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World TriggerFall, 2014 Anime | 2014/10/05 | 東映アニメーション | Toei Animation | Episodes | Blogs

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World Trigger

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World Trigger (Anime)

Fall, 2014 Anime | Episodes

World Trigger Image
Series ID 104210
English Title World Trigger
Romaji Title Warudo Toriga
Furigana Title ワールドトリガー
Japanese Title WORLD TRIGGER
Japanese Studio Name 東映アニメーション
English Studio Name Toei Animation
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags action, sci-fi, shounen
Release Date
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Extra Info

Number of Episodes 50

Story & Information -

The story beging after a gate to another world opened in Mikado City. The entities from the other world, called Neighbors, began sending out an invasion force, called trions, that overran the area surrounding the gate.

Given their superior technology, the destruction of the city seemed only a matter of time. Suddenly an orginization called Border appeared in town, they researche the technology of the Neighbors to protect their side of the gate. In a short time they built a huge base and became established as the line of defense against the Neighbors.

One day a student named Yūma transfers to the same middle-school class as Osamu, a teenager who belongs to Border. He has a weapon called Trigger that is only allowed to be possessed by people in Border.


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Yuuma Kuga
Chika Amatori
Yuuichi Jin
Osamu Mikumo
Takumi Rindou
Souya Kazama
Kirie Konami
Reiji Kizaki
Kyousuke Karasuma
Kouhei Izumi
Shun Midorikawa
Shirou Kikuchihara
Motokichi Kinuta
Eizou Netsuki
Katsumi Karasawa
Masamune Kido
Shouhei Kodera
Mitsuru Tokieda
Shiori Usami
Kei Tachikawa
Haruka Ayatsuji
Ken Satori
Yuka Kon
Rei Nasu
Yuuko Kumagai
Akane Hiura
Sayoko Shiki
Sakurako Taketomi
Futaba Kuroe


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Oct 28, 2014
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World Trigger


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