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Management of Novice Alchemist Image
Series ID 108715
Media Type Anime
Title Management of Novice Alchemist
English Title Management of a Novice Alchemist
Aliases Novice Alchemist's Shop Management
Romaji Title Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei
Furigana Title しんまいれんきんじゅつしのてんぽけいえい
Japanese Title 新米錬金術師の店舗経営
Japanese Studio Name ENGI
English Studio Name ENGI
Companies Involved ( Add ) Fujimi Shobo
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags ( Add ) fantasy, yuri
Release Date
Links Home Page EN Wiki Trends History Compare Anime
Character Popularity * 26
Watching Complete ShinyShinigami[ 12 ]

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