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Bleach (Series)

Bleach (Series) Image
Series ID 100476
English Title Bleach (Series)
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Romaji Title Buriichi
Furigana Title ぶりーち
Japanese Title BLEACH
Japanese Studio Name アニプレックス
English Studio Name Aniplex
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags shounen, bangsian fantasy, comedy, action, supernatural
Release Date
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Extra Info

Story & Information -

Bleach (ブリーチ; romanized as BLEACH in Japan) is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Noriaki "Tite" Kubo .
It has been serialized in the Japanese manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump since August 2001, and has been collected into 51 tankōbon volumes as of August 2011. Since its publication, Bleach has spawned a media franchise that includes an ongoing animated television series that is produced by Studio Pierrot in Japan, two original video animations, four animated feature films, seven rock musicals, and numerous video games, as well as many types of Bleach-related merchandise.

Ichigo Kurosaki is a teenager gifted with the ability to see spirits. His life is drastically changed by the sudden appearance of a Soul Reaper—one who governs the flow of souls between the human world and the afterlife—named Rukia Kuchiki , who arrives in search of a Hollow, a dangerous lost soul. When Rukia is severely wounded defending Ichigo from the Hollow, she attempts to transfer half of her reiatsu (霊圧; literally, "spiritual pressure") energy to Ichigo so that he can defeat the Hollow.
However, Ichigo takes almost all of her energy, transforming into a Soul Reaper and allowing him to defeat the Hollow with ease. With her powers diminished, Rukia is left stranded in the human world until she can recover her strength. In the meantime, Ichigo must take over Rukia's role as a Soul Reaper, battling Hollows and guiding souls to the afterlife realm known as the Soul Society.

Franchise Listing:

Since Bleach's premiere, over 450 chapters have been released in Japan. In addition to the main series chapters, some chapters are published with a negative chapter number. These "negative" chapters are side stories that involve events that precede the main plot of the series.


There are four feature films based on the Bleach series.
-Bleach: Memories of Nobody
-Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion
-Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name
-Bleach: The Hell Verse

OSTs(Soundtrack CDs)
Composed and produced by Shirō Sagisu, 11 CD soundtracks have been released for the Bleach anime series and movies.

-Bleach Original Soundtrack 1,2,3 and 4.
-Bleach: Memories of Nobody Original Soundtrack
-Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion Soundtrack
-Bleach: Fade to Black, I Call Your Name Soundtrack

Bleach: The Best contains 12 of the opening and ending themes from the series in their full length versions, later followed by [/i]Bleach: Best Tunes[/i], which contains 12 more opening and ending themes.

Bleach has been adapted into a series of rock musicals, jointly produced by Studio Pierrot and Nelke Planning. There have been five musicals produced which covered portions of the Substitute and Soul Society arcs, as well as three additional performances known as "Live Bankai Shows" which did not follow the Bleach plotline.
The songs are completely original and not taken from the anime soundtrack. Key actors in the series include Tatsuya Isaka, who plays Ichigo Kurosaki, Miki Satō, who plays Rukia Kuchiki, and Eiji Moriyama, who plays Renji Abarai.

Trading Card Game
Two collectible card games (CCG) based on the Bleach series have been produced.
Bleach Soul Card Battle , produced by Bandai, was introduced in Japan in 2004. As of October 2008, seventeen named sets have been released for the series. Bleach TCG was introduced in the United States by Score Entertainment in May 2007 but ceased publication April 2009.

Video Games
There are several video games based on Tite Kubo's manga and anime series Bleach. The games primarily revolve around the plot of the manga, following Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends, as well as his enemies. Some games, however, veer from the main plot and develop original stories and characters, similar to the anime series. The games have been released on home and handheld consoles. The series is mostly based on side-scrolling fighters, but has included other genres such as strategy role-playing games and action role-playing games.

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Light Novels:
Tite Kubo and Makoto Matsubara have co-authored two novelizations of the Bleach series, which were published by Shueisha under its Jump Books label. The first volume, BLEACH-letters from the other side: The Death and The Strawberry, was published on December 15, 2004, and the second, BLEACH: The Honey Dish Rhapsody, was published on October 30, 2006.

BLEACH Artbook : "All Colour But The Black"
The artbook compiles a selection of color spreads from the first 19 volumes of the series, as well as some original art and author commentary.

Five databooks have also been released about the series.

-Bleach: Official Character Book SOULs

-Bleach: Official Animation Book VIBEs

-Bleach Official Bootleg: KaraBuri+:
In addition to character guides and articles on other fictional aspects of the series, it compiles the various short comics, Tedious Everyday Tales Colorful Bleach (徒然日常絵詞 カラフル ブリーチ), that were published in V Jump. The omake-style panels are similar to those included in the main series, but reveal more of the daily lives of characters.

-Bleach: Official Character Book 2: MASKED
This book covers details about characters that appear 100 years prior to the story, such as former captains and lieutenants, along with the Arrancars and Visoreds. The book only covers material up to Volume 37

-Bleach: Official Character Book 3: UNMASKED.
It only covers material up to Volume 48, God is Dead.


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