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You become kind of mean when
it comes to Endeavor, huh, Todoroki?

- Izuku Midoriya

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - Episode 8

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

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C.C. : Lelouch, a Britannian boy, Line ID
C.C. : has been given a special power
by the mysterious girl C.C.
Line ID
C.C. : Geass. Line ID
C.C. : The absolute power to compel
anyone to follow any order.
Line ID
C.C. : For the sake of his younger sister, Nunnally, Line ID
C.C. : Lelouch schemes to destroy
the Holy Britannian Empire.
Line ID
C.C. : Meanwhile, his best friend,
Suzaku Kururugi,
Line ID
C.C. : has established himself
within the Empire.
Line ID
C.C. : At this point, their respective destinies
may already be irrevocably set.
Line ID
Shirley Fenette : This is the first time
I've ever left the Tokyo settlement!
Line ID
Milly Ashford : You wish Lelouch could
have come with us, don't you?
Line ID
Shirley Fenette : Wha?! Line ID
Milly Ashford : Don't be shy! Line ID
Milly Ashford : Let's stay up all night talking!
We can tell each other which boys we like!
Line ID
Shirley Fenette : Do you have someone
like that, Ms. President?
Line ID
Milly Ashford : Hm... Who can say? Line ID
Milly Ashford : It's all right. Line ID
Milly Ashford : Lots of Britannian tourists go to Lake
Kawaguchi, so security there is fine.
Line ID
Milly Ashford : You don't have to be
scared of it, like the ghettos.
Line ID
Nina Einstein : But... Line ID
Milly Ashford : For this, we'll stay right with you and
won't leave you alone for a second.
Line ID
Nina Einstein : R- Right... Line ID
Zero : What's wrong? Hurry inside! Line ID
Zero : As of now, this will be our hideout. Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : So, you think it's a good idea for you to join up with us? Line ID
Zero : Yes. We're comrades, after all. Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : Holy cow! Line ID
Shinichiro Tamaki : What is this? Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : How did you manage to get this? Line ID
Zero : I asked to a rather licentious
nobleman to let me have it for free.
Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : You asked for it? Just like that? Line ID
Zero : It's all right. No strings attached. Line ID
Shinichiro Tamaki : Hey, it's got a second floor!
Don't you think this is a little too big for a car?
Line ID
Kallen Stadtfeld : On the other hand, they wouldn't be
expecting us in something like this.
Line ID
Yoshitaka Minami : It's even got a TV! Line ID
EXTRA : So, how do things look at the scene? Line ID
EXTRA : Right. I'm standing in front of the Lake
Kawaguchi convention center hotel.
Line ID
EXTRA : What's up?
Right. I'm standing in front of the Lake
Kawaguchi convention center hotel.
Line ID
EXTRA : Right. I'm standing in front of the Lake
Kawaguchi convention center hotel.
Line ID
EXTRA : The hoteljackers have identified
themselves as the Japan Liberation Front...
Line ID
EXTRA : and have taken hostage members of
the Sakuradite allocation meeting,
Line ID
EXTRA : notable among which is Chairman James, Line ID
EXTRA : as well as several tourists who
happened to be there as well.
Line ID
EXTRA : This is footage which was taken by the perpetrators. Line ID
EXTRA : You can clearly see Chairman
James, as well as several students.
Line ID
Kallen Stadtfeld : From the student council! Line ID
EXTRA : The leader of the
criminal group claims to be...
Line ID
EXTRA : Lt. Col. Kusakabe,
formerly of the old Japanese military.
Line ID
Kyoshiro Tohdoh : That idiot! Line ID
EXTRA : Sakuradite, without which high temperature
superconductors cannot be made,
Line ID
EXTRA : is a vital strategic resource which
directly affects world security.
Line ID
EXTRA : Area 11 is the world's
largest producer of Sakuradite,
Line ID
EXTRA : providing 70% of the total supply. Line ID
EXTRA : Here, at the yearly international
meeting of Sakuradite producers,
Line ID
EXTRA : the allocation of Sakuradite
among nations is decided.
Line ID
EXTRA : It would not be exaggerating
to say that the outcome...
Line ID
EXTRA : determines the balance of power between
Britannia and the other nations of the world.
Line ID
EXTRA : It's believed the terrorists
are taking advantage...
Line ID
EXTRA : of world interest in this meeting by
carrying out this violent hotel jacking.
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : I am Kusakabe of the
Japan Liberation Front.
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : We are taking this stand
for the liberation of Japan!
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : You may not be soldiers,
but you are still Britannians!
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : You are the ones ruling us! Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : If you keep quiet,
you'll be fine. If you don't!
Line ID
Shirley Fenette : Lulu... Line ID
Shinichiro Tamaki : So, they've made their move. Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : They're the biggest anti-Britannian force
in Japan, and they take pride in that.
Line ID
Yoshitaka Minami : Compared to us? Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : Maybe. Line ID
Shinichiro Tamaki : I don't know whether to be
happy or sad about that.
Line ID
Shinichiro Tamaki : They're all going
to end up getting killed.
Line ID
Zero : Rivalz? Line ID
Rivalz Cardemonde : Lelouch! Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : This is Lelouch.
Leave a message after the beep.
Line ID
Rivalz Cardemonde : What's he doing at a time like this?! Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : I know. But! Line ID
EXTRA : All bridges connecting to the hotel except
the main one have been destroyed.
Line ID
EXTRA : Approaches from the air
or water have failed.
Line ID
EXTRA : There's only one route left from which
to develop a hostage rescue plan.
Line ID
EXTRA : The main utilities tunnel running right
under the convention center hotel.
Line ID
EXTRA : If we use this and then, following the
plan, destroy the foundation block,
Line ID
EXTRA : we can submerge the hotel. Line ID
EXTRA : Since this tunnel was built
to take in supplies as well,
Line ID
EXTRA : a Sutherland should
be able to get inside it.
Line ID
EXTRA : Even if the enemy has taken precautions,
it should be no problem.
Line ID
EXTRA : Go! Line ID
EXTRA : Considering the level of weapons
they've been using till now,
Line ID
EXTRA : we'll have no problem avoiding them. Line ID
EXTRA : Enemies detected, moving through the
underground passage, as expected.
Line ID
EXTRA : Roger that! Raikou, secondary startup!
Left and right quad-linkage legs, locked!
Line ID
EXTRA : Super electromagnetic shrapnel
cannon voltage, confirmed!
Line ID
EXTRA : I think they've got anti-Knightmare rifles.
Spread out and break through them!
Line ID
EXTRA : Super electromagnetic shrapnel cannon, FIRE! Line ID
EXTRA : What?! Line ID
EXTRA : It works! Line ID
EXTRA : One shot! Line ID
EXTRA : The Raikou works! Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : Did you see that, Britannian pigs?! Line ID
Andreas Darlton : Wiped out?! Line ID
EXTRA : It looks like they've modified
a Glasgow into a linear cannon!
Line ID
EXTRA : So, there's no way
we can break through it?
Line ID
EXTRA : What do we do? If we release the
political prisoners like they demand...
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : We can't show weakness
to these terrorists!
Line ID
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : But Princess Euphemia is... Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : I know! Line ID
Andreas Darlton : They shouldn't have
figured it out yet.
Line ID
Andreas Darlton : If they knew that Princess Euphemia
is among the hostages,
Line ID
Andreas Darlton : they'd be sure to use her
as a bargaining chip.
Line ID
Andreas Darlton : She was just there as an observer,
so her name wasn't on the member list.
Line ID
C.C. : Yes, I understand.
It'll work this time.
Line ID
C.C. : However, I'm not his guardian. Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Can't A.S.E.E.C. help out
with the rescue operation?
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : I asked them, Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : but we're an irregular unit with a
different chain of command. Besides...
Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : They can't entrust the
operation to an Eleven, right?
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Princess Cornelia is very discriminating
about Britannians and Numbers.
Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : We're still not accepted enough. Line ID
Cecile Croomy : But then what's the point of even
having the honorary Britannian system?
Line ID
Yoshitaka Minami : Where does this go? Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : Over there, near the driver's seat. Line ID
EXTRA : Hey! What about the boxes
I brought over here?
Line ID
EXTRA : She was just sightseeing! Line ID
EXTRA : She's still a student! But do these
terrorists care?! I won't forgive them!
Line ID
EXTRA : Is Shirley...
Is my daughter all right?!
Line ID
EXTRA : She hasn't done anything wrong! Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : We need organization
if we're to fight Britannia.
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : But this is too soon! Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : Still, we can't just do nothing, either. Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : Knowing Cornelia,
she'll just sacrifice the hostages!
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : Then why doesn't she move?
Is it possible?
Line ID
Kallen Stadtfeld : Zero. Line ID
Kallen Stadtfeld : What will happen to the hostages? Line ID
Zero : Eventually, there'll be no reason
to keep the Britannians alive.
Line ID
Kallen Stadtfeld : Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : Hey Zero, should I hand
these out to everyone?
Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : I mean, they look cool and all,
but we're just a resistance group, so...
Line ID
Zero : Wrong! Line ID
Zero : We're not a resistance group! Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : Then what are we? Line ID
Zero : What we are trying to be...
are knights of justice!
Line ID
EXTRA : To all special sniper teams.
Situation is hold. All team commanders...
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Those student hostages are in
the student council, aren't they?
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : They'll keep the negotiations up for them. Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : I believe in the system. Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : I prefer the logic of systems
to personal emotions.
Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Miss Cécile, look! Line ID
Cecile Croomy : What? Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : That's... Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Are they going to?! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Don't... Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Don't do it! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : NO-O-O-O!!! Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : So long as we receive
no answer to our demands,
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : we will throw one hostage
off the roof every 30 minutes!
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : For the hostages' sake,
negotiations had better be in good faith!
Line ID
Andreas Darlton : That's their idea of a warning?
Line ID
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : We could negotiate to just get the
women and children released first...
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : Forget it! Negotiate even once
and you just legitimize terrorism!
Line ID
Andreas Darlton : Then we use force? Line ID
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : That would have to come after securing
Princess Euphemia's safety, wouldn't it?
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : Euphy... I! Line ID
EXTRA : Viceroy! It's Zero! Line ID
EXTRA : We've just received
a message from Zero!
Line ID
Diethard Ried : What? Car three was stolen by Zero?! Line ID
Diethard Ried : What was Gibson doing?! Line ID
EXTRA : He says when he came to,
it had been taken.
Line ID
Diethard Ried : Huh? Then where's car 3 now? Line ID
EXTRA : Heading straight into the military. Line ID
EXTRA : We confirm. It's Zero!
Should we open fire?
Line ID
EXTRA : Just stand by. We'll capture him
after he's surrounded.
Line ID
Kaname Ohgi : So... What do you think
he meant by justice before?
Line ID
Kallen Stadtfeld : I dunno, but we may die
before we find out.
Line ID
Kallen Stadtfeld : All our escape routes
have been cut off.
Line ID
EXTRA : Why didn't we use that trailer? Line ID
EXTRA : Oh, so you want everyone
to see our hideout?!
Line ID
EXTRA : Good point. Line ID
EXTRA : You sure we should
trust this Zero guy?
Line ID
Shinichiro Tamaki : That's why I said
he looked shifty to me!
Line ID
Shinichiro Tamaki : Still, if anything happens,
I'll do something.
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : Cornelia, much as I'd like
to pay you back right here,
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : you're more useful to me alive. Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : If you do what I predict,
won't need to use my Geass.
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : We meet again, Zero. Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : Are you a member of
the Japan Liberation Front?
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : Or perhaps you intend to help us? Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : However, our concerns
take priority over yours.
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : And so, for the death
of my half-brother Clovis...
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : I shall take my
vengeance right here!
Line ID
Zero : Cornelia, which would you choose? Line ID
Zero : Clovis, who is dead,
or Euphemia, who is alive?
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : All right, now I'm sure. Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : The first condition is now cleared. Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : You haven't changed, Cornelia. Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : You've always doted on Euphemia. Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : That's why you won't act.
Your emotions are getting in the way.
Line ID
Zero : I'm going to save Euphemia for you. Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : Zero, I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Line ID
Zero : I said I'd be able to save her! Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : Zero, you say? Line ID
EXTRA : Yes, sir. We got word
from the Britannian forces!
Line ID
EXTRA : To all forces! Let Zero pass!
I repeat, let Zero pass!
Line ID
Zero : Either the Japan Liberation Front
will either accept me as an ally...
Line ID
Zero : or they're going
to see me as an obstacle.
Line ID
Zero : In either case,
I don't think they can resist...
Line ID
Zero : the temptation of meeting Zero.
And so...
Line ID
Zero : Good. Line ID
Zero : All the operation's preliminary
conditions have been cleared.
Line ID
EXTRA : What are we doing, Viceroy? Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : I thought that by letting Zero go, Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : we could buy some time before
the next hostage is executed.
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : So... This is our chance!
We can hit Zero at the same time!
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Ah, thanks so much
for that lovely order!
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : They said you can
go for it, Lancelot!
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : They said to go after that
linear cannon in the tunnel!
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Lloyd! You mean they're using him as
a decoy to make an opening for them?!
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Yup! Looks like they'll use the
confusion to send in the royal guard!
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : What do you mean, looks like?! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Miss Cécile. Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : I'll do it!
Please let me go!
Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : If they need me and Lancelot to
give them a chance to be saved,
Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : then I'll do it!
Even if it means being a decoy!
Line ID
Lelouch of the Rebellion
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Warrant Officer Kururugi,
here is the outline of your mission.
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : According to prime search, the hostages
are located on the hotel's middle floor.
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : It's believed they're locked
inside a food storage room.
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Advanced prototype weapon Z-01 Lancelot... Line ID
Cecile Croomy : will use the utilities tunnel
to move under the hotel.
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Once on site, you will destroy the
foundation block and submerge the hotel.
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : The floor with the hostages
should hold out for 8 minutes.
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Hostage rescue and mop-up of the
terrorists will be handled by other units.
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : You will be using the V.A.R.I.S.
to destroy the foundation.
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Set the impact rail
to anti-material level 3.
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : So, the only question in this is that linear
cannon waiting for you in the tunnel.
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Space is limited in there, so even the Lancelot
will only have an evasion rate of 47.8%
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Can he really do this? Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Sure, just bring it back
if things get too rough.
Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : You mustn't wreck the Lancelot! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Too rough? Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Yup! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Understood. Line ID
Shirley Fenette : Suzaku, the president and Nina and I... Line ID
Shirley Fenette : are going to Lake Kawaguchi
on Sunday. Wanna join us?
Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Sorry. I have to work that day. Line ID
Shirley Fenette : Really...
Well, I guess that can't be helped.
Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Still, thank you. Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : I really appreciate your inviting me. Line ID
Cecile Croomy : 12 minutes to operation start.
Starting countdown.
Line ID
Nina Einstein : E- Eleven! Line ID
EXTRA : What did you just say?! Line ID
EXTRA : Eleven?! We're Japanese, dammit! Line ID
Milly Ashford : We know! Just lay off her! Line ID
EXTRA : Then correct her! We're not Elevens! Line ID
Shirley Fenette : Fine, we'll correct her! Line ID
EXTRA : How dare you speak like that to me! Line ID
EXTRA : You three come with me to the next
room and I'll teach you a real lesson!
Line ID
Nina Einstein : No! NO!!! Line ID
EXTRA : I said get up! Line ID
Nina Einstein : No! NO!!!! Line ID
Euphemia li Britannia : Stop that this instant! Line ID
EXTRA : Who the hell are you?! Line ID
Euphemia li Britannia : I demand that you
take me to your leader!
Line ID
EXTRA : What?! Line ID
EXTRA : Sub-Viceroy, no! Line ID
Euphemia li Britannia : I am Euphemia li Britannia,
third princess of the Empire!
Line ID
Euphemia li Britannia : Are you all right?
You're not hurt, are you?
Line ID
Nina Einstein : No... Line ID
Zero : You have no intention
of joining me?
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : Then show us your real face, Zero.
It's rude not to.
Line ID
Zero : I understand. But before I do,
I'd like to ask you something.
Line ID
Zero : What do you hope to
accomplish by this action?
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : You need to ask?!
For this country and the world...
Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : to know that the
Japanese aren't dead yet!
Line ID
Zero : How stale. Line ID
Zero : You people are obsolete.
There's no saving you.
Line ID
EXTRA : Why... Why you! Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : What do you mean, Zero? Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : M.E. boost. Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Lancelot, launch! Line ID
EXTRA : Reaction, confirmed! 1 enemy Knightmare! Line ID
EXTRA : It's twice as fast as the others! Line ID
EXTRA : Who cares?
It'll end up like the rest!
Line ID
EXTRA : Super electromagnetic shrapnel heavy cannon, FIRE! Line ID
Cecile Croomy : I warned you about this! Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Right! He's running this for real
and not as a decoy!
Line ID
EXTRA : I've brought the hostage I radioed in
about before for the lieutenant colonel.
Line ID
EXTRA : She claims to be Euphemia. Line ID
Lt. Col. Kusakabe : There's no point in talking anymore! Line ID
Zero : Die. Line ID
EXTRA : Lt. Colonel! Line ID
Zero : Calm yourselves! Line ID
Euphemia li Britannia : Zero! Line ID
Zero : The colonel and the others
committed suicide.
Line ID
Zero : They realized the pointlessness
of this operation.
Line ID
Zero : Euphemia... You gave yourself up
for the sake of the commoners?
Line ID
Zero : You haven't changed. Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : What? A.S.E.E.C.'s
Knightmare is succeeding?
Line ID
Andreas Darlton : Yes. At the rate he's going,
he'll break through soon.
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : Dare we hope? Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : All right! This level of
destructive power it can take!
Line ID
EXTRA : It's broken through salvo number 5!
I don't believe it!
Line ID
EXTRA : Don't panic! Line ID
EXTRA : Deploy the quad-linkage free-fire
arm gun batteries as well!
Line ID
EXTRA : This is the final defense line!
We'll defend it with our lives!
Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Miss Cécile, I'm going to use the V.A.R.I.S! Line ID
Cecile Croomy : What? Wait, that's dangerous! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : There's almost no room for me to move!
I'm prepared to take the blast!
Line ID
EXTRA : You! Line ID
Zero : I heard you're the sub-viceroy now,
Princess Euphemia.
Line ID
Euphemia li Britannia : It's not something I'm happy about. Line ID
Zero : Yes, because Clovis was killed.
That was my doing.
Line ID
Zero : To the very end,
he begged for his life.
Line ID
Zero : With the same mouth which
ordered the deaths of Elevens!
Line ID
Euphemia li Britannia : Is that why you
killed my brother?
Line ID
Zero : No. Line ID
Euphemia li Britannia : Then why? Line ID
Zero : Because he was a child
of the Britannian emperor.
Line ID
Zero : That reminds me...
You're also one of his children, aren't you?
Line ID
EXTRA : Maximum output!
I don't care if you wreck the guns!
Line ID
EXTRA : Be ready to die
defending this spot!
Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : That Eleven... Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : He did it! Guilford! Line ID
Gilbert G.P. Guilford : Right! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : It can't be! Line ID
Zero : The white-helmeted one from before! Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : EUPHY! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Guys! Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Warrant Officer Kururugi, no! Line ID
Diethard Ried : What about the cameras in car 3? Line ID
EXTRA : Zero took them, so... Line ID
Diethard Ried : So, let's hope we get a signal! Line ID
Diethard Ried : What's wrong, Zero? Line ID
Diethard Ried : Wasn't that your plan?
To use this?
Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Suzaku! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : I couldn't save them! Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : I... I... Again! Line ID
Diethard Ried : Got it! Line ID
EXTRA : Huh? What's that? It's Zero! Line ID
Zero : No need to fear, my dear Britannians. Line ID
Zero : All of the hostages from
the hotel have been saved.
Line ID
Zero : I return them to you. Line ID
Suzaku Kururugi : Guys! Line ID
Rivalz Cardemonde : Thank God! Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : Of all the impudence! Line ID
Cornelia li Britannia : If we had attacked you, they just would have
become your hostages, wouldn't they?!
Line ID
Zero : People!
Fear us or seek us, as you please!
Line ID
Zero : We are the Black Knights! Line ID
Cecile Croomy : Knights? Line ID
Lloyd Asplund : Ironic, isn't it?
Terrorists calling themselves knights.
Line ID
Zero : We Black Knights stand with all
those who do not have any weapons!
Line ID
Zero : Whether they be Elevens or Britannians! Line ID
Zero : The Japan Liberation Front cowardly
took Britannian civilians hostage...
Line ID
Zero : and then cruelly executed them. Line ID
Zero : It was a meaningless act,
and so we have punished them!
Line ID
Diethard Ried : You heard me right!
Let it run!
Line ID
Diethard Ried : Responsibility?!
I'LL take responsibility!
Line ID
Zero : Just as I punished
former viceroy Clovis.
Line ID
Zero : He ordered the slaughter
of unarmed Elevens.
Line ID
Zero : We could not stand by and allow
this cruel action to take place.
Line ID
Zero : And so, we mete out punishment. Line ID
Zero : I will not repudiate fighting. Line ID
Zero : But neither will I stand for a one-sided
slaughter of the weak by the strong!
Line ID
Zero : The only people who should kill are
those prepared to die themselves!
Line ID
Zero : Where those with power attack those
without, we shall appear again!
Line ID
Zero : No matter how great a power
our enemy may possess!
Line ID
Kallen Stadtfeld : Knights of justice... Line ID
Zero : Those of you with power, fear me! Line ID
Zero : Those who have none, seek me! Line ID
Zero : For we, the Black Knights,
shall judge this world!
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : I was lucky.
Heaven must truly be on my side.
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : I never expected Cornelia's weakness
would be among the hostages.
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : A weakness named Euphemia. Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : From now on. the Black Knights
shall become my counterattack.
Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : On the world I'm trapped in... Line ID
Lelouch Lamperouge : as well as on my own unmoving heart. Line ID
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