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Misaki Ayuzawa : How many times do I have to tell you? (0:01:32.24)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Shirokawa, your hair should be black! Piercings are forbidden! (0:01:34.03)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Sarashina, at least button up to
the 2nd button, and wear a belt!
Misaki Ayuzawa : Kurosaki, don't step on the back of your shoe! (0:01:40.94)
Misaki Ayuzawa : This is how you should look. (0:01:43.12)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Come back once you're decent! (0:01:50.61)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Good grief. This place is full of sloppy people. (0:02:05.43)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Hey, Yukimura. Have you compiled that document I asked you for? (0:02:10.28)
Shouichirou Yukimura : President, is it really necessary to prepare student guidelines? (0:02:13.84)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You fool! Of course it is! (0:02:19.74)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Otherwise, all of you guys will get all sloppy again! (0:02:22.16)
Shouichirou Yukimura : R-Right! (0:02:25.09)
Misaki Ayuzawa : A few years ago, Seika High was changed into a co-ed school. (0:02:26.91)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Since it was once an all-boys school,
80% of the student population is male.
Misaki Ayuzawa : And I am the first female student council president within such an environment. (0:02:34.51)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Now that I'm the president, I'll rule over the guys with an iron fist! (0:02:38.75)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Since the first day of school, every day has been a horrible experience. (0:02:45.07)
Misaki Ayuzawa : In the presence of those guys
who just do whatever they want,
Misaki Ayuzawa : the girls have no choice but to endure in silence. (0:02:51.84)
Misaki Ayuzawa : In order to change the situation, I've
worked hard with unwavering determination!
Misaki Ayuzawa : I've even done so while still keeping good student-teacher relations. (0:03:02.06)
Misaki Ayuzawa : And so, with the trust of the teachers, I've finally obtained the presidency. (0:03:04.47)
Naoya Shirokawa : I already said, "Please," didn't I? (0:03:10.27)
Naoya Shirokawa : Swap cleaning duties with me. (0:03:13.70)
Takezawa : B-But... I have plans... (0:03:15.85)
Ryuunosuke Kurosaki : Come on, just for today. (0:03:18.74)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Do your own duties. (0:03:20.59)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Do your duties, or you'll have to clean the toilets for a week. (0:03:22.91)
Takezawa : President! (0:03:26.57)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Leave this to me. (0:03:27.79)
Takezawa : Th-Thanks! (0:03:28.96)
Naoya Shirokawa : Not you again, Ayuzawa Misaki. (0:03:29.68)
Misaki Ayuzawa : That's my line, you three stooges! (0:03:32.65)
Naoya Shirokawa : Who're you calling three stooges?! (0:03:35.12)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Idiots like you don't deserve to be called by your names. (0:03:36.27)
Misaki Ayuzawa : And didn't I warn you to fix your appearance? (0:03:39.99)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Take out your piercings. (0:03:42.40)
Naoya Shirokawa : Yeah, yeah. I'll do it later. (0:03:43.59)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Don't give me that. Take them off! (0:03:46.25)
Naoya Shirokawa : Shut up already! I already said I'd take them off, didn't I?! (0:03:47.78)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I said... (0:03:51.70)
Misaki Ayuzawa : right now! (0:03:53.33)
Ikuto Sarashina : That's damn crazy! (0:03:54.98)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm confiscating your piercings! (0:03:56.55)
Naoya Shirokawa : You'll pay for this! (0:03:59.54)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Hey, wait up! What about your duties?! (0:04:00.72)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What now? (0:04:04.46)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Hey, what's going on? (0:04:07.56)
Takumi Usui : Nothing. Just rejecting a confession. (0:04:11.04)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You again, Usui Takumi? (0:04:14.23)
Misaki Ayuzawa : He's making a girl cry for no reason. (0:04:16.91)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Didn't I tell you to be careful what you say?! (0:04:20.69)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Do it again and you're dead meat! (0:04:23.50)
Takumi Usui : I wonder how many times she's said that. (0:04:28.69)
EXTRA : Why does the president hate guys so much? (0:04:32.09)
EXTRA : Usui-san, please shut her up for once! (0:04:36.09)
Takumi Usui : Do it yourself. I'm not interested. (0:04:39.85)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Guys who make girls cry... (0:04:45.16)
Misaki Ayuzawa : are loathsome. (0:04:47.95)
Misaki Ayuzawa : They both fell off at the same time? (0:04:59.13)
Misaki Ayuzawa : This is going to be another expensive fix. (0:05:01.52)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm back! (0:05:06.71)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : Oh, Onee-chan, you're back. (0:05:15.40)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Suzuna! What's with this pit trap? (0:05:17.86)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : I stepped on it just now and broke it. (0:05:20.37)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : It seems like the floor is giving way. (0:05:22.41)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Even so, covering it up with a newspaper won't help, will it? (0:05:24.83)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : You totally fell for it. (0:05:29.45)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Don't give me that! (0:05:30.89)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Suzuna, did you hurt yourself? (0:05:34.44)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Suzuna? (0:05:37.86)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I guess you're fine. (0:05:44.71)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Mom! (0:05:52.05)
Minako Ayuzawa : Ah, Misaki? (0:05:53.27)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm back! (0:05:54.49)
Minako Ayuzawa : Welcome home. (0:05:55.58)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You were doing a night shift at the hospital yesterday, right? (0:05:56.76)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Your body is frail, so it's bad for you to overwork yourself. (0:05:59.39)
Minako Ayuzawa : Don't worry. (0:06:02.81)
Minako Ayuzawa : I can't let you bear all the burden by yourself. (0:06:04.12)
Minako Ayuzawa : I have to do my part, too. (0:06:07.24)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : If only Dad hadn't disappeared and left us with this debt... (0:06:09.14)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You don't need to remind us! (0:06:13.87)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : Oh. The manager from your part-time job just called. (0:06:15.92)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : Someone couldn't make it, and she
was asking if you could cover for her.
Misaki Ayuzawa : Oh, did she? Then I have to go! (0:06:23.43)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You should have told me earlier! (0:06:26.01)
Misaki Ayuzawa : That was close! I almost fell for it again. (0:06:27.64)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : Onee-chan, could you drop this in the mailbox on your way there? (0:06:30.18)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Another one? (0:06:34.00)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : Thanks. (0:06:35.23)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Mom, please rest a little, okay? I'm off! (0:06:36.39)
Misaki Ayuzawa : This one, too?! (0:06:40.65)
Suzuna Ayuzawa : I know we're poor, but she really needs to get a cellphone. (0:06:43.77)
Satsuki Hyoudou : Welcome back, Master! (0:06:51.39)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Welcome back, Master! (0:06:51.39)
Honoka : Welcome back, Master! (0:06:51.39)
Honoka : Please, come this way. (0:06:55.56)
Satsuki Hyoudou : Misa-chan. (0:06:58.50)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Yes? (0:06:59.69)
Satsuki Hyoudou : I'm sorry for the sudden swap. (0:07:00.49)
Misaki Ayuzawa : It's fine. (0:07:03.48)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Actually, I'm grateful, since money's a little tight this month. (0:07:04.40)
EXTRA : Ah, Misa-chan! (0:07:07.90)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Yes! (0:07:09.47)
EXTRA : One Moe Moe Omelet Rice, please! (0:07:10.42)
Misaki Ayuzawa : One Moe Moe Omelet Rice, was it? Right away, Master. (0:07:14.14)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I just can't seem to get used to this. (0:07:22.98)
Misaki Ayuzawa : There's not enough time for the student council work, (0:07:25.89)
Misaki Ayuzawa : and it'll be tough if I don't get a job which pays as good as this. (0:07:28.81)
Misaki Ayuzawa : If someone from school were to see me like this... (0:07:32.08)
Takumi Usui : Wow. (0:07:35.41)
Takumi Usui : This is a surprise, Prez. (0:07:39.31)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Usui Takumi! (0:07:44.16)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm done for. (0:07:52.35)
Misaki Ayuzawa : This is terrible. It's bound to spread around school. (0:07:54.42)
Misaki Ayuzawa : If they find out that I'm a maid, all I've done will be for nothing. (0:07:58.72)
Honoka : Finally, a break. (0:08:08.68)
Honoka : Manager! Manager! There's an unidentified object in here! (0:08:12.21)
Satsuki Hyoudou : What is it? What's the matter? (0:08:16.47)
Satsuki Hyoudou : Misa-chan?! Are you okay? (0:08:18.25)
Satsuki Hyoudou : Don't worry about work right now. Just get up! (0:08:21.02)
Satsuki Hyoudou : Thanks for your hard work. (0:08:26.37)
Takumi Usui : Oh. You're back to normal. (0:08:30.70)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Wh-What is it? What do you want? (0:08:32.84)
Takumi Usui : Huh? Nothing, really. (0:08:35.45)
Takumi Usui : I just wanted to make sure the maid I saw really was our Prez. (0:08:37.48)
Takumi Usui : Why are you working part-time here? (0:08:42.95)
Honoka : Manager, I'll be off now! (0:08:45.70)
Satsuki Hyoudou : Thanks for your hard work! (0:08:48.48)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Let's talk somewhere else. (0:08:51.49)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Just come with me! (0:08:52.99)
Takumi Usui : Your family's circumstances, huh? (0:08:58.87)
Takumi Usui : Are things that bad? (0:09:01.07)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Pretty much. (0:09:02.64)
Takumi Usui : You go out of the way to work at a
maid café in another neighborhood.
Takumi Usui : Why don't you just do some manual labor somewhere closer? (0:09:06.94)
Misaki Ayuzawa : My stamina wouldn't hold out if I did that. (0:09:09.63)
Misaki Ayuzawa : As the president, I can't let my grades drop, either. (0:09:11.84)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I can't handle both. (0:09:14.97)
Takumi Usui : That's pretty tough. (0:09:19.57)
Takumi Usui : So, the reason you entered Seika High even though you hated guys (0:09:23.54)
Takumi Usui : was because it was cheaper, right? (0:09:26.99)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Well, yeah. (0:09:28.62)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What's he thinking? I can't tell at all. (0:09:29.91)
Takumi Usui : You've had it hard. (0:09:36.11)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I can't afford to lose the reputation I've built up over something like this. (0:09:42.45)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I can't afford to lose it. (0:09:53.99)
Misaki Ayuzawa : This is going to be hard. (0:10:02.16)
EXTRA : Three days have passed since then. (0:10:06.79)
EXTRA : This made my— (0:10:11.69)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Maid?! (0:10:13.58)
EXTRA : It's just a photo of my grandfather (0:10:14.77)
EXTRA : with a high school girl that made him so happy he wanted to take to the grave with him. (0:10:15.96)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What, it's just that. (0:10:19.72)
EXTRA : Oh yeah, those Made— (0:10:21.55)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Maid?! (0:10:23.97)
EXTRA : ...Made -in-Tochigi's T-shirts lately have sizes that don't fit me well. (0:10:25.50)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Oh, Made-in-Tochigi. (0:10:30.10)
EXTRA : What's with her? (0:10:33.26)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Oh, no. (0:10:34.88)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm reacting to the slightest mention of the word "maid." (0:10:35.65)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Still, it's strange no one knows about it yet. (0:10:39.32)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Is he planning to use it to blackmail me? (0:10:45.25)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Or is it out of pity? (0:10:48.35)
Misaki Ayuzawa : It pisses me off, but it's better for me that way. (0:10:50.54)
Sakura Hanazono : Misaki! (0:10:53.42)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Sakura, Shizuko. (0:10:54.96)
Sakura Hanazono : You seem kinda tired. (0:10:57.00)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Sorry. I was just thinking about something. (0:10:58.85)
Shizuko Kaga : Misaki-san, it's bad for you to worry too much. (0:11:01.31)
Sakura Hanazono : I have a little favor to ask. (0:11:04.31)
Misaki Ayuzawa : This is... (0:11:10.28)
Misaki Ayuzawa : a sandbag from the boxing club. (0:11:12.48)
Shizuko Kaga : It's in the way, and we can't get to the club room. (0:11:15.52)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'll give them a stern telling off later, (0:11:20.24)
Misaki Ayuzawa : but for now, we have to move this out of the way. Please step back! (0:11:23.04)
Sakura Hanazono : But it's stinky, and it's really heavy. (0:11:26.14)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Just leave... (0:11:29.20)
Misaki Ayuzawa : it. To. Me! (0:11:30.75)
EXTRA : We are the Boxing Club! (0:11:33.22)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You guys! Clean up your mess! (0:11:36.09)
Sakura Hanazono : That's our Misaki! You're just too cool! (0:11:39.83)
Misaki Ayuzawa : It's no big deal. It's easier than socking the guys, anyway. (0:11:42.78)
Sakura Hanazono : Thank you. I love you! (0:11:45.60)
Shizuko Kaga : Here, have one of these. (0:11:48.55)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Thank you. (0:12:00.54)
Sakura Hanazono : Huh? Is that Usui-kun looking over here? (0:12:05.37)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Wh-What are you looking at?! (0:12:08.72)
Takumi Usui : Pu. (0:12:10.78)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What did he mean by that? I don't get it. (0:12:11.85)
Sakura Hanazono : Usui-kun is so cool! (0:12:15.43)
Sakura Hanazono : There's a rumor that he learned Shaolin Kung Fu before entering middle school, (0:12:18.84)
Sakura Hanazono : and besides being the most outstanding guy, he's got smarts, too! (0:12:24.06)
Sakura Hanazono : And his looks! He's truly the only ray of hope in this school full of jerks! (0:12:28.64)
Sakura Hanazono : But it seems like he's lost interest in girls because he's too popular. (0:12:34.19)
Shizuko Kaga : Even so, a lot of girls still confess to him. (0:12:38.92)
Misaki Ayuzawa : He's that popular? (0:12:42.80)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I don't get how girls think at all. (0:12:45.01)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I see! (0:12:47.12)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Maybe he's not interested, so he didn't bother mentioning what he saw? (0:12:49.75)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Why are you here?! And you came in the front, too! (0:12:58.92)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I don't get it. What is he trying to achieve? (0:13:14.89)
Gon-chan : Look at him! (0:13:17.73)
Sayu : He's so cool! (0:13:18.81)
Takumi Usui : Ah, found you. (0:13:20.51)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Is he here to make fun of me? Or is he testing his courage? (0:13:23.65)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Or maybe just to challenge me? He's challenging me, right?! (0:13:26.57)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What's with that bastard?! I'll take him on! (0:13:29.53)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Prepare yourself! (0:13:31.96)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Welcome back, Master! (0:13:33.79)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm a total disgrace. (0:13:47.60)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Sorry for the wait. (0:13:50.02)
Sayu : Hey, is that your boyfriend or something?
He's been looking at you for a while now!
Misaki Ayuzawa : No, he's not. (0:14:03.79)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Does he enjoy torturing me psychologically? (0:14:09.09)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Staring at me for over an hour while nursing a single cup of coffee... (0:14:16.68)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm getting tired recently. (0:14:21.82)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Feeling kinda sluggish. (0:14:23.86)
Takezawa : Oh, Usui-san? You're staying behind? (0:14:27.89)
Takumi Usui : Hey, Takezawa. (0:14:32.90)
Takumi Usui : You were in the same school as
the Prez in middle school, right?
Takezawa : Y-Yeah. (0:14:37.32)
Takumi Usui : Was the Prez the same as she is now back then? (0:14:38.57)
Takezawa : She became like this around the second year. (0:14:41.42)
Takezawa : Her family had some problems, or so I heard, and since then... (0:14:46.94)
Takezawa : Usui-san, you don't normally talk about girls, (0:14:50.87)
Takezawa : and the Prez, at that. (0:14:53.65)
Misaki Ayuzawa : He's here again. (0:15:03.50)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Doesn't he know that everyone's looking at him? (0:15:05.62)
Satsuki Hyoudou : I knew it! He's got a thing for you! (0:15:09.30)
Satsuki Hyoudou : You can see it in his eyes that he's worried about you! (0:15:12.73)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Worried? (0:15:15.67)
Misaki Ayuzawa : He's just getting a laugh out of it. He couldn't be worried. (0:15:24.85)
Sakura Hanazono : Hey, Misaki! (0:15:30.16)
Sakura Hanazono : You're amazing. You got second place in the tests! (0:15:31.49)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Second? (0:15:35.44)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Who's first? (0:15:37.02)
Shizuko Kaga : It's Usui Takumi. (0:15:38.96)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You've got to be kidding me! (0:15:40.58)
Sakura Hanazono : Seems like she's not happy about it. (0:15:49.20)
Shizuko Kaga : I'm sure he's just messing with me. (0:15:51.91)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Somehow, it feels like he's looking down on me. (0:15:57.07)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What's that suspicious-looking book? (0:16:02.55)
EXTRA : It's just a manga magazine! (0:16:05.15)
EXTRA : Just because it has a few risqué shots, it's counted as suspicious? (0:16:06.77)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Confiscated! (0:16:09.60)
EXTRA : What is this? Why do you only ever place restrictions on the boys? (0:16:11.22)
EXTRA : You're so strict that it's unfair to the guys! (0:16:16.24)
EXTRA : If you're going to be strict with the guys, then do the same for the girls, too! (0:16:19.57)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I understand. (0:16:23.91)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'll review the rules after inspecting the contents of the magazine. (0:16:25.13)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Simply put, all inappropriate materials are forbidden within the school grounds. (0:16:27.75)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Tell me the names of the magazines that you'd like to read. This applies to both sexes. (0:16:31.41)
EXTRA : But there'll be quite a lot. (0:16:36.22)
EXTRA : Aren't you already quite busy, Misaki? (0:16:38.64)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I don't mind. As the president, this is nothing. (0:16:41.02)
Kenji Sawa : P-President... (0:16:53.28)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What? (0:16:54.55)
Kenji Sawa : The balancing of last month's accounts... didn't go so well. (0:16:55.83)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What?! Didn't I tell you to do it properly?! (0:17:02.20)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Forget it. I'll do it myself. (0:17:07.46)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I've got so much on my plate right now. (0:17:14.93)
Takumi Usui : Prez, you're actually a masochist? (0:17:19.79)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What are you doing here?! (0:17:21.62)
Takumi Usui : Pushing yourself to the limits, you're also a sadist, aren't you? (0:17:24.07)
Takumi Usui : I think you should loosen up a little. (0:17:29.19)
Takumi Usui : Just looking at you... (0:17:32.81)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Oh, no. (0:17:35.49)
Takumi Usui : ...makes me feel uneasy. (0:17:38.68)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Don't come near me! (0:17:41.70)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I don't need any help from the likes of you. (0:17:43.82)
Takumi Usui : Oh. I see. (0:17:49.39)
Misaki Ayuzawa : This has never happened before. (0:18:05.72)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I haven't finished the accounts or decided on the magazines, (0:18:10.61)
Misaki Ayuzawa : and it's taking up more of my study time. (0:18:15.55)
Takumi Usui : I think you should loosen up a little. (0:18:19.92)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I don't need any help from the likes of you. (0:18:25.78)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm doing everything half-heartedly. (0:18:30.34)
Misaki Ayuzawa : It just feels wrong. (0:18:34.61)
EXTRA : Hey, isn't that the Prez? (0:18:36.13)
Ryuunosuke Kurosaki : It is her! (0:18:38.09)
Naoya Shirokawa : For real? A maid? (0:18:39.84)
Ikuto Sarashina : What a shocker! Let's call everyone over! (0:18:41.24)
EXTRA : My ears hurt like hell, you know. (0:18:44.04)
EXTRA : Serves you right! (0:18:46.46)
Misaki Ayuzawa : This is terrible. (0:18:47.41)
Naoya Shirokawa : Trying to run? (0:18:48.92)
Naoya Shirokawa : Is this okay, Prez? (0:18:50.66)
Naoya Shirokawa : You've been beating up the guys at school, but you're actually a maid? (0:18:52.64)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Let go of me! (0:18:57.78)
Naoya Shirokawa : I'll let you off only after you serve us properly. (0:18:58.65)
Ikuto Sarashina : I'm taking the shot! (0:19:02.03)
Ryuunosuke Kurosaki : Try saying "Master"! (0:19:03.37)
Ikuto Sarashina : I mean, you are a maid! (0:19:05.24)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I feel so powerless. (0:19:07.27)
Naoya Shirokawa : You're a girl, too, Prez. (0:19:09.66)
Naoya Shirokawa : If you're wearing something like this, then it's going to be- (0:19:13.09)
Takumi Usui : Don't touch her just because she's cute. (0:19:16.21)
Naoya Shirokawa : Usui! (0:19:21.14)
Takumi Usui : Are you okay? (0:19:22.05)
Naoya Shirokawa : Got it! (0:19:24.29)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm sorry. (0:19:29.70)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm sorry... (0:19:38.82)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Usui. (0:19:40.28)
Takumi Usui : It's okay. Just rest for now. (0:19:45.39)
Minako Ayuzawa : Misaki? (0:19:57.81)
Minako Ayuzawa : I was so surprised. (0:19:59.65)
Minako Ayuzawa : Your manager called me. (0:20:01.10)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'm sorry. (0:20:03.34)
Minako Ayuzawa : Here. (0:20:04.47)
Minako Ayuzawa : Just take things easy for today. (0:20:05.81)
Misaki Ayuzawa : My head cleared up after a day of rest. (0:20:20.94)
Takumi Usui : Those guys didn't tell anyone about you being a maid. (0:20:28.60)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Really? So they realized... (0:20:32.75)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What did you do to them? (0:20:36.81)
Takumi Usui : Nothing much. (0:20:38.50)
Takumi Usui : It's just my secret pleasure, (0:20:39.81)
Takumi Usui : so I told them not to spread it around. (0:20:42.21)
Misaki Ayuzawa : So it really was for your own amusement. (0:20:45.05)
Takumi Usui : 'Cause you'd be mad if I said I was worried about you, right? (0:20:47.41)
Takumi Usui : Well, I don't really mind if it gets leaked out at school. (0:20:51.90)
Takumi Usui : You're allowed to work part-time, anyway. (0:20:55.97)
Takumi Usui : Even if you put on a maid outfit, your strength, your intelligence, (0:20:58.28)
Takumi Usui : and the way you like to overwork yourself... none of that changes. (0:21:03.04)
Takumi Usui : You can hold your head high. (0:21:07.66)
Misaki Ayuzawa : All day yesterday, (0:21:12.91)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I was wondering why you're such an annoying guy. (0:21:15.08)
Takumi Usui : Didn't I say something good just now? (0:21:19.32)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You were always running ahead of me with such ease, (0:21:21.77)
Misaki Ayuzawa : even though I'm frantically running with all my breath. (0:21:24.85)
Misaki Ayuzawa : And then you run backwards while calling out to me. (0:21:28.79)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I really hate losing, and it was just so vexing losing to you. (0:21:33.72)
Misaki Ayuzawa : But this time, you were running forward and helping me out. (0:21:39.33)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Just watch. (0:21:44.06)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'll definitely overtake you, and it'll be my turn to worry about you . (0:21:45.08)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Oh, that's right. Sorry about the scarf... and a lot of other things. (0:21:51.38)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I don't like owing anything to other people, but I can't think of a proper thank-you gift. (0:21:56.18)
Takumi Usui : Well, then... (0:22:02.54)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Is there something you want? (0:22:03.92)
Takumi Usui : How about being my personal maid for a day? (0:22:05.46)
Misaki Ayuzawa : What?! (0:22:08.22)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Usui, what are you thinking? Are you an idiot?! (0:23:40.98)
Takumi Usui : It's fine. Don't sweat the small stuff. (0:23:43.00)
Misaki Ayuzawa : Shut up you pervert! (0:23:44.15)
Misaki Ayuzawa : You weren't interested in girls, right? (0:23:45.17)
Takumi Usui : Ah, amusing indeed. (0:23:47.62)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I shouldn't be bothering with him. (0:23:48.97)
Misaki Ayuzawa : As the student council president, I'm busy enough with the preparations for the school festival. (0:23:50.97)
Takumi Usui : Um, Prez? (0:23:54.26)
Misaki Ayuzawa : If I don't try to increase the female population, then being the president is meaningless! (0:23:55.19)
Takumi Usui : What's with the cat ears? (0:23:58.73)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I should decide on a theme for the festival. (0:24:00.03)
Misaki Ayuzawa : That's it! The new students of Seika High! (0:24:01.84)
Misaki Ayuzawa : It's decided! (0:24:03.58)
Misaki Ayuzawa : I'll change this school! (0:24:04.41)
Takumi Usui : Whatever you say, Prez. (0:24:06.32)

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