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Zechs Marquise tiamatnightmare Sep 3, 2016

best mecha pilot of all time

Short Series Comments

Black Butler aniqueen Aug 5, 2016

One hell of a butler!


10 10 Star Grave of the Fireflies Nov 1, 2016 / Nov 1, 2016 by Katnipplease Review length: Short
I really can't praise this anime any more. It puts you right into these people's shoes, and you're bawling your eyes out the entire time and feeling every single emotion they are feeling. It's a movie that stays with you for a long time and really teaches you something important. I couldn't help but watch it three times and try to fight back my tears every single time.


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Feb 23, 2017
<Rei> I've added a Google Widget that lets you translate the site into many more languages :


Feb 21, 2017
<Nanfenkoff> :3

Feb 18, 2017
<Rei> Our anime quotes can now replay an episode transcript Visual Novel style !

Check out Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Episode 0 as an example xD

Feb 18, 2017
<NuitTombee> /me appreciates the renewed emotes page layout.

Feb 17, 2017

Feb 15, 2017
<Rei> That's possible, with a lot of extra code. XD

Best I can do on the quick is show Accuracy : [Image]

Feb 15, 2017
<TiwaLeChaton> I see x) You could do something like 4 pts for a good answer, 2 pts if you made 1 mistake, 1 pts if you made 2 mistakes and 0 pts if you made 3 mistakes, idk x)

Feb 15, 2017
<Rei> it does record the number of guesses, and time it takes you to get it right. just not sure how to make use of that data yet XD

Feb 15, 2017
<TiwaLeChaton> The game is interesting but, we aren't penalized if we do a mistake, so we can try the 4 suggestions unless we are right :/

Feb 14, 2017
<Rei> New game for anime fans : Quote Trivia

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