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Lina Inverse (Reena) : Where monsters rampage,
I'm there to take them down!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Where treasure glitters,
I'm there to claim it!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Where an enemy rises to face me,\nvictory will be mine! (0:00:08.46)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Slayers"
No matter how hard this wind...
Lina Inverse (Reena) : The name's Lina Inverse,\nsorcery genius and warrior... (0:01:40.36)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ... who fights evil bandits in\nthe name of peace and justice. (0:01:42.32)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : And I ended up being\nchased by some. (0:01:47.70)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Since meeting each other\nwhile fighting them... (0:01:51.70)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ... Gourry and I had been\ntraveling together. (0:01:53.37)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Suddenly, the bandit's pet\nblack dragon appeared! (0:01:58.34)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : After a lot of close calls,
I ended the fierce battle...
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ... by using my sure- shot spell,\nthe Dragon Slave. (0:02:08.38)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : In the end, peace was\nrestored to the village. (0:02:13.32)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : After bidding farewell to\nthe grateful villagers... (0:02:16.73)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ... Gourry and I continue\non our journey. (0:02:19.86)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Yeah, I know.
But it's not a totaI lie, okay?
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "BAD!
Mummy Men Aren't My Type!"
Zelgadis Greywords : I didn't believe the rumors at first,\nbut it's true. (0:02:45.85)
Zolf : She actually used the Dragon Slave! (0:02:51.86)
Zelgadis Greywords : She's no amateur magician, I'll say that. (0:02:56.93)
Zolf : She attacked us totally out of the blue. (0:03:01.64)
Zolf : That's how I ended up hurt as bad as I am! (0:03:04.14)
Zolf : What?! (0:03:30.00)
Zolf : Flare Arrow! (0:03:36.51)
Zolf : It's all her fault I'm such a mess! (0:03:50.82)
Zolf : Ooh, am I gonna pay her back\nso many times over for this! (0:03:53.42)
Zelgadis Greywords : In any case, we have to\ncatch up with her. (0:03:59.63)
Zelgadis Greywords : We must retrieve the "item"\nshe stole from us. (0:04:02.63)
Zolf : Damn her! (0:04:06.80)
Zolf : Ooh, the things I'm gonna\ndo to that girl! (0:04:08.60)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's a magic shop! (0:04:26.66)
Gourry Gabriev : Weird looking store. (0:04:29.16)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It sells magical items. (0:04:31.33)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I think I can get some\nmoney for my stuff. (0:04:33.50)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Okay, now for that treasure\nfrom last night... (0:04:36.67)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Wait a minute. (0:04:42.34)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : If I'm going to sell anything,
I can make this worth a lot more.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : That'll do! (0:04:52.18)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Sorry, Gourry. (0:04:53.85)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Can you wait for me somewhere? (0:04:55.35)
Gourry Gabriev : I guess. Where are you going, Lina? (0:04:58.69)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh, it's "Lina" now\nand not "little girl"? (0:05:01.79)
Gourry Gabriev : Yeah. (0:05:05.29)
Gourry Gabriev : If I treat a sorceress who can pull off\nthe Dragon Slave like a kid, (0:05:05.83)
Gourry Gabriev : who knows what punishment
I'll end up eating.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh? So you're treating me\nlike a grown-up now? (0:05:12.80)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Well, that'll make things easier. (0:05:16.14)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Wait here while I do a little\nalteration on my treasure. (0:05:17.81)
Gourry Gabriev : Gotcha! Come back soon! (0:05:20.81)
Gourry Gabriev : We don't know if anyone's\nstill after us! (0:05:23.41)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Okay, see you later. (0:05:25.65)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Light of life, brighter than flame." (0:05:32.99)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Let thy power gather in my hand." (0:05:35.32)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now then... (0:05:45.17)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : This was wearing me down! (0:05:49.87)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Gotta sort out the damaged goods. (0:05:54.34)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : An Orihalcon statue!
That's a rare find!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Not bad... But it looks like\nthere's a weird spell on it. (0:06:03.62)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh well, I'll sell it\ncheap at the store. (0:06:09.62)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Next... (0:06:13.80)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Lucky me! (0:06:16.13)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I can sell these to a\ncollector for a lot! (0:06:17.30)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : And the rest are just some\nordinary coins and gems... (0:06:23.07)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Well, that's all I could expect\nfrom those kind of bandits. (0:06:26.64)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Flawed rubies don't sell for much. (0:06:29.98)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'll have to use a trick\nto get him to buy them. (0:06:31.68)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : That's north. (0:06:41.32)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now for a flawless ruby. (0:06:43.22)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Source of all power,\nflames that glow red!" (0:06:49.33)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Magic square, sealed and ready! (0:06:55.67)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : And now some flawed rubies... (0:06:58.34)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "You who cross between\nheaven and earth..." (0:07:00.58)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "...pass beyond all, evermore." (0:07:02.61)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Wears you out. (0:07:16.36)
Gourry Gabriev : Where'd Lina get to? (0:07:24.97)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now then. (0:07:28.64)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Infinite earth,\nwho supports all life." (0:07:32.97)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Gently flowing water." (0:07:36.14)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Come to my hand and give this form." (0:07:38.31)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Yes! It worked! Now to just wait. (0:07:47.66)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Okay! A magical amulet\nof protection, all ready! (0:07:58.67)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now I can sell this\nfor a good price! (0:08:03.10)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : No time to laugh. (0:08:08.11)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Gotta do 'em all! (0:08:10.61)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - All set! All set!
- Lina?
Gourry Gabriev : - All set! All set!
- Lina?
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Mister! Hey, Mister!
I'd like to sell these!
EXTRA : Welcome. Well, let's see\nwhat you've got. (0:08:28.30)
EXTRA : You made this, didn't you? (0:08:34.30)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Yeah, well... (0:08:37.14)
Gourry Gabriev : Lina, you can make these, too? (0:08:39.31)
EXTRA : You're a good sorceress, aren't you? (0:08:43.14)
EXTRA : I'll give you a good price for this. (0:08:47.15)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : All right! Knew I could\ncount on you, Pops. (0:08:50.82)
EXTRA : Next... (0:08:53.66)
EXTRA : This is an unusual piece. (0:08:55.66)
EXTRA : Seems to have a spell cast on it. (0:09:00.33)
EXTRA : Uh-huh, for this... (0:09:04.10)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : For that? (0:09:06.27)
EXTRA : I'll take it if you sell me\nsomething else. (0:09:07.94)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh? What? (0:09:11.27)
EXTRA : Your lives! (0:09:13.27)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Are you kidding?! (0:09:18.45)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Stop it! (0:09:20.28)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Get offa me! (0:09:24.45)
Gourry Gabriev : That wasn't just normal strength. (0:09:25.79)
Gourry Gabriev : What's wrong with him?
What's happening?
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's that knife. (0:09:34.63)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It has some weird sort of spell on it. (0:09:38.97)
Gourry Gabriev : And you were going to give that\ndangerous thing away to somebody?! (0:09:41.97)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Well, maybe it is my fault. A little. (0:09:45.31)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Never mind about that!
Let's get outta here!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's blocked. (0:09:51.65)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : What do we do now? (0:09:55.32)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : This is not good. (0:10:02.16)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Don't! (0:10:11.67)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : He's just under the knife's control. (0:10:12.67)
Gourry Gabriev : Dammit! Can't you cast a spell\nto make him go to sleep? (0:10:19.01)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Well I can, but... (0:10:23.34)
Gourry Gabriev : You don't feel like it, right? (0:10:25.01)
Gourry Gabriev : So it's either get the knife or nothing. (0:10:27.35)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Looks that way. (0:10:31.19)
Gourry Gabriev : Can I do it without hurting him? (0:10:33.52)
Gourry Gabriev : - Run for it!
- Hold it! Whoa! Whoa!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - Run for it!
- Hold it! Whoa! Whoa!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : We can't just leave him like this! (0:10:43.03)
Gourry Gabriev : You did it to him! (0:10:45.70)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : What'll we do?! (0:10:47.87)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : No choice. Gourry, use your sword! (0:11:20.50)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Just take it easy on him. (0:11:23.00)
EXTRA : You! (0:11:35.35)
EXTRA : Why are you goofing off out there?! (0:11:36.35)
EXTRA : Yes, dear! (0:11:39.02)
EXTRA : I take my eyes off you for\na second and you do this! (0:11:40.02)
EXTRA : You get back in that store\nor you'll get no dinner! (0:11:43.02)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : A wife is stronger than a cursed knife. (0:11:52.70)
Gourry Gabriev : The moral of this story, at least... (0:11:57.54)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Well, we still didn't turn\nour treasure into money. (0:12:01.81)
Gourry Gabriev : Guess we'll have to go\nto the next village. (0:12:05.31)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'm hungry! I want to eat!
I'm hungry! I want to eat!
Gourry Gabriev : Just be patient. (0:12:14.16)
Gourry Gabriev : There are times you just\nhave to take it like a man. (0:12:16.66)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'm not a man! (0:12:20.50)
Gourry Gabriev : Oh, yeah. (0:12:22.33)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : All set. (0:12:33.68)
Gourry Gabriev : You're pretty resourceful in a pinch. (0:12:35.01)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I guess. (0:12:38.01)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Here fishy, fishy, fishy... (0:12:39.85)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : All right!! (0:12:47.69)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Very tasty. (0:13:00.80)
Gourry Gabriev : Look at you. (0:13:03.14)
Gourry Gabriev : You eat every part of it. (0:13:04.97)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : What's that supposed to mean?
You shouldn't waste anything.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'm not saying you should eat the head,\nbut you should eat the guts! (0:13:09.48)
Gourry Gabriev : Ugh. No thanks.
I can't eat the guts.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's the best part! (0:13:18.15)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : See? (0:13:21.66)
Gourry Gabriev : But the guts include the stomach, right? (0:13:22.66)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Of course. (0:13:25.33)
Gourry Gabriev : Well, you used these for bait.
So they're in there too.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : No... (0:13:35.34)
Gourry Gabriev : What was that? (0:13:45.01)
Gourry Gabriev : You used your powers on it? (0:13:46.35)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Uh-huh. For the fishing. (0:13:48.68)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's... (0:13:52.35)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - Yum!
- Come on.
Gourry Gabriev : - Yum!
- Come on.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : My own original magic spell. (0:14:01.96)
Gourry Gabriev : Oh, so you can do little tricks besides... (0:14:03.63)
Gourry Gabriev : ...that overkill Dragon Slave thing. (0:14:05.63)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Uh-huh. (0:14:10.64)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Even an idiot can learn one trick. (0:14:11.64)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You can't be the best without knowing\nthe big and the small spells. (0:14:13.47)
Gourry Gabriev : That's good! Then I guess I can\nleave those guys to you. (0:14:18.15)
EXTRA : There! That girl! (0:14:32.66)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh my! What's going on? (0:14:35.33)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : My name's Sophia.
The girl you're looking for isn't-
Zolf : Shut up! I don't care\nwhat your name is! (0:14:42.00)
Zolf : You're the one who stole\nthe bandit treasure! (0:14:44.67)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oops. (0:14:48.68)
Gourry Gabriev : He's talking about you right? (0:14:49.34)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Shut up! Never mind that. (0:14:51.35)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : We've got these guys\nto take care of first. (0:14:53.51)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : All right then! (0:14:57.19)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Let's take it outside! (0:14:58.69)
EXTRA : No. (0:15:02.96)
EXTRA : Why don't you just give us\nback what we want, okay? (0:15:05.29)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh, get real! (0:15:10.46)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You think you can just bust in here\nand take whatever you want?! (0:15:12.47)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You thief! (0:15:16.80)
Gourry Gabriev : You're a thief, too. (0:15:18.47)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Shut up! I stole it from bad guys,\nso that makes it all right! (0:15:20.31)
Zolf : Get her! (0:15:24.15)
Gourry Gabriev : - Hey, welcome back.
- Hi honey, I'm home!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : - Hey, welcome back.
- Hi honey, I'm home!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : This is no time for greetings! (0:15:55.68)
Zolf : Damn! She moves too fast! (0:15:58.51)
Gourry Gabriev : Gourry, can you wound those trolls? (0:16:01.78)
Gourry Gabriev : Yeah, but trolls heal as\nsoon as you hurt them. (0:16:04.79)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Never mind, just do it!
Any little scratch 'll do.
Gourry Gabriev : Okay, okay.
Any little scratch huh?
Zolf : Interesting trick, boy. (0:16:29.14)
Zolf : But you can't beat trolls like that! (0:16:31.81)
Zolf : What the hell?! (0:16:46.33)
Gourry Gabriev : What's going on? (0:16:49.66)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I cast a spell on all the trolls
I touched before.
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It turns their healing power\nback on itself. (0:16:54.74)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : In other words, since a trolls\nhealing is so great... (0:16:57.34)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ...the power turned\naround enormously. (0:17:01.94)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : So a small wound will\ndestroy the entire body. (0:17:05.78)
Gourry Gabriev : I dunno what you're talking about, (0:17:10.28)
Gourry Gabriev : but it works really well. (0:17:12.45)
Gourry Gabriev : Uh-oh! That's what he was trying to do! (0:17:40.82)
Gourry Gabriev : Take the sword into his own body\nand have his buddies... (0:17:43.65)
Gourry Gabriev : ...finish Lina off while she can't move. (0:17:45.82)
Gourry Gabriev : Their healing power lets them...
Sacrifice themselves as a battle tactic!
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Wind, crimson flame." (0:17:59.67)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Come into my hand and grant me\nthe power of thunder!" (0:18:01.94)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Digger Bolt! (0:18:08.28)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Sorry, but I do better than you. (0:18:22.12)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Now then, shall we get down business? (0:18:27.63)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : "Source of all power!
Crimson fire burning bright!"
Zolf : Afireball! Run! Run! (0:18:38.64)
Gourry Gabriev : Don't just go "whew!"
What about that fireball?!
Gourry Gabriev : You idiot! (0:18:55.16)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's just a light spell, not a fireball. (0:18:58.66)
Gourry Gabriev : Kids shouldn't play tricks on grown-ups! (0:19:03.76)
EXTRA : What have you done?!
Look at this place!
EXTRA : My business is ruined! (0:19:12.11)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Yeah... sorry for the trouble. (0:19:14.78)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Umm, well, maybe... (0:19:18.81)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ...this could make up for it? (0:19:22.28)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : It's the best I can do for you. (0:19:33.96)
EXTRA : Well... That should pay for it. (0:19:37.30)
EXTRA : Never mind. (0:19:39.80)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Lucky me!! (0:19:40.80)
Gourry Gabriev : You're quite the actress. (0:19:42.64)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Oh, you noticed?
I thought I was pretty convincing.
Gourry Gabriev : Yeah. Looking at you from\nthe side gave me the chills. (0:19:47.14)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You talk too much. (0:19:52.98)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : So, the survivors of the\nbandit gang are still after me. (0:19:57.49)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : To find me here... (0:20:02.49)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : They must have used magic. (0:20:04.16)
Gourry Gabriev : Can they do that? (0:20:07.16)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Whatever it is that Mummy Man\ncame to get from me... (0:20:09.50)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : ...is probably what's guiding\nthem to us as well. (0:20:13.33)
Gourry Gabriev : I see. (0:20:17.34)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Any more questions? (0:20:19.34)
Gourry Gabriev : No, dear teacher. (0:20:20.67)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Good. Then class is dismissed. (0:20:22.84)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Who's there? (0:20:30.35)
Zelgadis Greywords : I wish to make a purchase. (0:20:31.85)
Zelgadis Greywords : An item you possess... (0:20:34.02)
Zelgadis Greywords : I'll pay any price you name. (0:20:37.19)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Who is this guy? (0:20:41.36)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : You'll have to see the\nnext episode to find out. (0:20:42.86)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : To be continued. (0:20:45.03)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : One after another I keep getting\nsurrounded by suspicious characters. (0:22:11.32)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : I'm running low on magic? (0:22:14.99)
Lina Inverse (Reena) : Next Time: "CRASH!
Red and White and Suspicious All Over!"
Lina Inverse (Reena) : If you don't watch,
I'll go berserk!

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