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Preta Guru : Such a pretty scream... (0:00:19.80)
EXTRA : What's going on here!? (0:00:23.81)
Preta Guru : If you come close to me,
your body will melt.
EXTRA : That's how it always starts...
under the azure sky
EXTRA : After making a vow,
I now set off
EXTRA : Yeah, the desert glitters with a golden hue
(The wind is scorching)
EXTRA : I'm searching for a diamond flower
(I keep on wandering)
EXTRA : Now, for the first time in my life, (0:01:24.30)
EXTRA : I live for someone else (0:01:30.64)
EXTRA : There's something
I wanna protect
EXTRA : I'll never,
ever lose it again
EXTRA : Resound,
my heartbeat!
EXTRA : A heartbeat smaller and fragile,
but tougher than anyone's.
EXTRA : "Confused Cat"
Lightly, lightly, floating...
Saya Minatsuki : Lightly, lightly, floating... (0:02:19.87)
Saya Minatsuki : Carrying our feelings (0:02:23.51)
Saya Minatsuki : I'll take that! (0:02:35.19)
Saya Minatsuki : Nothing beats a bottle
of milk after singing!
Saya Minatsuki : But, if you're up here just
staring into space like that,
Saya Minatsuki : a crow'll peck your head! (0:02:49.70)
Saya Minatsuki : Are you moon-gazing
with your cat?
Saya Minatsuki : Oh, no! Does that mean
I drank the milk for the cat?
Saya Minatsuki : I'm sorry, but I was thirsty, so... (0:03:00.98)
Saya Minatsuki : Hoooowever! It's also your fault
for letting your guard down!
Saya Minatsuki : If it wasn't for me, you would've
definitely gotten pecked by that crow!
Saya Minatsuki : A boy whose only friends are cats
can't look cool at all
Saya Minatsuki : even when he tries
to act smooth, you know!
Saya Minatsuki : At any rate, your friend
is late, isn't he?
Saya Minatsuki : Wow! That's a pretty gun! (0:03:32.51)
Saya Minatsuki : But why do you have a gun? (0:03:38.18)
Train Heartnet : You have one, too. (0:03:40.52)
Saya Minatsuki : Tada! I may not look like one,
but I'm a sweeper!
Saya Minatsuki : What about you? (0:03:48.36)
Saya Minatsuki : We're kinda alike,
aren't we?
Saya Minatsuki : I'll take this, too, okay? (0:04:10.15)
Saya Minatsuki : Ah, that was good! (0:04:14.82)
Saya Minatsuki : Thanks for the milk! (0:04:17.49)
Saya Minatsuki : Looks like your friend's
not coming tonight, huh?
Saya Minatsuki : I think you've done
enough moon-gazing, too...
Saya Minatsuki : See, you got pecked! (0:04:28.50)
Saya Minatsuki : Well, then, see ya! (0:04:31.17)
Sven Vollfied : Hiya! (0:04:42.85)
Sven Vollfied : I haven't eaten anything since this morning,
so... Now, what'll I have...
Tanya : You can't put it
on your tab anymore!
Sven Vollfied : I- I know! (0:04:57.19)
Tanya : This is my treat. (0:04:58.86)
Sven Vollfied : Thanks a bunch! (0:05:00.53)
Tanya : But, this is the last time! (0:05:02.13)
Sven Vollfied : Cover my tab with this... (0:05:06.80)
Tanya : Like I said, no one's gonna buy
such a beat-up watch!
Tanya : Why don't you quit your unstable job
as a sweeper and start working?
Sven Vollfied : Well, it's hard to find
targets worthy of me, so...
Tanya : Being down-to-earth
is the best way to live.
Tanya : You've got kids back home, right? (0:05:25.16)
Sven Vollfied : K- kids... (0:05:28.16)
Tanya : Hang in there, p..o..p..s! (0:05:30.83)
EXTRA : Bread tastes best with butter! (0:05:37.50)
EXTRA : Marmalade! (0:05:39.17)
EXTRA : Strawberry jam, strawberry jam,
strawberry jam!
EXTRA : I said butter!! (0:05:43.51)
EXTRA : Marmalade! (0:05:44.84)
EXTRA : Strawberry jam! (0:05:47.18)
EXTRA : Butter! (0:05:48.51)
Sven Vollfied : Shut up!! (0:05:49.85)
Sven Vollfied : Now that it's come to this,
I guess I'll go after some small fries...
EXTRA : You go... (0:06:04.79)
EXTRA : I'm... targeting someone else. (0:06:06.13)
EXTRA : I heard that he makes
whatever he touches rot...
EXTRA : Even though it's a 1.8 mil G bounty,
it's too risky...
Annette Pierce : What a bunch of chickens! (0:06:15.81)
Annette Pierce : Welcome... (0:06:18.81)
EXTRA : And, the guy I caught
the other day was...
EXTRA : What the... (0:06:23.48)
EXTRA : What!? (0:06:29.49)
EXTRA : What the hell... (0:06:32.49)
EXTRA : Who the hell is that? (0:06:34.49)
Sven Vollfied : Hiya, Annette... (0:06:47.17)
Annette Pierce : Hey, it's you, Sven!
So, you're still alive...
Sven Vollfied : Yeah, somehow... (0:06:55.18)
Annette Pierce : What's with the long face? (0:06:59.52)
Sven Vollfied : Leave me alone... (0:07:01.79)
Sven Vollfied : Aren't there any
good jobs out there?
Annette Pierce : Someone already
took the big fish...
Sven Vollfied : Missed it by a hair, huh? (0:07:17.80)
Sven Vollfied : 27,000 gold... (0:07:21.14)
Sven Vollfied : 20,000 gold,
15,000 gold...
Sven Vollfied : I guess I'll just settle
with this one for now...
Sven Vollfied : Tony Kaye for 50,000 gold... (0:07:31.48)
Sven Vollfied : What the-!? (0:07:41.16)
EXTRA : Hold it, bitch! (0:07:44.49)
Sven Vollfied : H- hey you...
I was gonna take that...
EXTRA : This guy's too tough for you. (0:07:49.17)
Elena : Please help me! (0:07:54.84)
Elena : Some scary people are chasing after me!
Please! Help me!
EXTRA : Okay, I'll kick their asses- (0:08:03.45)
Sven Vollfied : Whoa... (0:08:10.45)
EXTRA : Ha! All that work on your
pectoral major muscle was a waste!
EXTRA : I won't let you get away,
you bitch!
Annette Pierce : Sven! (0:08:19.80)
EXTRA : --Come on, you bitch!
Don't give us any trouble!
--Somebody help!!
Sven Vollfied : Man, I'm not exactly
running on a full tank...
Sven Vollfied : It's tough being a gentleman. (0:08:25.14)
Sven Vollfied : Stop right there! (0:08:29.14)
Sven Vollfied : Now, back away
from that beautiful lady,
Sven Vollfied : or this gentleman will have
to teach you a lesson!
EXTRA : What the hell's with this geezer!? (0:08:39.82)
EXTRA : What is this, some geezer with
a death wish coming to save the day!?
EXTRA : Butt out, you geezer! (0:08:43.82)
EXTRA : Wow! (0:08:45.82)
Sven Vollfied : I'm not a geezer!!
I'm a gentleman!!
Sven Vollfied : Now, mademoiselle,
let's have some tea, shall we?
Sven Vollfied : Gosh... Thanks a lot
for treating me to all this! Um...
Elena : I'm Elena. (0:09:08.44)
Elena : Please don't worry,
eat to your heart's content...
Elena : 'Cause you...
saved my life!
Sven Vollfied : Well... not really! (0:09:18.79)
Annette Pierce : I wonder if those guys
really are bad guys...
Elena : They attacked me
all of a sudden!
Elena : To take down such scary people
just like that... You're amazing!
Sven Vollfied : Oh, that? I was just doing
my duty as a gentleman.
Elena : Would you please
give me your name?
Sven Vollfied : Sven Vollfied.
I'm just a measly sweeper.
Elena : You're a real pro! (0:09:42.48)
Sven Vollfied : Well, I'm not all that... (0:09:44.15)
Elena : Um... I would like to ask you
a big favor, Sven-san...
Sven Vollfied : Yes, certainly,
what is it?
Elena : My little sister... (0:09:55.16)
Sven Vollfied : Your little sister? (0:09:56.16)
Elena : I'd like you to rescue
my kidnapped little sister!
Elena : The reward is... (0:10:01.16)
Elena : ...this! (0:10:02.83)
Saya Minatsuki : We're kinda alike,
aren't we?
EXTRA : XIII, here's your mission. (0:10:28.52)
Saya Minatsuki : We're kinda alike,
aren't we?
Sven Vollfied : I'm sorry! It's been a while
since I saw such a huge sum of money,
Sven Vollfied : so it was too much... (0:11:21.84)
Annette Pierce : What're you doing
with this much money?
Elena : I prepared it as ransom money
for my little sister.
Elena : But if you can rescue her,
I'll give it all to you, Sven-san!
Annette Pierce : Do you have any clue
as to who took your little sister?
Elena : I know who did it. (0:11:40.20)
Annette Pierce : Then, I think you're better off
contacting the police...
Annette Pierce : They're a lot more reliable
than asking this guy...
Elena : This is someone
the police can't handle.
Annette Pierce : Who is this guy? (0:11:53.54)
Elena : Torneo Rudman... (0:11:56.88)
Sven Vollfied : Torneo?
The arms trader?
Elena : Yes... (0:12:02.82)
Annette Pierce : Why in the world would an arms trader
kidnap your little sister?
Elena : He's actually a gangster!
What he's doing is just crazy!
Elena : When I think about what he might have
kidnapped my little sister for,
Elena : I can't sleep at night... (0:12:15.67)
Sven Vollfied : What poor luck she had, (0:12:18.17)
Sven Vollfied : being targeted by such
a troublesome creep...
Elena : Then, does that mean even you
can't handle it, Sven-san?
Sven Vollfied : Ha! Are you kidding? (0:12:26.84)
Sven Vollfied : Up against me, (0:12:29.51)
Sven Vollfied : someone like Torneo is as harmless
as a little baby, mademoiselle...
Elena : Then, you're going to save
my little sister!?
Elena : Oh, Rins' deeply moved! (0:12:37.19)
Sven Vollfied : Rins? (0:12:39.86)
Elena : Um, well, I liked the smell
of the conditioner that I used
Elena : when rinsing my hair,
and it really moved me...
Elena : Elena's happy,
Train Heartnet : You want more? (0:13:26.17)
Train Heartnet : Oh, all right... (0:13:38.51)
Saya Minatsuki : So, you like cats after all? (0:14:04.47)
Saya Minatsuki : Good evening! (0:14:11.81)
Saya Minatsuki : Could it be that you came here
because you missed me?
Saya Minatsuki : Kidding, kidding. (0:14:24.49)
Saya Minatsuki : I see some milk! (0:14:27.50)
Saya Minatsuki : Boy, that was good! (0:14:42.18)
Saya Minatsuki : You saved me.
I was really thirsty.
Saya Minatsuki : Could it be that you're using milk
to get me to keep coming back?
Saya Minatsuki : So, I was right... (0:14:54.19)
Saya Minatsuki : You don't talk much...
Why don't you say something?
Saya Minatsuki : Like, "it's a beautiful
evening, isn't it?"
Train Heartnet : Strange... (0:15:09.14)
Saya Minatsuki : What? (0:15:10.47)
Train Heartnet : That's a strange outfit. (0:15:12.48)
Saya Minatsuki : How rude! This is the
traditional dress of Zipang!
Saya Minatsuki : Look, it's cute, isn't it? (0:15:19.15)
Train Heartnet : Not particularly... (0:15:21.82)
Saya Minatsuki : In times like this, say "it's cute",
even if that's a lie!!
Train Heartnet : I'll never say it! (0:15:27.16)
Saya Minatsuki : Well, then,
I guess I'll get going...
Train Heartnet : Going? (0:15:34.50)
Saya Minatsuki : Actually, I've got a job tonight. (0:15:35.50)
Train Heartnet : A sweeper job? (0:15:38.50)
Saya Minatsuki : Yep. It's gonna be my first
big fish in a long time. Tada!
Saya Minatsuki : This guy's the target.
Preta Ghoul for 1.8 million gold!
Saya Minatsuki : He's a cold-blooded murderer
who's killed 16 people!
Saya Minatsuki : He's an enemy of women! (0:15:53.18)
Train Heartnet : He's no ordinary murderer... (0:15:55.18)
Saya Minatsuki : Exactly!
He's a monster.
Saya Minatsuki : According to witnesses, (0:15:59.92)
Saya Minatsuki : it looks like he secretes
corrosive fluid from his hands...
Saya Minatsuki : --Because of that,
his victims all rotted away...
--Are you sure you can handle him?
Train Heartnet : --Because of that,
his victims all rotted away...
--Are you sure you can handle him?
Saya Minatsuki : Oh? Are you possibly
trying to keep me here?
Saya Minatsuki : Or, are you worried? (0:16:13.47)
Saya Minatsuki : Don't underestimate me! I can take care
of a guy like this with my eyes closed...
Train Heartnet : Are you gonna kill him
with that gun?
Saya Minatsuki : Killing isn't a sweeper's job. (0:16:24.15)
Train Heartnet : That's just being naive... (0:16:36.16)
Train Heartnet : A gun is a tool for murders. (0:16:38.16)
Saya Minatsuki : It depends on how it's used... (0:16:40.50)
Saya Minatsuki : Well, then,
I'm taking off.
Saya Minatsuki : A- a seventeenth victim? (0:17:33.15)
Saya Minatsuki : Eighteenth victim... (0:18:05.78)
Preta Guru : And here's the nineteenth victim! (0:18:10.12)
Preta Guru : I guess you'll make it
an even twenty...
Preta Guru : I'm quite impressed that a young lady
like you came to pay me a visit!
Saya Minatsuki : Preta Ghoul! I won't
let you kill anyone else!
Preta Guru : Are you saying you're
going to capture me?
Preta Guru : When I see a woman with a smart mouth,
it gets me fired up...
Saya Minatsuki : Where are you!?
Come out, Preta Ghoul!
Saya Minatsuki : There you are! (0:18:43.15)
Preta Guru : You're my memorable
twentieth victim...
Preta Guru : Why don't you and me
have a lot of fun!
Preta Guru : Why are you avoiding me!? (0:19:01.77)
Saya Minatsuki : Oh, no... My yukata...
This was my favorite!
Preta Guru : Why? Why don't women
ever accept my love!?
Preta Guru : I've got so much love to give! (0:19:26.80)
Preta Guru : Now, come into my arms! (0:19:29.80)
Train Heartnet : Monster! Get away
from that weird chick!
Saya Minatsuki : Weird? (0:19:39.14)
Train Heartnet : Now, step away from her immediately, (0:19:40.81)
Train Heartnet : otherwise the next bullet's
going through your skull!
Preta Guru : To me,
bullets just...
Preta Guru : fall out, like this... (0:19:51.82)
Preta Guru : Oh, it fell out, fell out again,
that one too...
Preta Guru : Things like guns are useless
against me! Useless!
Saya Minatsuki : Is that so? (0:20:03.17)
Preta Guru : My face...
is rotting, and falli-
Saya Minatsuki : Preta Ghoul got arrested! (0:20:16.51)
Train Heartnet : Why didn't you shoot him? (0:20:19.52)
Saya Minatsuki : Hmm, I wonder why... (0:20:21.85)
Saya Minatsuki : Well, if I had to say, I'd say
because I didn't wanna shoot, I guess...
Saya Minatsuki : I don't shoot
if I don't wanna shoot...
Saya Minatsuki : Yes, that's the right answer
if I do say so myself...
Saya Minatsuki : Well, then, I'll see you around! (0:20:34.53)
Saya Minatsuki : Don't worry. You won't melt
even if we shake hands.
Train Heartnet : How are we alike? (0:20:41.54)
Saya Minatsuki : What? (0:20:43.21)
Train Heartnet : You said that the other day... (0:20:44.21)
Saya Minatsuki : Oh, that?
That was, you know...
Saya Minatsuki : It was that both you and I
like being on rooftops...
Saya Minatsuki : Huh?
Really, that's all!
Belze Rochefort : XIII... (0:21:01.49)
Train Heartnet : Belze... (0:21:03.83)
Belze Rochefort : Why did you ignore the summons? (0:21:06.16)
Belze Rochefort : Never mind. I won't
punish you this time...
Belze Rochefort : You've got an urgent mission. (0:21:14.84)
Sven Vollfied : The preparation's complete... (0:21:16.84)
Annette Pierce : Are you really going? (0:21:19.17)
Sven Vollfied : As a gentleman, I can't
abandon an innocent girl, can I?
Annette Pierce : Be careful. That Elena woman
can't be completely trusted.
Sven Vollfied : It's against my gentleman's code
to doubt a woman in trouble, so...
Elena : Sven-san! (0:21:35.86)
Elena : I'm... coming, too! (0:21:39.86)
Sven Vollfied : What!? (0:21:41.86)
Elena : I'm worried about my little sister.
I won't be in your way!
Elena : I wanna save my little sister! (0:21:46.20)
EXTRA : The stars in the night sky
are my tears
EXTRA : Goddess of the moon,
angel of the stars!
EXTRA : Please stop time tonight! (0:22:20.87)
EXTRA : Please show yourself,
even if just a little
EXTRA : Around the time the first evening star
appears, I hear footsteps approaching
EXTRA : The only time I can see you
is when the moon is shining
EXTRA : Please let me dream a little (0:22:53.23)
EXTRA : 'Cause it'll become
an illusion by morning
EXTRA : Even though I know it,
I still feel lonely
EXTRA : The stars in the night sky
are my tears
EXTRA : You held me in your arms
and your passionate lips met mine
EXTRA : Please don't let go of me (0:23:14.52)
EXTRA : I'm about to melt in your arms (0:23:17.52)
EXTRA : But morning is almost here (0:23:20.86)
EXTRA : Goddess of the moon,
angel of the stars!
EXTRA : I pray to you,
please stop time
EXTRA : "Next Episode" (0:23:41.45)
Sven Vollfied : "Next Episode"
I'm infiltrating the big
gangster's mansion right now.
Sven Vollfied : "Why", you say?
Weren't you watching the show!?
Sven Vollfied : I came here to rescue a poor girl! (0:23:47.35)
Sven Vollfied : But, that guy
showed up again!
Sven Vollfied : Black Cat! On top of that,
he's pointing a gun at the girl!
Sven Vollfied : Hey, stop it!
Don't you have a heart!?
Sven Vollfied : Looks like they found me
when I said that.
Sven Vollfied : "Cat in the Darkness"
What's with my life...

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