoped for.
EXTRA : HIS NAME IS ZERO (0:02:09.04)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Do you know anything about
this weapon, Suzaku Kururugi?
Jeremiah Gottwald : It was the one used to
assassinate Prince Clovis.
Jeremiah Gottwald : The barrel striations confirm this. (0:02:20.04)
Jeremiah Gottwald : I also took the liberty of investigating. (0:02:22.28)
Jeremiah Gottwald : You're the son of Japan's last
prime minister, aren't you?
Jeremiah Gottwald : You had plenty of motive! (0:02:29.18)
Suzaku Kururugi : You've made some sort of mistake! (0:02:31.22)
Suzaku Kururugi : I've never seen that gun in my life! (0:02:32.85)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Your fingerprints showed up on it. (0:02:36.59)
Jeremiah Gottwald : You're also suspected of murdering
members of the royal guard.
Jeremiah Gottwald : Admit it. (0:02:42.53)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Do it now and you'll be judged as an
honorary Britannian instead of as an Eleven.
Suzaku Kururugi : I didn't do it! (0:02:48.04)
Nunnally Lamperouge : That was Suzaku they mentioned
before on the news, wasn't it?
Lelouch Lamperouge : Yeah. It looks like Suzaku's still alive. (0:02:55.84)
Nunnally Lamperouge : Yeah. (0:02:58.51)
Nunnally Lamperouge : We've been apart since the war ended. (0:02:59.11)
Nunnally Lamperouge : Even we... (0:03:02.25)
Nunnally Lamperouge : Big brother? (0:03:05.02)
Lelouch Lamperouge : What? (0:03:06.12)
Nunnally Lamperouge : That news wasn't true, was it? (0:03:07.29)
Lelouch Lamperouge : It wasn't. (0:03:09.32)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Suzaku would never do anything like that.
It's some kind of mistake.
Nunnally Lamperouge : Yes... It must be. (0:03:14.83)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Right. So... (0:03:16.53)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Good night, Nunnally. (0:03:19.90)
Shinichiro Tamaki : That's why we should've
issued a statement sooner!
Shinichiro Tamaki : We could've claimed credit for it! (0:03:24.87)
Kaname Ohgi : Naoto... (0:03:31.81)
Kaname Ohgi : I'm just not cut out for this. (0:03:33.48)
Kaname Ohgi : I'm no leader. (0:03:35.85)
EXTRA : Ah, everything should be
as you requested.
EXTRA : It's being worked on by the
finest person in the field.
EXTRA : The slide system is also being confirmed. (0:03:43.82)
EXTRA : Once I erase all the evidence,
I should forget all about this, correct?
EXTRA : This was truly a painful incident. (0:03:53.70)
EXTRA : We have lost our beloved and respected
Prince Clovis, viceroy of Area 11.
EXTRA : However, we must bear this sadness! (0:04:03.51)
EXTRA : We must take strength from it! (0:04:07.71)
Lloyd Asplund : We've lost our most essential part. (0:04:12.09)
Cecile Croomy : Can't we make do without him? (0:04:14.62)
Lloyd Asplund : I wish. (0:04:16.26)
Lloyd Asplund : We can't get a replacement
pilot for love or money,
Lloyd Asplund : and even if we could,
they wouldn't get readings like he did.
Lloyd Asplund : Didn't I tell you? He had an operation
efficiency of 94%! How do we replace that?
Cecile Croomy : Then you should tell them
that so they'll release Suzaku!
Lloyd Asplund : He's an honorary Britannian, right? (0:04:32.04)
Lloyd Asplund : Since Gen. Bartley's disgrace, the Purebloods
have been in control of the military.
Shirley Fenette : Purebloods? (0:04:39.08)
Lelouch Lamperouge : They say that only pureblood Britannians
should serve in the Britannian military.
Lloyd Asplund : According to them, the guilty party
can't be from the Britannian military.
Lloyd Asplund : But if the criminal is an Eleven,
they'll accept Margrave Jeremiah's demands...
Lloyd Asplund : and shut down the entire system of granting
Elevens the status of honorary Britannian.
Cecile Croomy : And what about Suzaku? (0:04:58.20)
Lloyd Asplund : I doubt there's any way
he'll be found innocent.
Rivalz Cardemonde : Lelouch, what are you up to later? (0:05:03.37)
Rivalz Cardemonde : We shouldn't waste
a day off from classes,
Rivalz Cardemonde : and people have been
asking for a rematch...
Shirley Fenette : Don't you dare go gambling! (0:05:10.11)
Rivalz Cardemonde : Gimme a break! (0:05:11.61)
Lelouch Lamperouge : She's right. I'm through with that. (0:05:13.45)
Rivalz Cardemonde : Huh?! (0:05:15.38)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I've found a better opponent. (0:05:16.25)
Shirley Fenette : What? What do you mean? (0:05:18.19)
Rivalz Cardemonde : Then let me in on it, too! (0:05:20.29)
Lelouch Lamperouge : You'd better not.
It's not your sort of game.
Reporter : The overwhelming
victory of Britannia...
Reporter : made the unenlightened
former government of Japan...
Reporter : well aware of their
true rank in the world.
Reporter : Since then, the empire and
Eleven have joined hands...
Reporter : and have begun to walk
the road towards revival.
Kallen Stadtfeld : Tokyo Tower, 16:00 hours.
Why here, of all places?
Kento Sugiyama : It was Suzaku Kururugi
who contacted us, right?
Kaname Ohgi : Don't jump to conclusions. (0:05:48.48)
Toru Yoshida : But he might have been
arrested after he called Kallen.
Kento Sugiyama : Then this place is too dangerous for us to stay. (0:05:53.35)
EXTRA : Miss Kallen Stadtfeld of Ashford Academy,
a lost item has been turned in for you.
EXTRA : Please come to the service counter
on the observation deck floor.
EXTRA : I repeat, for the following visitor... (0:06:03.80)
EXTRA : You're sure this is yours? (0:06:06.53)
EXTRA : It's yours, isn't it? (0:06:13.07)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Y-Yes! Thank you so much. (0:06:14.61)
Kaname Ohgi : It's so true! Things turned out
so well, thanks to Prince Clovis.
Kaname Ohgi : Thanks to Britannia,
we've been able to rebuild so quickly!
Kallen Stadtfeld : Zero? (0:06:26.99)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Yes? Hello? (0:06:31.79)
Zero : Ride the outer tracks of loop line #5.
Bring your friends.
Jeremiah Gottwald : His Highness's memorial program
was handled very well.
Jeremiah Gottwald : A bit too weepy for my tastes, but... (0:06:42.24)
Diethard Ried : Your Excellency, the masses enjoy a tearjerker. (0:06:44.60)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Spoken like a true TV man.
Still, I acknowledge your skills.
Jeremiah Gottwald : You did well in the short time you had. (0:06:53.15)
Jeremiah Gottwald : One would almost think you were
expecting His Highness to die.
Diethard Ried : I'm afraid it's quite common to have memorial
programs prepared for important people.
Jeremiah Gottwald : For me as well? (0:07:03.96)
Diethard Ried : After this, we may make
one for you, Your Excellency.
Jeremiah Gottwald : Meaning I wasn't important
enough to rate one until now.
Jeremiah Gottwald : How honest of you! (0:07:12.30)
Diethard Ried : I'm afraid so. (0:07:13.80)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Feel like joining the army?
We have a need for information officers.
Diethard Ried : I have to admit that I'm not
up to that job. It's not for me.
Jeremiah Gottwald : You prefer a civilian network?
No matter. I have another favor to ask of you.
Jeremiah Gottwald : Tomorrow night, Suzaku Kururugi
will be transferred to his court martial.
Diethard Ried : Let's get a lot of patriotic
Britannians to line the roadside.
Jeremiah Gottwald : It's helpful that
you catch on so quickly.
Jeremiah Gottwald : Be sure his face can be
seen clearly in the convoy.
Villetta Nu : Lord Jeremiah, there are
some among the Elevens...
Villetta Nu : who have made Pvt. Kururugi
out to be a hero.
Villetta Nu : Some groups may even
be thinking of freeing him.
Jeremiah Gottwald : I'll be providing security
personally in my Sutherland.
Jeremiah Gottwald : If any troublemakers show up,
I'll execute them on the spot!
EXTRA : Attention all passengers. (0:07:57.18)
EXTRA : If you see a suspicious item aboard this train,
please report it at once via the nearest intercom.
Kallen Stadtfeld : Hello? (0:08:04.72)
Zero : Face forward and look to your right. (0:08:08.89)
Zero : What do you see? (0:08:12.26)
Kallen Stadtfeld : The Britannians' city. (0:08:14.13)
Kallen Stadtfeld : A stolen city, built on our sacrifices. (0:08:16.33)
Zero : Now look left. (0:08:19.97)
Kallen Stadtfeld : I see our city. (0:08:22.80)
Kallen Stadtfeld : The city made by Britannia squeezing us dry. (0:08:25.31)
Zero : Good answer. (0:08:28.78)
Zero : All right, come to the forward car. (0:08:30.38)
EXTRA : Next station: Okubo. Okubo. (0:08:35.42)
EXTRA : Change there for the Chuo Soubu line. (0:08:39.32)
EXTRA : Next station: Okubo. (0:08:43.16)
EXTRA : Those wishing to use
the Chuo Soubu line...
Kallen Stadtfeld : Was it you? (0:09:00.71)
Toru Yoshida : This isn't a trap, is it? (0:09:05.28)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Tell us! Was it you in Shinjuku?
Was the cease-fire order your doing, too?
Kento Sugiyama : Hey! Say something! (0:09:13.89)
Zero : Well? What were your impressions
of this tour of the settlement?
Kaname Ohgi : Tour? (0:09:22.66)
Kento Sugiyama : Hey, it couldn't
have been this joker!
Zero : I wanted you to have
a true appreciation of them.
Zero : Of the settlement and the ghetto! (0:09:29.14)
Kaname Ohgi : Yes, there's a difference
between us and the Britannians!
Kaname Ohgi : A desperate difference! (0:09:34.81)
Kaname Ohgi : That's why we fight as the resistance! (0:09:36.41)
Zero : You're wrong. (0:09:37.94)
Zero : Terrorism will not defeat Britannia! (0:09:39.61)
Kaname Ohgi : Defeat? (0:09:42.12)
Zero : Terrorism is merely
a childish nuisance.
Kento Sugiyama : What was that?! (0:09:45.82)
Toru Yoshida : What was that?!
Are you saying we're just kids?!
Zero : Don't mistake your enemy. It isn't the
Britannian people, but Britannia itself!
Zero : What you need to fight is a war! (0:09:53.99)
Zero : Without involving the civilians! (0:09:55.56)
Zero : Make up your minds!
Take the path of righteousness!
Kallen Stadtfeld : Don't be absurd!
It's easy to say whatever you want!
Kallen Stadtfeld : As if we could trust someone
who won't even show us his face!
Toru Yoshida : She's right! (0:10:08.07)
Kento Sugiyama : Take off the mask! (0:10:09.01)
Kaname Ohgi : Yeah. Will you show us
your face or not?
Zero : Very well. I'll show you. (0:10:12.91)
Zero : However, what I'll show you won't
be my face, but rather my power!
Zero : If I show you that the
impossible is possible,
Zero : you'll trust me a little, won't you? (0:10:22.89)
EXTRA : He killed the Britannian prince! (0:10:25.66)
EXTRA : Suzaku Kururugi
should be treated as a hero!
EXTRA : But he's an honorary Britannian! (0:10:29.40)
EXTRA : Isn't he the son of the
late Prime Minister Kururugi?
EXTRA : The man who gave up Japan!
The people don't know that about him!
General Katase : The Shinjuku incident was the
work of Kouzuki's group, wasn't it?
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : Yes, General.
They're currently led by a man named Ohgi.
General Katase : Has Kururugi's family said anything? (0:10:45.95)
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : No, sir. They broke contact with
him after he joined the military.
General Katase : Your thoughts, Tohdoh? (0:10:52.15)
Kyoshiro Tohdoh : We have no duty to join him
in a public execution.
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : Such cowardice! Are you really
Tohdoh the miracle worker?
Kyoshiro Tohdoh : You shouldn't confuse
a miracle with foolishness!
Lloyd Asplund : Congratulations! (0:11:04.60)
Lloyd Asplund : Those two you asked me about
weren't on the casualty list.
Suzaku Kururugi : I see. (0:11:10.44)
Lloyd Asplund : But you're not having
much luck on your end.
Lloyd Asplund : You may be getting a trial,
but nobody's on your side.
Suzaku Kururugi : But trials are where
the truth is made clear!
Lloyd Asplund : I think there'll be more
obscuring going on there.
Lloyd Asplund : There's a precious lack of truth... (0:11:23.18)
Suzaku Kururugi : If you tell me that's just
how the world works...
Suzaku Kururugi : Then... I don't regret leaving it! (0:11:27.32)
Lelouch of the Rebellion
EXTRA : Any moment. Any moment now! (0:11:35.60)
EXTRA : Just look at the crowds
lining the route.
EXTRA : All of them, waiting! Waiting for the
man accused of killing Prince Clovis!
EXTRA : Waiting for honorary Britannian
Suzaku Kururugi to pass by!
EXTRA : Waiting for the former Eleven! (0:11:49.51)
Diethard Ried : Camera 5's slow. Charles?
Have you got your crowd set up?
Diethard Ried : Huh? The studio? Let 'em wait. (0:11:57.42)
Diethard Ried : There's no delay.
Everything's going as planned.
EXTRA : Here he comes... (0:12:03.42)
EXTRA : I... I can see it!
It's Kururugi, the suspect!
EXTRA : Suzaku Kururugi will be here soon! (0:12:08.13)
Diethard Ried : There, you see? (0:12:10.26)
Diethard Ried : This sham...
I'm as corrupt as any of them.
EXTRA : Murderer! Scum! Damned Eleven!
We want our prince back!
Cecile Croomy : But we know that Suzaku's innocent. (0:12:22.61)
Lloyd Asplund : The court deemed our testimony inadmissible.
It can't be helped.
Cecile Croomy : But... (0:12:30.82)
Lloyd Asplund : Say, would that be altruism
or humanitarianism?
Cecile Croomy : You're playing word games
at a time like this?!
Lloyd Asplund : Is there anything else I can do? (0:12:36.79)
Lloyd Asplund : You know where this case
is headed as well as I do.
Lloyd Asplund : And we can't contact our
patron while he's at the summit.
Lloyd Asplund : All we can do
is let this whole thing go.
EXTRA : Voices of resentment!
Voices of anger, growing louder!
EXTRA : Voices giving proof of the love
the prince's people had for him!
EXTRA : Righteous voices
which judge the terrorist!
Nunnally Lamperouge : Suzaku! (0:12:55.34)
EXTRA : Margrave Jeremiah, whose personal
efforts helped to settle this case,
EXTRA : will be directing the trial
as acting consul.
Shinichiro Tamaki : There's no way just the
three of them can do this!
Kaname Ohgi : But still, he told us.
That he could make the impossible possible.
Kaname Ohgi : He told us he'd do it.
That he'd save Suzaku Kururugi!
Zero : That's right. I don't need
a path to fall back upon.
EXTRA : Acting Consul Jeremiah! (0:13:29.98)
Jeremiah Gottwald : What is it? (0:13:31.58)
EXTRA : Vehicle approaching the main
highway from Third Street.
EXTRA : We let it pass as instructed, but... (0:13:35.58)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Do you think your target
is a terrorist vehicle?
EXTRA : Well, sir... It's Prince Clovis's car. (0:13:40.29)
Jeremiah Gottwald : The prince's?! (0:13:43.42)
Jeremiah Gottwald : This guy's a joker. Never mind.
Let him through to us!
Jeremiah Gottwald : All forces, halt! (0:13:49.50)
Kento Sugiyama : They stopped! They really did! (0:13:51.97)
Shinichiro Tamaki : Heh! It's a coincidence! (0:13:53.63)
Toru Yoshida : But he said Jeremiah would do that because
he likes being the center of attention...
Shinichiro Tamaki : COINCIDENCE! (0:13:59.64)
EXTRA : No stop was scheduled here. (0:14:01.04)
EXTRA : Could there have been
some sort of accident?
EXTRA : This is site 5!
There's a vehicle approaching them!
EXTRA : It... It's Prince Clovis's
personal transport!
EXTRA : - Can you see it? It's headed towards you!
- Impossible! He's coming straight at them! What's he planning?
Kallen Stadtfeld : Will they really buy this fake? (0:14:19.93)
Zero : I see. Just you two. (0:14:27.60)
Kaname Ohgi : I'm sorry, but can you
give us a little more time?
Kaname Ohgi : If I explain more,
I can get more people...
Zero : No. The two of you will do just fine. (0:14:34.11)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Don't be ridiculous!
Do you know how many we'll be facing?!
Zero : With your help, I'll clear the
conditions of this task easily.
Zero : Have this made by tomorrow. (0:14:44.72)
Zero : It just has to look
like this on the outside.
Jeremiah Gottwald : Get out, you who dare
to spoil His Highness' transport!
Zero : I am... Zero! (0:15:01.47)
Villetta Nu : Zero? (0:15:03.87)
EXTRA : Wh- Who is this person?! (0:15:04.80)
EXTRA : This man calling himself Zero
who stands in front of the convoy!
Rivalz Cardemonde : What is all this?! (0:15:11.01)
Shinichiro Tamaki : What's he doing?! (0:15:13.55)
EXTRA : Who is this man calling himself Zero?! (0:15:18.79)
Diethard Ried : Zero? As in nothing? (0:15:21.59)
EXTRA : Could he be a terrorist? (0:15:24.59)
EXTRA : But if he is,
what a foolish move to make!
Suzaku Kururugi : Is it an Eleven? (0:15:29.36)
Zero : Suzaku...
Now to return the favor.
Jeremiah Gottwald : Had enough, Zero?
Your little show is at an end!
Jeremiah Gottwald : Now, first you can
remove that mask.
Jeremiah Gottwald : What the! (0:15:56.59)
Villetta Nu : Lord Jeremiah, that's! (0:15:57.56)
Zero : Yes, Jeremiah. (0:15:59.59)
Zero : As you never saw what was in this thing,
you assume this is a poison gas capsule.
Suzaku Kururugi : No! That's just... (0:16:05.70)
EXTRA : Can all of you watching TV now see this? (0:16:08.67)
EXTRA : It's some sort of device,
although its purpose is unclear.
EXTRA : Let's keep watching and see if
this assumed terrorist explains.
Jeremiah Gottwald : You... You bastard... (0:16:18.48)
Jeremiah Gottwald : He's taken every Britannian here hostage! (0:16:20.31)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Without them even knowing
they're hostages!
Zero : You'll shoot me?
I think you know what'll happen if you try.
Diethard Ried : Unit 6, bring up the sound!
And get the camera in closer! Right in his face!
EXTRA : But sir, this is dangerous! (0:16:35.06)
Diethard Ried : Amateur! (0:16:37.70)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Very well. Your demands? (0:16:41.20)
Zero : An exchange.
This for Suzaku Kururugi.
Jeremiah Gottwald : Absurd! (0:16:45.97)
Jeremiah Gottwald : This man is charged
with high treason...
Jeremiah Gottwald : for the murder of Prince Clovis!
I can't hand him over!
Zero : No, you're mistaken, Jeremiah. (0:16:52.28)
Zero : He isn't the murderer. (0:16:55.48)
Zero : The man who killed Clovis... was me! (0:16:59.39)
EXTRA : What?! It can't be! Seriously?! (0:17:03.52)
Cecile Croomy : I don't believe it! (0:17:07.03)
Lloyd Asplund : The real killer! (0:17:07.79)
EXTRA : Wh-What can this mean?! (0:17:09.30)
EXTRA : This masked man called Zero...
No, we can't be sure it's a man.
EXTRA : But in any case,
he claims to be the real culprit!
EXTRA : So, where does this leave
the currently imprisoned Pvt. Kururugi?!
Kaname Ohgi : He's gone too far!
We can't escape!
Kallen Stadtfeld : It's hopeless now! (0:17:24.01)
Zero : For a single Eleven, you'll save
the lives of many precious Britannians.
Zero : I don't think it's such
a bad deal for you.
Diethard Ried : He's playing this whole
thing like it's a show!
Jeremiah Gottwald : He's mad, I tell you! (0:17:35.79)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Disguising this truck as His Highness's, (0:17:37.59)
Jeremiah Gottwald : He mocks us! We'll make him pay! (0:17:39.36)
Zero : Are you sure about this?
You want the public to know about Orange?
EXTRA : What's Orange? (0:17:46.57)
EXTRA : I don't know. (0:17:48.07)
Zero : If I die, it'll all go public.
If you don't want that to happen...
Jeremiah Gottwald : What are you talking about?
What are you saying?!
Zero : Let us go with all your might.
That man you hold as well!
Jeremiah Gottwald : Hmpf! Understood! (0:18:13.49)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Give them the prisoner! (0:18:15.29)
Villetta Nu : Lord Jeremiah,
what did you just say?!
Jeremiah Gottwald : Give them the prisoner! (0:18:19.80)
EXTRA : Should we? (0:18:22.30)
EXTRA : But... (0:18:23.47)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Let them have him! Nobody will interfere! (0:18:24.37)
Kewell Soresi : What are you thinking,
making a deal like this?!
Jeremiah Gottwald : Lord Kewell! This is an order! (0:18:28.91)
EXTRA : I can't tell from here what happened, (0:18:32.31)
EXTRA : but it looks like Suzaku Kururugi's
release has been arranged!
Suzaku Kururugi : Who the hell? (0:18:44.32)
Zero : I didn't expect
they'd allow you to speak.
Villetta Nu : If they get away, we'll be disgraced! (0:18:54.53)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Zero, it's time. (0:18:56.74)
Zero : Then we'll talk later. (0:18:58.07)
Villetta Nu : You cowardly Elevens!
Lord Jeremiah, why?!
Jeremiah Gottwald : I told you not to interfere! (0:19:06.78)
Kewell Soresi : They jumped?!
They must have accomplices!
Kaname Ohgi : It worked! Now we can... (0:19:21.03)
Kewell Soresi : Fools! You thought you'd
escape from amidst our guards?!
Jeremiah Gottwald : Lord Kewell! (0:19:27.17)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Will you follow my orders or not?! (0:19:28.57)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Any further actions will result in punishment! (0:19:30.70)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Is this clear?! I'll say this to all units! (0:19:33.24)
Jeremiah Gottwald : Let them go with all your might! (0:19:35.84)
Kento Sugiyama : I really didn't think he'd save him. (0:19:43.38)
Toru Yoshida : Who is this guy? (0:19:45.65)
Shinichiro Tamaki : It's bull! How many times
can a bluff like that work?!
Kaname Ohgi : But there's something
you have to admit.
Shinichiro Tamaki : Huh? (0:19:53.29)
Kaname Ohgi : Who else but he
could have pulled that off?
Kaname Ohgi : Even the Japan Liberation Front
couldn't do this.
Kaname Ohgi : Or at least, I can't do it. (0:20:00.07)
Kaname Ohgi : We all thought that war with
the Britannians was impossible.
Kaname Ohgi : But maybe, with him, it's possible. (0:20:06.94)
Zero : Looks like they treated
you very roughly.
Zero : Now you know what
they're really like, Pvt. Kururugi.
Zero : Britannia is rotten. (0:20:18.42)
Zero : If you want to change the world,
then join me!
Suzaku Kururugi : Did you...
Is it true that you killed Prince Clovis?
Zero : This is war. (0:20:27.79)
Zero : It's natural to kill an enemy commander. (0:20:29.43)
Suzaku Kururugi : And the poison gas?
And taking those civilians hostage?
Zero : Just a bluff I used for the exchange. (0:20:35.50)
Zero : As a result, nobody was killed. (0:20:37.64)
Suzaku Kururugi : The results? Right...
That's all that matters to you.
Zero : Join me. (0:20:45.18)
Zero : The Britannia you serve
is a worthless nation.
Suzaku Kururugi : Maybe that's true. However! (0:20:50.42)
Suzaku Kururugi : However, I can change it
into a worthy nation!
Suzaku Kururugi : From within Britannia! (0:20:56.16)
Zero : Change it? (0:20:57.62)
Suzaku Kururugi : Because I think the ends are just as
worthless if the means to them are wrong!
Zero : Wait! Where are you going?! (0:21:03.16)
Suzaku Kururugi : My court martial begins in an hour. (0:21:04.73)
Zero : Are... Are you mad?! (0:21:07.33)
Zero : That trial is set up
just to find you guilty!
Zero : The prosecution, the judge, the defense! (0:21:12.71)
Suzaku Kururugi : Even so, those are the rules. (0:21:14.97)
Suzaku Kururugi : If I don't go, they'll begin oppressing
Elevens and honorary Britannians.
Zero : But you will die! (0:21:22.15)
Suzaku Kururugi : I don't care. (0:21:23.85)
Zero : You're being stupid! (0:21:24.78)
Suzaku Kururugi : An old friend used to tell me
all the time that I was being stupid.
Suzaku Kururugi : I guess it's a personal fault. (0:21:32.06)
Suzaku Kururugi : I want to bring you in, but you'd probably
just end up killing me if I tried now.
Suzaku Kururugi : If I'm going to die,
I want to do it for the sake of everyone.
Suzaku Kururugi : Even so... Thank you. (0:21:42.07)
Suzaku Kururugi : For saving me. (0:21:45.17)
Zero : You... fool! (0:21:52.65)
EXTRA : Yes, it seems we've gotten word
from the suspect, Kururugi.
EXTRA : I thought Zero broke him out of captivity. (0:21:59.02)
EXTRA : However, now that the original charges
against him have been thrown into question,
EXTRA : it's possible Pvt. Kururugi will now
be found innocent and acquitted.
Nunnally Lamperouge : Thank goodness. (0:22:08.89)
EXTRA : For a legal interpretation of this,
let's turn to our commentator...
Nunnally Lamperouge : Sayoko? (0:22:12.80)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Too naive. (0:23:49.44)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I was sure Suzaku would understand! (0:23:50.81)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Change the system from within? (0:23:53.34)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Impossible!
The system will just swallow him up!
Lelouch Lamperouge : It'll just eat him alive! (0:23:58.35)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I can't live my life
on the charity of others!
Lelouch Lamperouge : I can't! (0:24:02.79)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I don't want to be controlled
that way any more!

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