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Lina Inverse (Reena) : Where monsters rampage,
I'm there to take them down!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Where treasure glitters,
I'm there to claim it!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Where an enemy rises to face me,\nvictory will be mine! (0:00:07.94)
EXTRA : All right, you apes! Good work! (0:01:56.28)
EXTRA : Here's some of that loot we got! (0:01:59.59)
EXTRA : It's days like this that make\nme glad I became a bandit! (0:02:08.20)
EXTRA : What the hell?! (0:02:25.35)
EXTRA : Boss! Over there! (0:02:27.78)
EXTRA : You... You... You!!! (0:02:38.23)
EXTRA : That rotten little, magic- using,\nbandit killer... (0:02:41.06)
EXTRA : Lina Inverse! (0:02:45.40)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : That's me! (0:02:47.40)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : And thus Lina Inverse,\nthe sorcery genius... (0:02:58.41)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : lives as a warrior to defeat the\ntyranny of evil bandit gangs. (0:03:03.65)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : This one den of wickedness\nis destroyed. (0:03:06.75)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : But so long as evil exists\nin this world... (0:03:08.76)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ... Lina's battle will never end. (0:03:11.43)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Keep fighting, Lina!
Never say die, Lina!
EXTRA : That's our treasure! (0:03:20.43)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "ANGRY?
Lina's Furious Dragon Slave"
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I've been followed. (0:03:37.38)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I just helped myself to
a little of their treasure.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ... and now they're just\nnever gonna leave me alone! (0:03:42.72)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Looks like I'm surrounded. (0:03:47.39)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Why don't you just come out? (0:03:51.80)
EXTRA : We've finally got you, girl! (0:03:54.40)
EXTRA : You think you can make\nfools of us?! (0:03:57.74)
EXTRA : Huh, you little witch?! (0:04:00.41)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Boy, talk about lousy lines. (0:04:02.51)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now look, pal... (0:04:04.68)
EXTRA : I've come to carve a little\npayback out of you! (0:04:06.41)
EXTRA : At least, I was... But I really\ndon't want to fight you. (0:04:10.25)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh, fine. Well in that case, bye. (0:04:15.12)
EXTRA : Whoa! Hold on. (0:04:16.76)
EXTRA : Only because you'd stomp\nmy ass in a regular fight. (0:04:18.89)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Well, buddy... (0:04:23.43)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You're not a total idiot then, are you? (0:04:25.30)
EXTRA : You've got balls, kid. (0:04:27.84)
EXTRA : Of course, being a girl\nyou really don't have balls! (0:04:30.20)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Definitely no class. (0:04:34.88)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : But you really can't expect any\nclass from bandits, can you? (0:04:36.38)
EXTRA : You were a real pro back there! (0:04:41.22)
EXTRA : Just flying in with that fancy magic\nand blowin us all away! (0:04:44.05)
EXTRA : And then offing the boss with\nthat human torch number. (0:04:47.05)
EXTRA : And then nabbing all our loot\nbefore we even knew it. (0:04:49.59)
EXTRA : Hell, even we wouldn't go that far! (0:04:53.56)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : No rights for the wicked. (0:04:57.03)
EXTRA : What?! (0:04:59.07)
EXTRA : Look, the reason I originally\nfollowed you out here for... (0:05:01.07)
EXTRA : ...was so I could kill you\nand avenge the boss! (0:05:05.34)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Buddy, what are you trying to say? (0:05:09.41)
EXTRA : Come on, how about you join up\nwith us in the Dragon Fangs? (0:05:11.75)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Dragon Fangs? (0:05:16.25)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Are you kidding?! (0:05:18.09)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I don't associate with criminals! (0:05:19.25)
EXTRA : Just give us our loot\nand join us... (0:05:21.79)
EXTRA : ...and everything before will be\nwater under the bridge. (0:05:25.33)
EXTRA : Come on, it's not such a bad deal. (0:05:27.69)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'm bad, but not bad enough\nto join a bunch of bandits. (0:05:31.20)
EXTRA : Well, I just love a girl\nwho knows what she wants. (0:05:33.87)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Who does this guy think he is? (0:05:37.37)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Real men are princes who come\nriding in on white horses. (0:05:39.84)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Forget it! (0:05:43.38)
EXTRA : You little bitch!
I offer you a deal, and you...
EXTRA : Get ready to die! (0:05:47.92)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now that's stock dialogue! (0:05:50.15)
EXTRA : Get out here, guys! (0:05:52.85)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : This is it? Not many of you, are there? (0:06:03.90)
EXTRA : What? This isn't all of us! (0:06:07.20)
EXTRA : Listen, I've got guys in\nthe woods who, on my word... (0:06:10.37)
EXTRA : ...will rush out and chop\nyou into mincemeat! (0:06:12.77)
EXTRA : Now apologize and maybe\nwe'll let you live! (0:06:15.91)
EXTRA : You little... We'll teach you\nto mess with the Dragon Fangs! (0:06:20.91)
Gourry Gabriev : Just a minute! (0:06:28.49)
Gourry Gabriev : You'll do no such thing!
You bandit scum...
Gourry Gabriev : Why don't you turn tail\nand run while you can? (0:06:38.07)
Gourry Gabriev : Do that and maybe I'll let you all live. (0:06:41.40)
EXTRA : Shaddup! Stay outta this! (0:06:43.87)
EXTRA : Who the hell are you?! (0:06:46.04)
Gourry Gabriev : I have no name to give\nto the likes of you! (0:06:48.21)
EXTRA : What?! (0:06:51.38)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Great, so now it's battle\nof the cliché men. (0:06:53.71)
EXTRA : You son of a... Okay,\nwe'll start with you first! (0:06:57.72)
EXTRA : Get him, guys! (0:07:00.05)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'll help- (0:07:12.97)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh, wait. The heroine's supposed\nto be all scared and shrieky here. (0:07:14.64)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Gotta play the part right! (0:07:19.91)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Eek! Save me! Help me, please! (0:07:22.48)
EXTRA : Mercy! (0:07:33.35)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Not too shabby. (0:07:52.04)
Gourry Gabriev : Are you all right? (0:07:55.54)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Dazzled by my beauty, no doubt. (0:08:06.39)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : If there's one thing I have\nconfidence in, it's my looks. (0:08:09.39)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : My big round eyes,\nmy cute li'I face. (0:08:11.39)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : And this slim little extra\npetite body, too. (0:08:14.06)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : He sighs with admiration... (0:08:21.97)
Gourry Gabriev : Great... It's a kid... (0:08:24.24)
Gourry Gabriev : With everything going on,
I thought she'd be a real babe.
Gourry Gabriev : Instead it's some wide-eyed,\nflat-chested little kid. (0:08:32.68)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Well, I am kinda short for my age... (0:08:36.85)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : And a little underdeveloped, too. (0:08:41.36)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Damn, they always find the\nstuff you're sensitive about! (0:08:44.02)
Gourry Gabriev : And I thought she'd have\na good figure, too. (0:08:47.03)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Times like this I wish my\nhearing wasn't quite so good. (0:08:50.70)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Does he think I can't\nhear him grumbling? (0:08:56.04)
Gourry Gabriev : Man, am I out of luck. (0:09:00.04)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Damn it! I wasn't even in any danger,\nbut I should thank him. (0:09:02.04)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I was brought up to be polite, after all. (0:09:07.38)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Gee, thanks for saving me! (0:09:11.39)
Gourry Gabriev : Oh, no need for any thanks. (0:09:15.39)
Gourry Gabriev : In any case, you aren't hurt are you, little girl? (0:09:19.56)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Little... girl? (0:09:23.40)
Gourry Gabriev : It's dangerous for girls\nto go out walking alone. (0:09:24.73)
Gourry Gabriev : Were you with your daddy or anyone? (0:09:27.40)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Jeez! (0:09:30.24)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : No, I'm alone. (0:09:31.41)
Gourry Gabriev : That's too dangerous. (0:09:33.47)
Gourry Gabriev : Why don't you let me walk you home? (0:09:35.14)
Gourry Gabriev : - Which way's your house?
- Excuse me...
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - Which way's your house?
- Excuse me...
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - This way?
- Hold it!
Gourry Gabriev : - This way?
- Hold it!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Um, I'm traveling alone. (0:09:42.78)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I was headed for Atlas City.
Wanna take me there?
Lina Inverse (Reena) : He can't be buying this. (0:09:50.86)
Gourry Gabriev : I see, I see! (0:09:51.96)
Gourry Gabriev : Oh, you poor thing. (0:09:55.43)
Gourry Gabriev : I understand. I understand perfectly! (0:09:59.77)
Gourry Gabriev : So many hardships for you to endure... (0:10:01.94)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Uh, I'm uh... (0:10:03.77)
Gourry Gabriev : No. No need to say anything.
I understand.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now look! (0:10:08.44)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I just like to travel around\nand see things, okay? (0:10:09.78)
Gourry Gabriev : Okay, I'll see you to Atlas City. (0:10:14.11)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Whoa, whoa, whoa! (0:10:17.45)
Gourry Gabriev : Yes, I understand completely.
You need a friend.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Get a mitt and catch a clue! (0:10:22.29)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Atlas City's ten days away! (0:10:24.29)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : And if I spend that much time\nwith "big brother" here... (0:10:26.39)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ... I'll get a stomach ache\nfrom all the stress! (0:10:29.73)
Gourry Gabriev : Well, now that we've got\nthat straight, let's be off! (0:10:34.07)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's not straight,\nit's positively bent. (0:10:37.04)
Gourry Gabriev : Allow me to introduce myself. (0:10:40.07)
Gourry Gabriev : My name is Gourry... (0:10:42.24)
Gourry Gabriev : ...and as you can see
I'm a traveling warrior.
Gourry Gabriev : A mercenary. (0:10:45.75)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now look... (0:10:46.75)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh well, he looks like
a decent sort of guy.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : He seems to be genuinely\nconcerned about me. (0:10:52.42)
Gourry Gabriev : Why don't I get you something off\nthe kiddy menu in the next village? (0:10:58.76)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Guess I'll deaI with it. (0:11:02.76)
Gourry Gabriev : Oh. I forgot to ask. (0:11:08.44)
Gourry Gabriev : What's your name, little girl? (0:11:10.44)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's Lina. (0:11:13.77)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : My name's Lina Inverse! (0:11:16.28)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : So, what should I get? (0:11:32.89)
Gourry Gabriev : It's my treat.
Get whatever you like.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Really? Okay... (0:11:38.23)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'll have everything from here to here. (0:11:40.23)
EXTRA : Everything?! (0:11:43.07)
Gourry Gabriev : And I'll have this,\nthis, this, and this. (0:11:44.07)
Gourry Gabriev : Triple portions. (0:11:46.74)
EXTRA : Triple portions?! (0:11:48.07)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Let go! Gimme! (0:11:58.25)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Ah, I'm full... (0:12:37.39)
Gourry Gabriev : There's still some soup left.
Help yourself.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh, no way I could. (0:12:43.06)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : My stomach's ready to burst. See? (0:12:44.40)
Gourry Gabriev : Yeah. It's halfway out to your breasts. (0:12:47.57)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - What was that?
- Never mind.
Gourry Gabriev : - What was that?
- Never mind.
EXTRA : Pardon me, good travelers. (0:12:52.41)
EXTRA : I am Saman, elder of the village. (0:12:57.84)
EXTRA : Would you by any chance be Lina Inverse,\nthe famous sorcery genius? (0:13:03.08)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Uh, well, yeah... (0:13:09.76)
Gourry Gabriev : What?! You're a sorceress?! (0:13:11.26)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Can't you tell what people are? (0:13:14.69)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Didn't the outfit give you a clue?! (0:13:18.10)
Gourry Gabriev : I thought you were a fishmonger\nor a waitress or something. (0:13:22.10)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : What kind of waitress wears this?!
Are you blind or just stupid?!
EXTRA : Excuse me. (0:13:30.24)
EXTRA : May I continue? (0:13:31.71)
EXTRA : We have the need for a\nfamous bandit killer... (0:13:34.88)
EXTRA : ...Dragon Spooker
Lina Inverse.
Gourry Gabriev : You're famous, aren't you? (0:13:43.39)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Hold on, bandit killer
I can understand...
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ...but why Dragon Spooker? (0:13:47.89)
EXTRA : It's short for
"Dragons Step Past Out Of Clear Revulsion."
Gourry Gabriev : - Say what?!
- I know how you feel, but don't!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - Say what?!
- I know how you feel, but don't!
EXTRA : I didn't make it up! (0:13:56.10)
EXTRA : I heard it from other people, I swear! (0:13:58.41)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Okay, what do you want from me? (0:14:00.74)
EXTRA : Well, this village has been\nhit by a bandit gang lately. (0:14:02.08)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You mean the Dragon Fangs? (0:14:07.91)
EXTRA : Oh, you know about them? (0:14:11.75)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : In that case, I've already\ntaken care of them. (0:14:13.92)
EXTRA : You've what?! (0:14:16.42)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I got most of them yesterday\nand this guy took care of the rest. (0:14:17.42)
Gourry Gabriev : Oh, you mean those guys from before? (0:14:24.86)
EXTRA : You managed to kill the black dragon! (0:14:28.70)
EXTRA : Those bandits were keeping\nthat black dragon as a pet... (0:14:33.54)
EXTRA : ...and our village's soldiers\ncouldn't fight it. (0:14:37.41)
EXTRA : We had to do whatever they wanted. (0:14:39.55)
EXTRA : You mean you... (0:14:42.05)
EXTRA : You are truly great, Lina Inverse! (0:14:43.22)
EXTRA : I'll tell everyone the good news! (0:14:47.05)
Gourry Gabriev : Did you kill the dragon? (0:14:51.96)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Didn't know they had one. (0:14:55.30)
Gourry Gabriev : You mean that dragon's...
Just running wild?!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I guess. (0:15:00.73)
Gourry Gabriev : What are we going to do?! (0:15:02.07)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I dunno. It's not our problem. (0:15:03.74)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You wanna go hunting a dragon\nthat's God knows where?! (0:15:06.07)
EXTRA : The black dragon! (0:15:10.41)
EXTRA : You! (0:15:22.19)
EXTRA : You didn't kill the dragon?! (0:15:23.76)
EXTRA : What's the meaning of this?! (0:15:26.19)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I never said I killed it. (0:15:28.23)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I said I took care of the Dragon Fangs. (0:15:32.30)
EXTRA : I don't believe this! (0:15:35.47)
EXTRA : How could you not kill it?! (0:15:38.37)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I didn't know it was there. (0:15:40.04)
EXTRA : Oh lord... (0:15:41.71)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : How much are you willing to pay? (0:15:53.05)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : How much for me killing\nthe dragon for you? (0:15:55.89)
EXTRA : Twenty gold pieces. (0:15:59.73)
EXTRA : - Thirty.
- That's expensive!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - Thirty.
- That's expensive!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You want me to kill it before\nit wrecks your village? (0:16:04.40)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - Twenty-five.
- Okay.
EXTRA : - Twenty-five.
- Okay.
Gourry Gabriev : Hold it! (0:16:09.74)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Necessity drives a hard bargain. (0:16:11.14)
Gourry Gabriev : The gal's slick! (0:16:13.74)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's huge! (0:16:30.19)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Where'd a bunch of bandits\nget that thing?! (0:16:34.36)
EXTRA : The Dragon Fangs' boss bought\nit when he was a boy... (0:16:37.86)
EXTRA : ...from a booth at the festival.
For three bronze pieces.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Must've been some festival! (0:16:45.04)
EXTRA : He was small enough to hold at first,\nbut he apparently grew. (0:16:47.04)
EXTRA : He must have loved it like a son\nto raise it to that size. (0:16:51.71)
Gourry Gabriev : A dragon who can appreciate\nhuman affection... (0:16:56.38)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : This is no time to start admiring it! (0:16:59.45)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's dangerous out here.
You'd better go hide...
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Too late. (0:17:12.07)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Let's do it, Gourry! (0:17:15.80)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Fire... (0:17:21.07)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ...ball! (0:17:24.68)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : That didn't work at all? Well then... (0:17:43.86)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Hey! Get off of me! You're heavy! (0:18:02.72)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Here it comes! Get off of me! (0:18:07.72)
Gourry Gabriev : You really are a Dragon Spooker. (0:18:22.90)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Why you... (0:18:25.00)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : How dare you embarrass me like that! (0:18:26.67)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'll take you out with one shot! (0:18:28.68)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Levitation! (0:18:32.01)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Distract him while I chant the spell! (0:18:42.69)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Go get him, Gourry! (0:18:46.36)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Darkness beyond twilight,\ncrimson beyond blood that flows." (0:19:00.04)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Buried in the flow of time..." (0:19:04.04)
Gourry Gabriev : Lina, I'll get you for this! (0:19:05.71)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "In thy great name,
I pledge myself to darkness."
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "All the fools who stand in\nour way shall be destroyed..." (0:19:12.05)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "...by the power you and I possess." (0:19:16.06)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Dragon Slave! (0:19:22.06)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : How did you like that?! (0:19:47.25)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : The most powerful spell in all black magic! (0:19:48.76)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : The power of my sure-kill Dragon Slave! (0:19:50.59)
Gourry Gabriev : Don't do that without warning me first! (0:19:53.59)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Makes everything turn out all right. (0:19:57.26)
Gourry Gabriev : You... (0:19:59.27)
EXTRA : Like hell it's all right! (0:20:00.77)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Mr. Saman. Don't forget\nthe money you promised me. (0:20:06.44)
EXTRA : Like hell I'll pay!
What about our village?!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Yeah, the Dragon Slave's\npretty powerful, isn't it? (0:20:20.79)
EXTRA : It's too powerful! (0:20:23.79)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Yeah, I guess so.
Well, I... think I'll...
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Let you handle this! (0:20:29.50)
Gourry Gabriev : Hey! (0:20:30.90)
EXTRA : You won't get away! (0:20:36.40)
Gourry Gabriev : This is all your fault,
Dragon Spooker!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Hi there!
This is Lina Inverse!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It seems the place I stole from\nhas some kind of secret. (0:22:13.60)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I don't know what to do?! (0:22:17.44)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Next Time: "BAD!
Mummy Men Aren't My Type!"
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'll do my best! (0:22:22.61)

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