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Lina Inverse : Where monsters rampage,
I'm there to take them down!
Lina Inverse : Where treasure glitters,
I'm there to claim it!
Lina Inverse : Where an enemy rises to face me,\nvictory will be mine! (0:00:08.42)
Lina Inverse : The Dark Lord, Shabranigdo... (0:01:42.82)
Lina Inverse : ... who had been sealed\nwithin Rezo, has been reborn! (0:01:45.65)
Lina Inverse : Immune to the strongest spell attacks,\nhis power threatens to destroy the world! (0:01:51.66)
Lina Inverse : Do we have any chance against
a Dark Lord this powerful?!
Lina Inverse : The time for the decisive\nbattle with him has come! (0:02:06.44)
Lina Inverse : "JACKPOT!
The Great Life or Death Gamble!"
Lina Inverse : - So, you've come!
- The Dark Lord...
Gourry Gabriev : - So, you've come!
- The Dark Lord...
Zelgadis Greywords : Shabranigdo! (0:02:26.15)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : So, at last you've decided to face me. (0:02:46.17)
Lina Inverse : Uh-huh. And man, are you gonna\nregret ever messing with us! (0:02:50.67)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : How foolish can you humans be? (0:02:56.68)
Zelgadis Greywords : What?! (0:03:02.45)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : By becoming my servants you would\nhave guaranteed yourselves long lives. (0:03:03.62)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Embarking upon a hopeless battle...
That is the summit of stupidity!
Gourry Gabriev : Stuff it! (0:03:15.30)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : That sorcerer Zolf and the old man\nwho died with him were fools. (0:03:16.30)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : But compared to them you\nare even greater fools! (0:03:21.30)
Zelgadis Greywords : How dare you! (0:03:24.81)
Zelgadis Greywords : Zolf... Rodimus... (0:03:33.65)
Zelgadis Greywords : You call them fools?! (0:03:37.99)
Gourry Gabriev : You monster! Is that how\nyou see human lives?! (0:03:40.32)
Lina Inverse : You'll be sorry you\never said that to us! (0:03:43.33)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Then by your deaths know the\nlevel of your foolishness! (0:03:46.33)
Zelgadis Greywords : Exactly who's the fool... (0:03:54.17)
Zelgadis Greywords : what we're going to see! (0:04:03.95)
Zelgadis Greywords : Damn! (0:04:20.80)
Lina Inverse : Who cares if it doesn't work? (0:04:23.47)
Lina Inverse : Gaav... (0:04:25.47)
Lina Inverse : ...Flare! (0:04:31.81)
Lina Inverse : Oh man, why'd I even try? (0:04:42.15)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : This is yours, I believe. (0:04:45.99)
Gourry Gabriev : What did you do, Lina?! (0:04:59.67)
Lina Inverse : I was just seeing\nif it'd work or not! (0:05:02.11)
Zelgadis Greywords : "Infinite earth,\nmother who nurtures all life." (0:05:06.94)
Zelgadis Greywords : "Let thy power gather in my hand!" (0:05:10.95)
Zelgadis Greywords : Vlave Howl! (0:05:15.79)
Gourry Gabriev : Did it work? (0:05:45.82)
Lina Inverse : No! (0:05:49.99)
Zelgadis Greywords : No good! (0:06:23.62)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : An amusing trick, however...
You should use lava like this.
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Go! (0:06:43.97)
Gourry Gabriev : This'll take forever! (0:07:01.26)
Zelgadis Greywords : Then I'll settle it with one shot. (0:07:04.43)
Zelgadis Greywords : Van Rehl! (0:07:06.93)
Lina Inverse : All right! Way to go, Zel! (0:07:21.61)
Zelgadis Greywords : What?! (0:07:24.78)
Lina Inverse : Zel! (0:07:29.95)
Lina Inverse : Gourry, let's do it! (0:07:37.29)
Lina Inverse : Freeze... (0:07:41.30)
Lina Inverse : ...Arrow! (0:07:46.64)
Lina Inverse : And now, Rey Wing! (0:07:53.31)
Lina Inverse : And there's more! (0:08:08.09)
Lina Inverse : Fireball! (0:08:12.76)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Do you still refuse\nto see this is futile? (0:08:19.44)
Lina Inverse : Now! Do it, Gourry! (0:08:23.11)
Gourry Gabriev : Light, come forth! (0:08:26.78)
Gourry Gabriev : And now it's my turn! (0:08:31.28)
Gourry Gabriev : It... It can't be! (0:08:46.30)
Lina Inverse : Oh, no! The Sword of Light doesn't work?! (0:08:48.46)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : The Sword of Light, which slew\nthe legendary beast Zanaffar... (0:08:51.80)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : But it will not slay me! (0:08:56.81)
Lina Inverse : Gourry! (0:09:05.08)
Gourry Gabriev : Don't sound so worried, Lina.
I'm not quite dead yet!
Zelgadis Greywords : Neither am I! (0:09:12.59)
Zelgadis Greywords : I'm still ready to fight! (0:09:15.93)
Lina Inverse : Zel! Gourry! (0:09:18.26)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : You can still move? (0:09:19.93)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Such lovely screams.
Such screams as I've longed to hear.
Lina Inverse : What?! (0:09:35.61)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : The power of the Monster race flows from\nthe negative energies in the human heart. (0:09:36.78)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Terror, anger, sorrow, despair... (0:09:40.78)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : All of these become my power. (0:09:44.45)
Lina Inverse : No... (0:09:48.62)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : For thousands of years have I existed\nwithin the blood of men. (0:09:49.96)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Being reborn again and again. (0:09:55.30)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : At last I found this man, Rezo whose\nbody would be most suitable for me. (0:09:57.30)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Now I must accumulate as\nmuch power as possible. (0:10:03.31)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : And for that, the fear I find in your\npowerful human souls is most preferable. (0:10:06.48)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Let me hear your screams!
Let them become my power!
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : And by that power shall I destroy the\nworld and return it to a sea of chaos! (0:10:22.49)
Lina Inverse : So that's... That's what\nyou Monsters are after! (0:10:28.33)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : I give them to you as well... (0:10:31.50)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Terror and pain! (0:10:34.84)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : It is finished. (0:10:46.68)
Lina Inverse : "Healing power, flowing white..." (0:10:50.52)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Casting a healing spell\nwill not change the outcome. (0:10:53.52)
Gourry Gabriev : Lina! (0:11:02.47)
Lina Inverse : The Sword of Light... (0:11:12.14)
Gourry Gabriev : - Gourry!
- Use it, Lina!
Lina Inverse : - Gourry!
- Use it, Lina!
Lina Inverse : Easy for you to say... (0:11:23.99)
Lina Inverse : Oh, there we go. (0:11:30.16)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : To the end, a futile struggle. (0:11:34.00)
Lina Inverse : Elmekia... (0:11:43.01)
Lina Inverse : ...Lance! (0:11:46.34)
Zelgadis Greywords : That was the Elmekia Lance! Such power! (0:11:56.69)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Still you refuse to understand. (0:12:02.96)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : That level of magic\ncannot work against me! (0:12:05.13)
Zelgadis Greywords : Is this the end? (0:12:09.13)
Lina Inverse : What do I do?! (0:12:22.48)
Lina Inverse : What do I do?! What do I do?! (0:12:25.65)
Lina Inverse : One chance! One last spell to try. But... (0:12:28.65)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Fear not. You shall not\nbe the only ones to die. (0:12:33.32)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Soon will follow the death\nof all the world! (0:12:37.16)
Zelgadis Greywords : Stop it! (0:12:41.50)
Zelgadis Greywords : Enough! Do you really intend to destroy\nthe world you so longed to see?! (0:12:43.83)
Zelgadis Greywords : Rezo! (0:12:49.51)
Zelgadis Greywords : Rezo!!! (0:12:57.51)
Lina Inverse : He's stopped. But why?
What happened?
Lina Inverse : Rezo's soul... It hasn't\nbeen completely destroyed! (0:13:10.29)
Lina Inverse : Then we have a chance! (0:13:13.80)
Lina Inverse : Okay! (0:13:17.97)
Lina Inverse : If this doesn't work,
I'll give up completely.
Gourry Gabriev : Lina? (0:13:22.64)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Even using a spell as powerful\nas the Dragon Slave... (0:13:23.64)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : ... you cannot defeat the
Dark Lord, Shabranigdo!
Lina Inverse : No matter how\nstrong you are... (0:13:31.65)
Lina Inverse : ...if I summon power from\nan even stronger Lord... (0:13:34.15)
Lina Inverse : You will die! (0:13:38.32)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : What?! (0:13:39.66)
Lina Inverse : You see, I've heard of\nanother legendary Dark Lord, (0:13:41.82)
Lina Inverse : The power of the Lord of Nightmares! (0:13:45.83)
Zelgadis Greywords : A spell to call power from a Lord\ngreater than Shabranigdo! (0:13:50.00)
Zelgadis Greywords : Can a human being handle it?! (0:13:54.67)
Gourry Gabriev : If anyone can, it's her! (0:13:56.84)
Lina Inverse : The Sword of Light, which transforms\nthe holder's will into power, (0:14:01.44)
Lina Inverse : and the legendary Dark Lord's spell. (0:14:04.28)
Lina Inverse : Now you'll see it. (0:14:07.12)
Lina Inverse : My most secret of secrets. (0:14:09.28)
Lina Inverse : The Giga Slave! (0:14:11.12)
Lina Inverse : Sword, give me your strength... (0:14:16.79)
Lina Inverse : "Darkness beyond blackest pitch,\ndeeper than the deepest night!" (0:14:28.47)
Lina Inverse : "King of Darkness, who shines\nlike gold upon the Sea of Chaos." (0:14:32.98)
Lina Inverse : One slip here and I'll be\nconsumed by darkness. (0:14:38.98)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Impudent insect! (0:14:45.15)
Lina Inverse : "I call upon thee!
Swear myself to thee!"
Lina Inverse : "Let the fools who stand\nbefore me be destroyed..." (0:14:52.16)
Lina Inverse : " the power you and I possess!" (0:14:55.83)
Lina Inverse : Sword! Accept this darkness\nand obey my command! (0:15:01.10)
Lina Inverse : Rezo! Priest of Red!
Now you must choose!
Lina Inverse : Will you let your soul be\nconsumed by Shabranigdo?! (0:15:19.96)
Lina Inverse : Or will you take your\nvengeance upon him? (0:15:23.79)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : You... You pathetic fool! (0:15:25.79)
Lina Inverse : We're about to see\nwho the fool is here! (0:15:28.46)
Lina Inverse : Giga Slave!!! (0:15:31.47)
Rezo the Red Priest : Dark Lord... (0:15:52.65)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Don't interfere! (0:16:10.27)
Rezo the Red Priest : No. You must be destroyed after all. (0:16:12.44)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Don't interfere!!! (0:16:17.45)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : Avaliant effort.
You, mere humans...
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : To have destroyed the
Dark Lord, Shabranigdo.
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : I have granted you and Rezo\nthe honor of having killed me... (0:17:13.10)
Ruby Eye Shabranigudu : It was fun while it lasted... (0:17:18.94)
Gourry Gabriev : Did she do it? (0:17:24.45)
Zelgadis Greywords : Shabranigdo is no more. (0:17:26.11)
Lina Inverse : We actually beat him... (0:17:43.13)
Gourry Gabriev : You did it. (0:17:52.31)
Lina Inverse : Yeah... (0:17:53.98)
Gourry Gabriev : Lina, your hair?! (0:17:56.31)
Lina Inverse : It's okay. I just kinda\noverexerted myself. (0:17:58.81)
Rezo the Red Priest : Thank you. (0:18:02.58)
Rezo the Red Priest : I'm sorry... (0:18:05.59)
Gourry Gabriev : But how did you beat\nthe Dark Lord? (0:18:22.10)
Lina Inverse : It was nothing. (0:18:25.61)
Zelgadis Greywords : Does this mean you're more\npowerful than he was? (0:18:26.94)
Lina Inverse : Oh, would you cut that out?!
I had a snowball's chance in hell.
Lina Inverse : I only won because of the
Sword of Light and Rezo's help.
Gourry Gabriev : What do you mean? (0:18:37.95)
Lina Inverse : The very last vestiges of Rezo's\nspirit held Shabranigdo back. (0:18:39.29)
Zelgadis Greywords : I see... Rezo did that... (0:18:45.63)
Lina Inverse : So you can only say I was\none-third of what beat him. (0:18:48.30)
Lina Inverse : Maybe reviving Shabranigdo and\nturning Zelgadis into a Chimera... (0:18:54.80)
Lina Inverse : ...weren't the actions of the real Rezo. (0:18:59.81)
Lina Inverse : Maybe, as he was trapped\ninside Rezo's body... (0:19:02.91)
Lina Inverse : ... Shabranigdo took control of him\nover a long period of time. (0:19:04.91)
Zelgadis Greywords : Are you saying I should believe that? (0:19:11.92)
Lina Inverse : Well, if I was wrong,
I don't think Rezo would've helped me.
Lina Inverse : Whether you believe it\nor not is up to you. (0:19:18.59)
Gourry Gabriev : Hey, whatever the reason,\nyou did great. (0:19:23.27)
Lina Inverse : You treating me like a kid again?! (0:19:26.27)
Gourry Gabriev : Maybe I am. (0:19:28.44)
Gourry Gabriev : Hey! I can see Atlas City! (0:19:34.94)
Zelgadis Greywords : Is that where you're both headed? (0:19:37.61)
Lina Inverse : You said you'd only see me this far. (0:19:40.12)
Gourry Gabriev : Oh? Did I? (0:19:43.79)
Lina Inverse : He's totally forgotten it, as usual! (0:19:44.95)
Gourry Gabriev : Well now... Where are you headed next? (0:19:47.46)
Lina Inverse : Gourry! Did you forget how you said\nyou'd give me the Sword of Light? (0:19:51.79)
Gourry Gabriev : Who ever said that?! (0:19:56.80)
Lina Inverse : - You're not going to give it to me?
- Of course not!
Gourry Gabriev : - You're not going to give it to me?
- Of course not!
Lina Inverse : Okay, then I know where
I'm headed now!
Gourry Gabriev : Where to? (0:20:04.97)
Lina Inverse : Wherever you're going! (0:20:06.98)
Lina Inverse : I'm sticking with you until you finally\ndecide to give me the Sword of Light! (0:20:09.64)
Gourry Gabriev : I, uh... (0:20:14.98)
Zelgadis Greywords : Well, here we must part ways. (0:20:17.82)
Zelgadis Greywords : It would be dangerous for a man\nlike me in a city that large. (0:20:20.32)
Lina Inverse : Zel... (0:20:24.66)
Gourry Gabriev : Hey, wait! Zel! (0:20:34.50)
Lina Inverse : That's that. C'mon! (0:20:39.67)
Lina Inverse : Let's get going! (0:20:42.84)
Lina Inverse : And so it looks like this\njourney I'm taking with Gourry... (0:20:45.35)
Lina Inverse : ... is going to continue. (0:20:48.02)
Lina Inverse : Well, let's see what\nelse'll turn up for us! (0:20:49.52)
Lina Inverse : Awakening stirrup! (0:22:11.31)
Lina Inverse : I'm looking for a future with\nthe crown Prince of Seyruun. (0:22:13.31)
Lina Inverse : Well only if that should happen... (0:22:15.98)
Lina Inverse : Next time: "KNOCKOUT!
The Seyruun Family Feud!"

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