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EXTRA : Fronyald South Central Kokona Plains (0:01:43.62)
Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois : Godwin, has the advancement of the troops gone as planned? (0:01:58.74)
Godwin Dorure : Yes ma'am, Leonmichelle. (0:02:01.74)
Godwin Dorure : Although it's unfortunately raining now, by noon tomorrow (0:02:04.74)
Godwin Dorure : all of our units will have reached the target fortress. (0:02:08.98)
Godwin Dorure : As you ordered… (0:02:12.58)
Godwin Dorure : In order to prepare for tomorrow's attack on the fortress, (0:02:14.59)
Godwin Dorure : we are going to allow our warriors to get plenty of food and rest. (0:02:17.07)
Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois : Once again tomorrow, we will allow the Dog Princess of Biscotti enjoy the humiliation of defeat. (0:02:26.81)
EXTRA : Biscotti Republic Filianno Castle (0:02:35.13)
Loran Martinozzi : As I expected, the troops of the Galette Knights are coming to attack the Mion Fortress. (0:02:44.91)
Eclair Martinozzi : Are the Galette people seriously considering an advance up to this castle? (0:02:50.47)
EXTRA : The Galette Knights' leader, Leonmichelle is surely valiant, (0:02:55.79)
EXTRA : but I don't remember her being this reckless. (0:03:01.92)
EXTRA : Whatever the reason may be, the upcoming battles will all be losses. (0:03:05.47)
EXTRA : If we had the Dalkean religious group or the Tenko-sama... (0:03:10.06)
Loran Martinozzi : Knight Brioshere and Yukikaze have their own missions. (0:03:15.31)
EXTRA : That being said... If we fail to win this war, we'd have this Filianno Castle taken over as well. (0:03:20.15)
Loran Martinozzi : That- (0:03:26.66)
Eclair Martinozzi : I won't let it happen! (0:03:27.85)
Eclair Martinozzi : For our dear princess, and our dear people of Biscotti! (0:03:29.47)
Eclair Martinozzi : This war, we must- (0:03:32.97)
Ricotta Elmar : Bekure? (0:03:34.29)
Ricotta Elmar : We are with that dear princess now. (0:03:35.80)
Eclair Martinozzi : Excuse me. (0:03:40.04)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Thank you everyone. (0:03:41.65)
Millhiore F Biscotti : I fully understand the difficult situation we, Biscotti, have been placed in. (0:03:43.76)
Millhiore F Biscotti : This war is definitely one we must not lose. (0:03:49.02)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Thus, I feel I shall use the final trump card. (0:03:52.60)
EXTRA : The trump card? (0:03:57.82)
Millhiore F Biscotti : In the name of Millhiore Filianno Biscotti, the representative for the Republic of Biscotti, (0:03:59.73)
Millhiore F Biscotti : I will summon a hero to this Republic! (0:04:06.07)
Rebecca Anderson : Shin-kun! (0:04:21.76)
Rebecca Anderson : Shin-kun! (0:04:23.59)
Rebecca Anderson : Are you awake? (0:04:25.04)
Shinku Izumi : Yes, I'm awake. (0:04:26.97)
Rebecca Anderson : Then get down there quickly.{Does the person say hayaku? hurry up seems like it'd work better} (0:04:31.41)
Rebecca Anderson : I'll leave you if I'm going to be late soon. (0:04:33.70)
Shinku Izumi : Wait up. (0:04:36.56)
Shinku Izumi : I'm coming right away. (0:04:38.06)
Shinku Izumi : Good morning, Becky. (0:04:50.16)
Rebecca Anderson : Good morning, Shin-kun. (0:04:51.95)
Rebecca Anderson : Well done. (0:05:11.59)
Rebecca Anderson : By the way, spring vacation starts tomorrow. (0:05:16.56)
Rebecca Anderson : Are you going somewhere, Shin-kun? (0:05:20.27)
Shinku Izumi : Well, as usual, my parents haven't returned home from their business trip, so... (0:05:21.94)
Shinku Izumi : I guess I should go back to my hometown or something. (0:05:27.69)
Rebecca Anderson : Hometown? (0:05:31.04)
Rebecca Anderson : You mean to Britain? (0:05:32.79)
Shinku Izumi : Yes, to Cornwall. (0:05:34.08)
Shinku Izumi : There are many places to practice over there. (0:05:36.79)
Rebecca Anderson : You seriously like athletics, don't you? (0:05:40.12)
Shinku Izumi : Of course, because it's fun. (0:05:48.72)
Shinku Izumi : Since we have a tournament in July and September this year, (0:05:52.33)
Shinku Izumi : I have to properly train myself. (0:05:55.62)
Rebecca Anderson : The Iron Athletics, right? (0:05:57.84)
Shinku Izumi : Right. (0:06:00.22)
Shinku Izumi : The preliminaries will be held in July, and the actual tournament will take place in September. (0:06:00.92)
Rebecca Anderson : You were really close last year. (0:06:03.67)
Rebecca Anderson : It's too bad; you were so close to becoming the champion. (0:06:05.75)
Shinku Izumi : Yes really. (0:06:08.10)
Shinku Izumi : You were cheering for me too... (0:06:09.70)
Rebecca Anderson : Although second place was great, (0:06:12.11)
Shinku Izumi : I still want to become a champion this year. (0:06:15.83)
Shinku Izumi : That's why spring vacation will be full of crazy practicing. (0:06:19.12)
Rebecca Anderson : Yes, right... Work hard... (0:06:22.12)
Shinku Izumi : Oh, right. (0:06:31.19)
Shinku Izumi : I forgot about this. (0:06:32.13)
Rebecca Anderson : What is it? (0:06:33.30)
Shinku Izumi : For the last three days of spring vacation... (0:06:34.22)
Shinku Izumi : Are you and your parents free? (0:06:36.76)
Rebecca Anderson : I wonder. (0:06:39.58)
Rebecca Anderson : Why? (0:06:40.69)
Shinku Izumi : Since my parents will be returning... (0:06:42.00)
Shinku Izumi : Why don't we go to our vacation house in Wakayama? (0:06:44.73)
Rebecca Anderson : Oh really? (0:06:48.35)
Shinku Izumi : Nanami will be coming too. (0:06:49.38)
Rebecca Anderson : That's nice. Wonderful. (0:06:51.61)
Shinku Izumi : Since it will be ohanami time. (0:06:53.11)
Shinku Izumi : If your parents seem to be busy, then you can just come by yourself. (0:06:55.71)
Rebecca Anderson : I-I see... (0:06:59.12)
Rebecca Anderson : But it'll sadden me if you were to leave me all alone. (0:07:00.65)
Rebecca Anderson : It will be just like that other time when you started doing athletic stuff and playing with long rods. (0:07:04.00)
Shinku Izumi : I'll be fine! (0:07:08.63)
Shinku Izumi : I'll practice so hard that I'll be in shreds the day before the competition. (0:07:10.17)
Rebecca Anderson : Don't overwork yourself... (0:07:13.47)
Shinku Izumi : So Becky, please check your schedule. (0:07:18.94)
Rebecca Anderson : Yeah, I'll email you. (0:07:21.93)
EXTRA : Was your school life fulfilling this year? (0:07:27.98)
EXTRA : Everyone was born in different countries, (0:07:34.34)
EXTRA : but these days you'll spend in this country of Japan, (0:07:37.27)
EXTRA : and the memories you have together are all common. (0:07:40.49)
EXTRA : For the spring vacation starting tomorrow... (0:07:42.98)
EXTRA : Izumi, what's the matter? (0:07:48.32)
EXTRA : Are you leaving early? (0:07:49.61)
Shinku Izumi : Sorry, I have to catch the plane. (0:07:50.25)
EXTRA : I see. (0:07:52.92)
EXTRA : Take care. (0:07:54.23)
Shinku Izumi : All right! (0:07:55.01)
Shinku Izumi : I believe Japan is a good country. (0:08:10.48)
Shinku Izumi : Especially this Kinokawa City, it's peaceful and convenient. (0:08:15.05)
Shinku Izumi : But it's a little boring and uncomfortable since there aren’t many places I can thoroughly exercise my body. (0:08:19.99)
Shinku Izumi : I would just like it if they had a place where I could fully express myself around here... (0:08:36.92)
EXTRA : (0:09:49.37)
Shinku Izumi : Ouch... (0:10:17.15)
Shinku Izumi : A girl...? (0:10:28.58)
Shinku Izumi : Wait... Ears? (0:10:31.46)
Shinku Izumi : A tail? (0:10:33.02)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Nice to meet you. (0:10:34.58)
Millhiore F Biscotti : You must be the hero that answered our summoning. (0:10:36.16)
Shinku Izumi : Hero? (0:10:40.70)
Millhiore F Biscotti : I have summoned you, Hero. (0:10:41.84)
Millhiore F Biscotti : {I am the feudal lord of this Filianno territory in the Republic of Biscotti.}I am the feudal lord of the Republic of Biscotti's Filianno territory. (0:10:46.06)
Millhiore F Biscotti : I am Millhiore Filianno Biscotti. (0:10:51.74)
Shinku Izumi : Oh right... (0:10:55.10)
Shinku Izumi : My name is Shinku Izumi. (0:10:56.84)
Millhiore F Biscotti : You are the Hero, Shinku-sama... (0:10:58.61)
Millhiore F Biscotti : I know about you. (0:11:01.28)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Tatsumaki, well done in greeting the hero. (0:11:05.02)
Shinku Izumi : Umm wait... (0:11:08.81)
Millhiore F Biscotti : For you hero, thank you very much for answering the summon and coming to this Fronyald. (0:11:13.20)
Millhiore F Biscotti : After hearing our story, will you lend us your power? (0:11:22.24)
Shinku Izumi : Umm... I would be happy to hear what you have to say. (0:11:28.72)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Right. (0:11:33.39)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Oh no, it has already begun. (0:11:38.19)
Shinku Izumi : It's begun...? (0:11:41.35)
Millhiore F Biscotti : We, Biscotti, are at war with a neighboring country at the moment. (0:11:43.23)
Godwin Dorure : The attack on the fortress is going well. (0:12:04.46)
Godwin Dorure : At this rate... (0:12:08.16)
EXTRA : (0:12:10.39)
Godwin Dorure : It's opened. (0:12:24.15)
Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois : All right. (0:12:26.24)
Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois : We will advance in from the gates of the fortress. (0:12:27.42)
Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois : Troops, we shall go now. (0:12:30.11)
Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois : Today we shall make the Filianno castle fall, and have the Dog Princess and her knights cry! (0:12:31.78)
Shinku Izumi : A bird? (0:12:49.09)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Is this your first time seeing a Cellkull? (0:12:50.29)
Shinku Izumi : Sorry, we don't have any at our home. (0:12:53.28)
Millhiore F Biscotti : This is my Cellkull, Halla. (0:12:57.26)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Please go ahead and ride. (0:12:59.83)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Biscotti and our neighbor, Galette, have wars from time and time. (0:13:06.86)
Millhiore F Biscotti : But recently, we keep getting defeated. (0:13:12.62)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Many fortresses and battle fields have been broken through. (0:13:16.12)
Millhiore F Biscotti : And with today's battle, they're at a rate where they could make our castle fall. (0:13:19.12)
Millhiore F Biscotti : We don't have a knight who is on par with Leonmichelle-sama. (0:13:23.12)
Millhiore F Biscotti : the leader of the knights from Galette Republic's Lion territory, the Knight of the King of Animals.{She is the leader of the knights from the Republic of Galette's Lion territory. She's known as the Knight of the King of Animals.} (0:13:27.13)
Millhiore F Biscotti : So we would like for you to lend us your powers. (0:13:31.63)
Shinku Izumi : Umm I'm not a warrior or a hero; I'm just an ordinary middle school student from nowhere. (0:13:35.64)
Shinku Izumi : Is there anything I can really do? (0:13:42.33)
Millhiore F Biscotti : You are being too modest. (0:13:45.09)
Millhiore F Biscotti : I know of your power very well. (0:13:46.98)
Framboise Charley : So then we are having an exciting battle as usual today! (0:14:02.68)
Framboise Charley : Sports casting will be provided by me, Franboise Charles from the Galette Republic's Lion territory. (0:14:07.04)
Framboise Charley : Commentary will be by General Bernard, (0:14:12.21)
Bernard Sabrage : Hi. (0:14:15.15)
Framboise Charley : and Princess Leonmichelle's aide, Violle-san. (0:14:16.13)
Violle Amaretto : Hello. (0:14:20.96)
Framboise Charley : So now, the warriors from the Galette's Lion Knights have begun to advance. (0:14:22.14)
Framboise Charley : After passing through the little fortress here in just 20 minutes, (0:14:27.40)
Framboise Charley : the warriors from the Lion Knights will now be facing is... (0:14:30.84)
Framboise Charley : The invincible wall that protects the Biscotti Republic, (0:14:32.90)
Framboise Charley : Filianno Lake field! (0:14:36.15)
Framboise Charley : The Lion Knights' warriors who have gone through many battles seem to be having quite some trouble. (0:14:45.04)
Bernard Sabrage : Especially since the Biscotti have nothing to fall back to when this place is conquered. (0:14:49.60)
EXTRA : Are you all right? (0:14:59.17)
Framboise Charley : Biscotti's rescue of those who have failed is quick as usual. What are your thoughts, Violle-san? (0:15:02.31)
Violle Amaretto : I would like them to try as many times as they possibly can without giving up even if they were to fall. (0:15:08.02)
Framboise Charley : The commander, Leonmichelle, hasn't gone into the battle yet, (0:15:12.40)
Framboise Charley : but she comments that she'll immediately destroy any famous Biscotti warrior that might appear. (0:15:16.89)
Bernard Sabrage : Ah, that's promising. (0:15:21.53)
Godwin Dorure : Second wave, go! (0:15:27.96)
Ricotta Elmar : This is quite bad. (0:15:37.13)
EXTRA : Is it? (0:15:40.14)
EXTRA : What's with the Maltinos' siblings? (0:15:42.19)
Framboise Charley : As the Galette warriors are advancing through the battle field, (0:15:44.89)
Framboise Charley : the Biscotti's young warrior, Count Eclair Maltinos, is fending off the attack of the warriors. (0:15:46.89)
Framboise Charley : Oh wow, a few have made it through. (0:16:15.14)
Eclair Martinozzi : Oh no. (0:16:17.21)
Framboise Charley : Maybe the numbers are too large. (0:16:17.90)
Eclair Martinozzi : Padue! (0:16:19.02)
Framboise Charley : That was really close. (0:16:57.17)
Bernard Sabrage : Bonus points will be awarded to the six who have reached the final battle field. (0:17:00.23)
Bernard Sabrage : But for the one who was close, I would like to give a special bonus. (0:17:04.83)
Framboise Charley : Is what you hear. (0:17:09.10)
Framboise Charley : Warriors on the front line! You're getting bonuses! (0:17:10.46)
Violle Amaretto : That's nice to hear. (0:17:13.60)
Shinku Izumi : This is war? (0:17:20.11)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Is this the first time you've ever seen a battlefield? (0:17:22.34)
Shinku Izumi : Umm, do people die or get injured in this battle? (0:17:25.99)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Unimaginable. (0:17:29.99)
Emilio Alcide : Go! (0:17:31.50)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Since wars are done in a dignified manner in accordance with the rules that are imposed throughout this continent, (0:17:32.83)
Millhiore F Biscotti : it's the duty of those who carry out the war to not allow injuries or accidents to occur. (0:17:39.16)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Of course, since it's one method of negotiations between countries, (0:17:43.26)
Millhiore F Biscotti : sometimes we get a little too excited. (0:17:47.92)
Millhiore F Biscotti : But the wars in Fronyald are also an event for the people to enjoy athletics and competition in a healthy manner. (0:17:51.01)
Millhiore F Biscotti : With the consecutive losses, the people and the knights of the Biscotti have become depressed. (0:18:01.62)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Moreover, if we have our castle attacked, our people who have been working hard up until now will become extremely depressed. (0:18:07.82)
Shinku Izumi : Depressed? (0:18:15.33)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Depressed it is. (0:18:17.12)
Shinku Izumi : A war in another realm... (0:18:22.17)
Shinku Izumi : Hero getting summoned... (0:18:24.22)
Shinku Izumi : This is definitely some fantasy novel stuff that Becky loves. (0:18:26.11)
Shinku Izumi : If I think about this properly, this is no doubt a dream. (0:18:31.05)
Shinku Izumi : Umm, dear Princess. (0:18:36.68)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Yes? (0:18:38.47)
Shinku Izumi : I am this country's hero? (0:18:39.27)
Millhiore F Biscotti : You are the precious hero of this country, that our people have found who I can have faith in... (0:18:42.27)
Shinku Izumi : All right. (0:18:51.62)
Shinku Izumi : Then the hero, Shinku, will work hard to answer the princess' summoning and not let her people down. (0:18:52.81)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Thank you very much. (0:19:01.63)
Shinku Izumi : You're welcome. (0:19:03.61)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Then let's hurry to the castle. (0:19:04.46)
Millhiore F Biscotti : I have all the equipment and weapons prepared. (0:19:07.15)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Tatsumaki, Halla! (0:19:09.97)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Here we go, Halla! (0:19:15.63)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Off we go, my dear hero. (0:19:25.53)
Shinku Izumi : Yes, Princess! (0:19:27.60)
Shinku Izumi : I'm flying! (0:19:41.08)
Millhiore F Biscotti : We sure are. (0:19:43.61)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Halla is great at flying. (0:19:45.05)
Shinku Izumi : Whether it be a dream or reality, putting things aside, (0:19:52.80)
Shinku Izumi : it'd be a waste to go home without playing in such a fun looking place. (0:19:56.93)
Ricotta Elmar : The princess is coming back along with the hero. (0:20:01.69)
Framboise Charley : Breaking news, this just in! (0:20:08.32)
Framboise Charley : Princess Millhiore has used a hero summoning for this decisive battle! (0:20:10.82)
Framboise Charley : This is amazing! (0:20:15.11)
Framboise Charley : It's my very first time to see a hero appear in a battlefield! (0:20:16.35)
Framboise Charley : Now what is the hero of the Biscotti like? (0:20:20.75)
Riselle Conchiglie : Filianno castle maid units, (0:20:24.75)
Riselle Conchiglie : the costume and the weaponry for the hero are all prepared, correct? (0:20:27.13)
EXTRA : Yes ma'am. (0:20:30.74)
Riselle Conchiglie : All right. (0:20:32.13)
Riselle Conchiglie : After the hero arrives, we will completely change him in 30 seconds. (0:20:33.36)
EXTRA : Yes ma'am! (0:20:37.39)
Loran Martinozzi : A hero? (0:20:39.06)
Eclair Martinozzi : Seriously? (0:20:40.93)
Ricotta Elmar : Princess! (0:20:42.89)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Riko, I'm back. (0:20:44.29)
Ricotta Elmar : Welcome back. (0:20:46.19)
Ricotta Elmar : So the hero came? (0:20:48.08)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Yes. (0:20:50.79)
Millhiore F Biscotti : He is our wonderful hero. (0:20:51.58)
Millhiore F Biscotti : People of the Biscotti, people of the Lion territory of Galette, (0:20:57.07)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Thank you for waiting. (0:21:01.30)
Millhiore F Biscotti : While our Biscotti have been having continuous defeats as of late, (0:21:02.58)
Millhiore F Biscotti : today will be the last day for that disappointing outcome. (0:21:06.48)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Because a wonderful hero who will bring hope and victory to the Biscotti has arrived! (0:21:10.34)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Please have him appear magnificently and vividly to the battlefield. (0:21:27.60)
Shinku Izumi : Hero Shinku arrived and answered the summon from the princess! (0:21:48.91)
EXTRA : {\an8\bord0\shad0\c&HF8F5FF&\be2\fs100\fnKozuka Gothic Pr6N H\b1\pos(620,450)}Hero Born! (0:21:54.54)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Dear hero, welcome to Fronyald. (0:23:29.98)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Oh wait hero, are you okay? (0:23:32.43)
Shinku Izumi : I-I failed at landing. (0:23:34.23)
EXTRA : {\shad0\3c&HE309D7&\c&HF6FEF3&\pos(762,602)\fad(800,0)\be3}My first battle! (0:23:35.01)
Millhiore F Biscotti : Umm well I hope to see you next time. (0:23:35.85)

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