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Witchblade Image
Series ID 1765
English Title Witchblade
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Romaji Title Uitchibureido
Furigana Title うぃっちぶれいど
Japanese Title ウィッチブレイド
Japanese Studio Name ソニー・ピクチャーズエンタテインメント
English Studio Name Sony Pictures Entertainment
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags action, supernatural, sci-fi
Release Date
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Witchblade (ultimate)
Masane Amaha

Main Character

Reina Soho (cloneblade)
Reiji Takayama
Reina Soho
Rihoko Amaha
Yusuke Tozawa
Maria (cloneblade)


Nora (cloneblde)
Asagi (cloneblade)
Shiori Tsuzuki (cloneblade)
Aoi (cloneblade)
Akira Nakata
Hiroki Segawa
Masaya Wado
Rie Nishida
Shiori Tsuzuki
Tatsuoki Furumizu

Sub Characters

Kyoko Sasaki
Satoko Sakurai
Mr. Cho
Mariko Natsuki




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6 6 Star Review of Witchblade by Mitsugu

Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Witchblade: in the ruins of Tokyo, how could you have moar fun than killing Ex-cons, iWeapons, and CloneBlade bearers? You can’t! 6 years after the destruction of Tokyo Melony McBounce and her daughter Rihoko return to start a new life together.
WitchBlade has great character design, minus the fact that the lead character has both a mullet a waist so small she could use a jelly bracelet as a belt. The proportions don’t work, but the realistic eye designs really make up for it. You will also find that viewing angles always seem to focus on posteriors (not a complaint).
The plot was quite good, there are several twist and turns to it so it won’t bore you. Many parts were quite original, while others were so-so.
The character development is quite good. You will quickly gain a feel for all the important characters as the story progresses: Reina; Takayama; even Naomi(lol). I did think the Ex-cons were a little too over the top in their design, but that was a minor concern.
The music wasn’t bad. The opening and closing was ok and the interstitial fight scene music was repetitive, but good. It suited the show. All and all WitchBlade is fun action packed show complete with an angry bumpkin, playfully dirty old man(non-sleazy), an adorable little girl, and over the top bladed monsters trying to eviscerate each other… fun stuff.

Fair Warning this program contains gainaxing, but not that much, so it's not a big woo, also there is a decent amount of blood, not much foul language, and a whole lot of upward viewing angles from behind. I’ll have to give it a 6.4(out of 10) Highly recommended for viewing, great background noise.

Thank you

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