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A-Are you alright?

- Diane
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Expanding Visual Search Oct 28, 2018 | Rei
Once in a while I get a request that leads to an idea I have to wonder, why didn't I do that before?

After writing 1300 lines of code over 3 days and nights ... the answer is rather clear. It's a lot of work! lol


The end result, totally worth it!

I'm adding in 6 new options for filtering ( technically 8, but 2 became too low priority ).

Wearing We've been indexing characters with 30 differt outfits - have a look what comes up!
Year this can filter characters down by the Year the series they are primary assigned to
Type Now you can explore some of the other types of characters on ACDB, or filter all but Japanese Anime
Media Type Movies, Games, etc
Role Looking for main characters? Antagonists? Protagonists?
NSFW Show only SFW characters, or take a glance at NSFW characters

What are you waiting for?

Give it a try!
Additional Names | Survey | new theme? Sep 29, 2018 | Rei
I've added additional names to the Show All characters view.

My Hero Academia is starting to have a lot of characters, so this should help avoid ( myself ) adding duplicates due to someone having their real name instead of their hero name, etc. xD


I've also launched a Survey. Members can vote once, everyone else can vote once per IP.

I'm thinking I may need to do a little more detailed of a survey.

I'll let this run a while yet though. As my thoughts are shifting to the appearance of the site.

Has the site ever looked good? If so, I could revert back to one of those themes.

Side menu, no side menu?

HUGE HEADER, small header, no header?

Drop down menu, no drop down menu?

Oh and colors .... so many possible color combinations O_O

As tempted as I am to hire a professional, now that I know how they operate, I can do it myself.

Likely what it'll come down to .... I'll craft a bunch of mockups, then do a survey. Maybe put them to a 5 star vote.

Hey you! Do you want to enter a mockup? Have it ready sometime in October, and you can compete against me. Here's our TEMPLATE - do your best!
Rei's Dev Environment Sep 5, 2018 | Rei
Here's a little info on what I use to develop ACDB.

I've fallen in love with Slackware Linux. It's a pretty bare bones OS. But comes with everything I need, and thanks to SlackBuilds I have access to all the fancy tools that make my life easier. To me, the OS is a tool I want to "just work". It's best that I set it up once, and it wont bug me to update/upgrade for as long as possible. As there is nothing worse than having a moment of creative genius, only to find all your energy has to be spent upgrading your OS and solving dependency issues, reformatting, reinstalling everything .... *looking at you Gentoo!*

I'm at home with a console, so even when I have a GUI, I have TONS of terminals open. There was a time I liked drop down terminals - they are cool. But having one or two to the side of every window works even better for me.

I've used all the major GUI's, from GNOME to KDE to Xfce to fluxbox and Cinnamon. Then I chanced upon wii, and it's slimmed down successor - dwm. dwm is as simple as it gets.


Now for a text editor, it's been kate for the longest time. As I'm often editing multiple files, having a list to the side is great. Kate also has a terminal plugin, but I prefer having two to the side. It's always amazing the little things that keep you locked in to one text editor or another. We all develop our own formatting styles, so one challenge is telling a text editor to STOP INDENTING MY CODE LIKE THAT. Then there's the file formats ... latin1 or ASCII just drive me insane. Has to be UTF-8 on open, on close, on save, on everything. Then there's the color highlighting. And the auto completion. You always want these feature to help you, and never hinder you. If a text editor is nothing but annoyances, that frustration greatly reduces your productivity. So, kate just works for me.

Other tools that I use:
- screen
- ssh
- scp
- MariaDB
- my own bash scripts
- rsync
- multitail


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A-Are you alright?

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