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Platinum End
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Platinum End Image
Series ID 107613
Media Type Anime
Title Platinum End
English Title Platinum End
Romaji Title Purachina Endo
Furigana Title プラチナエンド
Japanese Title プラチナエンド
Japanese Studio Name シグナル・エムディ
English Studio Name Signal.MD
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating
Genre Tags ( Add ) supernatural, drama, psychological, shounen
Release Date
Links Home Page EN Wiki JP Wiki Trends History Compare Anime
Character Popularity * 37
Watching Watching JosephS[ 0 ] unknown ShinyShinigami[ 24 ]

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"I will give you 'a reason to live'"

Mirai Kakehashi lost his family in an accident, and has been living a difficult life under the relatives who took him in.
In despair of everything, the boy throws himself off the roof of a building on the day he graduates from junior high school.
However, the boy meets an angel there――!?

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