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Seraph of the End Image
Series ID 104310
Media Type Anime
English Title Seraph of the End
Aliases Owari no Seraph, OwaSera, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign
Romaji Title Owari no Serafu
Furigana Title おわりのセラフ
Japanese Title 終わりのセラフ
Japanese Studio Name ウィットスタジオ
English Studio Name WIT STUDIO
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags ( Add ) drama, shounen, supernatural
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 896
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Story & Information -

Suddenly one day, the world was destroyed by an unknown virus.

Only children survived.

And those children were ruled by vampires who appeared from the abyss.

Yuichiro Hyakuya was surviving by giving blood to vampires, together with Mikaela Hyakuya and other orphans who shared bond similar to a real family.

Yuichiro could not endure being treated like livestock anymore, and tried to escape to the outside world along with Mikaela and the young orphans.

Four years later.

Yuichiro has enlisted in the "The Moon Demon Company", a Vampire Extermination Unit of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. He devotes himself into fighting against formidable vampires!!

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Jun 3, 2015
Pearls 110 Diamonds 99 Sapphires 27 Rubies 11 Rei

Rei Avatar

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Admin Level 9999
Over 9000 Characters Award

Seraph of the End


The first episode starts off Blood. Dying. Dismemberment. Killing. Death. Mass death. Global mass death. People dying everywhere ... uh and a vampire.

But the series rather starts from Episode 2 onward, with a different approach to violence.

Apr 18, 2015
Pearls 2 Diamonds 55 Sapphires 52 Rubies 32 nao10
Fleet Admiral

Seraph of the End


Dec 25, 2016
Pearls 94 Diamonds 90 Sapphires 48 Rubies 63 Akeyden721

Akeyden721 Avatar

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Admin Level 5
Series QUIZ Game Award: 10,000 Points

Seraph of the End


Dec 11, 2017
Pearls 3 Diamonds 27 Sapphires 55 Xenthas
Third Year Cadet
Treasure Hunter 500 Found

Seraph of the End


Jan 25, 2018
Pearls 12 Diamonds 23 Sapphires 94 Rubies 13 zagen

zagen Avatar

Second Year Cadet

Seraph of the End


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Same animation studio. Same basic concept - after humanity has degraded, one species has pretty much overcome the human race - Titans in AoT, Vampires in OnS. A young guy (Eren, Yuuichirou) vows to kill all of the members of the threatening species (Titans, Vampires) in a quest for revenge for dead loved ones.

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