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Lina Inverse : Where monsters rampage,
I'm there to take them down!
Lina Inverse : Where treasure glitters,
I'm there to claim it!
Lina Inverse : Where an enemy rises to face me,\nvictory will be mine! (0:00:08.42)
Lina Inverse : Lina Inverse here again. (0:01:37.64)
Lina Inverse : Zelgadis and I have been fighting
Rezo's constant parade of attackers.
Lina Inverse : And Rezo even resorted to\nsending a Monster after us! (0:01:42.25)
Lina Inverse : But who should appear in the\nmiddle of that tight battle (0:01:45.98)
Lina Inverse : But Gourry, our long-lost,\nsupernaturally dense sword swinger! (0:01:48.82)
Lina Inverse : Whether he bought it\nor found it I don't know, (0:01:52.16)
Lina Inverse : but he has the\nlegendary Sword of Light, (0:01:53.99)
Lina Inverse : which slew the great beast Zanaffar,
and cut that Monster right in half!
Lina Inverse : But I don't think Rezo's\ngonna give up this easily. (0:01:59.50)
Lina Inverse : I wonder what he'll try next? (0:02:03.60)
Lina Inverse : Which brings us to today. (0:02:04.77)
Lina Inverse : "HELP!
Shabranigdo is Reborn!"
Lina Inverse : Okay, I may have skipped over some stuff... (0:02:34.13)
Lina Inverse : ...but that's basically the whole story. (0:02:38.13)
Lina Inverse : What, you don't understand?
Should I start over again?
Gourry Gabriev : Uh, no. I think the\nsituation's pretty clear. (0:02:48.64)
Rodimus : It's just... Good God,\nyou talk a lot! (0:02:51.31)
Lina Inverse : I do? (0:02:53.82)
Zelgadis Greywords : Now that we're all up to date,\nmay I ask you a question? (0:02:57.32)
Zelgadis Greywords : Are you going to give me\nthe Philosopher's Stone now? (0:03:00.32)
Gourry Gabriev : Not on your life! (0:03:03.09)
Gourry Gabriev : It'd be a waste to have you\nuse it just for your revenge. (0:03:05.26)
Zelgadis Greywords : - What?!
- Gonna start a fight now?
Lina Inverse : - What?!
- Gonna start a fight now?
Gourry Gabriev : You've as much chance of getting it\nfrom us as Rezo does. Right, Lina? (0:03:14.27)
Lina Inverse : Uh-huh. Of course we can't trust him. (0:03:18.44)
Lina Inverse : But there's more to this than him\njust wanting his eyes cured. (0:03:21.44)
Lina Inverse : What's this Rezo guy up to, really? (0:03:24.78)
EXTRA : Here we go. (0:03:29.29)
Lina Inverse : And here I go! (0:03:30.95)
Lina Inverse : We haven't had a decent meal\nwith everything going on. (0:03:33.79)
Lina Inverse : I've been dreaming about this! (0:03:35.79)
Lina Inverse : This is what life's all about. (0:03:38.46)
Lina Inverse : Let's eat! (0:03:43.13)
Gourry Gabriev : Keep eating like that\nand you'll get big. (0:03:55.14)
Gourry Gabriev : And I don't mean in your breasts. (0:03:57.15)
Lina Inverse : Ah, I'm full. Next up,\na nice soft bed to sleep in. (0:04:08.26)
Zolf : Rezo may attack at any time!
You shouldn't be so relaxed.
Lina Inverse : Well, excuse me for\nwanting to relax a little! (0:04:18.10)
Lina Inverse : Oh, are you all right? (0:04:24.77)
Gourry Gabriev : You okay? You can get hurt\nrunning into something that bony. (0:04:26.11)
Lina Inverse : Hey! (0:04:29.28)
EXTRA : I'm okay. (0:04:33.12)
Lina Inverse : Oh, good. You watch where\nyou're walking from now on! (0:04:34.95)
EXTRA : Uh-huh. Sorry- (0:04:38.79)
Zelgadis Greywords : Wha... What the?! (0:04:54.30)
Gourry Gabriev : Stone! (0:04:57.81)
Lina Inverse : He's turned to stone! (0:05:00.41)
Rodimus : Up there! (0:05:06.08)
Zelgadis Greywords : Rezo's sorcery! (0:05:11.25)
Lina Inverse : Rezo! (0:05:24.43)
Rezo the Red Priest : Forgive my absence, dear friends. (0:05:30.27)
Lina Inverse : What do you want, Red Priest?! (0:05:32.94)
Rezo the Red Priest : Surely I don't need to tell you. (0:05:34.94)
Gourry Gabriev : The Philosopher's Stone. (0:05:38.45)
Lina Inverse : Sorry, but you're not getting the Stone. (0:05:39.78)
Rezo the Red Priest : Ah, such hostility towards me.
Even though I intend to pay for it.
Zelgadis Greywords : Oh? And what could be worth the\nprice of the Philosopher's Stone? (0:05:48.12)
Rezo the Red Priest : What indeed? Well... (0:05:52.29)
Rezo the Red Priest : The lives of everyone\nin this village. (0:05:55.80)
Rezo the Red Priest : Would that be worth it? (0:05:58.97)
Lina Inverse : What?! (0:06:06.74)
Rezo the Red Priest : I imagine turning them to stone like\nthis boy would be quite artistic. (0:06:07.74)
Zelgadis Greywords : - Are you mad?!
- That's monstrous!
Lina Inverse : - Are you mad?!
- That's monstrous!
Rezo the Red Priest : Feel free to come to my tower if\nyou wish to make a deal with me. (0:06:16.92)
Rezo the Red Priest : I'm sure Zelgadis\ncan show you the way. (0:06:22.76)
Zelgadis Greywords : Damn you! (0:06:28.26)
Gourry Gabriev : What do we do now, Lina? (0:06:41.78)
Lina Inverse : We're just going to have\nto play along with him. (0:06:43.61)
Lina Inverse : He wouldn't stop here.
If we don't go...
Lina Inverse : ...he probably intends to kill\npeople in other villages, too. (0:06:49.79)
Gourry Gabriev : - So...
- Yeah...
Lina Inverse : - So...
- Yeah...
Lina Inverse : It's like he's taken an infinite\nnumber of hostages. (0:06:54.46)
EXTRA : Huh? What's with you guys? (0:07:02.23)
Lina Inverse : No. It's nothing. (0:07:07.90)
Lina Inverse : It's getting late.
You'd better run along home.
EXTRA : 'Kay! See you, miss! Bye-bye! (0:07:13.24)
Zelgadis Greywords : You really intend to deal with Rezo? (0:07:17.41)
Lina Inverse : Oh, I don't know what I'll do. (0:07:20.25)
Lina Inverse : But what's the harm\nin just talking to him? (0:07:22.75)
Zelgadis Greywords : He isn't one to listen to reason. (0:07:25.59)
Lina Inverse : I'm sure. (0:07:29.26)
Rezo the Red Priest : So, what will you do now?
Lina Inverse...
Rodimus : Clear the mind... (0:08:27.08)
Rodimus : Clear the mind and nothing\nwill defeat you. Clear the... (0:08:28.75)
Zolf : What a mess. (0:08:46.60)
Gourry Gabriev : Huh? Oh yeah, I agree perfectly... (0:08:53.44)
Gourry Gabriev : Aren't we at Rezo's tower yet? (0:09:22.24)
Zelgadis Greywords : We should be able to see it soon. (0:09:25.24)
Lina Inverse : What's it like inside? (0:09:28.41)
Zelgadis Greywords : It's mostly just empty\nspace up to the top hall. (0:09:30.08)
Zelgadis Greywords : The tower itself looks to have\nbeen built a thousand years ago. (0:09:34.08)
Lina Inverse : Athousand years ago... (0:09:36.92)
Lina Inverse : Around the time a part of
Shabranigdo was reborn...
Lina Inverse : the War of the
Monster's Resurrection.
Zelgadis Greywords : So it would seem. (0:09:42.93)
Zelgadis Greywords : There, you can see it now. (0:09:44.93)
Gourry Gabriev : That's it? (0:09:49.93)
Zelgadis Greywords : Yes. That's Rezo's tower. (0:09:50.93)
Lina Inverse : Rezo's tower... (0:09:53.44)
Lina Inverse : Rezo! We've come like you told us to! (0:10:32.14)
Lina Inverse : Why don't you show yourself? (0:10:35.48)
Gourry Gabriev : - Rezo!
- Another phantom, like before.
Lina Inverse : - Rezo!
- Another phantom, like before.
Rezo the Red Priest : I bid you all welcome. (0:10:48.16)
Zelgadis Greywords : Have you no honor?! (0:10:58.00)
Rezo the Red Priest : Forgive this form I've taken,\nbut I am occupied at the present. (0:10:59.84)
Lina Inverse : We brought the Philosopher's Stone (0:11:06.78)
Lina Inverse : but I'd prefer to give\nit to you in person. (0:11:08.44)
Lina Inverse : - And ask you something.
- Agreed.
Rezo the Red Priest : - And ask you something.
- Agreed.
Rezo the Red Priest : Forgive me, but would you please\ncome to the top of the tower? (0:11:13.62)
Lina Inverse : That's gonna be a pain to climb. (0:11:25.63)
Zelgadis Greywords : Quite. (0:11:27.46)
Lina Inverse : Levitation! (0:11:30.63)
Lina Inverse : Hang on tight, Gourry.
We're going up!
Gourry Gabriev : Hey, I can't fall, can I? (0:11:52.82)
Lina Inverse : Only if you let go. (0:11:55.66)
Lina Inverse : Hey! You get weird on me\nand I will drop you! (0:11:59.83)
Gourry Gabriev : Are you kidding?!
Even I'm not that stupid!
Gourry Gabriev : I'm falling! (0:12:07.60)
Gourry Gabriev : Save me! I'm falling! (0:12:10.11)
Lina Inverse : We've landed. Are you just\ngonna hang onto me all day? (0:12:12.94)
Zelgadis Greywords : - You're blushing.
- Shut up!
Lina Inverse : - You're blushing.
- Shut up!
Lina Inverse : Rezo! (0:12:30.96)
Rezo the Red Priest : I've been waiting for you...
My good and dear friends.
Lina Inverse : Looks like he's real this time. (0:12:49.48)
Lina Inverse : The Philosopher's Stone\nis inside of this. (0:12:54.32)
Rezo the Red Priest : Will you give it to me then? (0:12:56.82)
Lina Inverse : Oh, it's not gonna be that easy. (0:12:59.32)
Rezo the Red Priest : Come now, surely you don't think
I can be defeated here.
Lina Inverse : There's a couple or three things
I want to know first.
Lina Inverse : Answer them or I'll blow this thing\nto smithereens right here! (0:13:07.93)
Zelgadis Greywords : What are you playing at? (0:13:14.27)
Lina Inverse : Let's cut to the chase.
What are you really after?
Rezo the Red Priest : Didn't Zelgadis tell you already? (0:13:20.28)
Lina Inverse : That line about curing your blindness? (0:13:23.11)
Rezo the Red Priest : I could explain it to you,\nbut you wouldn't understand. (0:13:25.61)
Rezo the Red Priest : None of you could. (0:13:29.95)
Lina Inverse : Even accepting that,\nit still doesn't explain something. (0:13:31.29)
Lina Inverse : Why didn't you tell me the\ntruth when we first met? (0:13:34.29)
Lina Inverse : Shabranigdo?! The Dark Lord?!
Resurrect him?!
Rezo the Red Priest : Without a doubt. (0:13:43.97)
Rezo the Red Priest : Zelgadis is a mixture of human,\ngolem, and demon. (0:13:45.63)
Rezo the Red Priest : A creation of utter evil. (0:13:50.31)
Rezo the Red Priest : He wishes to revive the Dark Lord\nand destroy the world. (0:13:51.64)
Lina Inverse : Why would he do something\nstupid like that? (0:13:55.98)
Rezo the Red Priest : That I still cannot guess. But he is\nnow your enemy as well as mine. (0:13:58.15)
Rezo the Red Priest : Zelgadis is after the key to its revival\nwhich fate has placed into your hands. (0:14:04.92)
Rezo the Red Priest : To recover it, he will surround\nyou with enemies. (0:14:09.59)
Lina Inverse : Key... (0:14:13.60)
Rezo the Red Priest : Why don't you give it to me? (0:14:14.43)
Rezo the Red Priest : Then you can spare\nyourselves all this trouble. (0:14:16.60)
Lina Inverse : This is a little too overblown... (0:14:22.60)
Dilgear : Can you beat this many\nby yourself Zelgadis? (0:14:24.61)
Lina Inverse : Just one second! (0:14:28.44)
Lina Inverse : Aren't you forgetting someone here? (0:14:30.61)
Dilgear : Don't let her finish! (0:14:33.62)
Lina Inverse : Go! (0:14:34.95)
Lina Inverse : What were you doing here... (0:14:43.46)
Lina Inverse : ...when you sent Dilgear and that
Monster out after us?
Lina Inverse : If you really wanted the Stone... (0:14:50.47)
Lina Inverse : would've been quicker to\njust come after us yourself. (0:14:52.30)
Lina Inverse : Or did you have\nsomething else to do? (0:14:55.30)
Zelgadis Greywords : Is there some other\nreason you want it? (0:14:58.97)
Lina Inverse : Maybe you really do\nwant to cure your eyes... (0:15:01.91)
Lina Inverse : ...but it's the method of\ndoing it that has me nervous. (0:15:04.41)
Zolf : - You don't mean...
- Uh, excuse me.
Gourry Gabriev : - You don't mean...
- Uh, excuse me.
Gourry Gabriev : I'm sort of totally lost\nat this point, so... (0:15:08.92)
Lina Inverse : Well, hang on a little longer!
I'm getting to the conclusion soon!
Rezo the Red Priest : Well then, what is your conclusion? (0:15:15.59)
Lina Inverse : Your deal with that Monster... (0:15:18.26)
Lina Inverse : You get your sight back in exchange for (0:15:20.93)
Lina Inverse : Resurrecting Shabranigdo,
Dark Lord of the Monster race!
Lina Inverse : Correct? (0:15:29.27)
Gourry Gabriev : What?! Resurrect Shabranigdo?! (0:15:32.27)
Lina Inverse : That's why you couldn't\ntell us the truth... (0:15:35.94)
Lina Inverse : ...and why you had to spend so\nmuch time preparing to do it. (0:15:39.45)
Zolf : I don't believe it! (0:15:42.78)
Zelgadis Greywords : Who would imagine?! (0:15:44.29)
Rezo the Red Priest : Well done! A brilliant case of deduction! (0:15:46.79)
Rezo the Red Priest : I'll be truthful. (0:15:49.96)
Rezo the Red Priest : It's all exactly as you suppose. (0:15:52.13)
Rezo the Red Priest : Resurrecting Shabranigdo\nis the cure for my blindness. (0:15:57.47)
Gourry Gabriev : That's crazy! (0:16:02.90)
Rodimus : You'd destroy the world\njust for your own benefit?! (0:16:04.07)
Rezo the Red Priest : If the powers of man are not enough,\nthen one must turn to... (0:16:07.74)
Rezo the Red Priest : ...either the powers of the
Gods or the Monsters.
Rezo the Red Priest : The Dark Lord's power\nis the strongest of all. (0:16:13.58)
Rezo the Red Priest : And I believe what Shabranigdo\nis sealed into is in this tower! (0:16:15.75)
Zelgadis Greywords : Are you mad?! (0:16:20.42)
Lina Inverse : Oh, boy... (0:16:22.09)
Lina Inverse : I was half-kidding\nabout the stuff I said. (0:16:24.09)
Lina Inverse : I didn't really expect it to be true! (0:16:26.09)
Lina Inverse : Wow, life can be too deep\nto handle sometimes... (0:16:28.10)
Lina Inverse : Uh, anyway, now that we know that,\nwe can't let you have the Stone! (0:16:30.10)
Rezo the Red Priest : Well, let us see what happens. (0:16:37.11)
Lina Inverse : I'll blast this thing right here and now! (0:16:40.11)
Rezo the Red Priest : "Life born of hardest stone,\nformed of weak flesh." (0:16:46.28)
Rezo the Red Priest : "Let the spell release you\nand return you to your home." (0:16:51.29)
Rezo the Red Priest : "Become one with my will,\nand become mine." (0:16:57.13)
Rezo the Red Priest : Now dance, my loyal puppet! (0:17:01.56)
Zolf : The Philosopher's Stone! (0:17:13.74)
Gourry Gabriev : - Zelgadis!
- He's under Rezo's control!
Lina Inverse : - Zelgadis!
- He's under Rezo's control!
Rezo the Red Priest : Now then, be so kind as to play\nwith these people here. (0:17:18.58)
Gourry Gabriev : Rezo?! (0:17:33.26)
Rodimus : He's going to resurrect Shabranigdo! (0:17:33.93)
Lina Inverse : - Zelgadis!
- Master Zelgadis!
Rodimus : - Zelgadis!
- Master Zelgadis!
Rezo the Red Priest : Buy me the time I need. (0:17:44.77)
Rezo the Red Priest : The true Philosopher's Stone!
With this...
Rodimus : Master Zelgadis!
Come to your senses!
Gourry Gabriev : Dammit, while we're tied up with him- (0:18:21.08)
Lina Inverse : - Leave this to me!
- What are you going to do?
Gourry Gabriev : - Leave this to me!
- What are you going to do?
Lina Inverse : We don't have much time.
I'll settle this in one shot!
Zolf : You're going to try a special attack? (0:18:28.25)
Lina Inverse : Diem Wing! (0:18:32.09)
Lina Inverse : Wake up!!! (0:18:37.43)
Zelgadis Greywords : What happened? (0:18:44.10)
Lina Inverse : And another one! (0:18:46.43)
Gourry Gabriev : Hey! I thought he was back to normal! (0:18:49.60)
Rodimus : Master Zelgadis! (0:18:51.61)
Zelgadis Greywords : - What happened to me?
- You were under Rezo's control.
Lina Inverse : - What happened to me?
- You were under Rezo's control.
Lina Inverse : He probably programmed you\nwhen he made your new body (0:18:56.61)
Lina Inverse : so that you'd be sure\nto follow his commands. (0:18:58.45)
Zelgadis Greywords : Damnit! (0:19:06.22)
Lina Inverse : No time for that!
If we don't stop Rezo...
Zolf : What a huge magic circle! (0:19:26.74)
Rezo the Red Priest : Shabranigdo! (0:19:32.75)
Rezo the Red Priest : The time of your rebirth has come! (0:19:35.08)
Rezo the Red Priest : What the... (0:19:42.09)
Lina Inverse : - Did he fail?
- No, he hasn't!
Zolf : - Did he fail?
- No, he hasn't!
Lina Inverse : The power in here is getting stronger! (0:19:45.76)
Gourry Gabriev : What?! (0:19:47.93)
Zelgadis Greywords : Were we too late? (0:19:55.27)
Lina Inverse : He was wrong! (0:20:06.78)
Rezo the Red Priest : At last! I've done it at last! (0:20:10.29)
Lina Inverse : This tower isn't where
Shabranigdo is sealed at all.
Lina Inverse : This is only the place\nfor the ceremony! (0:20:24.97)
Lina Inverse : The Dark Lord... The Dark Lord\nis sealed within Rezo's own eyes! (0:20:27.97)
Lina Inverse : The Dark Lord is being reborn! (0:20:35.81)
Lina Inverse : Is it really true that
Shabranigdo was reborn?
Lina Inverse : Hold on! Who's life is\non the line here? (0:22:14.84)
Lina Inverse : Next time: "IMPACT!
The Eve of the Menacing Battle!"
Lina Inverse : If you don't watch,
I'll go berserk!

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