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Alastor : Infinite time stopped beating its heart,
and humans burnt away without making any noise.
Alastor : Not one person notices as the world becomes
dislocated and is covered in the flames of Guze.
Yuuji Sakai : Right when the late-blooming cherry blossoms here in Misaki were in full bloom, (0:01:57.43)
Yuuji Sakai : the high school life that had just started for me, Sakai Yuuji, (0:02:12.38)
Yuuji Sakai : was about to become an ordinary part of my life. (0:02:19.28)
Yuuji Sakai : On this morning, the same as any other... (0:02:25.57)
Yuuji Sakai : The same old days. (0:02:27.99)
Yuuji Sakai : On a day like any other...{Dei-I'm not sure about this line. Feels terribly awkward: "It was supposed to be a daily life that just kept on going." Or something...-alizar} (0:02:31.71)
Yuuji Sakai : But I never would have imagined it at the time... (0:02:53.88)
Yuuji Sakai : The different world I was about to see soon... (0:02:59.52)
Yuuji Sakai : And I never thought I would be dying. (0:03:03.65)
Yuuji Sakai : Wh-What's this? (0:03:35.77)
Yuuji Sakai : What's this? (0:03:38.24)
Yuuji Sakai : What's this?! (0:03:39.61)
Giant : Time to eat. (0:03:43.99)
Yuuji Sakai : And... (0:03:59.26)
Yuuji Sakai : encounter with a girl with flame-coloured eyes and hair. (0:04:02.88)
Yuuji Sakai : On that day... my world was dislocated. (0:04:28.62)
Yuuji Sakai : That morning began with my meeting
my best friend from middle school, Ike Hayato.
Yuuji Sakai : Too normal to be my last morning. (0:04:48.23)
Hayato Ike : Hey. (0:04:55.13)
Hayato Ike : Sakai. (0:04:56.76)
Yuuji Sakai : Hey. (0:04:58.29)
Hayato Ike : Being with you doesn't make me feel like I'm at high school. (0:05:00.25)
Hayato Ike : It lacks in freshness. (0:05:03.86)
Yuuji Sakai : Don't make it my fault. (0:05:05.80)
Yuuji Sakai : You could have gone to a better school.{Dei- was "higher level", this scans better in english} (0:05:07.56)
Hayato Ike : Well, closer schools are easier to commute to. (0:05:10.21)
Yuuji Sakai : What makes it worse is that you could've chosen this place for such a reason. (0:05:13.22)
Yuuji Sakai : I barely made it in. (0:05:16.75)
Hayato Ike : Whatever you say, you're one who gets what he wants. (0:05:19.50)
Yuuji Sakai : I might just be lucky. (0:05:24.16)
Hayato Ike : It can also be said that you're shrewd. (0:05:25.67)
Yuuji Sakai : You think? (0:05:27.55)
Yuuji Sakai : My interest was focused on my new life in high school. (0:05:30.82)
Eita Tanaka : 'ey. (0:05:37.94)
Yuuji Sakai : Morning. (0:05:43.56)
Keisaku Satou : I can hear you. (0:05:44.87)
Yuuji Sakai : He's hard to talk to. (0:05:50.04)
Hayato Ike : I heard Satou-kun was a delinquent in middle school. (0:05:51.67)
Hayato Ike : But the athletic one standing next to him, Tanaka-kun, was it? (0:05:55.79)
Hayato Ike : I hear he calmed down after hanging out with him. (0:05:59.89)
Hayato Ike : To people like them, we must look like honour students that get on their nerves. (0:06:03.95)
Yuuji Sakai : Honour students? (0:06:10.14)
Yuuji Sakai : You might be, but I'm not... (0:06:11.62)
Hayato Ike : Well, it's common how there's always one or two people you don't get along with, so don't worry about it. (0:06:14.47)
Yuuji Sakai : Yeah. (0:06:20.71)
Yuuji Sakai : The week after enrolment. (0:06:24.54)
Yuuji Sakai : My high school life wasn't filled with hope, yet at the same time, it wasn't hopeless. (0:06:31.07)
Yuuji Sakai : It was an ordinary life. (0:06:37.41)
Yuuji Sakai : Besides... (0:06:39.62)
Yuuji Sakai : Thank you. (0:06:54.93)
Yuuji Sakai : I saw the girls here were cuter than at other schools, so being a guy, this part was filled with hope. (0:06:59.46)
Satoru Oumine : Sakai. (0:07:07.57)
Satoru Oumine : Sakai Yuuji. (0:07:09.67)
Yuuji Sakai : Eh, ah, yes. (0:07:10.91)
Satoru Oumine : What are you daydreaming about? (0:07:13.00)
Satoru Oumine : Read from where I left off. (0:07:15.43)
Yuuji Sakai : Um... (0:07:17.11)
Yuuji Sakai : Father came back from Tokyo. (0:07:25.61)
Yuuji Sakai : I started going to the school established
in place of the former feudal clan's school.
Yuuji Sakai : To go to school, I walked through the wooden door
to the west of the field located outside the main gate.
Yuuji Sakai : The wooden door remains as it had from the old days, and an old man, about fifty years old, lives there. (0:07:38.96)
Yuuji Sakai : That's right. Nothing special, but nothing bad. (0:07:45.44)
Yuuji Sakai : Who would've thought my ordinary life was
so fragile that it could come apart in five minutes...
Yuuji Sakai : What are you doing today? (0:08:04.22)
Hayato Ike : Mock exam at cram school. (0:08:05.73)
Yuuji Sakai : You're getting ready for college already? (0:08:08.32)
Hayato Ike : I've got to keep my parents happy, otherwise it affects my allowance. (0:08:10.48)
Hayato Ike : What about you? (0:08:14.26)
Yuuji Sakai : I got nothing to do, so I guess I'll walk around the station and check out CDs. (0:08:16.74)
Hayato Ike : Hmm, see ya. (0:08:21.24)
Yuuji Sakai : I still ask myself... (0:08:24.70)
Yuuji Sakai : what would have happened if I had gone straight home? (0:08:26.98)
Yuuji Sakai : Would my destiny have been the same even if I were somewhere else? (0:08:33.60)
Yuuji Sakai : But either way, I was walking toward it without noticing... (0:08:40.62)
Yuuji Sakai : To the point a few meters away from where the world became dislocated. (0:08:45.75)
Yukari Hirai : Oh, so your house is on this side, too, Sakai-kun? (0:09:11.83)
Yuuji Sakai : No, I just came to check out CDs. (0:09:14.88)
Yuuji Sakai : My house is in Ogawa-chou. (0:09:17.40)
Yukari Hirai : Really? I'm in Aizawa-chou, (0:09:18.64)
Yukari Hirai : right as you enter New Misaki Street. (0:09:21.43)
Yuuji Sakai : Oh really? (0:09:23.43)
Yuuji Sakai : Then we're close. (0:09:24.50)
Yukari Hirai : Yup, we are. (0:09:25.99)
Yuuji Sakai : Oh yeah, thanks for your help in Japanese class. (0:09:28.99)
Yukari Hirai : Oh, I do that, too, sometimes. (0:09:31.93)
Yukari Hirai : When it happens, I'm counting on you. (0:09:34.51)
Yuuji Sakai : Okay. (0:09:36.97)
Yukari Hirai : So... weren't you with Ike-kun today? (0:09:38.74)
Yuuji Sakai : Ah, he's at cram school today. Why? (0:09:42.59)
Yukari Hirai : Nothing, just that I see you two together all the time. (0:09:46.24)
Yuuji Sakai : Not necessarily all the time, but... (0:09:49.89)
Yukari Hirai : And I was wondering... if he had a girlfriend or not and... (0:09:52.05)
Yuuji Sakai : Well he doesn't, but... (0:09:57.84)
Yukari Hirai : Really now. (0:10:00.26)
Yuuji Sakai : I'm stopping by the station building, too, so... (0:10:09.73)
Yukari Hirai : Gotcha, later. (0:10:12.18)
Yuuji Sakai : Really... To that Ike, eh? (0:10:14.84)
Yuuji Sakai : It might be worth seeing what kind of reaction he's going to have. (0:10:17.76)
EXTRA : Stop running. (0:10:40.41)
Yuuji Sakai : Watch out! (0:10:44.19)
Yuuji Sakai : You're kidding... (0:10:52.56)
Yuuji Sakai : Wait... (0:10:53.94)
Yuuji Sakai : Wh-What's this? (0:10:57.02)
Giant : Okay, preparations complete. (0:11:00.18)
Rinne : There aren't many people, but it's enough. (0:11:03.11)
Rinne : Let's have them. (0:11:07.38)
Giant : Chow time, chow time! (0:11:08.76)
Giant : It's so delicious, so delicious. (0:11:28.95)
Rinne : Don't talk while you're eating. (0:11:31.76)
Rinne : Shame on you. (0:11:34.18)
Giant : Yes. (0:11:35.22)
Yuuji Sakai : What's this? (0:11:38.15)
Yuuji Sakai : What's this? (0:11:40.08)
Yuuji Sakai : What's this?! (0:11:41.88)
Yuuji Sakai : What's this?!?! (0:11:44.42)
Yuuji Sakai : Hirai-san! (0:11:59.48)
Giant : Huh? (0:12:01.99)
Giant : What is this guy? (0:12:03.19)
Rinne : I don't know, but he's not a Tomogara. (0:12:04.95)
Giant : But he's moving within the Fuzetsu. (0:12:08.00)
Rinne : He must be a Mystes. (0:12:10.79)
Giant : Mystes? (0:12:13.57)
Giant : You mean a Torch with treasure in it? (0:12:14.83)
Rinne : That's right, and it's a really special one. (0:12:17.46)
Rinne : We haven't had a good souvenir like this in a while. Our master will be happy. (0:12:20.82)
Giant : Yeah! We've done a great job! (0:12:25.09)
Giant : I caught you. (0:12:30.10)
Giant : Time to eat. (0:12:32.94)
Rinne : Who is it? (0:12:47.45)
Yuuji Sakai : What is this girl? (0:13:55.86)
Flame Haze Shana : What do you think, Alastor? (0:13:58.71)
Alastor : They're not Tomogara, just Rinne. (0:14:01.67)
Giant : How dare you cut my hand?! (0:14:07.38)
Giant : Crush down! (0:14:10.32)
Giant : What... What is she?! (0:14:38.47)
Giant : I get it, you're... (0:14:41.81)
Giant : Don't! (0:14:49.03)
Flame Haze Shana : Looks like that's just a shell. (0:15:03.75)
Alastor : So the main body left at the last moment. (0:15:06.24)
Flame Haze Shana : It could still be around. (0:15:09.17)
Flame Haze Shana : Is this a Mystes? (0:15:14.15)
Alastor : Yes, and it seems to be a unique one. (0:15:15.70)
Yuuji Sakai : What? (0:15:20.40)
Yuuji Sakai : Why- (0:15:24.02)
Flame Haze Shana : You wanted to take what's inside of the Mystes at least? (0:15:37.73)
Marianne : Flame hair and red-hot eyes... (0:15:40.88)
Marianne : So you're the Flame Haze of Alastor, the Flame of Heaven. (0:15:42.81)
Marianne : You tool of hunting.{Hmm, this is a bit awkward, but I can't think of anything better =/-alizar} (0:15:47.14)
Flame Haze Shana : That's who I am. So what? (0:15:49.30)
Marianne : My master won't stay quiet about this! (0:15:51.59)
Flame Haze Shana : You're right. He will be uttering his last words soon. (0:15:54.26)
Marianne : Why you... (0:15:58.50)
Flame Haze Shana : But now... (0:16:00.14)
Flame Haze Shana : let me hear yours first. (0:16:01.56)
Yuuji Sakai : Hold on a second! (0:16:06.90)
Yuuji Sakai : What is this? (0:16:15.74)
Yuuji Sakai : It's going inside me, and... (0:16:17.89)
Yuuji Sakai : S-Stop... (0:16:21.12)
Yuuji Sakai : She cut me... (0:16:28.25)
Yuuji Sakai : I've been cut. (0:16:30.10)
Flame Haze Shana : So that's the main part. (0:16:46.12)
Alastor : Behind you! (0:16:47.48)
Flame Haze Shana : It got away. (0:17:10.40)
Flame Haze Shana : From the way it was talking,
sounds like someone strong is behind all of this.
Alastor : We might be able to hunt a King of Guze in a while. (0:17:15.96)
Flame Haze Shana : Putting all that aside... (0:17:20.09)
Yuuji Sakai : H-Help me. (0:17:21.35)
Flame Haze Shana : That really surprised me. (0:17:24.67)
Flame Haze Shana : I had completely forgotten that this was moving. (0:17:26.71)
Alastor : You're right. It reminded me of Tenmoku Ikko. (0:17:29.15)
Flame Haze Shana : But that time, we knew we were going to fight and that it could move, too. (0:17:34.62)
Yuuji Sakai : Please, call an ambulance. (0:17:39.65)
Flame Haze Shana : Augh, shut up, shut up, shut up! (0:17:41.58)
Flame Haze Shana : Stop crying about being cut now. (0:17:44.53)
Yuuji Sakai : How can you... (0:17:46.84)
Alastor : I can only imagine what you were like when you were alive. (0:17:47.86)
Alastor : If you were human, you would have been dead the moment you received that wound. (0:17:50.04)
Yuuji Sakai : If I was human?! (0:17:53.83)
Yuuji Sakai : I've got to stop it from bleeding... (0:17:55.59)
Yuuji Sakai : The blood! (0:17:58.99)
Yuuji Sakai : There isn't any. (0:18:00.50)
Yuuji Sakai : What's going on? (0:18:01.64)
Yuuji Sakai : The fire! The fire! (0:18:21.79)
Yuuji Sakai : Huh? Why? (0:18:23.36)
Flame Haze Shana : Okay. (0:18:24.93)
Yuuji Sakai : Hirai-san! (0:18:45.07)
Yuuji Sakai : She's back. (0:18:50.98)
Yuuji Sakai : Thank goodness. (0:18:52.54)
Flame Haze Shana : That'll do for the Torches. (0:18:53.99)
Flame Haze Shana : I'll use a few of them for fixing. (0:18:56.04)
Alastor : Yeah. (0:18:57.57)

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