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In a world where people with supernatural powers, called Blazers, manifest their souls as weapons, Kurogane Ikki dreams of becoming a Mage-Knight. It’s too bad he has no natural talent for it. The whole school ridicules him as the worst Blazer, so color everyone surprised when he suddenly defeats Stella Vermillion, a Rank A Blazer, in a duel. And so begins his fight to the top!

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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Image
Series ID 104600
Media Type Anime
Title Chivalry of a Failed Knight
English Title Chivalry of a Failed Knight
Aliases A Tale of Worst One
Romaji Title Rakudai Kishi no Kyarubarii
Furigana Title らくだいきしのキャバルリィ
Japanese Title 落第騎士の英雄譚
Japanese Studio Name シルバーリンク
English Studio Name Silver Link
Companies Involved ( Add )
Content Rating
Genre Tags ( Add ) action, romance, fantasy, school
Release Date
Links Home Page EN Wiki JP Wiki Trends History Compare Anime
DB Links ( Add )
Character Popularity * 291
Watching Watching infinite_zero[ 0 ] kawabaka[ 4 ] Saykay[ 0 ] Lizard-Wizard352[ 0 ] Watched AlexBloodOps[ 12 ] ISTC[ 0 ] RetroViking4[ 0 ] Maneki_Neko[ 0 ] Shauni98[ 0 ] cbabin[ 12 ] Interested princess_whitney[ 0 ] BellsofJade[ 0 ] AmiKisaragi[ 0 ] In Progress Rei[ 4 ] Complete ShinyShinigami[ 12 ]
0 1 0 0
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StellaWillBeMyWaifu Good Fun Amazing Strange Awesome Reflectable
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Oct 30, 2015
Pearls 3 Diamonds 16 Sapphires 61 Rubies 6 nao10
Fleet Admiral

Chivalry of a Failed Knight


Apr 12, 2017
Diamonds 9 Sapphires 65 Rubies 76 Starslayer2

Starslayer2 Avatar

Crewman Third Class
Treasure Hunter 1 Found

Chivalry of a Failed Knight


Jun 4, 2017
Pearls 4 Diamonds 78 Sapphires 58 Rubies 96 snowballlover
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Treasure Hunter 100 Found

Chivalry of a Failed Knight


Sep 3, 2017

Chivalry of a Failed Knight


Contains Some Blood But Not A Lot

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