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EXTRA : 8 Years Ago 2009 a.t.b. (0:00:01.50)
EXTRA : Announcing Prince Lelouch vi Britannia,
17th heir to the Royal Britannian Imperial throne!
EXTRA : I heard Empress Marianne was killed
inside of the Britannian palace.
EXTRA : There's no way terrorists
could have just gotten in there!
EXTRA : Then, the real killers
must have been...
EXTRA : Beware, my friend! You'll regret
starting rumors like that around here!
EXTRA : And yet he seems so steadfast,
even though his mother is dead!
EXTRA : But he has no path to the throne now. (0:00:33.93)
EXTRA : And the Ashford family who
backed them is finished, too.
EXTRA : And his sister, the princess? (0:00:39.27)
EXTRA : I heard she was shot in the legs. (0:00:40.57)
EXTRA : And that she'd lost her sight. (0:00:41.90)
EXTRA : Hysterical blindness, though, right? (0:00:43.24)
EXTRA : It's the same thing. She can't even
be married off for political gain now.
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : Your Majesty!
My mother has passed away!
Charles zi Britannia : What of it? (0:00:53.72)
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : What of it?! (0:00:55.35)
Charles zi Britannia : You sought an audience with the emperor
of Britannia simply to tell me that?!
Charles zi Britannia : Send in the next person!
I have no time to babysit a child!
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : Father! (0:01:04.93)
EXTRA : Yes, Your Majesty! (0:01:08.20)
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : Why didn't you protect Mother?! (0:01:09.66)
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : You're the emperor!
The greatest man in this nation!
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : You should have protected her!
And now you don't even visit Nunnally!
Charles zi Britannia : I have no use for weaklings! (0:01:19.47)
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : Weaklings?! (0:01:21.61)
Charles zi Britannia : That is what it
means to be royalty!
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : Then I don't want to be your heir! (0:01:27.98)
Lelouch Lamperouge (young) : I've had enough of the fighting and the
scheming over who will succeed you!
Charles zi Britannia : You are dead. (0:01:37.59)
Charles zi Britannia : You've been dead from
the moment you were born.
Charles zi Britannia : Who gave you
the clothes you wear?
Charles zi Britannia : Your home,
your food, your very life!
Charles zi Britannia : All of those,
I have given to you!
Charles zi Britannia : In short, you have never actually lived! (0:01:50.61)
Charles zi Britannia : And yet you dare to speak
such foolishness to me!
Charles zi Britannia : Lelouch! (0:01:58.28)
Charles zi Britannia : As you are dead,
you have no rights.
Charles zi Britannia : I am sending you
and Nunnally to Japan.
Charles zi Britannia : As prince and princess,
you will serve as bargaining chips.
Lloyd Asplund : It's a seventh-generation Knightmare Frame,
making its abilities far greater than normal...
Cornelia li Britannia : I've heard the Lancelot's pilot is an Eleven. (0:03:52.29)
Lloyd Asplund : Yes, an honorary Britannian. However... (0:03:55.46)
Cornelia li Britannia : I've granted him a special promotion
from private to warrant officer.
Cornelia li Britannia : He should be satisfied with that. (0:04:00.90)
Cornelia li Britannia : I can win without
depending on any Numbers.
Euphemia li Britannia : Those who risk their lives
in combat deserve to rule.
Euphemia li Britannia : I understand the theory,
Sister, but still...
Suzaku Kururugi : I'm sorry you have to sit here
helping me with my homework.
Cecile Croomy : It's all right. You haven't gone through a
normal school before, so it can't be helped.
Suzaku Kururugi : The guys on the student council are
helping me too, but it's still kind of hard.
Cecile Croomy : To be honest, I've been a little worried. (0:04:29.03)
Cecile Croomy : I've heard it's a fairly liberal school,
but I was wondering if you weren't fitting in well.
Suzaku Kururugi : I was prepared for that. (0:04:35.60)
Suzaku Kururugi : But, just by chance, I ran into an old friend
there, and he smoothed things out for me.
Cecile Croomy : Value that friend. (0:04:41.38)
Cecile Croomy : If your friendship continues, your reunion will
turn from a coincidence into an inevitability.
Suzaku Kururugi : Right. (0:04:48.38)
Cecile Croomy : Anyway, try one! (0:04:49.12)
Suzaku Kururugi : Thank you! (0:04:51.69)
Cecile Croomy : I'd like your opinion on them. (0:04:54.42)
Suzaku Kururugi : Jam? (0:04:56.62)
Cecile Croomy : I got some lovely blueberries! (0:04:57.89)
Lloyd Asplund : Okay! (0:05:00.03)
Lloyd Asplund : Pack it up! Pack it up!
We're doing nothing today!
Lloyd Asplund : Hip-hip-hooray! That's all, folks! (0:05:04.30)
Suzaku Kururugi : Um... (0:05:09.30)
Cecile Croomy : Go to school. (0:05:12.04)
Cecile Croomy : Classes might be over for today,
but it's important to meet your friends, too.
Shirley Fenette : Say, can I ask you
something important?
Kallen Stadtfeld : Hm? What? (0:05:21.52)
Shirley Fenette : Kallen, are you hiding
something from us?
Shirley Fenette : You don't have to. (0:05:27.32)
Kallen Stadtfeld : No. What are you talking about? (0:05:29.02)
Shirley Fenette : Just tell me. I won't be shocked. (0:05:31.73)
Shirley Fenette : You see... I saw you before. (0:05:35.03)
Shirley Fenette : You're dating Lulu, right?! (0:05:40.17)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Lulu?! (0:05:41.67)
Shirley Fenette : Well, that time on campus! (0:05:42.84)
Kallen Stadtfeld : No! No! Hold on!
That was all his doing!
Shirley Fenette : Lulu did it?! (0:05:48.98)
Kallen Stadtfeld : No, it wasn't like that. (0:05:49.98)
Shirley Fenette : But, you were trying so hard
to catch the cat before, so...
Kallen Stadtfeld : No, that wasn't it.
Besides, a kiss isn't such a big thing...
Shirley Fenette : It's not?! You mean you've
done more than that?!
Kallen Stadtfeld : No! Quit imagining things!
You're reading way too much into this!
Milly Ashford : But, an arranged marriage is just! (0:06:07.13)
Milly Ashford : I understand how you want to
reestablish the Ashford family...
Milly Ashford : But, Mother! (0:06:14.24)
Nina Einstein : Ah! I've split it! (0:06:20.01)
Andreas Darlton : The Saitama ghetto is
now completely surrounded.
Andreas Darlton : The Yamato Alliance's
hideout is in here.
Andreas Darlton : Half the people in this neighborhood
are cooperating with them.
Andreas Darlton : In this situation... (0:06:34.56)
Cornelia li Britannia : What will be the effect
on overall production?
Andreas Darlton : Primary sector output should
decrease by 0.2%
Cornelia li Britannia : Within expectations,
you mean? Very well...
Cornelia li Britannia : You all participated in
the Shinjuku incident, correct?
EXTRA : Yes, and we appreciate
your great mercy, Princess Cornelia...
Cornelia li Britannia : That's not what I'm asking!
Don't you think this is similar?
Cornelia li Britannia : To the conditions in Shinjuku... (0:06:55.14)
Reporter : Military authorities report that... (0:06:56.91)
Reporter : they are surrounding the Saitama
ghetto, which is hiding terrorists.
Reporter : As Viceroy Cornelia is on the scene as well,
entry to that area has been restricted.
C.C. : What has you looking so serious? (0:07:11.39)
Reporter : It looks like a full-scale assault
will be launched in two hours.
Reporter : Consequently, the following areas will
have their power cut for the time being:
EXTRA : Why are we even announcing the time it starts?! (0:07:19.23)
Diethard Ried : They're provoking Zero. (0:07:21.87)
Cornelia li Britannia : Zero is a criminal with a flair for the theatrical. (0:07:24.71)
Cornelia li Britannia : I've recreated the conditions of
Shinjuku in order to draw him out.
Cornelia li Britannia : If he's the type who's overconfident,
I think he'll come here to try and kill me.
EXTRA : Viceroy! You'd risk your
own life like this?!
Cornelia li Britannia : War is a struggle
between pride and life!
C.C. : You're falling for
the enemy's provocation?
Lelouch Lamperouge : Well, they took so much
trouble to invite me.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Besides, there's something
I'd like to ask Cornelia.
C.C. : Destroying Britannia or discovering
your mother's murderer...
C.C. : Which is more important to you? (0:07:57.41)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The two are exactly the same. (0:07:59.31)
Lelouch Lamperouge : The Britannian royal family is competing
to determine who will be the next emperor.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Or rather, they're being made
to fight. By that man!
C.C. : Still, that is the strength of Britannia. (0:08:10.59)
C.C. : The best person is the last one left standing,
and so they become the next emperor.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Exactly. The weak all lose
and are cast away.
Lelouch Lamperouge : That's Britannia.
That's the world they live in!
C.C. : Survival of the fittest is
the most essential rule of all.
Lelouch Lamperouge : If that's true,
then what happens to Nunnally?!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Does she have to give up
because she's weak?!
Lelouch Lamperouge : I refuse to accept that! (0:08:34.44)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I'll wipe out that sort of world myself! (0:08:36.91)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Anyway, there's nothing
between Lelouch and me!
Suzaku Kururugi : Lelouch? (0:08:52.36)
Kallen Stadtfeld : Anyway, that's how it is!
It's nothing...
Suzaku Kururugi : Um... Where's Lelouch? (0:08:58.83)
Shirley Fenette : I don't give a damn where that guy is! (0:09:00.60)
C.C. : Don't go, Lelouch. I can't have you dying
before you fulfill your part of our bargain.
Lelouch Lamperouge : There's a contradiction in what you
say and what you're doing, isn't there?
C.C. : I won't kill you. I'll just shoot you
in the leg to quiet you down.
Lelouch Lamperouge : I see. You can't use the
Geass yourself, can you?
Lelouch Lamperouge : Well, that's what I thought. (0:09:22.06)
Lelouch Lamperouge : If you could do it yourself,
you wouldn't have asked me to do it.
C.C. : You think you can
threaten me with a gun?
Lelouch Lamperouge : Yes, I can. (0:09:32.07)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Until I met you, I was dead. (0:09:38.34)
Lelouch Lamperouge : A powerless corpse
living a lie of life.
Lelouch Lamperouge : A life where I did nothing except
the act of living day to day.
Lelouch Lamperouge : It was like dying a slow death. (0:09:50.39)
Lelouch Lamperouge : If I'm to go back to that,
then I'd rather...
C.C. : Wait! (0:09:55.36)
C.C. : I see your point.
It's meaningless. A life like that...
EXTRA : Mayor! (0:10:04.77)
EXTRA : Why are you doing this?!
We even have children here!
EXTRA : We haven't done anything! (0:10:08.44)
EXTRA : Exactly why! (0:10:10.54)
EXTRA : Because the people of this ghetto
don't report about the terrorists!
EXTRA : You cover for them! Hide them! (0:10:15.11)
EXTRA : That is treason against a suzerain state! (0:10:16.98)
Andreas Darlton : It seems we've finished up sweeping
away the people in charge.
Cornelia li Britannia : Hm... It's about time.
Shall we begin?
Andreas Darlton : Right! (0:10:27.99)
Andreas Darlton : Attention, all forces!
Commence eradication of the Saitama ghetto!
Andreas Darlton : All forces, assume level
one combat stations!
Jeremiah Gottwald : Why won't Princess Cornelia
order us to attack as well?!
Kewell Soresi : Because Orange is here. (0:10:54.02)
Kewell Soresi : Just be glad
you weren't disposed of!
Kewell Soresi : It's because of you
that our careers are over!
Jeremiah Gottwald : But, it was Zero who did it! (0:11:02.59)
Kewell Soresi : That again. Hmpf... (0:11:04.79)
Villetta Nu : Zero... Could that student
be working with him?
EXTRA : Suppression of area 4, complete. (0:11:10.87)
EXTRA : 8th and 11th mechanized infantry companies are
sweeping north and south in a pincer movement.
EXTRA : All the same. Even when Clovis is replaced
by Cornelia, Britannia never changes!
EXTRA : What unit are you from?
Give me your unit name and I. D!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Dario Torres, 3rd reconnaissance company. (0:11:28.35)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I've recovered this from a terrorist! (0:11:31.59)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Could I ask you to please
transmit it to headquarters?
EXTRA : A disk, huh?
Well, I need to verify your I.D. first.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Understood. However, before we do that,
I'd like to borrow your Sutherland.
EXTRA : Sure thing. Take care of it. (0:11:53.21)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Thank you so much. (0:11:56.24)
Lelouch of the Rebellion
EXTRA : The loop line's no good. (0:12:03.32)
EXTRA : Can't we break through
along the Sai-kyo line?
EXTRA : They've got armored
trains blocking it.
EXTRA : We can't use the farm roads, either. (0:12:08.09)
EXTRA : Any reinforcements from Akabane or Jujoh? (0:12:09.42)
EXTRA : Maybe a single man could get through,
but not a whole group!
EXTRA : Izumi! (0:12:12.99)
EXTRA : Well? Any word from the
Toda or Kawaguchi districts?
EXTRA : Never mind! Take this! (0:12:16.86)
EXTRA : Huh?! (0:12:18.20)
Zero : This is Zero. (0:12:21.54)
EXTRA : Zero? (0:12:23.97)
EXTRA : Zero? You mean? (0:12:24.91)
Zero : I assume you heard
about the Shinjuku incident.
Zero : Do what I say
and you will be saved.
EXTRA : B-12, suppression, complete. (0:12:33.82)
EXTRA : F-7, no sign of the enemy. (0:12:35.22)
EXTRA : Powadon team, change course to 5-1-6. (0:12:37.62)
EXTRA : Yes, my lord. Moving to 5-1-6. (0:12:40.29)
EXTRA : This is almost too easy.
Isn't Zero coming?
EXTRA : Guess he's just another
terrorist in the end.
EXTRA : They came! They really came! (0:12:51.47)
EXTRA : Just like Zero said! (0:12:53.27)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Now then, should I draw Cornelia
out or make an opening?
Lelouch Lamperouge : R1, R2 will continue to fall back. (0:13:05.15)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Draw them back to
the area where N2 is.
Lelouch Lamperouge : B7, open fire towards 2 o'clock. (0:13:10.49)
Lelouch Lamperouge : P5's team will commence its barrage. (0:13:14.12)
EXTRA : Gester team, contact lost! (0:13:18.36)
EXTRA : Enemy spotted in district G47! (0:13:19.76)
EXTRA : Kaczinski team engaging!
They were ambushed!
EXTRA : The enemy seem to be using Sutherlands
captured from our own forces!
EXTRA : It's just like in Shinjuku. (0:13:28.30)
EXTRA : Has Zero appeared? (0:13:30.17)
Lelouch Lamperouge : N2, continue towards the upper-right! (0:13:33.64)
Lelouch Lamperouge : R4, fire. (0:13:36.74)
Lelouch Lamperouge : N1, take the guy on the left. (0:13:39.11)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Right... P3, take down the bridge and close the route! (0:13:41.58)
EXTRA : Point 1-7 has fallen. Halley team, contact lost! (0:13:52.13)
Cornelia li Britannia : That's enough. Order all troops to fall back. (0:13:55.46)
Cornelia li Britannia : Any further damage will be meaningless. (0:13:59.07)
EXTRA : Fall back?! (0:14:00.74)
EXTRA : I beg your pardon,
but we can still fight them!
Cornelia li Britannia : We can't fight them like this. (0:14:03.74)
Andreas Darlton : To all forces! Fall back behind ghetto perimeter at once! (0:14:06.17)
Andreas Darlton : Never mind holding formation!
Fall back behind ghetto perimeter at once!
Lelouch Lamperouge : What, no stomach for it? (0:14:13.45)
Lelouch Lamperouge : If I blend in with the retreating units,
that'll put me right next to Cornelia.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Have I cleared the conditions already? (0:14:20.79)
C.C. : It's in his blood, I guess. (0:14:26.16)
C.C. : Still, that type of person is dangerous. (0:14:28.33)
C.C. : I wonder which path he'll take. (0:14:30.83)
C.C. : All right, fine!
Who do you think I am, anyway?
Shirley Fenette : So, Lulu lived here before this was
an Area, huh? Was he a neighbor?
Suzaku Kururugi : And you? Um... (0:14:46.65)
Shirley Fenette : Me? Maybe I was like him, too. (0:14:48.32)
Shirley Fenette : He seemed so frivolous and
would sneer at working hard.
Shirley Fenette : I didn't really like him much at first. (0:14:56.92)
Shirley Fenette : The thing is, there was a traffic accident
I saw back when we were freshmen.
Shirley Fenette : Any way you looked at it, it was the
fault of the driver who hit from the rear.
Shirley Fenette : But nobody tried to help out. (0:15:08.20)
Shirley Fenette : And then... (0:15:10.84)
Shirley Fenette : Lulu didn't do it to boast
or to laugh about it.
Shirley Fenette : He did it with the same
bored look he always has.
Shirley Fenette : And that's when I wondered What is this
guy thinking? What's he want to do?
Shirley Fenette : I wanted to know,
and then, well...
Suzaku Kururugi : You fell in love. (0:15:31.93)
Shirley Fenette : Um... Is that what this is? (0:15:34.00)
Milly Ashford : Oh, to be in love. (0:15:38.27)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Cornelia... It's you who's lost. (0:15:44.21)
Cornelia li Britannia : It's I who wins. (0:15:48.24)
Andreas Darlton : Yes. That's why they call her the Goddess of Victory. (0:15:50.65)
Cornelia li Britannia : Ready to go, Guilford my knight? (0:15:54.42)
Andreas Darlton : It is my pleasure to obey, my lady. (0:15:56.98)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Hm... (0:15:59.89)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Even with my Geass, the normal security
makes just walking in too dangerous.
Lelouch Lamperouge : I guess I'll have to create an
opening, as I did with Clovis.
Lelouch Lamperouge : The student council room? I thought
the cat festival meeting was tomorrow.
Shirley Fenette : I know Kallen said I had it all wrong, (0:16:15.84)
Shirley Fenette : but it seemed like she was
getting upset in order to fool me.
Suzaku Kururugi : Which is why in this case it's
best to just ask him directly.
Suzaku Kururugi : I'll ask him how he feels about you for you. (0:16:24.95)
Shirley Fenette : What?! You'd go that far?! (0:16:27.21)
Suzaku Kururugi : Relax, I can handle him. (0:16:28.88)
Shirley Fenette : No! No way! (0:16:30.28)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Hm? Whatever. (0:16:33.05)
Suzaku Kururugi : C'mon, let me handle this. I can do it. (0:16:35.32)
Shirley Fenette : No! No way! (0:16:37.76)
Suzaku Kururugi : It'll be fine, I swear... WHOA! (0:16:39.03)
Suzaku Kururugi : I... I'm sorry! (0:16:42.43)
Shirley Fenette : Um... Does that hurt? (0:16:48.10)
Suzaku Kururugi : A lot. (0:16:50.57)
Lelouch Lamperouge : You're desperate, Cornelia. (0:16:54.41)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Using your royal guard like this... (0:16:56.38)
Lelouch Lamperouge : This is Zero. N1 only will re-engage their I.F.F. signal. (0:16:59.65)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Operate as a Britannian unit. (0:17:03.02)
EXTRA : Understood. (0:17:04.75)
Lelouch Lamperouge : As my decoy. (0:17:06.65)
Andreas Darlton : One Knightmare unit transmitting an
I.F.F. signal left within the city area.
EXTRA : Can't you contact it?! (0:17:12.76)
EXTRA : Scramble a rescue team! (0:17:14.03)
Cornelia li Britannia : Destroy it. (0:17:15.10)
EXTRA : You can't! (0:17:16.36)
EXTRA : He may have been
taken captive by the enemy!
Cornelia li Britannia : I ordered them to fall back. (0:17:19.10)
Cornelia li Britannia : I don't need soldiers
who can't follow my orders.
Andreas Darlton : As she says. (0:17:24.31)
EXTRA : But! (0:17:25.47)
Cornelia li Britannia : Do your duty,
even at the cost of your life.
Cornelia li Britannia : That's common sense
to my subordinates.
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : Yes, Your Highness! (0:17:31.61)
EXTRA : Hey! Can't you read the I.D. signal?!
I'm on your side!
EXTRA : Dammit! (0:17:40.72)
Lelouch Lamperouge : They didn't confirm it? Well, then... (0:17:51.53)
Lelouch Lamperouge : N2, transmit signal and
fall back to the hospital ruins.
Lelouch Lamperouge : R1, R2, hold positions and
fire on any pursuing enemies!
Cornelia li Britannia : Another signal. Which means... (0:18:00.57)
Cornelia li Britannia : They've set an ambush!
Send more Gloucesters and surround them!
Lelouch Lamperouge : They're not following? Uh-oh! (0:18:08.02)
Lelouch Lamperouge : R1, R2! Cancel the ambush
and fall back at once!
EXTRA : Gloucesters have arrived at indicated area. (0:18:15.46)
EXTRA : No sign of enemy. (0:18:17.63)
Cornelia li Britannia : He anticipated my move? We may really
be dealing with Zero himself here.
Lelouch Lamperouge : P2! N3!
Circle around behind the enemy!
Lelouch Lamperouge : What's wrong?! Come in! (0:18:27.17)
Lelouch Lamperouge : P2! N3! Dammit! B1! B5! You go! (0:18:29.34)
EXTRA : Like hell! There's no way we
can beat Cornelia's royal guard!
EXTRA : Hey! We surrender! (0:18:41.35)
EXTRA : We won't resist! (0:18:43.15)
EXTRA : Spare us! (0:18:44.12)
EXTRA : Kill them. (0:18:45.55)
Lelouch Lamperouge : P6! P8! What's happening?! (0:18:50.32)
Lelouch Lamperouge : B7! Come around and cover N4! (0:18:53.03)
EXTRA : This is B7! I've got another target here!
I'll get him first!
Lelouch Lamperouge : No! That's a decoy! (0:18:59.00)
Lelouch Lamperouge : B7, follow my orders! (0:19:00.50)
EXTRA : What are you saying?
I've gotta get him here!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Fall back! They'll hit you from above!
B7, follow my orders!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Idiot... B8, status report. (0:19:11.15)
EXTRA : Screw your status reports! (0:19:15.12)
Lelouch Lamperouge : B8! Anyone who's left, report in,
starting with the P numbers!
EXTRA : Mission complete.
All forces, take formation number 4.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Beaten this easily?!
I've barely even started playing the game!
Cornelia li Britannia : It didn't work out like
it did in Shinjuku, Zero.
Cornelia li Britannia : Or are you pretending to be him?
Well, we'll see who you are shortly.
Lelouch Lamperouge : So, this is what a real
organization is capable of?
Cornelia li Britannia : To all Knightmare pilots.
Open your hatches and show me your faces!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Cornelia! (0:19:49.22)
Cornelia li Britannia : I repeat, all pilots, open your
hatches and show me your faces!
Lelouch Lamperouge : What do I do?
If she sees my face herself, then...
Lelouch Lamperouge : Even without my Zero mask, my identity
will be revealed! That can't happen!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Use my Geass? No, impossible. (0:20:06.80)
Lelouch Lamperouge : It won't work without
me looking directly at them.
Lelouch Lamperouge : The enemy are in Knightmares! (0:20:11.87)
Lelouch Lamperouge : That leaves the infantry
and the other pilots.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Forget it. There's too many of them.
How can I make them look at me?!
Lelouch Lamperouge : No, is it possible?
What if I admit to being Zero?
Lelouch Lamperouge : But then the Knightmares will! (0:20:23.72)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Maybe I can start shooting
and break out of here!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Impossible.
Against Cornelia's royal guard, it's suicide!
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : Open your hatch!
It's your turn!
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : What's wrong?
Hurry up and open your hatch!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Well, my hatch was
damaged earlier in battle.
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : I see.
Then we'll open it for you.
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : Turn around. (0:20:43.97)
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : Well? Come on! (0:20:46.67)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Understood. At once, sir... (0:20:48.88)
EXTRA : It's Zero!
Zero's been sighted!
Cornelia li Britannia : Ah-hah! I knew Zero had that sort of personality! (0:20:59.32)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Impossible! (0:21:02.72)
EXTRA : Capture him!
Platoons 3 and 5, mount up!
EXTRA : Image detected! Target, confirmed! (0:21:06.23)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I'll just have to play along! (0:21:08.83)
EXTRA : Surround the building!
Head around back!
EXTRA : Sharpshooters, open fire! (0:21:12.33)
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : He's fallen! (0:21:16.27)
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : Princess, what should we do? (0:21:17.20)
Cornelia li Britannia : Hm... Probability that it's a trap? (0:21:19.24)
Andreas Darlton : It could be.
We don't know if it's actually him,
Andreas Darlton : but he seems as prideful
as you anticipated, Viceroy.
Cornelia li Britannia : So, there's no point in chasing him. (0:21:30.38)
Andreas Darlton : Right. If he purposely revealed himself directly to his
enemy, he must have an escape route already set.
Cornelia li Britannia : Self-preservation trumps all, eh? (0:21:38.56)
Lelouch Lamperouge : So, that's Cornelia.
She's nothing at all like Clovis!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Why did you save me? (0:21:53.51)
C.C. : Didn't I tell you?
I can't have you go dying on me.
Lelouch Lamperouge : I wouldn't have lost if the
conditions were more equal!
C.C. : Sore loser. (0:22:01.95)
C.C. : If only you had the power to set
the conditions you want.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Then I'll set it up. (0:22:07.69)
Lelouch Lamperouge : I'll form an army which
can't lose to Britannia!
Lelouch Lamperouge : A people! A nation! (0:22:15.30)
Lelouch Lamperouge : Who is there to serve in my army? (0:23:49.86)
Lelouch Lamperouge : If only I could ask
Suzaku to join me...
Lelouch Lamperouge : No, that ship has sailed.
He's a Britannian soldier!
Lelouch Lamperouge : Even if he doesn't go out to fight,
he's still my enemy.
Lelouch Lamperouge : Well then,
I'll just have to choose.

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