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Creed Diskenth : That look! (0:00:20.93)
Creed Diskenth : That look in your eyes! (0:00:22.60)
Creed Diskenth : That woman... You're under
that witch's spell!!
EXTRA : That's how it always starts...
under the azure sky
EXTRA : After making a vow,
I now set off
EXTRA : Yeah, the desert glitters with a golden hue
(The wind is scorching)
EXTRA : I'm searching for a diamond flower
(I keep on wandering)
EXTRA : Now, for the first time in my life, (0:01:13.59)
EXTRA : I live for someone else (0:01:19.93)
EXTRA : There's something
I wanna protect
EXTRA : I'll never,
ever lose it again
EXTRA : Resound,
my heartbeat!
EXTRA : A heartbeat smaller and fragile,
but tougher than anyone's.
EXTRA : "Lonely Cat" (0:02:05.40)
EXTRA : Y- you... (0:03:19.58)
EXTRA : You're one of Chronos' henchmen? (0:03:23.25)
Train Heartnet : I've come to bring you bad luck... (0:03:28.59)
Creed Diskenth : Splendid...
You're amazing, Black Cat...
Willzark : We have confirmed
the death of the target.
Willzark : Good work, No. XIII. (0:04:08.23)
Kin : I commend you for your
very skillful work on this job.
Kin : With that dictator out of the way,
the village will be peaceful once more.
Shin : Now, let us move straight
onto your next mission.
Shin : This job is a bit difficult,
but I think you will do fine.
Kin : I probably don't have to say this,
but this is also a secret mission.
Kin : Make sure you aren't seen... (0:04:32.42)
Willzark : Ask Sephiria about the details. (0:04:34.59)
Sephiria Arks : Train Heartnet, I'll explain
the details of your mission.
EXTRA : Lib-sama! (0:04:50.27)
EXTRA : Peace for our town! (0:04:52.94)
Sven Vollfied : Governor? Don't make
me laugh, you thug.
Sven Vollfied : Extortion, drug dealing, murder... (0:05:04.22)
Sven Vollfied : And after committing all those crimes
you end up becoming a politician?
Sven Vollfied : There's no way I'll let you
get away with this.
Sven Vollfied : You just wait. I'll have you
locked up in no time.
Sven Vollfied : Damn, if I don't take him into custody soon,
I'm gonna starve to death...
Sven Vollfied : Spaghetti Neapolitan,
club sandwich, pancake set...
Sven Vollfied : Everything's so damn expensive! (0:05:28.57)
Tanya : Welcome... (0:05:31.58)
Tanya : This is a non-smoking section. (0:05:36.58)
Sven Vollfied : What? (0:05:38.58)
Tanya : Here's your coffee. (0:05:39.92)
Sven Vollfied : Thanks! (0:05:41.59)
Sven Vollfied : Keep the change. (0:05:43.25)
Tanya : Thank you very much! (0:05:44.92)
Sven Vollfied : It's the exact amount, though. (0:05:46.93)
Tanya : Gee, thanks. (0:05:48.26)
Tanya : Shall I bring you
something to eat?
Sven Vollfied : N- no, thanks. Well, you see,
um... I'm on a diet, so...
Tanya : Mister, where did you come from? (0:06:04.21)
Sven Vollfied : Can you guess? (0:06:06.88)
Tanya : Sightseeing...
no, that can't be it.
Tanya : Oh, I got it! You wandered here
looking to get a little piece of the action
Tanya : from the governor's
inauguration, didn't you?
Sven Vollfied : A piece? (0:06:15.89)
Tanya : We've been getting a lot of those
types lately. They're a nuisance.
Sven Vollfied : Hmm... Yeah, it doesn't look like
there're any gentlemen around here.
Tanya : A gentleman?
What's that?
Sven Vollfied : A man who never forgets
his manners or his pride...
Sven Vollfied : A Nice Guy! (0:06:28.57)
Tanya : Not like I care, but if you stick
to a policy like that in this town,
Tanya : they'll make Swiss cheese
of you within 5 minutes.
Tanya : I mean, really... (0:06:40.58)
Tanya : Having a gangster for a governor?
What is the world coming to?
EXTRA : P- please stop it! (0:06:50.59)
Tanya : Those guys again! (0:06:52.59)
Tanya : Here I come! (0:06:55.59)
EXTRA : What's up with this bitch!? (0:06:57.60)
Tanya : What'd you say!? (0:06:58.93)
EXTRA : Hey, while we're at it,
why don't we feel up this bitch, too?
EXTRA : --Yeah!
--H- hey, stop it!
EXTRA : --Oh, she smells good!
--Stop it!
Tanya : Keep your paws off us!
This isn't that kind of place!
EXTRA : Then, let's make it
that kind of place.
EXTRA : --S- stop it!
--Let her go, you perv!
EXTRA : You shouldn't talk
like that, you know?
EXTRA : Hey, give her a break,
'cause she hates us!
EXTRA : Huh? What the heck is this? (0:07:21.55)
Sven Vollfied : Have some candy
and behave yourselves, boys.
Sven Vollfied : Now be good boys
and back away from the ladies.
EXTRA : --What!?
Sven Vollfied : Good, that's more like it.
I'll give you each one more as a reward.
Sven Vollfied : Those're nano-machines. (0:07:41.57)
Sven Vollfied : They enter your body and will burn you
from the inside using 1000-degree heat...
Sven Vollfied : Just kidding.
Don't worry.
Sven Vollfied : They're "Gentleman's special
jalapeño candy". They won't kill you.
Tanya : All right, chow down! (0:07:55.59)
Sven Vollfied : Whoa!
What a feast!
EXTRA : I'll put it on your tab for you. (0:07:59.09)
Sven Vollfied : You're charging me? (0:08:02.19)
Tanya : Yep! (0:08:03.53)
EXTRA : Live or die,
I'll let you choose.
Creed Diskenth : Train, I saw your work...
You're amazing!
Creed Diskenth : Your unwavering bullet
shot right through his vital parts.
Creed Diskenth : It is surely art. (0:08:24.88)
Creed Diskenth : You and I are the only ones
who can kill like that.
Creed Diskenth : You're truly amazing,
Train Heartnet!
EXTRA : I beg of you...
Please don't kill me...
EXTRA : Please! (0:09:09.36)
Train Heartnet : There's no more left... (0:09:18.54)
EXTRA : Live or die,
I'll let you choose.
Sven Vollfied : Just as I expected, it doesn't
look like I can do it outside...
Governor Lib Tyrant : I'm Lib Tyrant. (0:09:51.90)
Governor Lib Tyrant : I've become the new governor
thanks to your support.
Governor Lib Tyrant : God bless all those
who supported me!
Sven Vollfied : As expected,
the security's tight here...
EXTRA : Ooops, it slipped... (0:10:11.59)
EXTRA : Sorry... (0:10:13.93)
Governor Lib Tyrant : This great day will be forever engraved
in history as the day that I, Lib,
Governor Lib Tyrant : brought peace to this land... (0:10:22.43)
Sven Vollfied : Looks like my chance is when
the governor leaves his seat...
Sven Vollfied : What an unfriendly brat... (0:10:44.62)
Governor Lib Tyrant : Now, I'd like to make
an announcement to everyone.
Governor Lib Tyrant : I'd like to introduce you
to my fiancée, Joanna.
Governor Lib Tyrant : We're going to get
married next month!
Governor Lib Tyrant : Just like our love, the peace in
Blakio City is forever indestructible!
Governor Lib Tyrant : Peace for our land,
and Lib for your governor!
Governor Lib Tyrant : I, Lib Tyrant, aim to serve
as your governor for a long time!
EXTRA : Hail Governor Lib! (0:11:09.91)
Sven Vollfied : Marrying a gangster, huh? (0:11:13.92)
EXTRA : Hurrah! (0:11:17.26)
Sven Vollfied : Geez, what a pain in the ass... (0:11:25.26)
Sven Vollfied : L... Lib's gonna be killed? (0:11:56.96)
Sven Vollfied : There's no mistaking it... (0:12:48.61)
Sven Vollfied : My right eye, the "vision eye",
foresaw what'll happen 5 minutes from now...
Sven Vollfied : In 5 minutes, Lib won't be
with us any longer...
Sven Vollfied : I have to take Lib into custody
before he comes...
EXTRA : Don't move! (0:13:10.90)
EXTRA : Who are you? (0:13:12.57)
Governor Lib Tyrant : Just don't get tough
with a tax payer.
Sven Vollfied : H- hey! Wait! (0:13:18.41)
Sven Vollfied : Shit! The "vision eye"
really uses a lot of energy!
Sven Vollfied : Sorry! I'm in a hurry... (0:13:36.93)
Sven Vollfied : Looks like Lib's
security's still tight...
Sven Vollfied : Two more minutes... (0:13:47.74)
Sven Vollfied : Time is running out... (0:14:04.22)
Sven Vollfied : He's definitely in this hall...
The assassin who's after Lib...
Sven Vollfied : But, is it really possible for him
to kill Lib while he's in this hall?
Sven Vollfied : Even if he could kill Lib,
there's no way for him to escape...
Sven Vollfied : No, instead of thinking
about the assassin,
Sven Vollfied : I'd better think about how to take Lib
into custody with the seconds that remain.
Sven Vollfied : Thanks to the use of my "vision eye"
earlier, I'm completely exhausted...
Sven Vollfied : There's no way I can overpower
Lib's bodyguards...
Sven Vollfied : and I've already used
the sleeping gas...
Sven Vollfied : Is there any way I can come out
ahead in this situation?
Sven Vollfied : No, I can't be discouraged... (0:14:43.99)
Sven Vollfied : If I fail in this job,
I won't be able to pay the car loan.
Sven Vollfied : On top of not being able to eat, (0:14:50.23)
Sven Vollfied : I may end up not having
enough money for cigarettes!
Sven Vollfied : What!? (0:14:55.27)
EXTRA : Well, then, I'd like to ask the governor
to give us one last comment.
EXTRA : Governor Lib,
Sven Vollfied : Shit! (0:15:10.89)
Sven Vollfied : Damn it! (0:15:14.56)
Sven Vollfied : This is no joke! (0:15:18.56)
Sven Vollfied : If I don't get Lib before he does, (0:15:21.90)
Sven Vollfied : my life will be-! (0:15:25.07)
Sven Vollfied : Gentleman Dash!! (0:15:28.24)
Sven Vollfied : Gentleman Net!! (0:15:35.58)
EXTRA : Oh... Looks like I got caught... (0:15:37.25)
Sven Vollfied : Rats... (0:15:41.25)
Train Heartnet : I've come to bring you bad luck... (0:16:02.54)
Johanna : No!!! (0:16:16.55)
Sven Vollfied : Hold it! (0:16:26.56)
Sven Vollfied : Why'd you kill him? (0:16:29.57)
Sven Vollfied : I was going to take him
into custody alive...
Sven Vollfied : He was a rogue, but you
didn't have to kill him!
Sven Vollfied : Are you saying that a bad guy
doesn't have the right to live!?
Train Heartnet : Get down. (0:16:48.25)
Reis Donovan : How dare you kill Lib-sama!
I won't let you out of here alive!
Reis Donovan : Die! (0:17:07.87)
Train Heartnet : You never saw me...
Got that?
Sven Vollfied : Bastard! Wait up! (0:17:40.24)
Sven Vollfied : I lost him... (0:17:44.24)
Creed Diskenth : Now... are you ready? (0:17:47.91)
Creed Diskenth : You've made a scratch on that
beautiful face of Train's, so...
Sven Vollfied : What was that!? (0:18:09.20)
Sven Vollfied : So it was my stomach
that was screaming, huh?
Sven Vollfied : I should've eaten
more at the party!
EXTRA : Engraved roman numerals on his chest?
Then, he's one of the Chrono Numbers.
Sven Vollfied : Chrono Numbers? (0:18:32.89)
EXTRA : They're Chronos' erasers. (0:18:34.22)
Sven Vollfied : Erasers? (0:18:37.23)
EXTRA : They're the assassins
that belong to Chronos.
Sven Vollfied : That guy who looked like a kid is-? (0:18:42.23)
EXTRA : Like a kid? Did you run into him?
What was his number!?
Sven Vollfied : Number? (0:18:49.07)
EXTRA : The numeral engraved
on his chest!
Sven Vollfied : Th- thirteen... (0:18:52.91)
EXTRA : Get out! (0:18:54.58)
Sven Vollfied : What's with you all of a sudden? (0:18:55.91)
EXTRA : Take that and get out already! (0:18:57.25)
Sven Vollfied : N- no way!
What about the money!?
EXTRA : You can't get anything
for that beat-up watch!
EXTRA : This isn't some flea market! (0:19:04.19)
Sven Vollfied : Come on... I'm trying to get some money
from this to pay my living expenses...
EXTRA : A black cat... (0:19:13.53)
Sven Vollfied : Black? (0:19:15.53)
EXTRA : The thirteenth man
in Chrono Numbers, "Black Cat".
EXTRA : I've been an information
broker for a long time,
EXTRA : but I don't know anyone
targeted by him that's still alive...
EXTRA : "Antiques"
It's a problem if a guy
who has something to do
EXTRA : "Antiques"
with a Grim Reaper like him
comes to my shop!
Sven Vollfied : So... you still can't give me
any money for this?
EXTRA : This isn't some flea market! (0:19:35.22)
Sven Vollfied : Black Cat, huh? (0:19:39.56)
Sven Vollfied : It's awfully quiet around here. (0:19:44.90)
Tanya : It was good that the gang members
fled town after the governor's death,
Tanya : but it's ruining our business... (0:19:50.23)
Tanya : So, Mr. Gentleman,
will this be on your tab again?
Sven Vollfied : Yes... (0:19:55.57)
Tanya : What's your occupation? (0:19:56.91)
Sven Vollfied : I'm a sweeper... (0:19:58.24)
EXTRA : Dad... (0:20:10.92)
EXTRA : Dad!! Mom!! (0:20:15.26)
Saya Minatsuki : Let's sing the world's song (0:21:07.24)
Saya Minatsuki : How far shall we go (0:21:14.59)
Saya Minatsuki : Looking up in the sky (0:21:21.59)
Saya Minatsuki : A baby's first cry (0:21:28.93)
Saya Minatsuki : The beating of an insect's wings (0:21:36.27)
Saya Minatsuki : Lightly, lightly, floating... (0:21:43.61)
Saya Minatsuki : Carrying our feelings (0:21:50.62)
EXTRA : The stars in the night sky
are my tears
EXTRA : Goddess of the moon,
angel of the stars!
EXTRA : Please stop time tonight! (0:22:20.27)
EXTRA : Please show yourself,
even if just a little
EXTRA : Around the time the first evening star
appears, I hear footsteps approaching
EXTRA : The only time I can see you
is when the moon is shining
EXTRA : Please let me dream a little (0:22:52.63)
EXTRA : 'Cause it'll become
an illusion by morning
EXTRA : Even though I know it,
I still feel lonely
EXTRA : The stars in the night sky
are my tears
EXTRA : You held me in your arms
and your passionate lips met mine
EXTRA : Please don't let go of me (0:23:13.92)
EXTRA : I'm about to melt in your arms (0:23:16.92)
EXTRA : But morning is almost here (0:23:20.26)
EXTRA : Goddess of the moon,
angel of the stars!
EXTRA : I pray to you,
please stop time
Sven Vollfied : "Next Episode"
My name is Sven. I'm a sweeper.
Sven Vollfied : I'm a nice gentleman who'll take on
even the most dangerous of tasks.
EXTRA : What're you muttering about? (0:23:47.12)
Sven Vollfied : --What!?
--Oh, yeah!
EXTRA : Do you want me to divine
your luck with money?
EXTRA : Lots of people say that my
"coffee divination" often comes true.
Sven Vollfied : Hey, hey! I didn't ask
for a divination!
EXTRA : Oh, I see... You don't have
any luck with money,
EXTRA : but you'll have an encounter
with someone soon...
EXTRA : Yipes!! (0:23:58.30)
Sven Vollfied : What is it!? (0:23:58.97)
EXTRA : Um, some stuff may happen...
well, be careful!
Sven Vollfied : "Confused Cat"
What did you see!? Hey!!

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