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Kenko Nude Swimming Series Umisho

Kenko Nude Swimming Series Umisho Image
Series ID 785
English Title Kenko Nude Swimming Series Umisho
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Romaji Title Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho
Furigana Title けんこーぜんらけいすいえいぶ うみしょー
Japanese Title ケンコー全裸系水泳部 ウミショー
Japanese Studio Name アートランド
English Studio Name Artland
Content Rating M - Mature
Genre Tags harem, sports, comedy, ecchi, school, shounen
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 1
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Extra Info

Origin Manga
Number of Episodes 13

Story & Information -

Kaname Okiura, a student of Prefectoral Umineko Shougyou High ("Umishou" for short), joined the school's swimming club in order to learn how to swim, but the club is filled with weirdos, let alone teaches him swimming. Then, a sunny, happy-go-lucky girl named Amuro Ninagawa who was transferred from Okinawa joined the club. Her extraordinary underwater speed and unorthodox swimming style (plus her personal habit of nude swimming—a powerful magnet to teenage boys) surprised every club member, especially Okiura, because she reminds him of a mermaid-like creature he saw only once in his early childhood.


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