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It was a dark day for the Tearmoon Empire. Twenty-year-old Princess Mia Luna Tearmoon was sentenced to execution via guillotine. As she lay under the blade, clutching a diary on her side, she defiantly refuses her fate until the end. Mia, "The Selfish Princess who ruined Tearmoon", is dead.

...Or so we think.

Suddenly, she wakes up in the past, 8 years ago, with the dark memory of the execution still fresh in her brain. With her bloodstained diary as a guide, Mia decides to do her best in fixing the past and improve the Tearmoon Empire for the sake of her fellow citizens... or, you know, for the sake of herself!

Can Princess Mia pull off a miracle to save her nation (and her bacon)? Or will history be doomed to repeat itself?

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