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Character Voice Actor
Aya Natsume

VA : Minori Chihara

  • Image of Anastasia Nasuhara
  • Image of Camie Utsushimi
  • Image of Minami Iwasaki
  • Image of Yuki Nagato
  • Image of Aya Natsume
Aya Natsume

VA : Stephanie Sheh

  • Image of Illyasviel von Einzbern
  • Image of Hinata Hyuga
  • Image of Tharja
  • Image of Sigui
  • Image of Orihime Inoue
Maya Natsume

VA : Wendee Lee

  • Image of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Image of Konata Izumi
  • Image of Rushuna Tendo
  • Image of Yoruichi Shihouin
  • Image of Faye Valentine
Maya Natsume

VA : Aya Hisakawa

  • Image of Amy Mizuno
  • Image of Judith
  • Image of Retsu Unohana
  • Image of Yuri Tsukikage
  • Image of Sailor Mercury
Mana Kuzunoha

VA : Melissa Fahn

  • Image of Soletta Orihimi
  • Image of Mana Kuzunoha
  • Image of Freesia
  • Image of Mii
  • Image of Neptune
Mana Kuzunoha

VA : Shiho Kawaragi

  • Image of Sekai Saionji
  • Image of Aeka Shiraki
  • Image of Rinka Hayami
  • Image of Mio Nishizono
  • Image of Makiko Gregory
Shin Natsume

VA : Liam O'Brien

  • Image of Gaara
  • Image of Gagoze
  • Image of Ray Lundgren
  • Image of Ieyasu Tokugawa
  • Image of Nanashi

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