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Daisuke Sakaguchi

Primary Name Daisuke Sakaguchi
Name 2 阪口大助
Name 3 さかぐち だいすけ
Additional Names
Language Japanese
Home Page
Date Added Feb 8, 2013
Date Updated Feb 26, 2014

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series voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi

2017 Image of Jin TsukamotoImage of Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun Jin Tsukamoto
Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun
2016 Image of HackmonImage of Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Hackmon
Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
2016 Image of Shuusaku ItokawaImage of Yowamushi Pedal: Spare Bike Shuusaku Itokawa
Yowamushi Pedal: Spare Bike
2016 Image of Shousuke MorohashiImage of Myriad Colors Phantom World Shousuke Morohashi
Myriad Colors Phantom World
2016 Image of Yuuki MishimaImage of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5 Yuuki Mishima
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5
2015 Image of Kouta FujikiImage of God Eater Kouta Fujiki
God Eater
2015 Image of Leonardo WatchImage of Blood Blockade Battlefront Leonardo Watch
Blood Blockade Battlefront
2014 Image of Minoru TomiiImage of Shounen Hollywood Minoru Tomii
Shounen Hollywood
2013 Image of Juli SiebenImage of Senyuu Season 2 Juli Sieben
Senyuu Season 2
2013 Image of Koisuke NagisaImage of Seishun Hajimemashita! Koisuke Nagisa
Seishun Hajimemashita!
2012 Image of Satoshi FukubeImage of Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape Satoshi Fukube
Hyou-ka: You Can't Escape
2012 Image of SuouImage of Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes Suou
Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes
2012 Image of Haruki OnimaruImage of The Knight in the Area Haruki Onimaru
The Knight in the Area
2012 Image of PopImage of Smile Pretty Cure Pop
Smile Pretty Cure
2012 Image of Ichirou YamanashiImage of The Knight in the Area Ichirou Yamanashi
The Knight in the Area
2011 Image of Souta TamadateImage of Guilty Crown Souta Tamadate
Guilty Crown
2011 Image of Max HartwayImage of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Max Hartway
Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
2010 Image of Chouchou ManiwaImage of Sword Story Chouchou Maniwa
Sword Story
2009 Image of Harley SuttonImage of Chrome Shelled Regios Harley Sutton
Chrome Shelled Regios
2009 Image of Akira NanaseImage of White Album Akira Nanase
White Album
2009 Image of Yamase YuutoImage of SkyDream Yamase Yuuto
2009 Image of Manabu KobayashiImage of Tokimeki Memorial 4 Manabu Kobayashi
Tokimeki Memorial 4
2009 Image of Hideto SuzuriImage of Battle Spirits: Shounen Gekiha Dan Hideto Suzuri
Battle Spirits: Shounen Gekiha Dan
2008 Image of Kousuke FujiwaraImage of Kamen no Maid Guy Kousuke Fujiwara
Kamen no Maid Guy
2008 Image of Fumio MizuharaImage of Hell Girl: Three Vessels Fumio Mizuhara
Hell Girl: Three Vessels
2008 Image of KellynImage of Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Kellyn
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
2007 Image of Tadayasu Souemon SawakiImage of Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture Tadayasu Souemon Sawaki
Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture
2007 Image of Hyoue SasakiImage of Mononoke Hyoue Sasaki
2007 Image of Yuuji NakataImage of Bamboo Blade Yuuji Nakata
Bamboo Blade
2007 Image of Jacuzzi SplotImage of Baccano Jacuzzi Splot
2006 Image of Shinpachi ShimuraImage of Gintama (Series) Shinpachi Shimura
Gintama (Series)
2006 Image of SilabusImage of .hack//Roots Silabus
2006 Image of GingaImage of Kiba Ginga
2006 Image of Kaoru YamazakiImage of Welcome to the NHK! Kaoru Yamazaki
Welcome to the NHK!
2005 Image of Sakura HiromuImage of Sukisho Sakura Hiromu
2005 Image of KeelImage of Tide-Line Blue Keel
Tide-Line Blue
2005 Image of JackImage of Marchen Awakens Romance Jack
Marchen Awakens Romance
2005 Image of Jun LeeImage of Genesis of Aquarion Jun Lee
Genesis of Aquarion
2005 Image of FayeImage of Death Begins Training Faye
Death Begins Training
2004 Image of Makoto KozukaImage of Paranoia Agent Makoto Kozuka
Paranoia Agent
2004 Image of Youhei SunoharaImage of Clannad Youhei Sunohara
2004 Image of BanImage of Bleach Ban
2004 Image of RoanImage of Ragnarok the Animation Roan
Ragnarok the Animation
2004 Image of Lil' SluggerImage of Paranoia Agent Lil' Slugger
Paranoia Agent
2004 Image of Kato Takigawa Jr.Image of Mars Daybreak Kato Takigawa Jr.
Mars Daybreak
2004 Image of HouImage of Bleach Hou
2003 Image of Kazuki ShikimoriImage of Maburaho Kazuki Shikimori
2003 Image of Kazuto IzukaImage of The World of Narue Kazuto Izuka
The World of Narue
2003 Image of Reiichi MishimaImage of Air Master Reiichi Mishima
Air Master
2002 Image of KishImage of Tokyo Mew Mew Kish
Tokyo Mew Mew
2002 Image of Ai ShiomiImage of Psychic Academy Ai Shiomi
Psychic Academy
2002 Image of Yuzuhiko TachibanaImage of Atashin'chi Yuzuhiko Tachibana
2002 Image of Akira CanyonImage of 6 Angels Akira Canyon
6 Angels
2001 Image of Enrique GiancarloImage of Beyblade Enrique Giancarlo
1999 Image of LittontoImage of One Piece Littonto
One Piece
1999 Image of Portgas D. Ace (young)Image of One Piece Portgas D. Ace (young)
One Piece
1998 Image of Tasuke ShichiriImage of Guardian Angel Getten Tasuke Shichiri
Guardian Angel Getten
1997 Image of MarioImage of Pokemon Mario
1997 Image of HowieImage of Pokemon Howie
1997 Image of VincentImage of Pokemon Vincent
1997 Image of KeenanImage of Pokemon Keenan
1997 Image of GeorgioImage of Pokemon Georgio
1997 Image of JeremiahImage of Pokemon Jeremiah
1997 Image of OlivierImage of Pokemon Olivier
1997 Image of AnthonyImage of Pokemon Anthony
1997 Image of TaylorImage of Pokemon Taylor
1997 Image of KendallImage of Pokemon Kendall
1992 Image of Yoshirin HatogayaImage of Crayon Shin Chan Yoshirin Hatogaya
Crayon Shin Chan

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