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Pluster World Image
Series ID 107735
English Title Pluster World
Aliases Plusterworld, Journey of Adventure: Pluster World
Romaji Title Bouken Yuuki Purasutaa Waarudo
Furigana Title ぼうけんゆうきプラスターワールド
Japanese Title 冒険遊記プラスターワールド
Japanese Studio Name アクタス
English Studio Name Actas
Content Rating E - Everyone
Genre Tags
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 5

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Story & Information -

The once peaceful Pluster World had become a world of darkness with the appearance of the evil-hearted Minusters.

But then, chosen ones among the Plusters Plusted (merged) with humans and sealed away the Minusters.
The peace that was restored seemed like it would last forever.
Lush forests of trees flourished, heaps of flowers bloomed, and many creatures flew in the skies, ran on the land, and swam in the sea.

But one day, the peace was lost again.
The Minusters had appeared.......
Now, the fusion of Plusters and humans opens the door to an extreme adventure!!

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