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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Image
Series ID 103585
English Title Attack on Titan
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Romaji Title Shingeki no Kyojin
Furigana Title しんげきのきょじん
Japanese Title 進撃の巨人
Japanese Studio Name ウィットスタジオ
English Studio Name WIT STUDIO
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags tragedy, dark fantasy, horror, action, post-apocalyptic
Release Date
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Eren Yeager


Armored Titan
Female Titan
Colossal Titan
Reiner Braun

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Armin Arlelt
Erwin Smith
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Levi Ackerman


Sasha Blouse
Attack Titan
Oluo Bossard

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Jun 20, 2014
Pearls 73 Diamonds 64 Sapphires 31 Rubies 38 Akikojam
Pixelated Knight

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Attack on Titan


While there's quite a lot of violence, anime-only has it toned down quite a lot.

Jul 24, 2014
Diamonds 1 Sapphires 3 Rubies 51 GakuGumi
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Attack on Titan


Jun 20, 2014
Pearls 105 Diamonds 53 Sapphires 16 Rubies 98 Rei

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Attack on Titan


Blood. Gore. Horror. Terror. People are eaten, loved ones are gruesomely tormented and killed.

The violence isn't constant, but nothing is held back when there is violence.

Jun 20, 2014
Diamonds 2 Sapphires 9 Rubies 6 Barbarian18
Crewman Third Class

Attack on Titan


Aug 23, 2014
Pearls 105 Diamonds 58 Sapphires 16 Rubies 82 Ryuushima

Ryuushima Avatar

The Perverted Clown
Admin Level 10

Attack on Titan


People being trampled,eaten,pulled in pieces. Yep this has gore! Not the bloodiest show I've seen in my life but it's certainly there.

Oct 15, 2014
Diamonds 1 Sapphires 18 Rubies 55 robin650825
First Year Cadet

Attack on Titan


Oct 27, 2014
Sapphires 1 Rubies 63 Komeran

Attack on Titan


People are eaten alive, or crushed to death like little insects. Loved ones get killed bevore everyone's eyes. Hundrets of soldiers and thousands of people die. Still it's not extreme because it's part of the story and just the right amount of violence for the story!

Nov 23, 2015
Pearls 13 Diamonds 26 Sapphires 18 Rubies 42 homakp
Ghost Member

Attack on Titan


Jul 5, 2016

Attack on Titan


tbh this is my fav anime and will be forever lmao

Dec 6, 2016
Sapphires 73 Rubies 47 Koemi

Attack on Titan


Mar 17, 2017
Pearls 2 Diamonds 48 Sapphires 42 Rubies 65 Angelmarie64

Angelmarie64 Avatar

Third Year Cadet

Attack on Titan


Nov 9, 2017
Pearls 1 Diamonds 16 Sapphires 69 Rubies 65 FireHawk
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Series QUIZ Game Award: 1000 Points

Attack on Titan


Feb 1, 2018
Pearls 2 Diamonds 57 Sapphires 38 Rubies 65 XIII_Roxas

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Attack on Titan


Apr 29, 2018
Diamonds 21 Sapphires 40 Rubies 3 DustyBunny

Attack on Titan


Jun 20, 2014
Pearls 110 Diamonds 7 Sapphires 15 Cirno
Lalalalala! I can't hear you!

Cirno Avatar

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Attack on Titan


people getting eaten AAAAH

i couldn't even finish the first episode

Jun 21, 2014
Pearls 11 Diamonds 11 Sapphires 29 Rubies 97 nosgothian
Crewman First Class
Treasure Hunter 1000 Found

Attack on Titan


Decapitation. If that's not extreme, I don't know what is.

Aug 4, 2014
Rubies 44 zeroalx

Attack on Titan


Aug 23, 2014

Attack on Titan




Aug 27, 2014
Pearls 1 Diamonds 11 Sapphires 13 Rubies 59 nao10
Fleet Admiral

Attack on Titan


Apr 26, 2015
Pearls 100 Diamonds 78 Rubies 85 LiCobra
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Attack on Titan


Oct 21, 2015
Pearls 110 Rubies 1 SKyongmania

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The All-Knowing

Attack on Titan


Mar 26, 2018
Pearls 2 Diamonds 3 Sapphires 99 Rubies 82 Jeagerjaques1

Jeagerjaques1 Avatar

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Attack on Titan


Apr 27, 2018
Willow Karma Chance
Treasure Hunter 1 Found

Attack on Titan


Rated Anime

Similar Series

Seraph of the End

Same animation studio. Same basic concept - after humanity has degraded, one species has pretty much overcome the human race - Titans in AoT, Vampires in OnS. A young guy (Eren, Yuuichirou) vows to kill all of the members of the threatening species (Titans, Vampires) in a quest for revenge for dead loved ones.


8 8 Star Review of Attack on Titan by nosgothian

Attack on Titan

This review is totally on the anime as I have yet to read the manga. Trust me, I intend to. What can I say? This is how you do an anime. Wow! Thank goodness that I waited until it was complete to see it. I would have busted my computer waiting for the next episode. Every episode left a cliff hanger of epic proportions. If you haven't seen it, definitely put this one on you to watch list.

You're probably thinking he's gonna give it a 10/10. Not so fast, there were some problems that I have to point out. There was no back story. Not necessarily a bad thing, most come back to it at a later time, thus read the manga. No character development. You are introduced to a whole troop of characters that don't change. You only get glimpses of the characters past with very little relevance. It's not all bad. Fast paced action keeps the anime moving to its conclusion.

All in all, it's a great anime. The fact that there was no back story, poor character development, and I couldn't connect with the characters, made this a good anime. I give an 8.3/10.

10 10 Star Review of Attack on Titan by mochizuki

Though I hate to admit it… no matter what kind of ending they came up with… no matter how good it is or will be… no matter how many questions they answer… I really doubt I could be happy with it being over. It's just so good. I've never even seen an anime that came close to this one. I love it so much. The characters, the plot, the weapons, the design, the very Idea is so amazing. I don't know if there will ever be an anime this good. It has me saying this with only twenty-five episodes. To be honest I was sad when I heard that Misashi Kishimoto would end Naruto, because of how much I liked that show. Ile be honest though… at this point I don't mind Naruto ending, because now I have this to look forward to. At the same time I know that this is the only anime that got me this hooked, this hungry for more, and I doubt Ile be this satisfied with an anime for a very long time. This show was so amazing. To be honest I'm guessing they could make more episodes with this than they did with Naruto, and I would still want more. No Naruto wasn't close to the best anime I've watched even before I started this series but, it was my first anime. This is the first time I've been so excited to watch an anime since then, since I first watched anime when I was little. I can't say anything though if it is over if I'm this satisfied with a show now can I? I love everything about this anime. My specific favourites are the sound track, the design put into the weapons not just physically but also it's advantages and disadvantages. The best part of all for me is charecter depth.

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